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2:48 AM
I have half a mind to send audibilized sorting algorithms to SETI via strange radio frequencies.
3:48 AM
Yay!!! The tags scores updated. Beautiful gold.
3 hours later…
6:19 AM
@TinSoldiersAndNixonsComin' Congrats, man! 3 gold tag badges, that's pretty epic.
3 hours later…
8:59 AM
What kind of answer is this ?
A: entity framework seed function did not Insert all the data to database

user2351392public class HospitalInitializer: DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges<DoctorContext> { protected override void Seed(DoctorContext context) { var hospitals = new List<Hospital> { new Hospital() {Name = "Agha Khan"}, new Hospital() {Name = "liaquat na...

looks like a kind of message
for someone
2 hours later…
10:43 AM
Err.. WTF I'm question banned on meta SO :s
Okay I've made suggestions lately that received a lot of downvotes and the system must have based my ban on this, but why does it work for meta SO?
Looking at your history, that's not too surprising
voting is different here as we all know
The system has a much higher threshold for Meta
So, do you actually think it is reasonable to ban a user just cause people don't agree with a couple of his ideas?
it's the network wide support site and I can make genuine questions too
I'm only putting my ideas forward when they occur to me, in a way I want to help, people don't like them and downvote, that doesn't mean I'm spamming or behaving badly
The number of upvoted questions outweigh my downvoted questions, most downvoted questions are tagged , no downvoted questions got closed/deleted
Do I need to go on?
This is a serious flaw in the system imo...
i think it is very hard to end up question-banned on meta
anyway, consider pinging a community team member - he could possibly disassociate one of your questions to get you unbanned
10:57 AM
Well apparantly it's not cause all it takes is SIX downvoted DISCUSSIONS
I've flagged my downvoted questions in hope to have them removed
a mod deleting them won't really help. they would still be linked to your account
what's the best way to get in touch with someone who could help?
you could use the contact form or wait until tomorrow - i'm sure e.g. shog9 will show up in here
We'll see then, but in the meantime please clarify something for me: I thought voting on meta was different in that it is way more subjective
@MarioDeSchaepmeester it is. Meta question banning is silly. But for some reason, it's not being fixed. Don't ask me why.
11:04 AM
@Pekka웃 well thank you for at least acknowledging this. I understand the need to ban people who continually harm the site with questions that are off-topic, offensive, completely unconstructive, etc... But not this?
At least the system should require a minimum number of closed questions as well...
Q: Question banning Meta users is silly and a problem

Pekka 웃This user appears to have been question banned because of two unpopular Meta suggestions. (He says so in Chat) Look at the two contributions that appear to have gotten him banned. How is this system not broken? Why does the team insist on keeping the question ban active on Meta? Why can't real...

2 hours later…
12:48 PM
hi out there, I'm confused about wiki excerpt rollbacks. I reviewed this edit: stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/2053524, but it was approved and IMHO was this edit not helpful because a link is not clickable in a excerpt. So I would like to rollback this changes but I cannot see this option. But here is a hint that it should be possible
I don't think it's possible. Just make another edit
okay, just confusing that I found a reference that this function exists
1:33 PM
Someone can't post a question post it as answer instead: stackoverflow.com/questions/11425695/json-and-lawnchair-usage/…
4 hours later…
5:47 PM
Do you think there would be a use for a CW post about changing how we handle question-banned users and the information they see? Since I think it might be helpful, but I don't want to start it if it won't be.
6:03 PM
@kni - you mean a feature request on meta? a post?
6:54 PM
@lix tagged discussion + feature request

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