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1:11 AM
I can't get the one item in the Reopen Votes queue to load :(
I see no such item, clearly you're lying!
1:32 AM
A few of the queues are freezing on loading item for me. :(
1:45 AM
Please ban the person who approved this: stackoverflow.com/review/suggested-edits/1416588
2:02 AM
10k rep
I don't even have that.
I don't want to live in this world.
@mootinator why not?
Presumably because I think I have better things to do these last several months.
That or I lack communication skills.
One of those things.
You didn't properly sow your reputation seeds, I suspect.
After months of hard work sitting around, I was able to farm my rep-crop to 10k.
@TimStone: Your powerful investigative skills are needed: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/165517/…
I'm as confused about the situation as I am that you got a down vote.
2:17 AM
@TimStone Maybe I was supposed to water them.
But you're Tim, you're supposed to know.
Yeah, and the edit was before the close vote, so...
Does editing outside the review queue stop review though? I thought only an Edit action inside review stopped it. (Just Curious)
2:53 AM
I think it's only inside, but I'm not sure.
3:17 AM
@AdamRackis Yeah, I think that's a little naive. And it probably is influenced by your positive experiences with your fellow developers. However, in my experience, developers are human just like everyone else. Some are intolerant, some illogical, and any number of other things one wouldn't necessarily expect based on the stereotype of "software developer."
Also, I think "...people smart enough to be professional developers..." implies a bit too much optimism about how smart most professional developers are =P
3:57 AM
@Shog9 Sorry about that :/
@Shog9 agreed
@EvanCarroll That's Robert's lock, not Jeff. And he gave a reason for it, see the comment
@Manishearth Don't feed the ______.
@Shog9 So why is there a "link only answer" option in the "Delete" menu? When ought we use it? I've always been confused by this -- link only answers aren't deletable if they answer the question (most do), so as a non mod I "recommend deletion" for the auto comment. As a mod, I downvote and "looks good" :/ Makes no sense.
Heh, the woot shirt today is kind of awesome.
@Manishearth here's my rules of thumb:
If the link seems like it's going to disappear or is not-entirely-discernable, I leave a comment and ask them to improve the answer, or if it's someone that I know I may just clean it up for them.
If I'm a mod, and there's a flag, I give the flag 24 hours (we're a slow site, it's fine) to see if they followed up, especially if they're new.
If they've been around a while, I just flip to comment right away.
It's the only answer, and it's a "trivial" question, but not so trivial a simple google search doesn't give me the answer right away.
4:17 AM
@Manishearth Strictly-speaking an answer that consists of nothing of substance besides a link is eligible for deletion. Strictly-speaking, if we were gonna be that strict in all cases, we'd just auto-delete them. There are exceptions to every rule, and sometimes a link is the right answer, although I'd always try to flesh them out if at all possible.
@Shog9 For example, what about physics.stackexchange.com/a/52448/7433
And of course, there are questions where the answer is literally one symbol - the name of something the asker wasn't aware of. Adding a link to supporting information there doesn't make the answer much beefier, but can improve the value immensely.
It answers the question, but there's a truckload of other crap there as well
@Shog9 in those cases it is the question that's bad, I'm not worried about the answers there :)
@Manishearth How does it answer the question?
@Manishearth Not necessarily...
A: Why is this question off-topic?

RJ LohanYour question was implicitly dangerous. A considerable number of people could not discern a reason for the query which was not illegal, dangerous or destructive. If you need to relate that to the FAQ, perhaps this part is relevant: based on actual problems that you face What actual problem...

Holy crap this comment thread...
4:19 AM
A: Is LMGTFY as unacceptable as RTFM?

fbreretoI am reminded of a joke: A critical machine broke down at a factory. The senior mechanic had retired and nobody knew how to fix it, so they called him up and begged for help. He complied, came to the factory, looked at the machine, and put a white 'X' on a part. "Replace that," he said, and w...

