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4:27 AM
@ShadowWizard doors
morning morning
5:21 AM
@SilentKiller sliding
6:12 AM
@ShadowWizard down
@SilentKiller below
@ShadowWizard lower
@SilentKiller blower
@ShadowWizard blowjob :P
6:26 AM
@SilentKiller I have a spell for doing that :P
@DroidDev semen (common consequence of such a thing :))
@ShadowWizard pregnancy
@DroidDev what site? Looks really close to winning! goes raiding ;)
@ShadowWizard on MSE :D
ha! why didn't we won yet then?
6:30 AM
I started the game :D
(saw now it was full)
@ShadowWizard yup, don't understand a thing. We had full stars. I think progress towards winning internet has something to do with it
@DroidDev maybe need to keep all stars for several days in a row?
@ShadowWizard yup, might be the condition. But, this year's april fools stunt is not that cool as previous years. Also, not many wandering users on MSE either
@DroidDev it's more a game than a prank, they really put lots of efforts into it. Couple of years ago the chat bot was cool, but much less fun to play with, so people didn't really spend much time on it. This egg is more like Winterbash, concentrated into 48 hours of competition.
Good or bad? Not sure. :)
compared with Unicoins, it also wins big time due to the "multi player" aspect.
6:35 AM
@ShadowWizard ya, I see the efforts are really in there. but how 28 hours of competition?
@DroidDev it lasts 48 hours due to timezones
it started when April 1st arrived to the first country in the world, and will be shut down when it will end for the last country.
@ShadowWizard I still want to earn some reputation on MSE from fooled users, but this don't leave many fooled users on MSE, so no fun for me in that way. Though I am playing the game since beginning ;)
@DroidDev thing is, nobody is fooled, it's obvious that it's the April Fool's game. ;)
now, our site is really in bad shape
@DroidDev womb
6:38 AM
@ShadowWizard tomb
@DroidDev raider
I wonder who is closing so often. Closing takes two hearts from question
I do downvoting instead
@ShadowWizard rober
@DroidDev thief
@SilentKiller chief
@DroidDev minister
6:40 AM
@SilentKiller mister
@DroidDev mistress
@ShadowWizard boobs :P
@Sil you don't know @Dro yet? He sees boobs everywhere :P
@ShadowWizard I didn't see that message :/
the removed one
may be its my issue that i am not suitable for 21st century.
@DroidDev idiot. :P
6:49 AM
@DroidDev breast
@SilentKiller let me put it this way, you need to enjoy yourself more
@DroidDev lol, he just wondered about the association ;)
@ShadowWizard haha, it was a chance to post the word
@DroidDev of course, I saw it coming :D
@ShadowWizard haha, you are true veteran of den :D
6:50 AM
last word wins, BTW - so boobs were saved from being idiot :P
lols ^ :P
@DroidDev well, must justify my reputation here somehow :D
currently stuck between stack egg, wag, chat on skype and client's issues
lol, so many things, your CPU must be at 200% @Dro ;)
you're overclocking...
6:53 AM
lol, its usual
I need an alienware
> Congratulations! Your Site has made it to the very top and won the internet!. It doesn't get any better than that! And now, try to grow your next Site even faster!
@DroidDev congrats!! really wonder what is the algorithm though, it's in pretty bad shape....
@ShadowWizard haha, ya, I am also wondering the same, while reading major changes that client has told me to do
7:17 AM
Google is mad as always.
Pacman on google maps?
@ShadowWizard feeding
@DroidDev grass
7:23 AM
@maveň green
@DroidDev lantern
@maveň light
Q: Zero Privacy: Culture

Dan SmolinskeIn this future, technology advances in such a way that privacy becomes obsolete. In other words, no one has decided to give up privacy, it's just that trying to hold onto it is like trying to keep the horse and buggy around when everyone else has cars - it's a losing battle and isn't going to wo...

sounds like someone from CIA
but interesting question
@maveň I don't know if that's WAG reply :/
@DroidDev pictures can't be WAG replies
@SPArchaeologist yup, they're good at this!
