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2:13 PM
Do [offensive] flags carry a downvote just like the [spam] flags?
I believe so.
Yes, they do.
You know how sometimes, it feels good to know someone is about to have a much harder day than you will?
That just happened:
Explain this, @triviacrack http://t.co/38kl7VbdCe
@TimPost Heh, sadtrombone.com.
This'll be fun to watch for the next day or two.
2:29 PM
I'm guessing they bought a database full of questions and didn't quite review it well prior to shipping.
"I've decided no TV ever, no movies, no pop music, no magazines, all books given to her will be read and approved by me first and will be classics or informative, toys will be fun, interesting and educational - no dolls, only internet sites that I approve of, no public or even private schooling, I will give up my career to homeschool her despite 7 years of university and professional development (plan on starting my own business alongside)." … "happy daughter" DOES NOT COMPUTE — bjb568 29 secs ago
You're late.
Good lord, man.
2:38 PM
@nicael ... ... Why?
just for fun
@Unihedro why not?
That's the attitude!
It is Friday.
Yay! Time to make plans for weekends which I'm going to fail and play Minecraft anyway.
Friday, shmiday.
2:50 PM
I gunna have third great answer on MSE in 6 to 8 mins...
Hey @animuson, if you get some time can you check out my merge request on stackoverflow.com/questions/5421653/…? It's been hanging around for a while now. (meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/287489/…)
@nicael - Usually that type of thing takes 6 to 8 weeks...
Good thing stackoverflow.com/questions/6343166/… has 30 answers.
43 now?
Not counting deleted.
3:04 PM
So I was hoping to get some feedback on a meta mSO issue, I haven't noticed this pattern on MSE. It seems there is a block of users who will only post comments and yet cast a large amount of votes - but almost never answer. Some of them are even at a 800-1 comment to answer ratio. Is it desirable to have users who only comment and vote? Do they fill a gap of users who do not tend to vote or comment?
@TravisJ Yes, they do. In a horrible way though. They reason for how crap gets upvoted.
And unfortunately voting is anonymous.
Is it a problem to have users who only comment and vote?
Basically that is the core of the question
But I mean, why did you perceive it as an issue to ask about in the first place?
Well, comments are not vetted by the community and are considered "second-class citizens", so having all of a user's contribution as comments seems like they are both avoiding community consensus and also not making their contributions searchable.
3:12 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: Connection Blocked between Vb.net and SQL Server sometimes by Allan Wells on stackoverflow.com
@TravisJ That's their choice, then.
@TravisJ Is it desirable: No. Is it avoidable: No.
If it's a strong community opinion then somebody will post a similar view in a less transient form eventually, so it doesn't really matter at the end of the day.
There are several help vampires with dozens of accounts each roaming in chat rooms (hence who those rooms are named "help vamp rooms") begging for help and polluting the main site, but there's nothing we can do about it. :p
3:19 PM
I don't think this group is a set of help vampire users.
@TravisJ You're talking about meta sites specifically, right? I think this is perfectly normal. Many users shy away from posting answers on meta because they don't want to be downvoted, because it's a bit more spotlight than they are comfortable with, or because they are not confident enough to "speak for the community" [as they perceive it]. They still express their position via votes and comments.
@Woodface - Yes, but most of what I have observed is on mSO.
I see the same on meta.math. There are a few actors on stage (including me), and a relatively large peanut gallery.
@Woodface - The problem is their comments imply they speak for the community in the tone used often.
Wow, what a clear-up this question needed:
3:22 PM
You are a brave soul.
When it asked me to download the image I almost nuked the link from that question.
Here is a link for the Github source code: (URI ending with .git)
Does this person know how URIs work?
@TravisJ You're looking at their comments in isolation. Their comments don't imply that, because if others in the community disagree, there will be other comments or answers explaining such. It all works out in context.
