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10:02 AM
@AndrewT. Gawn.
Unsure if POB since probably only the .NET creators can answer the question WHY: stackoverflow.com/questions/28762307/…
Wall of text, no code.
No discernible question that I can parse. Just "why it no work".
Oh look, a useless edit, code-highlighting random words in the text.
Fixing NOTHING else.
should I rollback?
That would also be useless, I guess.
Everything's useless. There is only purpose in coffee.
Doesn't change anything... unclear -> unclear
@J.Steen in coffee we trust
10:17 AM
What if you're out of coffee?
Then you get more coffee.
How about tea?
Just don't steep too long, or your caffeine will be useless.
Is 12 hours too long?
Unless you make a new cup after 11h59m.
10:20 AM
Off-topic and OP is trying to argue it isn't. stackoverflow.com/questions/28755840/…
too broad, POB
^^ and off-site resource, not programming, take your pick
Just... not for SO.
@J.Steen Closed now - thanks
10:24 AM
@HoboSapiens And one delete vote ;)
@PatrickHofman I have to wait 2 days. I'll mark it and come back.
Unclear, or am I just not reading it right? stackoverflow.com/questions/28762773/…
@J.Steen agreed
I guess he's just asking "how do I set the cursor to a specific position?"
I don't even see a textbox anywhere in the code.
@bart But, yes. That is what they're asking without providing an attempt.
10:27 AM
@J.Steen sure, still a crap question
Uh. I'm instantly curious what business case you could have for wanting to do this: stackoverflow.com/questions/28762831/run-chrome-hidden
browsing adult content at work
you can't see it, but you know it's there
@J.Steen No idea why, but it looks like a question for Super User
So, you're browsing adult content... without seeing it.
Man, the C# tag is on a roll this morning: stackoverflow.com/questions/28762850/…
@J.Steen Self-deleted after one downvote
10:32 AM
Yeah. Noticed. =D
Anyway. Coffee, anyone? brings the bucket
Not for me, thanks. It's nearly midnight and my wife is snoring already. G'night
Suddenly, ass.
Q: Look No Further Than These Great Skin Care Tips

natalie mcgintyIt is decipherable that Vitamin B plays a important portrayal in maintaining a hearty cutis. So, fast that is sumptuous in Vitamin B can go a longish way in wound welfare. One of the central content in this instrumentality is maker's barm. Level the human whose strip seems fine and wholesome comm...

SPAM too
11:42 AM
hiya @/all
@Mooseman: congrats on your 100 score question :)
11:56 AM
in bin on Stack Overflow Chat, 29 secs ago, by Unihedro
I... own... this room?
My first "great answer" network-wide :D
A: Help us test the shiny new "User Activity" page! (Plus a bunch of new features.)

MoosemanThe "next badge" info can be useless 0/0 isn't useful. At all.

user image
gets a seizure
Oh my god.
And I don't even believe in one.
Argh, downvoted to bits again.
@Mooseman inb4 mods claim it's an answer
Update on the tex answer: offensive flags helpful / comments purged / closed unclear by community / stuck at +2 score
First time I got to cast a delete vote before it got killed as spam :)
12:28 PM
@Mooseman You'd better leave it as is
If three users delete it, I doubt if the spam gets handled correctly.
Very true.
I think any spam flags cause spamdel with penalty if the post is deleted at all. IDK about self-delete.
Self-delete marks the flag as helpful but avoids the penalty
The penalty is only applied by community deletion on six SPAM / OFF flags.
12:44 PM
Or one spam/offensive flag from a ♦
@J.Steen I voted for that
And it's been viewed an average of less than 7 times per month.
Which is, granted, more than once a week but still.
probably the votes will age out ... :/
12:53 PM
The latest answer lends validity to the fact it's POB, since it's entirely speculation and what-ifs.
@J.Steen It's in the review queue, I did not vote hoping others will take care on the question too ....
People reviewing answers almost never then go on to review the question that might spark such a crap answer.
^^ Conjecture and speculation, because there are so many crap questions still out there. >.>
Hah. =)
@bummi User education, slowly but surely.
1:00 PM
A banner like this on the review form could probably help ;)
Prompting to review the question is not a new idea:
Q: Can we have the option to review the question too, when an answer appears in /review

Lorem IpsumI often come across answers in /review, where the question it's answering needs more fixing/closing/downvoting than the answer itself. Consider these two examples: I don't know jQuery to actually "fix" the answer in the first one or wrap some explanatory text around the code. However, upon dr...