7:37 AM
@DroidDev Lightning
ha! a user with cute pics and blunt/straightforward comments
@rene struck
@DroidDev I would wish all 4 milion were like that (blunt that is)
@DroidDev hit
@rene yup, same here
@rene baseball
@DroidDev pitcher
@ShadowWizard elgooG
8:09 AM
@rene preacher
and @rene can finally see the spam long after it's deleted :D
@ShadowWizard prayer
@rene priest
9:00 AM
@ShadowWizard pope
Moments of fear in the life of a FiM fan.
When a friend decide he wants to try to create a cosplay group for a convention and starts to look at you as the missing CMC.
Vacation started! \o/ \o/ :D :D
Bot started with waiting time set to 5 seconds.
@ProgramFOX joke...
@rene erm, no. I'm not usually around at this time, unless it's vacation.
9:07 AM
@ProgramFOX Good for you ^_^
@ProgramFOX :) welcome in this room at this unusual time for you
@ProgramFOX btw, did you do something on Miau room? Noticed yesterday that it is rendering strangely for me.
no text field around
@SPArchaeologist No, I didn't
hey @pro how are you ?
hiya @Fox. ;)
I'm fine, thanks!
9:11 AM
@ProgramFOX rendering correctly for you?
@SPArchaeologist Yes, it is
Did you try Ctrl+F5?
...... must be the doctype. Noticed it is trying to render with IE10 engine....
IE? Well there's your problem.
@rene religion
@ProgramFOX protestant
@FOX9000 prostate
9:22 AM
@ShadowWizard urine
@FOX9000 bladder
@ShadowWizard bile
@FOX9000 digestion
@ShadowWizard digestive
@FOX9000 bowel
9:23 AM
@ShadowWizard abdominal
@FOX9000 surgery
@ShadowWizard einstein
9:46 AM
why must think geek april fool jokes be everytime so cool you would wish them to be real?
@FOX9000 science
@ProgramFOX art
@FOX9000 part
@rene inconsiderable
10:04 AM
found the reply bug
it is actually SE fault
not Sweetie
10:23 AM
@FOX9000 DroidDev (@DroidDev)
@SPArchaeologist Android Fan
My link is still there?
@SPArchaeologist so that's what you think about me?
10:24 AM
@SilentKiller Now that's an uncouth association.
@SilentKiller integrate
hmm...?? what is that @Pro ?
what's what?
hmm...?? what is that @Pro ? VVVVVVVVV
36 secs ago, by FOX 9000
@SilentKiller Now that's an uncouth association.
I have no idea
10:25 AM
@FOX9000 combine
@SilentKiller deity
@FOX9000 divinity
@SilentKiller pagan
10:26 AM
@ProgramFOX I'm too lazy right now; try again later.
Fox is not listening to Pro
10:27 AM
@SilentKiller I'm too lazy right now; try again later.
@ProgramFOX Yes, I'm alive.
something crappy
oh and now you listen
I'm alive as well
10:28 AM
hehe @rene>>showtime. ;)
@SilentKiller Waiting time 6-8 seconds
I should find a way to make that message disappear
use anime techniques then ;)
@SilentKiller I'm too lazy right now; try again later.
@FOX9000 believer
10:29 AM
@SilentKiller reincarnation
@rene well...that's a surprise...
@DroidDev I'm full of surprises...
@FOX9000 rebirth
@SilentKiller fulfil
@rene only if you were a girl
10:34 AM
@DroidDev Oh, yeah, no, that is a huge disqualifier and beyond repair....
@FOX9000 purpose
@SPArchaeologist adapt
@rene sadly...
given that we don't know about gender of @SPA he/she/pony is also full of surprises :P
I should really delete that message somehow
10:46 AM
is afk for lunch
@FOX9000 modify
@SilentKiller external
10:57 AM
@FOX9000 exoskeleton
No associated word found for exoskeleton.
Someone wants to reply? @DroidDev? @Sha? @rene?
@SPArchaeologist body
@DroidDev lifeless
10:58 AM
@FOX9000 life
@DroidDev span
@SPArchaeologist sure, what kind of reply are you looking for? I can only do blunt really...
@rene just wanted to see if someone got a reply for wag. Otherwise I would have had to create a link
that is solved now.... no bluntness needed
@FOX9000 div
@rene mar
11:09 AM
@FOX9000 lord
@rene paramount
Its official now, I hate all of my juniors, xamarin and android collectively
Your peers nor the tools you use ever do what you expect them to do...
