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11:05 AM
@Frank Thanks, then I won't flag it as dupe
If that was the OP's intention I would be offended ;)
-229! New record!
A: Info: Contacted by spammers (Ispirer Systems) referencing Stack Overflow

Ispirer SQLWaysWe would like to comment on behalf of the company. There are several questions on this website, the possible solution to which can be the use of our tool. Our answers were always deleted by the site administration, despite of the fact that they contained useful information for the SO users. Th...

11:31 AM
@Unihedron actually, -230
-231 for me
Hé, don't do the meta-tavern-down-vote-gang-effect, that poor OP...oh wait...
@Unihedron that was mine :D
@DroidDev can't the clones be used?
11:37 AM
@SPArchaeologist but, they don't have accounts on SE :/
btw, how come same user has 36 repz from this answer?
I also don't see any negative vote in his reputation, but only one upvote on that answer :/
@DroidDev Starts at 1, gets 4 upvotes and 2 downvotes.
@Frank oh! thanks :D
What I don't know is: Why is the answer score 1, not 2?
11:44 AM
@DroidDev Sorry, what did you say? ;)
@InfiniteRecursion naa
@InfiniteRecursion OP got the clarification about it in comment. Its time to nuke it :D
Oh, hi @Inf
@DroidDev Eeek, am not a mafia duck!
11:50 AM
@InfiniteRecursion but....you wear those cool glasses....
gets a pair of noise cancelling headphones
@InfiniteRecursion repost to Moderators?
12:03 PM
@InfiniteRecursion impossibru
@InfiniteRecursion semi-salvaged. Still not great.
It's more of a "How to browse a website" question.
@Unihedron actually, there could be an answer for that. But even if I posted it, the way the question is written makes me think it wouldn't be of much use to the poster.
@Bart Thanks :)
12:06 PM
I guess the real answer is that you should use a regex to parse html and extract the relevant info ... right? Right?
@SPArchaeologist If you think it will be useful for future users, go for it. Helping the OP is not the primary purpose of answering.
@Bart Yes, please do that...
@Unihedron Yes
Though it is a little broad
12:21 PM
@Andy You fix the question and repost it if it's not a dupe then.
Who process flags? Only moderators?
@jurgemaister Depends on which flags.
Off topic, too broad, genral shit etc
VLQ and NAA flags go to the Low Quality Posts queue and to the moderator flag queue.
NAA == Not an answer?
12:22 PM
Off-topic and too broad flags also go to the Close Votes queue.
@jurgemaister yup
The only flags that are only handled by moderators are spam/offensive (though posts get removed with 6 of those flags) and "needs moderator ♦ attention" flags.
Some mods reviews close votes.
@ProgramFOX VLQ flagged posts also goes to a high prior queue if the user has a positive flagging history, I think.
@Unihedron Might be, don't know about that.
Just flag correctly.
It doesn't really matter who handles them, as long as bad stuff gets cleared.
in Charcoal HQ on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 7 secs ago, by ProgramFOX
@Undo SmokeDetector is dead in both rooms!
I wonder...
12:30 PM
Current status: Beta.
12:41 PM
@Unihedron Just seems like the flag que is too long to handle. I've got active flags back to January
@jurgemaister I think it's been mentioned on Meta before. If you have 500 rep to access the queues, you'll notice that the Close Votes review queue has like 11k items.
@jurgemaister There are up to 2000 flags in the moderator queue and 11k items in the Close Votes queue, so it can take some time indeed.
I need 3k reputation to access the que
You can see the number though.
12:43 PM
@Unihedron You can always see the number.
@ProgramFOX Confirmed on bot account.
But it's 11k.
@Unihedron You can even confirm when you are not logged on.
Cool, never knew the number was publicly open.
Is there a 40 review limit per day or something?
12:45 PM
@jurgemaister When there are more than 1k items in the queue, the limit is 40, when there are less than 1k items in the queue, the limit is 20 per day.
"convert VBA to VB.NET for me"...
@ProgramFOX I guess there's a reason for the limit
@jurgemaister Yes, to avoid robo-reviewers (people who review just for badges) or people who do bad reviews to go through the whole queue making bad reviews.
I should go and answer some questions so get 3k rep instead of flagging :P
@jurgemaister Yea, I should probably do the same :D
12:48 PM
You're almost there!
/me sends a foxhound after @ProgramFOX
This isn't IRC? :(
@jurgemaister /me runs away and hides behind the voting arrows of a question
1:20 PM
'morning all
@LynnCrumbling Morning!
@InfiniteRecursion This blows my mind... someone with > 600 rep asking for an offsite res recommendation.
^ 1 more cv needed on that, btw.
I love the last "things I'll need" bullet item. "Probably lots of other stuff I'm not thinking of"
@LynnCrumbling Maybe add common sense to the list...
1:37 PM
@rene There's an off-the-shelf package that supports that api?
@LynnCrumbling Common Sense comes in every API, as long as it is not designed for Android....
@rene I disgress, neither JAVA nor LISP nor PHP ship it..
you need to purchase an extra-pack
2:14 PM
@LynnCrumbling Thanks, we certainly gave OP one thing they didn't think of - a big banner telling them how to ask
