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12:24 AM
@TimStone HA! So I was closest without going over.
12:42 AM
I feel the need to whine a little
<whine>Blah, blah, blah, my stupid idea is so great, blah blah blah</whine>
There, that feels better
1:13 AM
@ErnestFriedman-Hill I loved your idea. This time just isn't ready for it :(
1 hour later…
2:34 AM
Hmmm. The "Don't close questions where the user has requested that it not be closed" question has disappeared from the questions list, sorted by votes again.
But it's not deleted. And I could see it earlier today on that same page of the question list.
Q: Massively downvoted questions are still missing from the list of questions

blahdiblahThe last page of the list of questions on Meta is currently this question that has a score of -55. Missing from the bottom of the list are: -84 Evaluating the risks of allowing teen moderators on the SE network [closed] -90 “Forced” retirement for top users -118 Don't close questions where the...

Yeah. I commented on that earlier today when I saw those questions had reappeared in the list. But now they're gone again.
So I figured I'd whine about it in the Tavern.
Instead of bugging that dude with another comment =)
(Though I blame @Ernest for starting the whining =P)
I think there's room for a whole family of topics like that:
Don't comment if the user requested you not to comment
Don't snark if the user requested not to snark
No unicorns if the user requested no cornification
No downvotes if the user requested no downvotes
Oooh, I like that last one
2:42 AM
YES. I'd totally vote on that request.
Block deletion of spam posts where the user requested it not be deleted (and used Unicode smiley faces).
What says "love" more than freedom? And what says "freedom" more than unfettered spamming?
The Summer of Spam!
Mmmm, spam...
3:07 AM
How do you link to another person's answer or comment? How do you find the ID of the item?
Don't speak all at once....
Right-click the links and copy link address.
Sorry, I was off drooling over guitars. Gonna be buying new one soon
3:29 AM
Anyone actually here at the moment?
In the sense that my eyes saw your message, yep.
Excellent. I'm torn between not encouraging more attention for this and sharing it with everyone.
Oh wow, I almost spit out water on that one.
Seriously? Who drinks water?
Crap, look away for a minute and I miss something good. What?
3:32 AM
When I'm not drinking large amounts of beer or soda, I'm drinking coffee or water to balance things out.
(or at least that's the lie I tell to myself)
Alright, time to wander off again.
3:59 AM
Why am I not getting code coloring for this question?
I know codeprettify makes its best guess as to language but I can't determine why its not choosing C like language and coloring....
Q: Testing route configuration in ASP.NET WebApi

ahsteeleI am trying to do some unit testing of my WebApi route configuration. I want to test that the route "/api/super" maps to the Get() method of my SuperController. I've setup the below test and am having a few issues. public void GetTest() { var url = "~/api/super"; var routeCollection = n...

