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12:14 PM
it... doesn't matter I guess. I just felt I have to somehow show my agreement.
So... little thought experiment? Try to read this pretending you don't know anything about programming and/or the hardware behind it. :P
Would you be able to figure out what went wrong? :P
@Tinkeringbell "Someone applied high voltage to something which caused a clusterfuck and now Nick is exhausted".
@Bart Perhaps ;) I like the comments there though... ;) They help :)
@Tinkeringbell in technical terms? Something was slightly fried
And it no workie
Is it common practice to have diagnostics in place that would detect a voltage spike? That seems like such a specific/rare event I'm surprised that within an hour, the cause was identified.
12:25 PM
@Rob yes
@Rob Ehhh. I think even our house has such diagnostics: If there were one, and it fried stuff, it would fry our ... breakers? < is that what they're called?
@Tinkeringbell Out of plutonium. Stuck in 1955. Doc isn't at home right now, waiting in front of the garage door.
On a network card in particular..?
@Rob probably
I do actually have a crappy Ethernet card I could donate to science .... :P
@Tinkeringbell Yeah, fair point. I'm admittedly very naive when it comes to professional server setup. I suppose I imagined they'd all be on the same circuit.. but I suppose that's pretty much setting things up to fail catastrophically in hindsight :)
12:26 PM
@Rob common practice also requires UPS infrastructure to not be laid out as a Mobius ring
@Tinkeringbell probably. Either fuses or circuit breakers
@Rob Like a chain of christmas lights :D
@AndrasDeak I think we have fuses, not breakers.
@Derpy "common" :p
@Rob oh
At least two different ones
12:28 PM
Good old times
@Derpy SE one found that the fun way
@Tinkeringbell FWIW, I'm a programmer and there is not a single sentence above the horizontal rule in that post that I fully understand.
@MarkAmery thing go boom, backup go "nah-uh"
@MarkAmery I'm a software engineer (programmer sounds so boring! :P) and I had trouble with it too, that's where my reaction came from XD
We had a cluster member register a voltage spike on the 10G NIC this morning Meaning a server in a group (cluster) of servers that is linked for load sharing purposes which caused it to drop from the cluster ungracefully, meaning it died or shut down unexpectedly leaving the load balancing setup in an undefined state which it tried to restore but failed at
12:40 PM
I think it's more about one machine in a cluster of workers going down, and the whole cluster collapsing
It's so easy to forget how little an outsider will know about your particular domain @Tinkeringbell.
code relying on the size of the cluster all borked when the cluster size changed I guess (at least from Nick's remarks)
This is part of the new "express question ban" feature introduced for New Contributors. — Andras Deak 2 mins ago
some not-so-nice possible side-effects of the borkening (or an unrelated issue, but this is unlikely)
causing a rapid reallocation presumably the load balancing software tried to re-distribute the load amongst the remaining servers but failed to do so due to the undefined shutoff and queue exhaustion rapid decline of search availability and performance which caused all other errors downstream (thread_pool.search.queue_size, specifically). a bunch of stuff depending on searches working broke as a result
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user (69): What is "White Wood"? ✏️ by RichardRobertson on woodworking.SE
^ before you flag, the author seems to be the author of the blog-post that was "copied". So nothing nefarious going on there really. (I say after flagging ... ugh)
1:06 PM
@Tinkeringbell Huh - I'd always assumed you weren't a dev.
@MarkAmery Because I'm female? Shame on you! :D
their profile says as much :P
computer keyboards are a bad fit for parrots
@MarkAmery What did you think I did in real life?
@Tinkeringbell I had no idea, but didn't think it was software
is there such a thing as a hardware dev?
1:08 PM
I talk too much here, isn't it? :P
@Tinkeringbell As for why, I think the main thing was that you have an SE profile but don't post on SO
@AndrasDeak yep
@Tinkeringbell you do sound like the typical software engineer to me though
points at @ArtOfCode
@MarkAmery Heh... all my answers were already on SO, someone taught me to use the search bar ;)
My SO profile is the oldest of the bunch ;)
@Magisch points at open PyCharm window deep in the internals of MessagePack
1:10 PM
And now, I'm stuck with Magik, I don't think that has anything on SO (haven't looked closely yet though...)