@Shog9 but when does that become "too trivial"?
(ignore the question there, just read the joke and the explanation)
naming things is hard, right?
@Shog9 the PDF sorta explains the Compton effect pretty well.
@Manishearth can you summarize it?
4:20 AM
Point is, there's a lot of other, useless stuff in the PDF
Even just copy a relevant paragraph out of it?
@Shog9 me? No. but someone can.
@Shog9 Hmm, the relevant paras are scattered
But I'll take a closer look, thanks
If you can answer the question by pulling out the sliver of relevance, then that would turn the answer into something worthwhile. If you can't, then it's a waste.
4:31 AM
On closer inspection, the link only tangentially answers the question (or gives you the tools to answer it). Not good.
deleted, boom
5:16 AM
@jadarnel27 All good comments. I guess when I said "smart enough to be a professional developer" I was referring to the average Stack Overflow contributor, rather than the average developer. And come to think of it, outrage over that particular language seemed to be fairly localized to that one particular person, so maybe my assertion wasn't tooooo terribly naive :-)
5:36 AM
@jcolebrand What gives you the right to outright call me a liar?
> Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, traducement, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation a negative or inferior image.
Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, traducement, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, religion, or nation a negative or inferior image. This can be also any disparaging statement made by one person about another, which is communicated or published, whether true or false, depending on legal state. In common law it is usually a requirement that this c...
You have no fucking clue what you're talking about
To call me a liar, when I've asked a perfectly valid question is slander
You, sir, gave yourself a negative image or cast yourself in a false light by constantly being belligerent when prompted to discuss the topic coherently so that a best answer could be given you.
No, slander is verbal, libel is printed.
Watch Spiderman (the one with Tobey) and listen to J. Jonah Jameson
How hard is it for people to understand that they're NOT entitled to know the innards of why someone wants to know something?
I'm sorry that you've gotten your blood in a boil over not wanting to "give away your ten million dollar idea" or whatever it is you have, but you've purposefully been belligerent. Therefore, you're hiding something. Hiding and asking meandering questions is a form of lying.
5:38 AM
If someone has an idea for something, they monetise it, not share it with everyone
I'm hiding what the "ten million dollar idea is"
And if you can't give an analogous reason that simulates the idea without giving it away you're going to be a lousy inventor.
I, however, am NOT a malicious virus-writing P.o.s. that you just made me out to be
I've obviously shown that I know the technical merits of the question under discussion. I also know people.
@DannyBeckett no, you made yourself out to be that hours ago. I gave you a technical answer and asked you to please quit lying to us by meandering around the point.
That's how lies work
Go talk to a teenager some more.
You know jack shit about whether I'm being honest or lying though
No, I know people, however.
5:39 AM
So for you to come out and say that is out of order!
You are exhibiting all the behavior of a malware author
You are exhibiting all the behavior of a liar
For me to call you something else, you must exhibit a new behavior
This isn't my first rodeo
You've come in all guns blazing... you may know your shit... but you don't know me, or my intentions
Once again you compare your own behavior to someone hiding things, ergo lying.
@DannyBeckett once again, you're acting in a pattern that is much like those of the aforementioned groups.
Does anybody watching this chat have decent rep?
A police officer confronting you right now would believe your behavior to be malicious.
Dude, I'm 10k on SO, and a diamond moderator on another site on the network
5:42 AM
You can relay whether the thing of discussion is of malicious intent
I can have this room full of blues in a matter of minutes (if anyone is online)
Wow, what the hell....
@Fosco meta post, after a closed SO Q
He wants to drain the battery on a laptop surreptitiously and claims it isn't for malicious intent, but won't give any analogues as to the actual purpose.
Danny, get lost man, get over whatever this is.
Now that you have a complete technical answer, please for the love of all that's holy accept that we have been around long enough to understand that someone asking questions like this is 99.99% likely to be writing malware, and only 0.01% likely to be doing something legitimate, as a legitimate use of draining a battery outside of benchmarks is to build a testbench that can drain the battery. Therefore, it is our express technical and educated opinion that you are up to no good. That abuses the entire intent of the Stack Exchange ethos. Now please quit insulting us with your lies. — jcolebrand 20 mins ago
This didn't make him feel any better. He feels I've libeled him.
I invited to chat instead of comment thread abuse
5:44 AM
Fosco, would you accept somebody publicly calling you a liar incorrectly?
lol, blue men!
Omg are we starting with this flag crap again? I'm ignoring them...
Danny, you fail to accept the obvious malicious intent of draining a battery.
@Sathya is there but being quiet
oh, wait, no blue here is he?
5:45 AM
stupid non-transferring diamonds on chat :p
5:57 AM
This room promised theatrics. You have let us all down.
I promised nothing
I really thought the J Jonah Jameson line was going to get more play here.
Time to do something more productive. Like read up about 18th century lint and its relation to the spread of diphtheria which then cascaded onto abstract harp melodies being written a decade before its time
@jcolebrand J.K. Simmons always plays the house
Actually, that sounds highly interesting
@jcolebrand Not only is it interesting, but it's also historically accurate, there was a diphtheria epidemic in the mid 18th century...
@Yannis it was more the lint I was curious about
3 hours later…
8:56 AM
@DannyBeckett tell us then why you need to quite possibly explode a laptop battery...
4 hours later…
1:09 PM
There are questions in the data explorer with NULL ViewCount.
1:23 PM
Q: Data Explorer contains Stack Overflow questions with NULL ViewCount

Tim Yi JiangWhile trying to examine the distribution of question view counts on Stack Exchange sites, I came across an anomaly - there appear to be questions in the database with NULL ViewCounts. This query I ran on Stack Overflow found a small (but not insignificant) number of questions with this. They all ...

