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12:52 AM
my 2 chickens sun baking ....
1:20 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] URL in title: blog.elementary.io/ direct to www.datenschutz.de/? by WesleyHsiung on elementaryos.stackexchange.com
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[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Blacklisted username, offensive answer detected: alternative formulas for standard error of a difference between two means? by FUCK YOU on stats.stackexchange.com
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6:02 AM
@JNat long time no trolls, though not really a troll, someone with tons of bad language here, can you please clear it? Since there is no more auto sync, even if moderators clear it on all sites, the network profile will have it forever. :/
(Which leads me to think of a feature request, to let site moderators reset things on user's network profile, what you think?)
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body, repeated URL at end of long post: DermaVie Hydrafirm Avoid cluttering by KarenWebre on drupal.stackexchange.com
7:07 AM
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8:24 AM
If T-rex is related to chicken, does that mean that lizards taste like chicken?
Ask Bill
Lots of things taste like chicken
@JamesENL except chicken.
@Bart Gates?
@ShadowWizard The Lizard
Bart> my name is Gates, Bart Gates
8:38 AM
@Bart oh
@Telkitty Bart Bond sounds better
Is tailgating the same as bartgating buttgating?
@WillHunting and they also don't really give it willingly, especially the meat part...
@Telkitty probably
@ShadowWizard Hmm... tried refreshing but it did nothing. Digging into why ;)
@JNat if you can't edit it there, maybe try to force synch with one of his sites?
@ShadowWizard That's what I did, to no avail
8:52 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Pattern-matching website in body: Выравнивание лого по центру меню by neironix on ru.stackoverflow.com
@JNat sounds like a bug then... MSE is waiting! ;)
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10:11 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at end of answer: Vipassana Bhavana by Fazel Subian on buddhism.stackexchange.com
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11:14 AM
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12:54 PM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword with a link in answer, link at end of answer: When I ask a broker to buy stock, what does the broker do? by user49735 on money.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector That other post is spam too
!!/report money.stackexchange.com/a/…
@PatrickHofman You are not a privileged user. Please see the privileges wiki page for information on what privileges are and what is expected of privileged users.
Sadly, already deleted.
2:00 PM
Any MSE 10k'er here who can make a screenshot of meta.stackexchange.com/questions/44330/… for me?
@Bart Thank you :) seems to be an early version of something now hosted on Stack Apps
@Stijn ^
There is also an answer with a script used to build the DB
You need that?
No need, thanks, was mainly interested in seeing if it had useful info that I didn't have yet
2:13 PM
I'm doing my own attempt at building a SE dump importer, but now that I'm working on performance, it seems I'll end up with something close to the existing solutions out there :p
Do you use enough jQuery?
my company's website uses both angular and jquery somehow
and react.js
@rene I knew I forgot something :)
@Stijn On a more serious note:where did you expect to find room for an performance improvement?
@rene there is no such thing
2:32 PM
@rene Well I started out with just the idea of creating a .NET Core library, without looking too much into the code of other existing libraries (because most of them are 5+ years old with dead/moved links)
So I got that working
And now, dealing with the "low memory and fast" requirements, it's becoming obvious that I'll probably have to work with a custom IDataReader + SqlBulkCopy, as some existing implementations do
2:43 PM
Yeah, I don't think it will be much faster if you use those managed api's.
3:02 PM
Q: Somebody has cleared my personal profile. Have they right to do that?

Little AlienI have got this message. http://politics.stackexchange.com/users/message/24#24 I'm writing in reference to your Politics Stack Exchange account: http://politics.stackexchange.com/users/9704/little-alien Multiple users have complained about offensive language in your user profil...

Rathony's post turned out to be more entertaining than I expect.
3:24 PM
Maybe the footer should use a more sophisticated layout algorithm than "8 site names in a column". Something taking length into account...
@JNat I see it's now cleared, what did you do? :)
@ShadowWizard Asked Adam to clear it. Must be something wrong on my end — my "about me" wasn't synced either, and I wasn't able to do it myself...
@JNat huh, so weird.... anything to report as bug on MSE?
Not sure. If there is, I'll do it, rest assured ;)
3:34 PM
@ShadowWizard there are plenty profile sync bugs already ...
@JNat yeah, I won't rest until then..... :P
That said, you're really 96 years old? @JNat :D
Yeah: lived through a lot already
@rene really? Don't recall any... though my memory might fail me...
getting old
It wasn't me saying that ...
3:43 PM
Thinking however ...
I think a lot ... but the memory that collects all that brilliant thoughts ... failing ...
@ShadowWizard search didn't fail me and I'm sure I have seen some in [support] as well
5:07 PM
Kaitlin Pike on October 24, 2016
Welcome to The Stack Overflow Podcast #92, brought to you by the The Facsimile Association of America. Since the late 1800s, faxes have solved the infuriating problem how to get a message to someone quicker than physical mail, and since the late 1900s, slower than just sending an email. The Facsimile Association of America: When Was the Last Time You Needed to Fax?
@Feeds Yet again, no onebox... probably because when a new blog post is published, the blog is rebuilding and isn't available for few minutes.
@balpha maybe add a delay between blog post publishing and until Feeds posts it here? ^
@rene hmm.. the old ones aren't relevant, but I'll take a look in the newer
2 hours later…
6:52 PM
(Incidentally, it seems impossible to link directly to activity/posts tab without the page losing its style.)
yeah, that is the ajax call. It is a bit of an UX error that you can do copy-link there
7:29 PM
> The pagination links also now correctly point to the same page, so right clicking and opening in a new tab/window won't take you to an unstyled page anymore. meta.stackexchange.com/a/267441/315433
So... they fixed ?tab=inbox but not ?tab=activity.
that was not in the bug report
Yeah... in the case of activity, we only get 5 pages anyway (presumably for performance reasons), so the lack of page=N in the URL is not an issue. But the open-in-new-tab bug is the same.
7:44 PM
You open a new bug?
A: It's time to remove the bounty delay