\o/ Magik
*Magisch, mind your spelling
my framework :)
I could at some point try my hand at actually answering something on SO, I guess XD. Point is, I use these sites most in my free time, and I have other interests besides programming that take up most of that free time.
@MarkAmery naw. I'm the token non dev
@Tinkeringbell that's actually an advantage
1:28 PM
@JourneymanGeek Huh? Why?
I'm in dilemma whether to take a break from Tavern or not, because I have to admit Tavern is not fun recently...
@Tinkeringbell It's an advantage when it comes to writing useful SO answers, at least
Pretty cool to be working in a programming language so obscure that it doesn't even have a tag on SO!
@MarkAmery I could go ask and answer the beginner stuff? :P I think there's a tiny bit already on the gis stack though, so perhaps...
or should I say, "wake me up until this Eternal Hot-tober ends"?
@Somewhat Hey, we're talking code right now :P That's already loads better, right?
1:33 PM
@Somewhat Tavern on the Hill of depressing eternal misery and torment.
@Tinkeringbell You don't even need to wait for anyone else to ask stuff; you can just seed the tag with self-answered Q&A pairs
Problem is, Magik is a proprietary language. I don't know how many details I can put on SO without getting into some kind of 'copyright violation' territory.
@MarkAmery Heh. And never get any upvotes XD
Ugh, wow, that's pretty obnoxious
Looks like there's a fair bit about it on Wikipedia already though? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magik_(programming_language)
(Assuming that's even the same Magik)
@MarkAmery Yay, let's convert wikipedia to Q and A :P
@MarkAmery It is ;)
I meant more "If the owners haven't gone after Wikipedia for posting about their language, you're probably safe"
1:35 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in link text in answer, bad keyword with a link in answer, blacklisted website in answer, pattern-matching website in answer (328): Looking for a replacement for Adobe reader by Sophia Wilson on softwarerecs.SE
@MarkAmery Perhaps...
@Tinkeringbell how proprietary? We have [MATLAB]
but the language is openly documented in that case, and there's some open-source community culture
I don't know if I want to put in the effort yet though. People here don't even use StackOverflow... I'm glad if I find one that knows how to make a merge request on GitLab.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad ns for domain in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user (70): Can I use unlicensed music in a birthday video and take money for my editing work? by Marcus on video.SE
@AndrasDeak There's very little open documentation about Magik so far...
And I certainly wouldn't call it having an opensource community culture :/
1:39 PM
Time to work some Magik then
Magisch working on Magik.
eh, it's GIS-related?
ah no, bad reading comprehension...
@Somewhat It is though?
That reminds me though, I should really head over to the emacs site sometimes and see if I can find some pro-tips there ... I miss my IDE :(
only 9 posts on GIS.SE...
@Somewhat I didn't say there were loads of them :P
1:49 PM
@Somewhat metasmoke is now considered down.
hmm... another command good to remember...
@Tinkeringbell I mostly meant a thing called the "file exchange" where you can upload you code. But yeah, no open docs is iffy
Also, come to the vim side
@AndrasDeak Hmmm. I don't think there's any vim support for Magik?
I have no idea :D I didn't know there was one for emacs
Yeah, it's not too different from just using notepad though.
Before I found the switch that toggled whether you could use ctrl-c/ctrl-v, I actually sometimes preferred notepad :/
I still do, if I want to do a ctrl-f
2:02 PM
it's hard to say anything when there are practically no search results for "magik" :P
:P My archaeology degree is proving it's money XD Version 5 supports Java though, and there's already some times where my 'knowledge' of that has proven useful ;)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Body starts with title and ends in url (97): Please help determine which interface is being used ✏️ by Nursultan on electronics.SE
2:25 PM
@Tinkeringbell if people start asking questions, you're a SME
"Small and medium-sized enterprise? ... Googles ... ah, subject matter expert"
Almost as cool as being a dark matter expert
2:43 PM
If Tink agrees to my acceleration proposal here, she might also become a dark matter expert.