@JanDvorak Edit it and get 2-rep, you are a Marshal with 101, get some rep to match that gold badge. Contribute!
I don't think it can be fixed
2:31 PM
wrongly marked as a duplicate of a completely different question
@Braiam too many answers, or too opinionated?
@JanDvorak both fit
apparently :P
3:00 PM
I shall call this "title blindness", an instance of tunnel vision that is common on SE. A 6K user makes several edits to the body of a question, and leaves the title as it was...
(Not fixing since I know nothing about drupals)
I did see the edit history, an invalid edit and an invalid edit summary that is more of a conversation. I posted my possible duplicate comment here for future readers, because I feel it's a valid use of comments. Please flag for removal if you find it inappropiate. — Infinite Recursion 5 mins ago
^vba4all, your edit summary should have been a comment, not an edit summary
fake passport s(p|c)am
Is football spam common in football season?
it was last year, IIRC
If you ask that crook Blatter it is all year football season
Thanks, TIL football spam. I haven't seen this kind of spam since I became a member.
3:28 PM
Football spam was what I started with
3:46 PM
> I'm curious!! I wanna know what I can do Inorder to work and go to school here
Where is "here"? — Gagravarr 29 mins ago
@ProgramFOX Yup
@Bart and 100% spammer
Low Quality Q (100%): I cannot add oracle listener with windows server 2008 r2, by Hung Luong, on dba.stackexchange.com.
Yakshemash ! This is a very good post for me. When I with wife, I always want to run away to farthest point opposite to her. Chenqui. — Borat Sagdiyev May 4 at 1:01
4:07 PM
@InfiniteRecursion run out of skeptics comments to quote? Nonetheless, that is a very good post
@cVplZ, No, I went to travel. SE today to flag Jan's spam, and started reading their posts, they are very entertaining.
@InfiniteRecursion star for Jan's spam
If reaction time is an indicator of intelligence, that means most house flies are more intelligent than I am... — Flimzy Nov 26 '13 at 16:58
Star troll on the loose
Nazi owl on the loose
^ The bots are finally together.
@Undo plz send teh coffee
@InfiniteRecursion the bigger the fly, the easier to smash, but the harder to cleanup
use spiders
4:30 PM
the tavern mob. the head duck, and his two henchmen
user image
@JanDvorak lol
4:48 PM
@Unihedron ???
@cVplZ I'm not actually saying anything. I'm merely giving @Unihedron a puzzled look
4:52 PM
as well as the one downstairs
The accepted answer works well so I don't feel like salvaging
@JanDvorak *Russian
@JanDvorak *English
@cVplZ ... you found that on the transcript from January? Great search skills! :D
@ProgramFOX *You
@ProgramFOX @JanDvorak has a lot of spelling and grammar errors. Not hard to find one random one.
4:56 PM
@Unihedron After three dots? I don't know, going to look that up.
Hi guys
I was kidding. :p
I want to know how to get the newest and unanswered questions for a specific tag for example sql. I have tried all the answers in these questions :meta.stackexchange.com/questions/122898/… and meta.stackexchange.com/questions/34001/… none of them work
@Unihedron :D
@Srikanth The link in the first answer works. Just add [sql] to let it find SQL questions.
@cVplZ Sam is my oldest friend on SE :D
5:01 PM
"hi @Sam @Sam" was @inf's first chat message :p
@InfiniteRecursion :)
Nope, the other way around :P
@InfiniteRecursion : ( I thought iStimple was
@cVplZ Nope.
Reality is cruel.
5:05 PM
@cVplZ He was VoteToClose when we became friends :)
@ProgramFOX Oh cool thanks. When I tried it it didn't work i60.tinypic.com/x1a9du.jpg not it works i58.tinypic.com/2zs31uf.jpg strange
@Srikanth On your first pic, you were on the 'relevance' tab, not on the 'newest' tab.
@ProgramFOX oh cool got the difference thanks
You're welcome!
5:14 PM
/* poof */
/* sleep well */
Hi @RobertHarvey welcome to meta.stackoverflow. Here's a bit of 101 to help improve your comments: Add comments indicating what, specifically, is wrong. Provide better answers of your own. More here: stackoverflow.com/help/behaviorMax Hodges Jun 19 at 9:59
5:34 PM
/me thinks Inf is on a comment hunt today
^did OP miss Robert's shiny diamond? :O
Isn't the surface area of a solid of revolution the sum of the areas of the circumferences of each circle slice, tau f(x) dx?
@InfiniteRecursion Seems like it.
@InfiniteRecursion Unless the sarcasm is so thick that I've missed it.
@Sam nope, I just stumbled across it and found it amusing
I see...
5:37 PM
@LynnCrumbling I missed it too.
@Sam yes, that answer was edited an hour ago, which bumped it to the front page.
@InfiniteRecursion Did you see the edit? It's so incredibly trivial.
@InfiniteRecursion I believe you, just don't peck me.
@LynnCrumbling yes, a word was changed
9 hours ago, by Bart
That combined with the sharpened beak .... ain't no one fucks with tiny duck
Bart, since when do you have a sock on CR??
Nowadays, Santa doesn't do his Spanish homework in the Tavern, bjb does his maths homework here ;)
5:47 PM
@Vogel612'sShadow I love the beginner tag for Bart...
I love the authentication tag for Bart...
6:43 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] URL in title: What is the difference between google.com and encrypted.google.com? on security.stackexchange.com
6:56 PM
looks OK to me Smokey
A: Info: Contacted by spammers (Ispirer Systems) referencing Stack Overflow