Jon EricsonAt the moment, there is a site setting we can manipulate to change the time a question needs to be on the site before a bounty can be started. That's the good news. The bad news is that units are integer days. So we can easily reduce the period to 1 day or eliminate it altogether. However, changi...

Ironically, I answered because of a bounty. Which I won't get because I was too late.
For what it's worth, meta bounties tend to be a waste of time.
8:05 PM
Signed up to supervise a senior project, basically "how to write next Google in Matlab". Expect it to generate some SO questions in near future.
8:31 PM
6 messages moved to Chimney
@JonEricson I realized my comment was rather useless, but if SE isn't willing to put 5 dev minutes into improving Core, we have bigger problems...
@hichris123 I honestly don't think it will be an improvement:
@hichris123: Let's suppose this is a five minute change. (I don't know, of course. Nobody has made the attempt.) How much longer will it take to test? How do we know the change will achieve its goal? For that matter, what is the goal here? In other words, if the setting had been easy to change, I'd probably consider an experiment. But given I can't do that without taking developer time from other projects, I'm not disposed to try. Them's the breaks, I'm afraid. — Jon Ericson ♦ 6 mins ago
We make about 3 minor improvements to Q&A each week. Some of them are 5 minute changes, but most take more time. (Even those estimated at 5 minutes take longer as a rule.) We aren't not improving.
The bounty delay is fine as is. It takes time to close off-topic questions, and bounty would make them unclosable without mod involvement. I'd say this is a better argument than dev time.
Yeah, I'm not positive about the whole feature part. But blowing the feature off because of dev time? Just say you're not crazy about the feature.
@JonEricson I'm curious, what were last weeks? I see 2 in the past month.
@hichris123 Ok. I said both, but I can see how the first paragraph colored the second paragraph.
@hichris123 Here's the report JNat put together for last year. Last week, we changed "created to circumvent system or moderator restrictions" deletions trigger our spam system and two other features are blocked on the devs.
@JonEricson Yeah, I remember last year's. But considering how many days have been since that and the community can only find 6 changes to the system since July...
(to be fair, there were a decent number before May/June)
8:48 PM
Code change is trivial; your second paragraph is the take-away here: we shouldn't need bounties on the vast majority of questions. There are massive downsides to the bounty system, and while they're occasionally warranted, a system where questions need to be bountied quickly is a system that is fundamentally broken in ways bounties cannot fix. Jeff declined a similar request 6 years ago and I another 4 years ago for more or less the same reason. — Shog9 ♦ 9 secs ago
This was some of our thinking behind the 2-day wait; we don't want people with the answer waiting around for the bounty! — Jarrod Dixon ♦ Aug 8 '09 at 0:43
Fair enough. I might not agree with that 100%; I would probably agree with the system needing to change to allow more difficult questions more time in the spotlight.
@hichris123 everything is difficult to someone. How do you know it's difficult to everyone? Well, if you've spent two days actively trying to solve it in full view of a site's membership (posting updates on your research along the way) that's a decent heuristic.
In news of completed feature requests you probably missed...
A: Add kick option to mobile chat UI

Marc GravellIn the words of the world's most fickle Genie, "Your wish is sometimes in line with what I happen to do"; this option is now available (for room owners) via the pop-down menu that you get when you click/push/touch/whatever on a message. If it doesn't appear immediately (because there are too many...