I'll repeat: I'm a parrot, not a Guinea pig
Who says parrot cannot be a guinea pig? :D
cut the wings... :P
Tempting... But I won't say it!
2:56 PM
to be fair, a common joke where I live is that pigeons evolved from sewer rats that sprouted wings....
3:09 PM
@Derpy eewl! I'm prettier than a pigeon!
3:24 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer (80): Difference between cold brew and iced coffee? by ME. on coffee.SE
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer, pattern-matching website in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (173): Group data for subtotals with (technically) inconsistent categories by jason.legnar on superuser.com
@SmokeDetector not sure whether to flag as spam or NAA...
3:53 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Potentially bad ns for domain in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer, blacklisted user (70): Can I use unlicensed music in a birthday video and take money for my editing work? ✏️ by Marcus on video.SE
2 hours later…
Asking about elevator on Ask Different... they sure did ask differently...
also SE main is presently not loading for me, anyone else got the same issue?
@Magisch I want you to take a second and ponder whether that really bothers you right now.
I spent about 5 minutes wondering if my ISP messed up the dns routing again as they do what feels like every week :p
@Magisch works for me
6:15 PM
@Magisch they're probably busy recalculating your meta rep
Works for me with the full HNQ glory.
would be interesting if they decided to make the whole thread CW retroactively
Which thread?
What forum?
As I recall that doesn't affect past rep
@PaulWhite true
So, what did I miss today?
@JourneymanGeek SME... Is it shuffled version of MSE? ;)
Stack Meta Exchange?
6:19 PM
@ShadowWizard /r/se/mse
Buh... Regex... faints
Does anyone know what this is: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/375688/… I see @AdamLear removed the SOfT tag from a previous question but both of those questions are asked specifically (so it seems) in the context of SOfT. But I don't know that Microsoft Team product so I might miss the point ..././
Opposite of haRd?
Stack Overflow for Teams
6:26 PM
It is too long to type every time
Just Teams should be enough. No?
No, that was unshipped
Ugh. So Channels? Or do they have new name for it now? Hard to keep track.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted username (93): ldconfig shows many libraries are truncated ✏️ by Hippy1970 on askubuntu.com
Channels was the working title, the codename if you like
6:32 PM
Longhorn was cooler codename.
well, pretty sure that, if you refer to either Teams or Channels, everybody will understand you :P
Maybe I'm not trying to be understood
Well, the other question is about Microsoft Teams, not SOfT. Asking how to configure a 3rd party product is actually off topic...
more like ? o_o
@EKons needs to be closed first ...
6:37 PM
@rene yeah, but the implication of the latter is that closing isn't the last step... ;-)
It certainly isn't but I request stuff people can act on
@ShadowWizard I wonder if it is off-topic? Pretty sure the connector relies on the SE API?
@rene physics
(and the answer is "yes")
Who upvoted that?
Now I want an after-dinner expermint.
6:47 PM
"Close as unclear". Would you guys like me to clarify it? :P
wait, who upvoted that
Q: Are questions about third-party connectors to Teams on-topic on Meta?

reneToday a new question was asked about the Stack Overflow Connector of Microsoft Teams which seems to be a Microsoft product. How to use custom tags in Microsoft Teams' Stack Overflow Connector? Back in May we had this one: How do I configure Microsoft Teams' Stack Overflow Connector? Both ques...

there are times you wish SO had one general chat room...
general discussion, that is, about SO (but on topic please, nobody wants slow chat)
examples: policies, exemplary answers, exceptional new users, etc.
7:00 PM
Oh, so you mean more of a meta chat room.