Ispirer SQLWaysWe would like to comment on behalf of the company. There are several questions on this website, the possible solution to which can be the use of our tool. Our answers were always deleted by the site administration, despite of the fact that they contained useful information for the SO users. Th...

the most down voted ever -232 in a day with 6 hours.
-234 now
Who would upvote it?
The spammer's three socks?
7:08 PM
Rain here, back I am!
Wow, look at this:
@balpha ^^
why avatar of users sometime it shows large & sometime small
@TGMCians depends on how much space there is
ah ok
@TGMCians Watch.
7:24 PM
Spammer asks Brad, how should I spam? (facepalm)
@BradLarson could you please give us more information about promoting Magento extensions? We have nothing to do with it. We are really interested. — Ispirer SQLWays 8 hours ago
@bjb568 Does not work that way. Here's an attempted explanation. Summary: to arrive at a correct integral, we should consider slices of nonzero thickness, so as not lose too much geometric information about the object. Nonzero thickness => one end of the slice may be a bti wider than the other. For the volume, the contribution of this geometric detail turns out to be negligible ("error of second order of smallness", one would say). For the surface, no.
@InfiniteRecursion Seen that. :P Some people...
henchman #2 returns
@Pham #2 is disgusting.
7:39 PM
@Frank :P
Great, did my bot die?
@hichris123 hopefully...
Pardon me for complaining about a slightly off-topic topic, but the Common Core sucks.
7:44 PM
@hichris123 Yup, before I even finished creating my account.
The korean guys are back :-/
My computer froze for several seconds while Chrome was loading the fonts
Anyone who wants to proof-read: meta.stackoverflow.com/a/275106/578411
@rene I'd have used more comment breaks. :P
@Frank thanks, that helps ;)
:D My patch is in Chrome Canary.
7:54 PM
@hichris123 Which one?
@hichris123 What does it do? Blow up if you visit http://www.experts-exchange.com?
@rene Nope. It allows copying multiple bookmarks and/or a folder of bookmarks to the clipboard.
8:04 PM
@hichris123 Oh, whatever. I never would've guessed your name was chris codereview.chromium.org/634523004/diff/210001/AUTHORS
@CareBear Oh, that makes sense.
@SantaClaus sigh
8:19 PM
A: Why are some message avatars bigger than others -- even for the same user?