Might also want to "touch" it so it becomes active.
Edit, add an answer, whatevs.
@J.Steen at the moment it's touched
For the very first time?
(like a suuuuuuuuurgeon)
1:06 PM
@J.Steen no, it's in the review and the answer is only 10 hours old ...
I meant the suggestion on meta. =D
I'm too lazy to use replies.
However. Time for coffee and commute.
1:20 PM
\o sorry had to phone ...
Mind = blown!!!
you can find it on the promotion page of this "answer" too: superuser.com/a/883369/172747
TIL just how bad a photo can suck. And yet media will use it happily ever after..
1:35 PM
my hint was to hidden?
Maybe you should be speaking so clearly even Zephyr will understand you
@bummi disputable. It's written like advertising, but does the username count as disclosure?
Maybe an edit would turn it into a useful answer?
@Mooseman Congrats!
@nicael Thanks! :)
1:38 PM
Oh, wait, the question is a different one
I support flagging as spam
@JanDvorak ufff ... relief
@bummi needs-one-more
@bummi gone
@KevinBrown fine :)
1:46 PM
Are questions with spam answers auto-protected?
there most have been more bad answers before IIRC 4
@bummi tpu needs 4 more
... fast
btw. tpu where is smokedetector today?
@bummi needs-one-more
2:05 PM
@LynnCrumbling gone :)
maybe here.
just out of curiosity...
did anyone saw this question?
Q: What is encrypted in this image?

user69149 In the image above apparently has a hidden link?? I don't know how to do this (even if it may seem simple for some) however I don't believe it's anything malicious. It's a part of a puzzle, but even I don't get where it will ultimately lead.

everyone was talking about this yesterday afternoon.
take a look at the transcript .. I want to say around 19:00 UTC?
2:25 PM
@LynnCrumbling ok, but they commented on the off-topic state of the question pre-migration
user image
@LynnCrumbling I am more stranded by the actual content. That chain of clues seems just too elaborate, wish the op told where that image came from...
3:21 PM
Q: Which 3D shape can you make out of this?

Nathaniel The above shape can be folded into a closed 3D shape using no more than 14 distinct folds, with no parts overlapping. What is special about the shape that results? (The dotted lines are just to show you how the shape is constructed - they don't necessarily indicate where to place folds.) You ca...

I propose a Katamari
but that voids the rule on the max number of folds :P
How's the donut party?
I don't care for parties that much, but a donut right now would be good.
3:38 PM
It was good
I ate a cookie, didn't eat donut because not hungry in morning.
Night uni!
3:45 PM
Q: Which song was dubbed into the most languages?

SriI have seen that Let it go from Frozen was dubbed into 42 different languages.Is there any song that holds the record for being dubbed into the most number of languages? Please only include answers which cite from reliable sources

@nicael err..umm... ann...
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive body detected: XOR.DDoS removing from debian linux by Jelean Thomas on superuser.com
Except for songs sung publicly at christian congregations, I guess? — Jan Dvorak 2 mins ago
@SmokeDetector unclear?
3:58 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Repeating characters in body: msvcr120.dll APPCRASH by Paves on blender.stackexchange.com
@JanDvorak agree
@Unihedro who the hell watches this guy?
4:07 PM
@Unihedro sometime ago, some despotic tavern users pointed out to me that signalling spamming posts by uniboxing them would actually give them visibility... now we get a video about a dress that tells you to not watch the dress....
3 hours ago, by Jan Dvorak
mind blow at 1:49
The photo just plain old sucks, that's why there's so much disagreement
@JanDvorak I agree: I should be more selective about who to follow on Twitter.
4:30 PM
If you found an user who is promoting his site on 3 different SE-Sites 4 post (3 times edited out) on still standing on SO will be flagging with Other on one site (providing the links) be enough or should the posts be flagged on every site?
Idk, if you flag only one the mod might head to the teachers' lounge
but that's not effective
Q: How can I merge another Stack Exchange Account with my Stack Overflow Account

user2770919Alright, I already have an account on Stack Overflow, and have a guest account on Code Review. I want to know how I can merge these two accounts. Any ideas?