Ha, you got Catija to de-lurk ;)
just like every general discussion room, but very strict about being on-topic, otherwise chat.SO will get unbearably slow
(and specific programming languages are off-topic)
yep, more meta
we'd need a chat.MSO just like chat.MSE
Eh. Nothing keeping something of the sort from existing... anyone can make a chat room... the trick is getting people to use it and, in my opinion, chat is to ephemeral for good stuff like that, which should be on Meta itself.
7:03 PM
what is your parent site then
If it's about SO, it's on Chat.SO.
but people have been quite picky concerning rooms on chat.SO
There are three servers... SO, MSE and ... everyone else.
non-programming chatrooms tend to stick out (I think I've even seen explicit frowns against non-programming-related rooms)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer (60): litecoin constants and prefixes by willsmith on bitcoin.SE
7:05 PM
I only use one room on Chat.SO with any regularity... and it's not a normal room... so I don't really know what people do there... I'm not sure how someone could really stop a group of people from having any sort of room that was related to the site, though...
the vast majority of active rooms is language-specific
just look at the front page chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms, apart from things like SOCVR and SOBotics almost everything is programming
javascript room talks about a lot more than javascript
which is not to say it can't be anything else
@KevinB yeah, but now we're talking about an off-topic-by-design room
SOCVR and SOBotics aren't programming-related
(SOCVR often gets some off-topic discussions too... :P)
if it weren't named "javascript" it woulda probably been closed long ago
like the "lounge" rooms
7:08 PM
@EKons I'd love to see any bots written without programming
hmm...what is programming?
If the site's about SO, it's... not off topic.
talking about SO in chat.SO... can't be more off-topic, right? :P
Hmm, yeah, I guess my vague impression of frowned-upon off-topic rooms are about completely SO-unrelated rooms
such frown-upon is actually likely for other sites as well (e.g. in chat.SE)
however, chat.SO is a special case, there are too many people
for example, you don't want to make a chat room related to C++ development with Writers.SE as its parent :P
7:18 PM
most people wouldn't really care about meta stuff
those that do are probably already here anyway
I disagree; I only came here because the drama-meter showed extreme levels
between incidents I still care, I just waste my time elsewhere
7:38 PM
Fun question, to which you probably won't know the answer, but how is this related to Stack Overflow?
@Bart No clue. Care to explain?
Some months ago someone wanted to add me on LinkedIn that I didn't know. I accepted, had a look. Turns out she had a band. Good music ... but that name seemed familiar.
I wasn't able to determine why and forgot about it
Today I'm clean out some mail and I find an SO folder (with some wonderful insults from users btw :D ). In there I all of a sudden see the same name
Turns out in 2013 she contacted me because she was doing a study on how tagging worked on meta SO, and given that I was an active user she wanted to interview me :D
That never happened, but still funny.
@Bart This was the first time since 2013 you cleaned out your mail? :P
Haha, I tend to keep it quite organized. I just noticed the SO folder and wondered what was in that.
We still want the insults ...
7:46 PM
I second that.
@Bart You did flag that, right? :P
I see you kept all my love-letters ....
hm, I'm pretty sure that "female" was really a male...
7:52 PM
@rene Oh, I think I just misread that previous question, my bad
Retagging it back now
@Tinkeringbell Nah, luckily I'm pretty thick-skinned. The only one I alerted someone about was when someone suggested I'd end my life in a rather visual manner. But that's keyboard warriors for you :D
@Bart There's a great Dutch song about that XD
Do I want to know?
@Bart It's Youp van't Hek...
Is op de winkel passen correctly translated with be minding the store? Or is there better idiom?
7:58 PM
@rene Fit on the store?
Are we talking roofs or persons?
I'd go with yours then ;)
Yeah, think that's fine @rene
Okay, used here. If I'm laughed at, I'll be linking to the transcript ...
/me already waves to future visitors: Resident idiot here!
8:03 PM
^ There
8:42 PM
Is anyone else a little disgusted with the overtly gender-focused "female treachery" aspect of that tweet? As if IPS doesn't host plenty of questions spanning gender, race, orientation, etc...