@JasonC - Normally if other users disagree they will downvote the position since it is expected to be in an answer. Many users will not disagree in comments with someone who exhibits obsessive tendencies.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in answer: MVC DB Duplication check, trouble when editing by Ivan Petrov on stackoverflow.com
... Does it fix everything if we have downvoting comments on MSO?
3:26 PM
@TravisJ But then it's apparent that that person exhibits obsessive tendencies, and so their comments are taken with a grain of salt. Don't underestimate others' abilities to interpret comments with the same discretion that you can.
@Unihedro - That would address part of this issue but would also cause so many other issues I am not sure it would fix "everything". It would be interesting to see in action though, that is for sure.
If some guy is ranting in comments and most people disagree, then most people already disagree, and so the goal is already achieved. What more would be accomplished by somehow changing the system?
@JasonC - I am not suggesting a change to the system.
Well, look at it this way.
Let's say CrazyGuy posts some comment that the community disagrees with. You're concerned that, because it is a comment, there's not really a clear way to show that disagreement. Correct?
3:30 PM
24 mins ago, by Travis J
So I was hoping to get some feedback on a meta mSO issue, I haven't noticed this pattern on MSE. It seems there is a block of users who will only post comments and yet cast a large amount of votes - but almost never answer. Some of them are even at a 800-1 comment to answer ratio. Is it desirable to have users who only comment and vote? Do they fill a gap of users who do not tend to vote or comment?
You're concerned that it may look like that person speaks for the community, correct?
I am concerned that it may look like the set of that type of user speaks for the community.
In isolation it is not a problem.
Now hold on.
Let's say there is a set of 10 very active users of this type.
No. I'm not done with my example yet.
3:32 PM
And they are only active in voting and comments on meta.
Your concern is exactly the same as being concerned that community disagreement is not visible on a comment, correct?
Ok, so, just so we're on the same page, how is "it looking like a set of a type of user speaks for the community" different than "it's not apparent that a set of a type of user doesn't speak for the community"...?
My concern is that when you have a group which is quick to comment and vote, but never post an answer, that they will effectively set the tone for any given post.
Do they set the tone for you?
3:34 PM
@JasonC We're concerned whether these users exhibiting the behavior will be undesirable. It is inconsiderate for everyone else. It demonstrates a lack of understanding of the model. It shows that we have participants that are between lurking and participating, but not in a good position that they can learn from, can contribute with, or are worth having around.
I certainly won't like it if my neighbors block all my guests from reaching my home and rant with real, utter nonsense.
That's just common sense, isn't it.
It's common sense but unrelated, as there is no mechanic by which comments prevent other comments from being made or posts to be created.
There's the problem.
So going back to your analogy, you just said you wouldn't like it if your neighbors block all your guests from reaching your home. I said your neighbors can't block all guests from reaching your home. Then you replied that that was the problem. Confused
Anyways, consider this:
CrazyGuy and his friends all post a bunch of ranty comments on an issue.
Ok, this is annoying. However, let's say you see the issue, personally, and you acknowledge those as crazy.
You dismissed the important aspect of them being 90% of the participation for that issue.
Not yet. Let me finish typing.
3:38 PM
Type in larger blocks :P
... As well as those, AKA us, who acknowledge them to be crazy to not waste our time and invested our time on somewhere more interesting, which hinders overwhelming those ridiculous, almost trolling comments, so they remain longer, but I'll let you continue
@Unihedro I don't think Travis means some clueless low-reps. If I understand correctly, this is more about reasonably high-rep users that are regulars on meta. (correct me if wrong)
Let's say that the vast majority of community users look at those comments and acknowledge them as crazy. In essence, the community already disagrees with them. Just because the disagree'ing people aren't vocal about it doesn't mean they don't disagree.
You continued with the dismissal of the concern I raised.
3:40 PM
And so if what this group of users is saying is truly crazy, and the community truly disagrees, then what difference does it make if the rest of the community isn't equally vocal about it? At the end of the day, the same number of people feel the same way. Therefore, it's not a concern.
