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8:00 PM
Added a few domains to the page
instadeath.com -- available
name brainstorming gogo--oh
I'm not sure brainstorming is a good idea at this point
it might be better to just nail down the one or two you like
Stage Six appeals.
8:08 PM
@tzenes if there were one or two good enough, Robert wouldn't have asked us for something better in the first place
I think it would work well with the retro feel of the site design we have in mind, too.
> So I went with this communities highest voted choice, "Pause for Help." _I was hoping to hear some better suggestions here. We should be able to do better. _
pauseforhelp is too long IMO
@badp ok, but adding on 8 or 9 bad ones isn't getting us anywhere
we're past the polling stage
good and bad is subjective!
8:08 PM
we're at the voting stage
not at all man
that's not the point
vote between what?
I think it is
what are the vote options?
> After 2-1/2 months of selection and voting, it's time to make a choice.
we've been voting on what we've came up with for the past 70 days
8:09 PM
its time to choose
pick one you want
just pausehelp!
> I was hoping to hear some better [than pauseforhelp.com] suggestions here. We should be able to do better.
yeah, but he wants a choice
not 100 new suggestions
pawsforhelp is great
he wants something new and people to stick with it
8:10 PM
man, I love the alliteration in Stage Six
okay, we need to come up with something new first
I didn't realize the time limit on making a choice was so soon. Probably because I don't follow meta too closely. But that suggests that mostly the only people voting are the kind that do follow meta closely, and that worries me some.
Why does it worry you?
@JavadocMD This question is linked to from all question pages, in case the purpose of the featured tag was lost on you :)
@badp and several other meta-questions were too
people had time to come to meta
8:12 PM
@badp Right, I saw the question at the time, I just didn't realize September 17th was Judgement Day.
@juan I'm afraid the problem is nothing good enough has come out of this yet
Judgement day is in 19 days, @JavadocMD
Judgement Day is inevitable
@FallenAngelEyes I'm not saying we or you or whomever can't make good decisions, just that we might be excluding the more casual users of the site who could have a gem of an idea waiting to come out.
Everything needs to be ready by then and @Jin is waiting on us
> just that we might be excluding
how are we excluding them?
8:14 PM
we really aren't
we are shouting in their faces to come to meta
Maybe it is better that the people who have the most invested in the site are the ones deciding things like this, I'm just not certain.
@Mana no we're not
This is poorly organized
In a way i wish Apocalypse Defense was a real site. I'd love to design that site. It'd be like a Resident Evil poster...
goes to post a question on Gaming, "OMFG PLZ 2 HELP US CHOOSE A DOMAIN NAME?!?!?!?!?!????????"
8:14 PM
@JuanManuel I wouldn't say we're shouting.
that notification bar is the best next thing
Change the blue line at the front page to be in all caps
also rainbow-colored
is that better?
8:17 PM
Much. ;)
Banner blindness is. Just saying.
@JavadocMD ?
Honestly I can't see things getting much better than Stage Six as far as name choices go
way better than pawsforhelp.com and quicksave.com
Stage Six does kind of have pop to it
@JuanManuel Put rainbow colors, a flying monkey, or whatever you can dream of in that space above the content of the site, and people will overlook it because it isn't what they came to the site to look for.
8:21 PM
jackthompson.com has a nice ring to it
@Mana or diejackthompsondie.com but maybe written threats are a legal gray-zone... (Although it's just German for "The Jack Thompson, The".)
Just a bit.
Q: Can you chain killstreak rewards together in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II?

user3549My this I mean, say you have your 3 killstreaks, and first highest killstreak is Chopper Gunner (imagine your other two are EMP and Tac Nuke). Ok, so you have you 11 kills in a row, and you have chopper gunner available. You begin running around shooting your gun into the air to attract enemy att...