If I have to guess... yup. They were the last few questions in the database, sorted by CreationDate DESC
2 hours later…
3:28 PM
Why does everyone make vpn configurations which route all traffic to it? :/
because that way you can claim "it's entirely secure, everything is routed through us" instead of "there must have been a network misconfiguration and that data went rogue"
I prefer to take the "I'm a consultant, I'll go to whatever site I want without disconnecting from your stupid VPN" route and set my own routes.
Yes, I'm willing to put some effort into keeping the tavern open :P
What I really want is for people to answer my cooking.se Q
3:48 PM
That's all.
Why doesn't anyone have a"the brown album" anyway?
4:05 PM
@TimYiJiang Is that a problem?
4:43 PM
I think what mootinator said is a problem. And I also think I've determined the name for the next album my brother and I record.
What is the grammatically correct way to say "My brother and I's next album"? Would it be "My brother's and my next album"?
Sounds like a question for EL&U.
True! I imagine it's been covered, though.
The last one I asked on there was a dupe =)
the second one
My brother's next album. My next album. My brother's and my next album.
Alternately "my and my brother's next album"
The next album from our band, which is just my brother and I.
@Fosco indeed, I've always solved that confusion by rewording =)
4:53 PM
I just had 24 rep disappear, checking my rep page doesn't show why (with the 'show removed posts' box checked). Any ideas?
@jcolebrand Thanks. The only thing I don't like about "my and my brother's next album" is that it breaks the grammatical convention of putting yourself last.
@Fosco and myself. Always remove one of the two clauses and try again. "which is just I" doesn't work there.
@jadarnel27 I was just showing how it could be reversed if you didn't like the first sound. Also, if you are the lead singer and primary instrument player, and he just sometimes shows up, then it's yours and his, not his and yours.
Ah, right. We both have equal contribution to the singing / instrumentation. Though he writes most of the songs, so perhaps his name should stay first.
But I have always been under the impression that one always puts oneself last in a list of people.
Meh, convention.
Aren't you and your brother twins? So you can just swap identities 50% of the time and it'll still be fair.
5:06 PM
since I don't have a copy of Strunk and White, I'll paraphrase.
Strunk and White’s example to illustrate this point is “Let’s talk it over between us, then, you and me” (1).

Good idea! Let’s talk it over between you and me. Other grammarians (2, 3) concur that you put yourself last when “I” or “me” is part of a compound subject or object. I suppose that it’s just the polite thing to do. "Me first" is a bad attitude in life, and so it is in grammar, too.
5:34 PM
@TimStone valid point =P
5:57 PM
@jcolebrand Ah.. good point.
@LanceRoberts Hey, I was wondering why you rolled back the addition of the BF discussion to the deleted meta thread index. Did you disagree with where I put it, or the fact that it was included?
@JeremyBanks, I wouldn't have had a problem if they'd left it in the munged state it had been in, but since they deleted it in the unmunged state I didn't want that linked through the Archive.
oh, please tell me this discussion involves cheese
Or some sort of tasty spoiled dairy product
And not Brainfuck
Actually, I'd settle for any food item at all, if "not BF" is also part of the answer.
@JeremyBanks , you might want to check the eligibility of that question. Just sayin'...
@Shog9 "eligibility"?
and when you say "not BF" does that rule out discussions on BeFunge? ;-)
@jcolebrand strictly-speaking, questions in the "deleted archive" are supposed to be deleted.
Well, I'm not 10k on meta, so I don't know what's in what category.
what? How do you not have 10k on meta?
you're the top poster in this, the top chat.mso chatroom, and you don't have 10k on meta?
somethin' wrong with that
I know
It's like I focused on my site where I have a diamond and forgot to keep coming to metaSo
Meta isn't much fun... I have 14k on SO, only 1k on meta.
6:09 PM
@Fosco not with that attitude it isn't
I've also started a fair number of intentionally CW posts. I should do that less, but still do things that earn upvotes.
@Fosco, read the comments in the post, it really had me rolling
Q: Why is this question off-topic?