@Woodface I don't see where the boundary we're setting here. Previously, previously, previously and previously on Meta, we got to see how some high rep members (cough cough) goes against community consensus and lack understanding of the model.
And they're not outliers. :p
Complainers always have the loudest voice, and this is something that people know and understand. The problem with your concern is that you are not giving other community users the same credit you give yourself: The ability to read comments with discretion.
In the inception of the topic, by only voting and commenting, CrazyGuy and his friends have influenced the issue without providing a means for the community to respond without engaging in comments. Say there are 5 of these users, and a question takes an hour to get 30 views. It more than likely wont get any positive reaction if it is even slightly against what that group deems as the community opinion. In this sense, they speak for the community.
Now, if you see a post where this is happening, and you feel the comments are crazy, then be the disagreeing voice and post an answer. Problem solved.
@TravisJ If that happened it happened because nobody in the community was passionate enough about their disagreement to post an answer. Therefore, perhaps the crazy guys have a point. My point is, it works out.
-5 on your answer too then :)
@JasonC - Well, perhaps the only way to combat collusion is with collusion.
3:43 PM
@JasonC So you can get a -5 on your answer and the question asker comes back after 5 minutes to see a reasonable answer having a -5? Is that even helpful?
People who agree with you will have no problem upvoting your answer, it will balance out. If it doesn't, it means there's more crazy than not. In that case, crazy does speak for the community.
Nothing against that, right? Because I can form a group and wield it as CrazyGuy and then expect the community to naturally handle it.
@JasonC Five minutes of fame.
@TravisJ That's actually a great idea.
@Unihedro Yes, because of two things. 1) If your points are sound the votes don't matter, and 2) let the question asker come back later.
@TravisJ The community will naturally handle it.
That is an assumption :) What happens when the collusion outnumbers the community?
3:45 PM
@JasonC Statistics show that 40% of all askers only checks back once.
Then the colluders (word?) are the community.
And we're the outcasts.
@JasonC For five minutes, which is enough to ruin the actual community.
That is an interesting point of view.
Yes, it is. It is also very practical. I should go build an army of accounts, and then I can rule a community.
The real thing it seems like you're looking for is a higher participation on MSE of other SE community members. This way, MSE more accurately reflects the SE community as a whole, instead of just reflecting the small subset that is currently vocal on MSE.
3:47 PM
Sock puppets are not what I meant by a set of users.
@JasonC - This doesn't seem to be an issue on MSE.
If you suspect sock puppets report them, they will be handled eventually.
I actually really like the way the MSE community handles issues, I wish every meta was more like here.
Er sorry. I confused my last comment. Trying again:
Many of the users I have observed exhibiting the behavior of only commenting do not participate on MSE.
3:49 PM
The real thing it seems like you're looking for is a higher participation on MSO of SO community members. This way, MSO more accurately reflects the SO community as a whole, instead of juts reflecting the small subset that is currently vocal on MSO.
... What about the inconsiderate participants? We're ignoring them totally?
And in any case I think of it like this: SO is a community of crazy, but the people who are in it for the long haul, like us talking about it here in chat, care. So if you see the community appearing to slide towards crazy, fight it. Post the disagreeing comments instead of letting them slide. Try to instill that value in other "silent" community members who share the same views as you. Post answers and ignore the downvotes. Report sock puppets and NC/Rude comments.
If you look at SO relative to other forums we're doing pretty good. It's not like we have an easy battle.
@Unihedro No. We're responding to them politely and then ignoring them totally.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: ADDITIVE BLEND IN DIRECTX by terry on gamedev.stackexchange.com
3:52 PM
Because if they truly don't speak for the community, they'll be generally ignored, and it doesn't matter.
I like your premise, for sure :) Perhaps they won't be around for too long, but sometimes, they are around for years.
You have a great point there. Online communities have such a high traffic the root of the cause is, once again, human factors.