8:24 PM
Two birds, one stone!
8:25 PM
@JavadocMD we have a winner
hard to read :)
8:27 PM
speaking of where is destiny flower-kun?
@tzenes available
8:29 PM
blogspot.com is taken.
@tzenes taken
8:32 PM
@tzenes taken
flyingtoasters.com is taken :(
savemyprincess.com is not taken, surprisingly
clearly I am a genius
That's amazing.
8:36 PM
or rather, herosexchange.com
just to shoot down my own idea
8:37 PM
I'm liking the "hero" idea.
is 8bitheroes taken?
it's a good name but it implies we're all about retro stuff
8:39 PM
eightbitheroes isn't but 8bitheroes is
@mana that's a game
8:40 PM
I know
I was referencing it, bro
getting kind of silly eh?
it was good
And you totally caught it
high five
8:41 PM
hey, don't make fun of us Canoodles eh?
<-- recently moved to Seattle from BC
A: Last Chance -- Top domain name: pauseforhelp.com. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Raven DreamerOneMoreBoss is available through GoDaddy (either 7.49 (with a coupon? Unsure how this instant site-finder works...) or 11.99, same as all the other ones through GoDaddy). Seeks to invoke the feeling of a good game, as in, "I'll go to bed after OneMoreBoss" Boss-Level is also available, (and wo...

throw you in with the newfie's (sp?) and see how long you last
8:42 PM
we're so boss
are you from NewFoundland @Mana
no, Ottawa, Ontario
Toronto now, I guess
better than Montreal
why, what's wrong with Montréal?
8:45 PM
my company who shall remain nameless is opening our first store in Alberta next week
they speak french like retarded french people speak french
its always surreal for me
I think one of the problems of the internet is the inability to convey sarcasm
@tzenes no way...
@CRoss good luck!
@Jin, would you kill me if any of those were to be chosen domain names?
A: Last Chance -- Top domain name: pauseforhelp.com. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

badplavajumping.com Not taken at all, common in many games and yet impossible in "real life". Try googling "can you jump over lava?" -- all the hits are about gaming. On a similar vein: slimepools.com spikedpits.com walkingmushrooms.com instadeath.com everythingkillsyou.com lowhitpoints.com ...

8:48 PM
oh, that was sarcastic?
If yes tell me now and I'll delete these suggestions
@badp are you being sarcastic?
@CRoss yes, I'm being sarcastic in telling you I'm being sarcastic and actually meaning you all the worst possible
shrugs eh
if you couldn't compute the double negative, no, I'm not being sarcastic and I can tell you in a totally non-sarcastic way that I'm not being sarcastic; sarcasm was only directed to your sarcasm about my being sarcastic
8:51 PM
A: Last Chance -- Top domain name: pauseforhelp.com. Speak now or forever hold your peace.

JavadocMD8bitheroes.com Or variations on the bit/hero theme like: 8bithero.com bitwisehero.com (as in bitwise and wise to things involving bits.) We're not focused on 8-bit games obviously, but I think that will be obvious to people visiting the site. And retro gaming has a place in modern gamer cultu...

