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12:01 AM
seriously if you still really have no time to eat, you need to look at the way you are doing things
@noɥʇʎԀʎzɐɹƆ Something like this.
there are people in the same class who spend half of average time studying and beats 70% of the class and you are probably not one of them
I guess they'd be like "I'm employed as a moderator on a site, but like so much more." "Hey wait, it's the 15th largest site in the US AND there are unicorn memes!"
An extremely low-ranking version of a CM job would be the people paid minimum wage in the Philippines to handle shudder YouTube comment flags.
Yes, this actually happens, and they do actually get PTSD.
If they only click buttons on comments, I wouldn't call it a CM job, more like a moderator.
12:35 AM
Sometimes, I think birds are better at telling people what they want than humans. Birds usually stand in front of windows or sing in front of your door, then open their mouths when they see you to signify that they want food. Sometimes humans go through a whole series of complicated procedures and I am still not sure exactly what to make out of those events ...
I've got SimCity 2000 open on my pc and SimCity Buildit open on my phone. It's a depressing reminder of EA's uncanny ability to suck the soul out of every franchise it buys.
See also Command & Conquer.
@Telkitty I don't know what birds you've been hanging around. All the ones at my parent's house generally spend their time smashing themselves into windows. Their ultimate goal remains unclear.
Unless that's bird language for "I think this window needs a gruesome red spot right about here."
Are they trying to give us home decorating tips...? o.O
1:00 AM
Stack Exchange Reward System + YouTube comments = ?
1:42 AM
1:54 AM
Q: Let's rescue wayward resource requests! (trial run)

Shog9A few months, back, Stijn raised the issue of old, closed resource-requests: When searching for a library/tool/... with my favourite search engine, there are often results from Stack Overflow. Since these questions are (in theory) closed and/or outdated, they pollute my search results and cau...

> In spite of his odd spelling of "favorite"
Well, I decided to do it on something related to Stack Exchange.
Specifically about applying the four currencies behavioral economic model to Stack Exchange and how the rest of the world can follow suit.
SO Reputation: Fictitious internet points that actually matter
2:53 AM
in Lounge<C++> on Stack Overflow Chat, 4 hours ago, by Jerry Coffin
@Telkitty If stupidity had density, SO would have turned into a black hole by now.
please make sure that you don't contribute more than your own share of stupidity
3:27 AM
Q: Please show proper weekly/monthly etc. reputation on mobile

FrankOn mobile, if I search users by ?tab=reputation&filter=[week][month][quarter][year], the users are listed properly for the respective filters, in proper order of rep gained in that time period, but their reputation shown is their all-time rep. It would be more useful if their reputation shown act...

still bugs me
Yeah, me too. Mobile web views are mostly okay in Q&A part, but other pages are at best somewhat functional.
But nobody is working on mobile web now, so... the bug will stay.
My attempt to ping Grace about noisy comments in Salesforce election did not succeed. :/
I mostly just use the full theme on mobile
's got all the good tools
same now that I have a smartphone
3:33 AM
can't wait to stalk the fishes with my underwater cam
At the time of asking I had a brick phone (LG Extrovert 2), a slider phone with a touchscreen and 3g receiver. I suppose that would be a very small percentage of users using the mobile.
@Telkitty pond?
I like the name Adrian, as a matter of fact. But not this much
I want to get an inverted fish tank
but first I need a pond
and fish
@JasonC magpies, butcher birds, rainbow lorikeets ...
plenty of other ones too
3:38 AM
@Frank ocean swim
swimming in the pool is fairly boring
I can't swim
there are many creatures to interact with you in the ocean
most of which are microscopic
3:42 AM
My favourite place has stingrays, giant blue gropers, amongst other smaller fishes
I hear stingrays avoid stinging people, like how skunks avoid spraying
the bigger the fish, the further they are staying away from people
it's my favourite place partly because it's very deep - some places are 10-20 meters deep and big fish like to be deep down and away from the swimmers/snorkelers
there is lifeguard in front of the area too, so it's very safe
all the pleasure of the deep ocean swim with least danger
4:03 AM
how's visibility
depends on the day
then again, the blue bottle season is coming soon ... sting by that jelly fish is painful
Almost time for a new phone, and cnet.com/products/cat-s60
A toy I totally don't need
Kyocera's got a new budget ruggedized phone out, too, that seems more appropriate. Plus for some reason I'm a huge fan of their logo.
I have been stung by blue bottle before, bitten by bull ant, both are very painful
4:11 AM
the danger when you like to spend time with nature
4:34 AM
I like the wayward rescue mission, because I can use reopen votes after someone else did the hard part (though I disagreed with a couple of reopen proposals).
Just another review queue :)
Many look hopeless already from the title. "Open source alternatives to SharePoint"... with an answer suggesting Google Wave. %)
I just went to flag some spam on Drupal, and it said I wasn't logged in (I was 5 mins ago :/), so when I pressed sign in and put in my details, it said that my request looked suspicious and I should press back if I'm not, and when I did, it sent me to a page where it asked me to add another login method. I clicked the thing down the bottom where it said don't add another login method, and it proceeded to where I was before I started. Anyway, is anything wrong/has anyone else experienced this?
4:51 AM
Never happened to me.
Also, I never have to "put in my details" when signing in, because of universal login.
5:22 AM
5:36 AM
Q: Suspicious login request when using Google id

vi.su.I am getting this error repeatedly when I try to login to the Physics Stack Exchange site for the first time using a Google id. Sorry, your request could not be completed because it looked suspicious. If you meant to perform an action on Physics, please return to the previous page and try...

Perhaps your IP address changed in that 5 minutes.
> If you meant to perform an action on Physics
A developer must have written that.
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12:15 PM
Please no ... no Katy Perry references here.
12:36 PM
speaking of which, not sure whether this is nsfw
12:49 PM
@Telkitty well, it depends if you consider paint to be an acceptable form of clothing. I can understand people would call it nsfw. for me it is meh.
@Telkitty just call it an form of art and be done with it.
1:07 PM
If I showed up like that for work, it would not be suitable
Then again, it would be hard to think of an occasion where it would be suitable for me to show up like that
@Telkitty umm... yes this is. finger twitching to flag
@Bart nudist beach, perhaps? :D
@Telkitty is this you?! :P
1:25 PM
I wish, but that's Katy Perry
3:10 PM
@Telkitty well Katy sounds like Kitty... ;)
3:47 PM
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5:01 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Few unique characters in answer, repeating words in answer: What's the relationship between an object's color and it's energy? by jjjjjjjjj on physics.stackexchange.com
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in answer: OS X Finder hangs on tagging by johnfixesstuff on apple.stackexchange.com
6:23 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted website in answer: Who is the Kshetrapala god who lives on the Pariyatra mountains? by Atharva Gondkar on hinduism.stackexchange.com
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7:59 PM
Q: calculus question for emergency

Srinu NaiduThe volume of the solid obtained by rotating the region enclosed by y=1/x^5,y=0,x=3, and x=6 about the line y=−5 can be computed using the method of disks or washers via an integral

OK. If I have an emergency that needs a calculus question, I will consider using this posting. Gerhard "Thank You For The Contribution" Paseman, 2017.01.21. — Gerhard Paseman 7 mins ago
The site being the meta of MathOverflow.
The real question being, why does meta.MO still allow posts without a reputation requirement?
They also have mods with humor ;)
8:24 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Upwork taking 20% of my money. Alternatives by Trisha on freelancing.stackexchange.com
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9:58 PM
Salesforce election has one strong candidate... luckily, this is also the number of open positions.
11:51 PM
Reopen queue is pretty big with the rec-salvaging under way...

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