wut... he really wants to merge SO and CR accounts? or I am just misunderstanding...
^^ Finally beat level 100
math games?
Bloons TD4
4:41 PM
seems flash
Why's that categorised as a math game?
@JanDvorak tower defense?
Because you have to minmax stuff?
Q: Delete uploaded image

MoosemanI accidentally uploaded an image in chat that contained some personal information. I deleted the chat message, but would like delete the image from imgur. I've seen this question, with an answer that says because "the account belongs to SE, not you" I cannot delete an image. However, because thi...

reopens the zoomed in image that Mooseman deleted
4:48 PM
@JanDvorak The (removed) one.
What information do you mean?
@JanDvorak The image was in the removed message.
@Mooseman Do you mean your list of programs? The one to the left of Chrome is a particularly incriminating one...
@JanDvorak If you don't mind me asking, how are you able to see it after I edited it?
I opened it in an extra tab (to zoom in) before you deleted it
4:52 PM
Oh. Nothing fancy.
And there's nothing wrong with using IE for testing.
@Mooseman that the one you want deleted?
@Shog9 In the removed message, yes. Thank you.
Do you not want to reveal your musical tastes?
@LynnCrumbling Might be useful, though </devilsAdvocate>
4:57 PM
@JanDvorak Ha. Troll.
@JanDvorak Nothing wrong with promoting Hillsong ;) My bigger issue is... well, if I told you you'd exploit it. :p
@JanDvorak But, if you want to write up an answer, go for it :)
@JanDvorak I'll upvote it.
Stepping out for lunch.
enjoy ye lunch
Ugh, auto-incorrect strikes.
5:03 PM
sorry :-/
I rooted my phone to get rid of autocorrect.
If you had Windows Phone you could simply disable it. ;)
@Mooseman ok
Symbian doesn't even have autocorrect
@Shog9 Thank you!
5:23 PM
inb4 Symbian becomes popular
Sad news indeed.
5:39 PM
@JanDvorak nobody posted xkcd yet?
The answer lies to the right. To the far right. Out of the image.
@FamousBlueRaincoat I linked that one earlier but it's ok
Q: Portuguese tab names on profile page

snailboatA few minutes ago, when I viewed profile pages on my phone, the tabs were all in Portuguese: On the mobile interface: On the full site But it didn't happen on my desktop, and now it's back to normal. Other users report that the site is normal, but Seth says it's still happening, so I've ...

@JanDvorak comments are not to provide answers, especially on questions on hold. — Sklivvz ♦ 27 mins ago
6:01 PM
user image
A: Help us test the shiny new "User Activity" page! (Plus a bunch of new features.)

nicaelThe text of how can I earn the badge is taken directly from the badge description, but it sounds incorrect under the heading "How can you earn the badge". E.g.: "Edited and answered". Should be "Edit and answer" in this case.