Then they're part of the community. So either try to sway them or accept that the community has a disagreeable side.
@JasonC - The one issue with more constant participation from SO members on MSO is that it will detract from the main goal of answering questions and building a knowledge repository. "meta is murder", and if all the high rep users spent their day discussing meta issues, the main site would probably suffer. So there needs to be a balance struck, which I believe there currently is. And that balance seems to be affected by a group of users who quickly react constantly to posts.
Just because of this conversation, I will try my best to be more active on MSO. I think that's a good example of how talking about it can rally people that care to be more vocal.
3:55 PM
@JasonC For good justice.
Then again, this is all very subjective, you never know if you're on the correct side, only the agreeing/ disagreeing side. :p
Heh, most SO users can probably spare a day or two to stick to MSO, there's always somebody else available to take up the slack of closing duplicates of "What is a NullPointerException" for a day.
@Unihedro Exactly.
@Unihedro Yup, that is why answers are nice. It gives a better indication of which side you were on :)
I like to think sometimes that it would be funny if catholicism was almost correct, except it turned out god was totally into serial killers and criminals this whole time. Whoops.
3:58 PM
@JasonC - I keep getting $ is undefined, and none of my codes r working. Can haz help?
Hi, I'm having a problem and I'd like to share everything with you except the stack trace and description of the problem.
Hi, I would like to calculate the sum of five numbers by user. Please give me the regex!!!
At least it wasn't tagged .
4:13 PM
Anyway, thanks for the feedback guys :) Have a good friday o/
I can haz a problem. When in my user script I @include *://*.stackexchange.com/review* and it works for /review/{queue-name}/stats and history, but doesn't work for /review/{queue-name} itself. It says that $ is unknown - as I understand it can't include jQuery. Halp plz
@TravisJ bye bye :)
@TravisJ Peace
Have any of you guys ever used an induction cooker? I just got one out of curiosity to compare to my gas range. I can't decide how I feel about it.
I have one in Minecraft. Power it with redstone to continuously heat up and it will be awesome when you need it. Watch out for massive energy sink.
Halp. I can't connect to Stack Overflow, MSE and beta sites. But Stack Apps, Askubuntu, Server Fault, Super User work well...
@Unihedro Haha
Actually, I'm decided. I just made bacon and eggs with it and that was the coolest thing I've ever seen.
@TravisJ 6-8 weeks passed, I have it :)
@Unihedro Do you play dns?
@nicael @require
I had plans to procrastinate before working today, but I somehow managed to procrastinate procrastinating. I sure have a lot of nothing I need to get done today.
4:41 PM
My history teacher is awful.
We're behind schedule so logically he spent an hour shouting at us and assigned a powerpoint that we won't present but have to make in a really specific way.
"Grow up Henry!"
,,, then an awkward 5 minute silence
Is Henry the teacher?
@Frank ...?
@Unihedro minecraft mod pack
Hey guys let's play DNS!
catoftheday.com! GO!
Times up.
... If I ever ran a day care, I don't think the kids would like my games very much. :(
Eh, I don't like that modpack. Most of my friends told me it's very little to offer.
4:49 PM
@Unihedro It's kinda boring, basically combines everything from every MC mod, in one big pack. Lots of stuff.
@Unihedro Have you played with the 'feed the beast' mod pack?
DW20 pack my favorite
Crash landing is a great time sink
The rest are kinda meh, I did find pleasure in Agrarian Skies and Material Energy hypercube though, fun
@Unihedro does that include the mod with jetpacks?
those are fun
You can fly around like iron man
Jetpacks are in every one I think :p
but they need to be charged a lot
@Unihedro Nope
They're in a lot of packs, but not most individual mods.
A: Let’s improve our site navigation

nicaelThe [+] sign doesn't really tell that this is for bountied questions. It looks like I can add a new tab by clicking on it (like in my top bar). I'd suggest to display a number of bountied questions in this blue frame instead of just a plus.