I don't believe any of those tags have a highlighting language assigned to them.
The rules are a bit complicated, but to sum it up, none of the tags on that question invoke the highlighter (as @animuson said)
@TimStone Thanks for your help.
Just launched my redesigned my my website: mosheberman.com
If someone has IE and would care to share a screenshot and a console log, great. If not, I'll let IE wait.
@Moshe: Not enough puppets
4:02 AM
@TimStone didn't realize the tag on the question had an affect
@TimStone guess I'll hit it w/ C#
@animuson Lolwut? Got an IE screenshot?
It needs more green puppets...
@TimStone actually looks like I can do this <!-- language: c# --> before the code block since it can't be inferred ... didn't know this
When I click the IE button, it really should ask me "Are you sure you want to open Internet Explorer?"
@ahsteele It didn't a while back, but now it's either no highlighting, best-guess, or language-specific.
@ahsteele Yeah, you can even do <!-- language-all: (lang) --> at the top.
4:05 AM
@animuson Well, you do, right?
(and it'll apply the highlighting to all of the blocks without you having to specify it for each one)
@TimStone in many ways pretty cool, though totally unobvious ;)
@animuson So it kinda works in IE 9.
Not bad.
so either vcsjones is lurking in this chat or found my question and edited it at the same time I asked the question ;)
4:07 AM
@animuson Do the other columns eventually load?
No, they haven't loaded yet.
Hrm. Care to check the inspector?
alright I'm off thanks @TimStone for the help!
@ahsteele True. Seems there's no mention of it in the inline help for the editor, hmm...I guess perhaps it's supposed to be one of those "just works" things that you only need to worry about in advanced cases, I'm not sure.
You want me to learn... IE tools?
4:07 AM
Sure thing. :)
@animuson Heh, sure, why not?
@ahsteele Lurking, perhaps. I'm new to this chat thing. Though I always love pretty syntax highlighting.
@vcsjones me too
@vcsjones that's why it made me sad and lead me here ;)
* led
now if only I could get an answer (feeling pain for working with an RC)
@animuson Just curious if IE is breaking on the same-origin-access policy.
@TimStone I thought changing my .htaccess had fixed the access control stuff, but saw a regression from Safari 6 on an Apple Store display unit.
But seems fine here.
Hmm, I found this JavaScript error: SCRIPT65535: Invalid calling object mosheberman.com, line 1 character 1
4:12 AM
@animuson Ugh, ok. Not sure what IE want from me, but I'll have to take a look.
4:35 AM
How in the hell... My mom called me out to the dining room to fix the printer. Paper jam. I pull out the paper, there's a freaking sunflower seed stuck up in the printer.
I don't understand how this happens.
2 hours later…
6:38 AM
@animuson, make sure you didn't print a sunflower bread! Or, on a sunflower bread...
Human Sexuality

Proposed Q&A site for regular people, teachers, psychologists, doctors/med students,LGBT community, biologist or other professionals that have questions relating to sex, STI's (STD's), sexual orientation,relationships, sexuality or other sex or gender oriented questions.

Currently in definition.

Didn't we just try this? =P
It seems like using "Not A Real Proposal" as a generic close reason (e.g. for two-year old proposals dying of old age) would sound pretty rude or at least unclear to the uninitiated.
Kind of pointless to whine about that when Area 52 is on the way, though.
6:53 AM
No no, it's going to be Area 52.0
:s/.*/Kind of pointless to whine about that when Area 52.0 is on the way, though.
7:17 AM
according to oystercalculator.co.uk a ticket next weekend is going to cost me £ "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1"
sports.SE needs scope help
hey hey
7:35 AM
@Flexo what did you choose?
@Pekka as tempting as it was to see if they had a first class ticket to DROP DATABASE; I know better than to see if it actually works on a real site :)
8:01 AM
@jadarnel27 and maybe others. Someone is making the list!
2 hours later…
9:44 AM
@MarcGravell - we need a deposit user on Meta.SO, apparently:
Q: I like to use the MAC to protect skin to taste, but I don`t know what use, who can teach me?

Jing LiuThis particular design can be obtained in order to innovative business owners who're powered in order to contend, however realize that they have to offer from the various, scaled-down outdoor patio associated with credit cards. TEMPORARY PLACEHOLDER UNTIL THE SPAM IS DELETED SPAM SPAM SPAM

Or you know what, I'll do it myself, just change back the "moderator" flag on my record :]
9:58 AM
Every time I go onto Stack Overflow with the intent of answering questions I see a question like this
Q: why different name gives me different result?

datoi have a little strange problem,when i was working to design good form of main page of my website,i have sent my index.html file to my friend for correction,he corrected and sent me back,i have copied this corrected index.html in my project folder,if i leave name same for my index.htm...