Danny BeckettIn reference to this question, why is it off-topic? In bold are reasons I believe the question should not have been closed. I've yet to find a valid reason in the FAQ to support it being closed either. Off-topic question Questions on Stack Overflow are expected to relate to programming or s...

You probably missed the best part of the comment stream then :p
Wow... He kept going. I thought he finally gave up last night. I hope they gave him some sort of slow-ban or warning.
@Shog9 Ah, missed that. That's good, thanks.
6:22 PM
Hey Fosco you have an interesting new email that should probably best be kept to yourself ;-)
Also, can we please add honeypot examples that change random keywords that aren't code into inline code blocks? These need to be rejected but so many people approve them!!! — animuson 5 mins ago
@Shog9 I stand corrected
The Brown Album may refer to: *The Brown Album (Bootsauce album), the debut album from Canadian funk rock band Bootsauce *Brown Album, by alternative rock band Primus *The Brown Album (Martin/Molloy album), a comedy album by Tony Martin and Mick Molloy *The Brown Album (Kev Brown album), an album by rapper/producer Kev Brown *The Band (album) (known colloquially as The Brown Album), by Canadian-American rock group The Band *Orbital 2 (known colloquially as The Brown Album), by English techno duo Orbital *The original 1970 release of the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar See also *The Beat...
@animuson "inline code block" is an oxymoron
Canadians like brown.
that's not a surprise
6:31 PM
That thing where you're showing someone something on your phone, and they take it out of your hand, start swiping pics, then says "oh, I probably shouldn't have seen that". heh.
Of course, that happened like a month ago, but it's still funny
Ooo, Jon Skeet has started reviewing? Apparently he doesn't spend enough time on SO.
I'd laugh if Jon Skeet started approving everything.
Haha, I've never seen a "Please do not respond if..." line in a question: stackoverflow.com/questions/14611229/…
6:55 PM
I should just stitch my palm onto my face and get it over with.
7:18 PM
@animuson He answered the question, so it's quite likely he saw the suggested edit on it while doing so.
Just go and crush all of our hopes and dreams for dear Jon
Jon Skeet doesn't need a /review queue. Stack Overflow is Jon Skeet's review queue.
Hmmm, will rolling back an edit that bumped a closed question into the Reopen queue cancel review or restart it or do nothing to it?
7:36 PM
@Shog9: Umm, what the hell happened here: stackoverflow.com/review/low-quality-posts/1422717 ???
deleted by Daniel Fischer, Robert Harvey♦, Robert Harvey♦, Brad Larson♦, Brad Larson♦, Robert Harvey♦ 19 secs ago
The post so nice, it was deleted six times over.
Well, I have not yet the power to delete on my own, so I summoned a few friends.
and their clones?
But I find Dave Clemmer posting the same comment eight times a bit exaggerated.
Something tells me that they were all trying to review it and the review panel is just reallllllly messed up right now. o.o
Prepare the wheel!
7:45 PM
@DanielFischer And he didn't even get credit for a review!
That's a bit unfair, @Shog, since he put a lot of work into this review.
@DanielFischer I know. Not every reviewer can cause the auto-comment script to submit 9 comments for the price of one.
Sorry everyone, just had to tell someone what I just found in my inbox... aka.ms/gitinitvs
Saw that on HN... It's about time.
Gonna have to give it a try... To be honest, I'm mildly gobsmacked that they did it.
8:00 PM
Quick disruptuion...my apologies: but are there any internal-server-accessing-SO-employees around? Trying to chat with a friend who started a new account and he's up to 41 rep but the server is still saying "must have 20 reputation to chat." Room: Rebol-and-Red user: 2026582
@HostileFork try it now
@Shog9 He hasn't spoken yet but before when I tried "add as room owner" it said "must have 20 reputation to chat" and now it says "must have 100 reputation to be a room owner" so I'd wager you fixed it! (that seems like a message that could be improved, incidentally) What happened?
@HostileFork caching
It's always caching
Need a quick feedback.
@Shog9 The avatars are very slow to update, 15 minutes or more it seems.
8:06 PM
@HostileFork it depends, really
I am trying to merge my two account on one of stackexchange site. when I got my logins and add my second account, it asks me which one do I want to use to login but my both account does not appear in the logins.
anyone knows why, does it need approval from Stackexchange team?
@Dave wait, what are you trying to do?
@Shog9 In any case, thank you muchly, I think that fixed it and he just wandered off and now we have to get him to wander back. StackOverflow chat is very nice but it can be a hard sell to new people who are skeptical (among other things) of the "barrier to entry". I bountied this question because I would really like to encourage an insular community with (imo) lousy institutional knowledge tools to use SO:
Q: Invite low rep users to participate in chat

shanethehatI'm aware of the preference for 'general answers to general questions' attitude on SO, and wholeheartedly agree that questions that are focused on specific, one-time issues are not as valuable to the site. However, where an issue is potentially useful but getting to the heart of it is taking som...