@badp I threw a ParseException and my Friday error handling routine indicates apathy as a corrective measure
Use this service and start brainstorming names:
@Robert, we've been doing for the last couple hours :)
8:53 PM
I think @Robert is geting mad with us
Anyway I need to get packed for my trip to the land of retarded french people
or as I like to call it: Canukistan
@tzenes No, not getting mad. Just starting to hallucinate at thinking about gaming memes and staring at who-is screens all day.
8:54 PM
Is there one suggestion/idea/theme you really liked so far, @Robert?
Er, not really-ish. Just some are "less horrible" than the rest. Naming is really frickin' hard.
If it's not really good it's not good enough I guess
It's a pity everybody and their dog could snatch gaming-related domains for the last few dozen years before us
Like, I don't actually hate One More Boss or even Pause For Help... it just doesn't do a site the potential size of gaming.SE justice.
throwncontrollers! you know you waaaaaaaaana
Maybe stop being so literal. I think "cool sounding" trumps "accurate" any day. That's just my opinion.
8:57 PM
For a moment people really liked heroesexchange.com, then they realized that obviously...
naw, sounds like a Flash game site
what's a word that connotes expertise in gaming?
@mana I thought the exact same thing
9:01 PM
Maybe an homage to a really famous, classic game... something everyone would recognize. For example, I was looking for a name like "level256" (taken) which is the top level in pac man. Stupid example, yes, but gives you another dimension to think along.
lmao @ korean
How about a meme about staying up all night? Another way to go. "CaffeinAddicts" type of thing
9:03 PM
maybe more direct: latenightgaming
even more direct: gamerswhostayuplatedontgetlaid
that's not true
if I had a dollar for every time late night mario kart got me laid...
I know, I'm just saying, we're getting hung up on stereotypes here.
although that may not be a bad thing
9:09 PM
@Mana That may be accurate but you didn't have to say it. :(
or is < a forbidden char?
9:14 PM
see the problem is that programmers/other-computer-related-stuffers have all this cool jargon
stack overflow, server fault, super user
we as gamers have...zerg rush, additional pylons?
@Mana And their jargon tends to be more ubiquitous in their communities, I feel.
PlayAllNight.com is $2988. Wanna take up a collection?
@RobertCartaino Yikes. People are really jealous about their etherwaves.
holy crap.
I really like the name, though.
If everyone in lower Manhattan gave us just $0.01 each...
9:20 PM
gaming experts / night owls
Wow. AskLordBritish.com is available. Takers?
owls are sage
no, eh?
oh well
Wow. GamingOwls.com available. I like it. Anyone?
yeah, I don't propose names that aren't available :)
it doesn't have the ring to it that Stage Six has for me
then again Stage Six isn't available
or well needs a bid or something whatever
9:23 PM
Q: In Modern Warfare II, Which killstreak combination stacks the easiest/fastest?

recquiescatpaceNow this question may seem obvious, duh -- killstreaks that come one after another like UAV/Counter-UAV/Predator Missile -- but I am talking about sets of killstreaks that unlock each other while you lay around hiding somewhere - or at least work well enough on their own so you need to only get 1...

I don't know... GamingOwls.com; It hit me right off as cool, easy to spell, easy to remember, easy to theme, and even apt.
Then upvote:
I know one thing for sure
These threads are going to be the joy of squatters
Many more-or-less-excellent available suggestions just asking to be taken :D
I think we should get some sort of Google Moderator for this kind of threads
gamegenies.com was taken :-/
see it's like princess but it's actually reminiscent of a prince and stuff and therefore it's funny
9:32 PM
gameshark too. lol. i remember my friends using those two to cheat way back in the day, and i had a big argument with them about it.
how about game[animalName].com
how about some quirky animals
I like it
9:34 PM
with easy to spell names
i keep coming up with neat references but they'd be annoying domain names
itisdangeroustogoalone.com, for example, is available
but man
way too much to type
@Mana lol, I was just thinking that
quirky animals...
game chimps
in the case of the latter we would claim a question would appear each week but actually it would be more like a month
i still think epicwin.com would be a killer domain if it wasn't taken.
9:37 PM
l2win.com is available
epicwon.com is available
gg.com is taken :(
so is glhf
rofflestompers.com is available
169 whopping ideas from the old thread
9:49 PM
if I typoed stuff as I copied it take that as the hallmark of a bad domain name :P
I think this is the time where Jeff and/or Joel should materialize and give their executive decision
and choose UnicornFlavouredWaffles.com
@badp That's a terrible name: we all know there's no "u" in flavor.
rofl, this TAS is awesome
I have no fucking clue of what's going on there
I mean is that even a game to begin with?
10:21 PM
10:51 PM
not really feeling Stage Six here :/
Then upvote what you like
That question seriously lacks upvotes
11:04 PM
At times I really do hate myself
then again what can I do if evedy four letters sequence has a high chance of being a word in some language for genitalia?
I wonder how many will get my pun... :D
11:42 PM
Q: What's wrong with the G-Diffuser?

GnomeSliceSo I was playing Starfox 64 the other day, and I noticed something disturbing. No matter what course of action you take, if this blue bird guy gets shot too much in the first level, he lets me know that something has happened to his G-Diffuser, and he has to break off. What does this so-called ...


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