@Shog9 I'm referring to more the bikeshed problem with "you have a typo" getting 5 upvotes and becoming more "interesting" by an algorithm. How do you fix that, I have no clue, but it's certainly in the system now.
@hichris123 I don't think Shog missed seeing that change.
@JonEricson Take you as y'all or similar. ;)
Although this might be more my rambling with no one reading it, so...
8:56 PM
@hichris123 Would not the presence of 4 identical answers pointing out the typo reduce the 'interesting' rating?
I think 'interesting' emphasizes lack of answers.
> your interesting tags +1,500 per interesting tag, up to +2,000 total
your top 40 scoring tags maximum of +1,000 per tag (scaled), up to +2,000 total
question score +200 × score, up to +1,000 total
total answer score -200 × score, up to -1,000 total
number of answers -200 × answers, up to -1,000 total
number of views -15 × views, up to -1,000 total
question last activity date -1 × (seconds / 15)
@hichris123 that has nothing to do with exposing "difficult" problems; the intent is very much to expose "entertaining" problems. Which... Is also hit and miss, but for different reasons. It ends up being one of those problems where a reasonable heuristic for large values of all inputs ends up falling apart when one or more is very small; realistically, we should use different heuristics for very new questions / very slow sites.
@hichris123 I'm pretty the algorithm has changed at least once since then.
8:59 PM
Yes you are, Jon. :)
Ah, well, that's what happens when you trust a meta post...
Blog posts are harder to fix.
@zaq Sure. ;-)
@Shog9 Fair enough. But triviality and entertaining are usually inverses; most trivial stuff isn't very entertaining, it's the odd and stuff that requires effort to research that ends up being interesting.
@hichris123 depends on how you measure "entertaining". A problem space I'm heavily invested in will provide a wealth of entertainment, but the number of people similarly entertained by that niche will be small; a broadly-applicable problem will have become boring to a great many more people, but will also remain enjoyable by a great many more.
...which, as it happens, also applies to "interesting":
A: Please explain me the meaning of this review audit case

Shog9Every time some part of the iOS toolchain changes, a crapload of people post questions about stuff that breaks. They're often not very well-written questions, but they don't have to be: everyone and their dog is getting the same errors, so as long as they're somewhat searchable and manage to attr...

Quite true. But even if one is interested in a field, most people aren't going to be interested in answering "Give me this SQL query" or "How do I concatenate two strings?".
9:07 PM
@hichris123 of course, those aren't actual questions
I mean, for pete's sake, this just came up for me as "interesting":
Q: read youtube data api v3 response in php. can we read item that protected array/protected class

rogerstackWhen query search php youtube ver 3 from google, I get JSON var $searchResponse that contains protected class/protected array. Like this: $searchResponse = [modelData:protected] => Array ( [regionCode] => ID [pageInfo] => Array ( ...

@Shog9 With some more filler and fluff and greetings and random sample code they are...
@hichris123 filler and fluff and relevant details.
> I live in southpole of the earth.
Could still be something boring and useless to the vast majority of readers...
sounds pretty interesting to me.
9:09 PM
...or could be something like, "What's a query for concatenating string values from multiple rows?"
Both of your examples of uninteresting questions in a single actual question, clearly interesting to a heck of a lot of people.
Does an expert want to answer that question 223 times?
Now you're complaining about a different problem
(I'm referring to giving people questions to answer here by the way...)
@Shog9 I guess I wasn't clear on what I was complaining about...
9:11 PM
And I'm suggesting that deciding up-front what's interesting and what's not isn't as trivial as it looks.
Yeah, that question is somewhat old-hat now.
But... If it wasn't already answered, the last thing you'd want to do would be to bury it.
And that's true. But, the current system is not working well in giving people questions to answer.
Better / earlier detection of duplicates would help there then, at least to a degree.
@Jon may have some thoughts on that...
But even with that, you still end up with a bunch of cases where the uniqueness of the question is either trivial, boring, irrelevant, or perhaps worst of all... Hidden.
At least I would have more interesting questions than one written by someone on the south pole...
@hichris123 I don't know. That sounds pretty interesting to me.
One of the unrealized hopes for Documentation is that it'll make handling dupes easier.
Because... people will find it and Google it? Looks like that's happening a lot with questions on NullPointerExceptions, SO is the #2 hit and people still manage to ask 20+ questions a day about them.
9:19 PM
One way to find duplicates is to notice that someone is posting identical answers to 6 questions.
@hichris123 But this is a different aspect. NPE canonical explains how you could find the source of NPE in your code. This isn't the same as having someone else find it for you.
Which is the goal of those duplicates.
Hmm. Even then though, will they find some other way to be confused?
9:36 PM
SO meetup is approaching... the time for Engineering team to meet all the new people, and for Community team to reconnect with long-familiar folks.
9:48 PM
@hichris123 There's probably nothing to be done about that sort of duplicate. It's like how no matter how many signs you put up, people will ask where the restrooms are.
@zaq that's... a really optimistic attitude. I think I might steal it.
2 hours later…
11:39 PM
I can't imagine an optimistic attitude on a cranky person, just like that I can't think of an adult wolf with meek sheep attitude.

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