That's just so simple to get 100 for this, didn't expect :D
5:01 PM
@nicael Well, you're a meta machine, start expecting it, lol.
There's one more just out of principle. I didn't even read it.
@JasonC Yeah, if nicael didn't offer this many bounties, they would have more than 15k rep...
@JasonC you're so lazy sometimes
That was such a short answer
@Frank Sorry I checked out at "you're", can you summarize?
@JasonC "u r meh"
Haha, thanks.
5:04 PM
np, anytime
@ProgramFOX Hey, be precise! :P 16,881
@nicael That is more than 15k rep, not? :P
But I am far from gnat :D (and I have no plans on rep dumping anymore, at least until 10k or... if suddenly there will be a sharp need :P)
@ProgramFOX 'they' ... what are you insinuating?
@Frank Nothing. It's a singular they.
I always use that if I don't know the gender of a person, so I don't say "he" to a "she", or "she" to a "he", and it's shorter than "he/she" or "(s)he".
5:07 PM
@ProgramFOX a singular they? why?
I answered your question before you even asked it, lol
@ProgramFOX just guess, and if they don't like it, they'll tell you.
... or just use the gender-neutral he, ([unless proven otherwise])
@JanDvorak yeah.
I always use he unless I know it's a she
and if they don't tell you specifically, then they have no right to blow up if you get it wrong :P
@JasonC a student
5:12 PM
I use "he" unless I'm talking about children, then I use "it".
Love this problem.
@SmokeDetector fp, marked as offensive because of the "DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO PUBLIC LICENSE" in the code
@ProgramFOX Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@SmokeDetector ignore
@bummi Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: Convert a custom DocuSign button for use on Salesforce1 or the Mobile Site by Eddie Prignano on salesforce.stackexchange.com
5:14 PM
oh, you gotta love WTFPL
Btw, is meta.stackexchange.com/review/badge-progress/close considered to be a "hidden feature" (that's also for other queues and sites)?
Nah, that is in the side bar of stats @nicael
It looks like an AJAX endpoint to me
yeah, on hover on the progressbar
Not good if this is an example of how conscientious you are. — Won't 2 mins ago
5:29 PM
@rene I know, but anyway :)
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive answer detected: What is the meaning of "poner a huevo" in Mexican Spanish? by Monica on spanish.stackexchange.com
@nicael I don't think there is list with all ajax endpoints? There is one for urls...
api.se is a decent subset
5:47 PM
@SmokeDetector fpu
@JasonC Registered answer as false positive and whitelisted user.
@SmokeDetector ignore
@rene Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
6:14 PM
@bjb568 A way to cheat: The highest-degree term in f is x^7, coming from x times (x^2)^3. So the highest-degree term in f' is 7x^6. Only one of the answers contains 7 as a coefficient.
How's that a cheat?
Let's call it a mathhack. :)
Side-stepping a boring computation with an identification of the only viable choice among those given.
It's kind of a "cheat" because you take advantage of the fact that only a limited set of answers are given.
Personally I'd just call it the best way to solve a silly test question.
In Area 51 news: the long-suffering CiviCRM proposal finally reached 100% commitment. They had 300+ people long ago, but without enough SE experience.
6:18 PM
Wow! Stop the presses!
SE sites: they are not just for CMSs anymore.
Now also for CRMs.
Every successful Area51 proposal is another opportunity for a marshal badge.
Yes! Especially because CiviCRM is mostly used with Drupal.
I'm jealous of your Drupal badge.
6:33 PM
@Frank ... did I miss something?
@SmokeDetector yes :P
6:59 PM
@SmokeDetector fpu
@Undo Registered question as false positive, whitelisted user and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
:3158046 ignore that thing already
@JanDvorak Post ignored; alerts about it will no longer be posted.