2 hours later…
11:46 AM
Ah, he went over to "web development" now? I had my fair share of encounters with that user when he was still trying his hand at C++.
11:56 AM
It's great that SO's got quality filters now, but there's no filter for stupidity
You've got to give him one thing though, he's persistent. Even if he doesn't seem to improve a whole lot. I think he even got a temporary ban at some point for the lack of quality of his C++ questions.
2 hours later…
1:28 PM
@Bart Didn't you have a different gravatar before? I keep getting confused and thinking you're Cody Gray.
1:41 PM
@jadarnel27 I had a standard Gravatar before. No image. but I have decided to come out as the hipster that I am. ;)
Ha, I did not know he had a similar gravatar.
Great minds...
Hippies day out.
Though since his profile says "Sorry, I don't do chat." you should not be confused.
@Bart Haha, that's a valid point!
@jokerdino Thanks for the link to that list of query strings. I think it's cool someone made one.
Yeah. That was my question and I'm glad we have a list.
Aye, I also thought Bart's avatar may have been a parody/homage/etc. of Cody's.
1:51 PM
I was wondering if it might become a meme. Guess it probably won't.
@jeremybanks Haha, glad I wasn't alone on that.
@jeremybanks Hahaha, no intention of making it a meme. Those are the actual glasses I'm wearing this very moment. But if you feel inspired, go ahead.
Hmm Glasses; Glasses everywhere.
Ah, I forget that Cody doesn't actually use his glasses avatar anymore on MSO.
He uses the heavy hand IIRC.
1:57 PM
(for the historical record)
me is too sleepy. Will catch up later.
I just experienced the weirdest bug I've seen for a while
The incredible shrinking Firefox window
Was it shrinking on its own, i.e., without your interaction?
I accidentally restarted Firefox, and when it restarted, it was like this
If I maximize it, it moves over to the top left hand corner, but all buttons etc. are in the correct places. For example, when I wanted to close the window I had to hover over the position of the close button of window behind it
2:16 PM
Ohhhh. That's really weird.
2 hours later…
That's interesting, @random. Could be that that filter is playing into this intermittent bug.
5:13 PM
@random the 36th-best Canadian invention, apparently.
5:57 PM
Does anyone know what How does the election voting system work? is really about? Because I don't.
@PopularDemand The last comments clarify it.
I feel this is simply a bit of a personal grudge, though I don't have the apparent "evidence" the OP has. I can merely see the voting results of the election the OP participated in.
Yeah, those were both posted while I was composing my comment. But after looking at them, I still don't have a clear picture of what happened, just a... less hazy one.
Yeah, I asked him to clarify. Otherwise we're discussing in thin air. Perhaps the site's Meta would have been a better place anyway, since this boils down to a specific election issue.
@PopularDemand The results were quite decisive, admittedly, but since only 96 people voted I don't see any solid reason to believe that was anything other than coincidence (or perhaps other relevant "Who should I vote for?" factors)
6:21 PM
discuss amongst yourselves
Tennessee: Miscarriage Will Be Murder — Legislature Passes Embryo Bill
7:03 PM
stop reading my mind
You were thinking "brown"? You must be awesome.
There should be a week where Stack Overflow doesn't accept any new questions or answers. To help clean up some of the garbage, without the constant stream of garbage being dumped on top of it.
7:23 PM
I thought that had been suggested before, but the closest I can find is this less radical proposal. Or maybe this also-less-radical proposal.
How about simply deleting the content so we can make a fresh new start? Too radical?
That sounds good to me.
Pops-Perturbing Pedantic Problem of the Day: people who post answers suggesting X to questions that explicitly say "I tried X and it didn't work" and then don't delete those answers, eliminating that valuable "0 answers" box from my question on the front and question pages.
Reduce Stack Overflow to the size of the next biggest site. Questions and answers could be culled, lowest scored first, in such a way that the ratio of questions and answers to tags remained the same.
@PopularDemand Short version: People who are chumptastic.
Huh, @PopularDemand knows of Schematron too? Interesting...
7:37 PM
@TimStone I think it's fairly obvious that I don't. If I did, I wouldn't have had to ask that question.
What's completed?
I fixed my assertion :P
Looking at your question now though.
Ah, didn't see the edit flicker. Thanks.
Have you guys ever tried an audio ReCaptcha?
Q: Impossible audio Recaptchas makes Stack Overflow site inaccessible

Colonel PanicStack Overflow uses Recaptcha to dissuade bots. Recaptcha provides an audio test for users with difficulty reading. Accessibility. CAPTCHAs must be accessible. CAPTCHAs based solely on reading text — or other visual-perception tasks — prevent visually impaired users from accessing the protect...