@Shog9 I have two accounts on Islam.SE, one is linked to all my other accounts on SE, the other is only on SE. I want to merge the broader account into the smaller one because I don't want to have public profile there
Thanks for the help
When I add my other account (from either account), the other account simply does not appear. It always shows one account under 'my logins'
@Dave ok. I see your email; please stand by.
8:11 PM
Right I did sent a couple of them :)
hmm, well, I see one. Now, if I'm understanding this right you don't want your Islam account to be associated with the rest of your SE accounts?
but I still want to be active on that site under my other login
the other login starts with h**
@Dave Ok... Well, I can re-associate the posts from your linked account to the other account.
You'll lose votes, favorites, some badges, etc
yes, that would be great. Please associate my yahoo accoun to my google account (high rep to the lower rep account)
all my badgets will be one? hmm I have one gold
@Dave There's no good way to disassociate an account though; if you share credentials with your accounts on other sites they'll be linked.
If you don't mind having the accounts linked, I can just merge them.
8:18 PM
I did not share my google account on other SE sites. Even if it is that is not an important one for me.
I simply remain to be more of anonymous on Islam.SE under a different account.
I have 2k rep on my yahoo and 27 on my google. Will I loose my 2k rep?
and the badgets?
@Dave You won't lose your rep, but if you don't want the account associated you'll have to log in to them separately using different credentials. And if you want the currently associated account deleted (with the posts moved over to your new account) you'll lose favorites, votes, edits - pretty much everything except posts and comments.
If you don't mind having the accounts associated between sites, you won't lose anything.
Odd. Was I booted or did the server hiccup or is my browser retahded?
@Shog9 as hard as it is and I do like my rep point because that makse me somewhat prestigious, I would go ahead and merge my accounts to the google one.
I am doing this for my safely as I almost got death threats there but it was not death threat though.
Maybe you were booted because the server had a hiccup and your browser was retarded?
is oded staff now?
8:29 PM
Yes, he joined the SE team.
@Flexo, well spotted. His profile says he is.
I hadn't noticed
@Flexo he is. There will be a blog in the near future to announce it.
He's joining the dev team.
Couldn't see anything on the blog or meta but totally missed the profile statement
That's cool. The only SE staff I've met in person!
albeit briefly
@Flexo As of Monday. I'm sure a blog post will come up :)
@Benjol I wasn't at the time, I'm sure... care to remind me where/when?
8:32 PM
@Flexo, this is another place I look sometimes (but not up-to-date this time)
still haven't heard anything about the Mystery of the Chernoff...
Round about 14:30 mark :)
@animuson Well...
@Benjol Excellent. Good competition ;)
@Dave fair enough. Please see my reply to your email for instructions.
8:36 PM
@Oded, congrats by the way. Hope you have a great time.
With an edited A I'll award that guy the checkmark ;-)
Teething problems. DELL f****d up the desktop I got. Who the hell RAID1s two SSDs?
@Dave Yup, scary place Islam.SE Reminds me of the early days of Maths.SE :D
@Oded why not?
@Oded It's an option in the customization interface for that machine.
I could choose "raid" or "seperate"
8:41 PM
128Gb ones? For a dev machine? By the time I got VS2012 and SQL Server installed, I didn't have much space left on the box.
@Oded I'd do it if money was no object
@Oded that's an entirely different issue. Why only 128GB SSDs?
@Shog9 I replied.
@balpha Bart sighed when he mentioned that he should be checking that properly going forward. It was supposed to be seperate
@jcolebrand - Good question.
@Dave and I replied to that
8:48 PM
I'm outta here. Regards to all you nocturnal-or-other-time-zoned coders.
@Shog9 Replied.
@Shog9 saw the change. Thank you! Greatly appreciate it.
@Oded: do you love or hate the binding close votes that you now have? :p
9:04 PM
I think @jco is fishing for downvotes now
I'm wanting a review so I can accept
Since apparently I'm less than useless on cooking.se
I realize that the accept is not conditionally dependent on the edit via the SE mechanism.
@ThiefMaster Love to be able to nuke those that need to be nuked. Hate that I can't let the community nuke with me (when in doubt)
But it is to me.