I haz alt char codes ███████████
taking this answer http://superuser.com/a/889241/172747
coincidence ? http://www.aridgreenhouse.com/ >> —ing. T.A.J. Eddy Caspers
7:09 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MORNINGSTAR IN D&D 3.5 CAUSE TWO DAMAGED? by krasawave on rpg.stackexchange.com
@Mooseman :D
@bummi I don't know what to think of it, but if a user needs an example of something, pulling something out of their own site is kind of natural.
Now I'm hungry. Goes and finds Mooseman meh, he isn't eating pizza anymore — Frank 31 mins ago
@bummi Maybe the answerer in fact did this for his own site, and used the same specific thing for illustration. Anyway, I downvoted and VLQs to be on the safer side. It could be spammy.
7:15 PM
Hiya @michaelpri
@Woodface This is a way to see it ... maybe I'm just too suspicious
Interesting post on meta of Graphic Design: A reminder we are not a design service site
Hey @Mooseman
> If you post an answer please do not do the work for the user or provide source files. By doing this you are treating the site as a free service and that, to myself and probably others, is an insult to the design community. [... ] If you think a questioner or answeree is providing free services please flag it for a moderator to review.
answeree -> answerer, probably.
7:17 PM
A: Let me know how many reviews I've done inside the queue.

nicaelHere is a user script to do it. Adds another progress bar which reflects your reviews for today. Download from greasy fork! // ==UserScript== // @name Review progress for today // @version 1.0 // @description Adds your review progress for today // @author nicael // @in...

(and maybe I can also post a stack apps post on it, how d'you think?)
@nicael Some of those userscripts might fit in SOUP like my comment highlighter
BTW, the LH probably-spam-but-it's-LH answer is sitting at -1/+1...
@JanDvorak Link?
7:28 PM
A: How can I make squirrels leave my roof without poisoning them?

Rifle MastersI have a serious rodent and pest issue in my backyard where I live and the only way I get rid of them is by using my gamo silent cat air rifle. It makes taking those little guys out that much funner :). And it's really works for keeping them out for good too. After a few weeks of killing a few sq...

@Mooseman ^
@bummi Downvote but not delete.
SE designers are hard at work on Friday: three sites got SVG-fied today. Database Administrators, Mathematica, SharePoint.
Can't do either :-(
7:32 PM
@Woodface Mathematica didn't get svgyfied logo btw
@nicael I commented a moment ago.
7:34 PM
Hiya @michaelpri
Hey @Frank
NOOOOOO You broke the lava lamp
@Mooseman what?
The chain has been broken.
7:35 PM
@Mooseman use multiline
(summons Fleetwood Mac)
@Frank I was really confused for a second because I'm used to your name being J. Musser
It's hard to stay mad at libreoffice. It really does mean well.
\o/    \o
\o/    /o
\o/    \o/
@michaelpri oh. xD that gets a lot of people
7:36 PM
flag -> spam
@rene and how to add my script there...
> Oh! The cars! ... I think they're fine. Technically.
@Mooseman I liked the wanderers before your edit better.
Quill18 floods a bridge after demolishing a dam
7:38 PM
@nicael on github clone, commit, push, pull request
On most of our sites, we're using an SVG for the logo, but Mathematica is a special case because the logo is such a complex shape with so many colors, it was a large file that didn't render well in all browsers. So, instead we're using an @2x PNG. — Kurtis Beavers 3 mins ago
7:42 PM

Proposed Q&A site for cultural historians, foodies, psycho-geographers, and anyone interested in the cultural, historical and culinary aspects of pizza and its regional variants both within Italy and in the global Italian diaspora

Currently in definition.

@nicael use inverted colors like @Uni... actually that would be worse
@Woodface See how long we can keep it alive before it gets killed by Robert
7:46 PM
I'm not sure how much value a site driven entirely by exclamations of "PIZZA IS AWESOME" (which it is) really adds...
