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8:27 AM
Hey, what is the standard procedure to unfreeze a room?
Depends who froze it. Which one?
It was frozen due to inactivity, I was on vacation :)
9 hours later…
6:03 PM
Is there an ETA for chat on the SE sites? /cc @balpha
the first one might happen next week
@balpha Please switch off the random flagging script. Pretty please :P
would it be in order of creation? Chosen specifically?
@JuanManuel chosen specifically -- we probably don't want to start with SO, being the largest
6:10 PM
@balpha Chosen specifically? /me points out that the gaming chat room has the most activity and posts :D
@McKay I doubt that any of the beta sites will ever get a chat site
I'd think they have to be out of beta first
Pity, because beta sites need chat the most imho
but I might be wrong
we haven't really talked about that yet
Well -- okay. A random beta site I will not mention is using chat the most.
Oh well, we can keep abusing MSO chat for the time being I guess :D
Q: Game recommendation room experiment

Juan ManuelI created a chat room on meta.so as an experiment to help people get game recommendations. I figure that if that somehow works, we can have a room in our own chat.gaming (whenever it's available) for this... if it doesn't work, nothing is lost. Let's see how it goes. Opinions are welcomed

6:19 PM
@balpha You have such a sick sense of humor :P
by far not enough flagging going on here
Oh, what a cute blue square
I added a star to the blue "rectangle"
I feel powerful
Now the star is orange, which is prettier than black on blue
If a message is flagged enough times to be deleted, is it true that you will lose 10 points on Meta?
6:29 PM
@mmyers How many times does it need to be flagged to be deleted?
Only one way to know @mmyers
@badp not true, there is more than one way
6:42 PM
@Diago FlagsLimitAutoDelete = 5
Three in, two left
Is that blue there to stay? It looks like a doubleplusgood star right now.
"This message is 400% more awesome!"
@balpha He asked you a simple question, and you answer him in a different language? Very Rude.
@balpha FeatureUnderstood = true
Actually, I answered in many languages (most, actually -- except Pascal). That's very courteous of me.
@balpha TooManyFlags = true
6:55 PM
you're a mod, you can clear them :)
granted, the ui isn't pretty yet
but it works
@balpha FYI, Clearing moderator flags doesn't immediatly refresh the page.
2 mins ago, by balpha
granted, the ui isn't pretty yet
more like "barely usable"
@balpha You slacked off. That's not acceptable, I had you in such high regard until now. I mean you work for StackOverflow :P
@balpha touche!
1 hour later…
8:00 PM
@devinb: Touché!
American Laptop keyboard, no numpad. too much of a pain to get special characters.
8:36 PM
@devinb Numpad?
Normally I would type alt-0223 on the numberpad to get the accented e
You remember that by heart? O.O
Try it, you'll find that I didn't. It's actually 0233
But yes. I do know it by heart, because I used to use it all the time.
*0233? @devinb, do you have a function key? most laptops i've seen work with that
But now I'm on a laptop w/o numpad.
8:39 PM
Fn numpad is pita (possibly impossible to appreciate)
doesn't work
@badp, I didn't say it isn't...but in life vs death, it at least is an option. (;
@devinb It's fn + numpad enabling key, then pressing "numpad" keys, then fn + numpad disabling key
where the "numpad" keys should have the digits printed in little on a side of the key
that takes a lot of effort
2 mins ago, by badp
Fn numpad is pita (possibly impossible to appreciate)
8:42 PM
37 secs ago, by devinb
That was easy
@badp Although, I said it couldn't be done, and you proved me wrong. So... touché
Actually, it was @rchern mentioning the possibility
I merely explained how it worked on my laptop
If you really needed it that much you should've made your own keyboard layout with it :)
9:07 PM
FEATURE REQUEST: make edit window a per-room, owner-defined value
@Shog9 What do you mean by that?
FEATURE REQUEST: make edit privileges a per-room, owner-defined value
(allow limited, Wave-style collaboration by allowing ongoing, multi-user edits on a per-room basis)
@Josh would like to be able to turn off the time-limit on when edits can be made, and also open up editing to multiple users
@Shog9 Oh! I gotcha. I like it.
Gold star for you :-)
9:44 PM
Are there people activly working on an XMPP based way to access the chat?
I'd like to help with that if so, and I'd like to try my hand at it if not
10:34 PM
@Josh There's this meta post, not that much came of it:
Q: Offer an XMPP method for chat

Greg HewgillThis is a request for the SO chat system to have an XMPP interface. The whole idea of a chat system is to bring people together, and a key way of doing that is to allow people to access the system using more than one method. Right now there's a web interface, but it's limited to being a web inte...

@MichaelMrozek Thanks. I'm thinking of hacking around with that this weekend
I saw that meta post but wasn't sure if that was the "official" request

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