@FOX9000 pictures
@rene overall
11:17 AM
the truth
@DroidDev turns out xamarin and android is just an april's fool joke. Only your peers are for real....
@rene lol, april's fool joke reminded me of what happened today morning. Our peon locked herself in the office accidently by pressing lock button on the door, which could only be opened by the key, which the boss has(who was not there at the moment). She was in for like an hour, before someone called someone to break the lock
Who is Jon Skeet? — rene 1 min ago
lol ^
I wonder the time before that page says "Deleted by author"
11:42 AM
@SilentKiller I consider this to be one of my better days...and if anything goes wrong I'll blame april's fools...
12:01 PM
@FOX9000 score
@SPArchaeologist batting
@FOX9000 cricket
@DroidDev hockey
@FOX9000 puck
@rene una
12:17 PM
@FOX9000 Latin (word for 'together')
@ProgramFOX preposition
@FOX9000 ad
@ProgramFOX Self-destruction in 10, 9, 8...
@ProgramFOX magnum
@ProgramFOX we got a bug here
the timer just stopped with no explosion
12:23 PM
@FOX9000 Grizzly
@SPArchaeologist canyon
@FOX9000 red
@SPArchaeologist colour
so many people. So many sleeping
@FOX9000 (of) magic
12:27 PM
@ShadowWizard sorcery
@FOX9000 grocery
@FOX9000 witchcraft
@DroidDev trial
guess what I am busy with
in Java and Android era on Stack Overflow Chat, 6 mins ago, by DroidDev
1. I don't know iOS
2. I am developing app for iOS in xamarin which use C#
3. I don't know C#
@DroidDev pet site?
poor poor @Dro
12:28 PM
stuck at using custom font atm
well, I do know C# so if that's the bottle neck, I might be able to give a hand :)
@FOX9000 knight
@ShadowWizard justin
@ShadowWizard no, actually, language has never been a bottleneck. I coded in Java, objective-c, swift and currently coding in C#. Bottleneck is with sdks and functionalities that IDEs provide
though, thanks :)
Visual Studio is a pretty decent IDE.
@ProgramFOX I am using xamarin studio
12:34 PM
hm, never worked with that
same like visual studio, but used to make apps for android, ios, windows etc in C#
@SPArchaeologist why would someone do that :/
@rene lols april fool... awesome reason.. ;)
@DroidDev for example, an uncouth user could decide to change ways and out of remorse may decide he has to redeem his bad actions. Then, by consulting the ancient tomes, he may find that the appropriate redemption for stopping at episode 3 is a year programming with malbolge.
@SPArchaeologist redemption, let me see what tyler durden has to say about it
well...can't post it while chatting with you. You'll not like it, but hey...its time to update my about me :D
12:48 PM
@DroidDev haha, good one. All sites, or just MSE?
oh, all sites
@FOX9000 Bieber
No associated word found for Bieber.
>>continue Bieber kisser
@ShadowWizard kisser
>>addlinkexplanation Bieber kiss agame.com/game/bieber-kisser
@ShadowWizard I'm too lazy right now; try again later.
12:52 PM
um.... @Pro ^^
the bot has been doing it for a while...
35 mins ago, by FOX 9000
@ProgramFOX Self-destruction in 10, 9, 8...
>>addlinkexplanation Bieber kisser agame.com/game/bieber-kisser
@ShadowWizard Explanation added.
@ProgramFOX hmm.... looks in calendar :D
nice one @Pro, well played :P
12:54 PM
You get 5 points for this, remember you got them. :)
There are still 2 more replies that haven't yet been used by the bot ;)
@ProgramFOX but is this totally random, or action dependant?
@ShadowWizard yup, all sites. Fight club is still the best movie in many ways :D
oh cool. @Frank we need your super powers to make the bot reveal all the April Fools' pranks :D
@FOX9000 lover
12:56 PM
@ShadowWizard ditty
@FOX9000 ditto
@ShadowWizard cape
@ShadowWizard I'm too lazy right now; try again later.
12:57 PM
@ShadowWizard Command not found.
@ShadowWizard Command not found.
@FOX9000 cloak
@ShadowWizard flotilla
12:58 PM
@DroidDev Command not found.
@DroidDev I'm too lazy right now; try again later.
the remaining messages are randomly posted as replies to WAG word, not to commands
@ProgramFOX bet they even noticed the first one from before
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