@JasonC lol
555 answers today on GL
Frank weren't you a mod on GL?
@JasonC nope.
Never was.
7:50 PM
Huh. I always just got that vibe.
You should be.
You know it's only a matter of time.
@LynnCrumbling Not for the foreseeable future.
Oh? You've been told that?
It'll be after we graduate.
7:51 PM
Not necessarily. Pro-tem mods can retire or become inactive.
In such a case SE appoints more of them.
oh wait.
@Woodface Only one has so far.
Well, one is inactive, but GL is really a one man job.
Wͥ̀͛̌ͣ͛ͭͤ̾ͫ̿ͣ̉̊ͮ̆͆͡͏̮̥̺̩̩̪̫̜̙̳̞͖Ă̷̡̠̤̳̜̮̲̠̮̱͕̩̋̏ͫͨ̕̕͞N̡̮͇̥̤̟̥̤̑̈́̇̾̀̿̇̓ͫ͋̓̓ͥ̈͂̽ͫ‌​̄̀̚͠͡Ţ̜̪̫͖̣͎͓͎̾͋͑͗͟ͅ ̴̹͍̼̱̝̯̆͆͑ͯ̐P̷̵̙͓̙̘̬̗͙̣̭͎ͥ͐́̚I̸̧͒̈͊҉̬͓͍̗̲̩̩̤͙͉̗̦̯̻̻̣̠̤͘Z̸̢ͧ̇ͯͧ͜͜҉͙̙͔̫̺̼̣̙Z̷̵̫̫̪͚‌​̰͍̘̓̅̄̒̊͊̀͆̍̂̊ͨ͋̄A͂ͦͫͩ̏ͯ͑ͩ̊͗̒̾ͮͬ̀̋ͪ̋́͡҉̬͖̭̟̘͇͈ ̷̢̢̏͗͋̆̓̃͛̋̎̿̆ͧ̃̈̂ͬ̍͏̭̞͇̙̭̙̹̮̟͜Ņ̴̡̟̱̼͉̦̗̬͎̿́̔̑ͦͪ̌̄ͯ̕ͅO͍̻͕̠͇̙̥̾̑̇͛́͐̂͒̚̕͘ͅẄ̷̵̧̯̤̱‌​͍̲̌ͤ̎͋̀̌̽̔̑ͩ͘͜!̘̤̰͚̳̺̭̹̯͕̬̺̊͋͆ͭ̀͘͠ͅ!̸̗̼̠̯͔̦͖̰̯͖̞̰̙̾̉̽͌̊̈̑̒̉ͯͤ̈́̄ͦͪ̊̊̃̑͜!̳̤̩̦̩̣͍͓̫‌​̩̦̪̥͇̰̼͌͌̉̒ͮ͛ͣ̓͊̈̂ͫ͡ͅ!̯͓̩̲͙̪͔̜̙̑ͯ́͐̔̾͐͊ͨ̍̀ͤ́̕͟͞͠!̵̵̧̘̼̲͉̟̗̳̋̂̂̽ͯ̈́ͦͨ͒͑́ͮͦ͞!̸̺͉̘̺̏‌​ͬ̄̔͒̋̌̋ͫ͊̈́̀͝
7:52 PM
@nicael stappit
@nicael :(
A: Let's get critical: Oct 2014 Site Self-Evaluation

AnaGreetings from the Stack Exchange Community Team! I realize this self-eval happened a good while ago but I'm circling back after a request came in for feedback about how close G&L is graduating. In an effort to be helpful, I'll be blunt. This site is not showing the hockey stick growth we look f...

Well.. with a diamond already in your SE portfolio, you'd be the obvious choice for any replacement needs.
@LynnCrumbling true. And I know the subject pretty good.
@Frank That helps :)
7:53 PM
@JasonC ... that's a given. xD (jk)
The Pizza proposal should be renamed "Pizza♦" so that everybody can feel as awesome as pizza when they look at their account list.

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