@canon We can talk about that tomorrow if you'd like. IMO there's certainly something about me wanting IPS to be one thing and that tweet saying it's giving off the impression of being something totally different.... But it's bedtime ;)
9:07 PM
I don't believe making ad hominem remarks will further the discussion in any helpful way
be the greater person
9:32 PM
"Historian Yuval Noah Harari, author of the books Sapiens and Homo Deus, even suggested that animal farming is 'one of the worst crimes in history,'" writes @jacyreese. https://quillette.com/2018/10/20/why-its-time-to-end-factory-farming/
> Yet Klein and Harris are united on one seemingly radical view: Many years from now, our descendants will look back on the use of animals for food—particularly the intense animal suffering in factory farms—as a moral atrocity. In fact, a wide range of public figures have now echoed similar predictions, including science educator Bill Nye, business magnate Richard Branson, Indian politician Maneka Gandhi, author Steven Pinker, and the late conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer.
good evening, sinners
10:10 PM
Hi. I just wanted to ask for some advice. We recently had a certain user on Quantum Computing SE who has been posting extremely hostile comments against the mod team and some users recently. I flagged some of their posts yesterday and one today (today's one was an outright insult directed at one of the mods). It was a bit surprising to see that the mod team simply deleted the abusive comments and took no further action (like a warning or temporary suspension).
I know our mods personally, and I guess they're a bit too "kind-hearted" to say the least. In such a situation what would be the right steps to take as a normal user? Should I use the "Contact" form or raise the situation on meta? (I personally feel that that particular user makes the atmosphere of the site unnecessarily negative)
How do you know they weren't warned?
mod warnings are private and even anonymous
@AndrasDeak I didn't see any comments from the mods
of course not
@AndrasDeak Okay, that is possible
10:12 PM
Maybe they did send a warning already and I'm worrying unnecessarily
I'm only passing by here so don't take my opinion for granted, but I'd try to tactfully ask around on the local meta before trying to escalate things over the head of local mods
I just wanted to know if there's anything I could do as a user, or whether I should simply step aside and not interfere
well I'm sure you're always within your rights to escalate things that you feel need fixing, the question is whether things really need fixing :)
@AndrasDeak Yeah, well, I could try making a meta post (on the local site) about the comments without naming the user
10:25 PM
@Blue I think, the best thing for you to do would be to raise a mod flag. There's been a lot of drama on QC meta recently and (for a related reason) we're also down a mod, so making a mod flag expressing your problems/concerns is generally going to be helpful
@Mithrandir24601 Okay, I'll use the custom message next time, but I wonder if that's gonna change anything until some action is taken against that particular user
And yeah, the drama has been tiring
I guess I need to step away from the site for a few days
In general terms, if a user starts complaining about mods, things get a little more tricky - I'm not willing to suspend someone for being rude/abusive etc. to me unless it's a clear enough case that I wouldn't even have to 'defend' the suspension and this tends to extrapolate to whenever someone is complaining about the entire mod team. At this point one option is for the mods to get the CMs involved. Although you are, as always, free to send a CM ticket
@Blue I'm sorry to hear that :/
@Mithrandir24601 Solid advice. :-)
10:34 PM
@Mithrandir24601 I do agree with you on that. However, my point was really that: disagreeing with a mod is one thing and being outright crude is another. While the insults directed at you might feel suspension-worthy to you (or the mod-team in general), they do tend to spoil the general atmosphere of the site and the visitors
Anyway, I might want to write a message to one the CMs. But probably it will be better for me to take a few days of "away-time" from the site to clear my thinking
I meant "...might not feel..." ^
@Blue That's not good :/ Thanks for mentioning it
@Blue if something offends you remember: help is only a tweet away :P
10:50 PM
@Mithrandir24601 Np. Let's see how it goes. In any case, I feel you guys are doing more or less fine with the current question closures (on the main site). Don't take any of the "You don't deserve to be a mod" comments seriously.
@Blue Good to know, thanks :)
11:43 PM
@Blue those are awkward tbh
Anyway you got a QC mod's attention so all is good
@AndrasDeak … 😞
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