7:40 PM
imho they are unusable
I read an article once about how they're (comparatively) easy to hack, because there aren't many sound files in the rotation.
but since blind people often have a much better hearing sense it's possible that they don't have such a hard time solving them
I honestly hope that's true.
8:03 PM
<connery>Suck it, Trebek</connery>
Hi! Just wondering if I could ask the people here if they think my latest SO question is too localized
Q: Should Backbone.js work with a version 533.3 Qt WebKit browser?

AlmoI have a website based on Backbone, Underscore and jQuery. It works fine in a Qt WebKit browser version 537.1 from Qt 4.8.1 (built as a standalone using Qt Creator). But in version 533.3 from Qt 4.7.1 (which is what's shipped with Maya 2013), the Backbone model's parse function is never called af...

@Almo -- I kinda do, yeah. Nobody's voted to close it though yet
Ok, thanks for looking. I'm currently trying to install the older version of Qt in Qt Creator to test it myself. I'll delete the question if I get it figured out
@Almo Did you try looking at the release notes for the last few versions, to see if any relevant bugs have been fixed recently?
If you figure your problem out, perhaps answer your question instead of deleting it.
8:09 PM
Good point, Bart. I have not looked in the release notes yet.
oh it's worse. I installed 4.7.1, and it reports its broswer as 534.34 or something. So I don't know what Maya has with it. The zipped h files are in a file with 4.7.1 on it...
8:24 PM
@PopularDemand Oh great, that got starred? In that guy's defense, he stuck with my question and eventually participated in getting me to the answer.
8:37 PM
Got it. I had three consecutive fetch calls. The second and third were failing, and in the old version of the QWebView, the third failure was stopping the browser from continuing.
@PopularDemand Talking to yourself now, eh?
Oh yeah.
The EVE client has told me several times that it's easier to talk to myself in person than through the chat interface
After reading the latest blog post, I suspect that the whole reason @Shog9 got a job at Stack Exchange was to set himself up for an opportunity to call every single SE user a jackass. (And to call them all "sir." Way to contribute to the no-girls-on-the-Internet problem.) I guess he can now follow in Jeff's and waffles's footsteps and move on to his next adventure.
Hahah, a brilliant plan.
@PopularDemand Oh, you're not even getting half of this. It's actually a sneaky way to introduce our big plan for later this year: Introducing the "Most Valuable Jackass" program.
8:52 PM
Oh my god, Stack Exchange is finally planning on recognizing my contributions to the community!
You mean I've been missing out on valuable MVJ points by not making witty comments as I swing my close/delete hammer in ruthless fashion on Meta?
Jackasses don't help fix bugs, they just criticize them. You're disqualified.
Ah, so that's where I went wrong.
Don't sell yourself short, Tim. I'm sure that's not the only place you've gone wrong.
@balpha The SE employee "you've been @-mentioned in the Tavern" notifier is broken; I said Shog's name and you showed up. What a terrible bug.
8:57 PM
claps Excellently played.
I didn't "show up", I'm always here.
remember that our company-internal rooms are on chat.meta, so joining the tavern every morning is collateral damage caused by "rejoin favorite rooms"
Nothing wakes you up quite like stumbling into a minefield of insanity every morning.
true, but luckily I have the Tavern to calm me down again
9:04 PM
Hah :P
2 hours later…
11:30 PM
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