my yet another report. I have 15 already :D (and one more now)
6:24 PM
Foo, Karachi, Pakistan
1 1
6:41 PM
sezn.ru looks... familiar. Especially sezn.ru/sites
It's announced there (on meta) that not only HashCode (ru.SO) but also Russian Language site from the same network is going to migrate to SE.
Nothing said about the 3rd site, ru.Math.
well, we already have a math site
We already have a programming site, too.
ru.Math looks pretty crappy, actually. Identical titles "How to solve this equation?", followed by some pre-calculus equation. And it's essentially one user answering everything.
6:48 PM
cute pic ^
The foxes reunite...
that's a big pic
Yes. Some users don't realize that when they upload a profile pic, the full size is stored and is accessible to others, not just the 128 px version.
This isn't an issue with the fox as much as with pictures of people.
6:53 PM
Thank you for inspiring generations of scientists and engineers, Leonard Nimoy. We raise an eyebrow in your honor.
^ OP admits it in his answer.
@SmokeDetector fp
@LynnCrumbling Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PUSHING ATTACHMENT THROUGH APEX WEB SERVICES by Hola AKIN on salesforce.stackexchange.com
7:34 PM
@SmokeDetector fp
@LynnCrumbling Registered question as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@LynnCrumbling now closed
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: PARALAX EFFECT ON CUSTOM LISTVIEW by alanabraham on stackoverflow.com
@rene excellent
what doodle has Google today?
7:48 PM
None, for me / U.S. location /
^ ditto
Yay brown guy is here.
but not waffles :(
@bjb568 BROWN!
THIS HAS GOT TO BE A DUPE .. of something.
8:05 PM
no need to yell...
I guess you (@Lynn) are te only other person here that will know what Turkey Hill is...
@Frank How far South did they make it?
Just realized that I should have a card.... helps save money...
@Frank Yeah, that 3cents.. you know ..
I know Sheetz made it pretty far. I was going down to Warrenton, VA for a while, and they had one.
Ha. Gee. Epicenter? :)
Those dots nearly draw a line where 30 is.
8:11 PM
And 283.
^ just gave it NAA
^ feeling "nice" today
@bummi gone
fine :)
@Frank I've never gone there, but drive past it twice a day.
never gone either...
8:17 PM
@Frank Did you see that whole rework project that they're doing for the columbia interchange?
no, haven't been over there in a bit.
They're making 441 completely bypass columbia.
way to go Kinsley
^ sshhhhhhh they're listening; I'm in York, don't forget.
8:23 PM
so skary
@Frank Found you! Not really stalking, just didn't want to drag you over to the shed! Just dropping by to see if you like my new profile pic & ask why it's not on my Network Profile page. I downloaded it on my GL profile and it seems to be everyplace else. That poor kitty looks very scared!!!!!! Thanks...
HTML 5.1 IS A THING NOW w3.org/html/wg/drafts/html/master
@Sue blame caching...
@Sue Yeah that poor cat saw himself in the mirror. You can see by the end of the clip he starts to get it though... smart cat
yes, I like your pic, very nice.
also, I have a lot of chat tabs open, so I really don't mind which one you use, I'll see the activity.
8:38 PM
@Frank Very cute! Hadn't watched it all the way through. D likes to torture our cats by making them chase a flashlight beam up and down the walls, but I make him stop cuz it's sad!
@Sue some cats love jumping and chasing lights
@Frank Yup, especially the jumping part.
I have one that just likes to sit and watch TV. That's my fattest one, though, probably because he sits around too much and doesn't like jumping!
@Frank So does that mean I have to upload the pic separately on the network profile?
@Frank That place looks cool!
Funny - I just noticed there's been discussion here today about uploading pics. I didn't know that when I came in. Did I do my pic properly? I downloaded it from Flickr and didn't know what size option to choose. Is it okay? They had other sizes...
It looks fine.
@Sue no, it should eventually update.
8:51 PM
@Sue ahahaha!
just like people...
@Frank Yup!
how many cats do you have?
(apologies if you've already told me... :P)
@Frank What is this?
@Sue Turkey Hill stations
(they sell petrol/dairy products/tea)
local company,
8:56 PM
@Mooseman Quite a section 1. Thuro.
Oh! I checked out your link - looks like a great place. Are you sure they don't distribute ice cream elsewhere? I feel like I've seen it in the grocery store...
@bjb568 2916685 chars
@Mooseman No more frames...
@Sue you may have.
@Sue The tea is the best, though. It's like drinking flavored sugar.
8:58 PM
@LynnCrumbling That was expected to happen in HTML5 a while back. Glad it's finally happening now.
I went back to the site and don't see a store locator thing. Looks like a fun place, like Ben & Jerrys' in Vermont.
@LynnCrumbling I don't like tea
@LynnCrumbling I love tea!!!
@Mooseman They're actually saying "use IFRAME/CSS"
but ice cream is my favorite food
8:59 PM
@Sue Ever have the Swiss Tea?
@LynnCrumbling Nope - what's that?
@Frank And they are masters at making it. I love THIC

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