@jcolebrand I must be missing something. What needs reviewing?
9:12 PM
@jcolebrand You're best off waiting for the author to come back to it. I don't really see why you're removing those paragraphs.
Because I said in the question long before he answered when I intended on adding the cheese, etc.
9:23 PM
Well, looks like two folks disagree.
@Shog9 interesting.
I think that the details I removed materially conflict with my post.
"oh, don't add the cheese while you're cooking" <-> "I wasn't going to anyways, wtf are you telling me that for?"
IMHO, the recipe isn't clear on whether the cheese is added near the end of the cooking process, or just prior to serving.
@Shog9 howso?
> Add the chicken and cook about 3-5 minutes on a side, till it's about cooked through. Add the pasta sauce and let it come to a slight boil (so it's nice and hot) Remove from heat and cover with the cheese (so it melts)
@Shog9 What he said
Which part of that says "I don't know when the cheese is going to be added" - obviously I need to know this so I can do better in the future.
9:28 PM
@jcolebrand Right. I would read that as, "cover the pot full of meat & veggies with cheese and let the residual heat melt it". But I would probably put the cheese on individual portions just before serving, particularly if you're cooking this in a crockpot since the surface area on top may not allow for a sufficient distribution of cheese.
> Running a kosher kitchen, I would not know about adding cheese to the food, but anyway I would recommend adding the cheese to the food prior to serving, not while it is being cooked.
But at what point am I cooking with the cheese?
...which is pretty much what he said
@jcolebrand You're still cooking immediately after you've removed the heat.
meh, that's the only time I've ever seen people add cheese to the top of a dish, when they want it melted, is when they remove it from the heat.
I've seen cheese mixed into a dish, and sprinkled on as garnish before being served
but to have it melted over the top, only ever when it's removed from the heat
10:04 PM
Hi everybody
10:17 PM
I've totally melted cheese on things while the heat is still on.
10:29 PM
@Fosco I think you're purposely being an ass :p
:D Of course... but it's true. I'm no chef, just a hacker in the kitchen same as in front of the computer.
Scrambled eggs & meat... then cheese, melts up nice before plating.
Burger.. topped with cheese & covered with a lid.
I'm hungry. :)
Friday ends week 25 of Ketogenic diet.. down 49 pounds at the moment. 218 to 169.
But have you eaten your fill of bacon yet?
@jcolebrand You've never baked a casserole with cheese on top until the cheese gets all nice and brown and toasty?
@Shog9 Well, to be fair, I've never taken it out and done that, I've added that before it went into the oven.
Something about removing from the heat but letting the latent heat work on the cheese
@Shog9 Nope! Bacon is awesome. I don't have it every day, or even every 2 days.. but occasionally bacon is a meal.
I would call that "removing from the heat"
not "cooking with the cheese in the food"
10:37 PM
@junix Howdy
@Shog9 speaking of bacon, who here bakes their bacon? Best way ever of preparing bacon.
Cook it 2lbs or more at a time.
I'm too impatient for baking bacon, and it's just me so I prepare smaller portions.
@Fosco That's all I did, that's why I had to ask so many questions. Doesn't do to get sick for no reason
@Fosco you're doing it wrong then. Do it while you have bacon, and as a reward, you'll have more bacon.
I put it in the Fridge in a air-tight container
@jcolebrand I do when I want a lot of bacon at once
I buy that pre-cooked bacon, too... even eat it cold.
10:39 PM
@Fosco this is like that but cheaper.
You could have more bacon.
Will think about it, once I get settled in SF.
Somebody please encourage me that there's no shame in using jQuery when I can't figure out ExtJS after two days of hacking on the same 3 lines, right?
No shame in jQuery, Cole!
Lol... Ext/Sencha are incredibly dense, different, and magical. I can't get into it either.
i just can't figure out how to get a vbox-container that holds another container that has a list of fieldcontainers to resize that middle container if I hide/show the fieldcontainers
I know I can do it, and quickly, with jQuery, to get the sizes, etc.
I just can't seem to make it all ... GAH
Needless to say I'm still not entirely sure why they chose ExtJS
11:35 PM
@Anna Lear, thanks.
11:59 PM
I'm certainly glad one can watch a live stream of the number of people losing at satoshidice.

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