balphaIt's very simply a matter of how much space is available. Subsequent messages by one user are rolled up into a single "speech bubble" (we call it monologue), to the left of which the user is displayed. If there are just one or two lines of messages, displaying the full-blown avatar would cause u...

hmm thanks :)
8:44 PM
ok, good night
9:03 PM
It'll be as an <aside> sidebar thing in the first step question asking process.
(which will be 1) enter title and language 2) search for dups 3) enter code 4) enter attempted solutions 5) write complete problem statement )
page still loading...
@Sam Get a better internet.
@bjb568 I want a better internet, but that's not gonna happen.
Did it load?
9:12 PM
Tries again...
C'mom internet, stop sucking so I can test out bjb's new sidebar thingy.
You could try restarting your router.
Meh, I tried that like 5 times yesterday (with a couple of resets).
Yay, finally the page loaded. Now it's loading the fiddle...
@Bjb Besides spelling through as "thru", it looks fine.
And there's a few minor punctuation discrepancies (IMHO) with your list.
9:28 PM
@Sam The … vs [] vs X/Y/Z? They mean different things (only first part of question, specific thing, non-specific thing)
I'm talking about the lack of full stops (or, as some call them, periods).
@Sam But it's a list…
Also, the next word after the end of a sentence in quotes should be capitalised. I.e.,"Is X or Y better?" (in what way?) -> "Is X or Y better?" (In what way?)
@bjb568 So? If most of the items are a complete sentence, they should end with a period, if not, a comma. (But that's just me being super pedantic).
Anyways, night!
9:44 PM
@Sam But it's in parens!
@Sam But it looks weeeeeird.
@Sam Night!
9:57 PM
Shit just got real #semeetup2014 http://t.co/3jZcsmCpHk
^^ Your formulas are not real if you type them in MS Word.
@CareBear Is that x… a plutification sign?
Yes, I think he means \times
@bjb568 Whoa, I just used a non-internet reference O.O
I feel old.
"Oh my fucking God, you're using Firefox!?" -@jc4p #SEMeetup2014
@bjb568 Since when do you not use regular references? You don't read books?
10:01 PM
@hichris123 Define regular. Rarely.
@bjb568 >.> Read more, my friend.
I read internets.
Not the same.
Yes. Bettah!
... no, because it's super hard to read 200+ page books online. :P
10:05 PM
@hichris123 I can read about all kinds of interesting things. Try to print wikipedia!
@bjb568 But think about the stories! Think about all the knowledge Wikipedia can't explain. Because it's purely factual. And nonfiction books can be persuasive.
10:31 PM
@AnnaLear what's up with the load time? DNS problems?
@hichris123 I like factual. And if I just want lawls, there's reddit.
@ShadowWizard Issues. (TM)
we're aware; working on it.
I don't know the exact specifics.
Specifics are exact by definition.
Thanks for that, resident representative of the Department of Pedantry.
Ur welcome.
@bjb568 It's "you're".
@AnnaLear it's everywhere :D
Ha! The bio is awesome:
Borat Sagdiyev, United States
101 1
doesn't click on vid
doesn't either
10:41 PM
click on vid
Well, the words in the bio were awesome...
11:02 PM
If anybody knows anything about clip-path, write a decent page for it. developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/clip-path
11:41 PM
Again? When will they learn
Q: Hunting is already covered at The Great Outdoors

DJClayworthProposal: Hunting There are hunting questions already being answered on The Great Outdoors site.

Stack Exchange stability problem troubleshooting at #SEMeetup2014: http://t.co/15CV8cGW9t
... is that you? glares suspiciously
@hichris123 I don't answer on SO...
Entire SRE team walks out of a talk en masse. Either something fell over or they just really hate Jack's talk. #SEMeetup2014
@hairboat we are at DEFCON 1 #SEMeetup2014 http://t.co/30SelsR2GD
11:47 PM
Who's Jack?
@CareBear The CFO.
he looks creepy.
@Frank Be nice.
Strange how they put CFO waaay down on the list, under regional sales managers etc.
11:53 PM
@CareBear I know; I had the same thought too.
My guess is that it's to de-emphasize "traditional management", and to emphasize the people who run the day to day operations.
Wow, SE has a dev in Rio.
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