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5:00 PM
Lucky you. Not having all those notifications... When a flamewar emerges between 3rd parties under my answer, I usually delete the answer.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Ha! I'm not that selfish.
Yeah, lot of comments are coming under my troll answer too...notifications can be annoying
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Feel sorry for Jason C.
Oh that.
Poor Jason C
5:03 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Lucky!
Yeah seriously, why can't I just be a presumptuous, argumentative jerk in peace.
One time I posted an answer to why a question was NOT too broad (MSO). It got accepted, so I couldn't delete it. Guess what caused me to get hourly inbox notifications for the following three days.
I'm way too easy-going in real life, it reflects on my SE contributions.
Selfish? Just making the internet better, one delete click at a time.
5:05 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Ah I see you posted that gif in answer also /
15 mins ago, by Unihedron
but nice
Acceptance blocking self deletion is a ridiculous anti-feature.
@InfiniteRecursion didnt get u and wat that GIF tells — jQuery Angry Bird 40 secs ago
Thanks to you @TGMCians for that fox video...it's so cute...I had to post it :)
5:07 PM
user image
Meh, I wrote what the video denotes, now I will not respond to the OP
@Frank My behavior in text is way different than my behavior when speaking. Dunno why. I don't even think it is, but I get constant hell in real life for being too jarring in emails. I think it's the tone. That many complaints can't be wrong, lol.
@Mooseman Stars every time!
I've seen OPs immediately accept the answer and then bombard the answerer with comments: please explain... explain... explain more.
@JasonC I... hope that's true.
5:09 PM
@Mooseman: I posted that gif on MSO too meta.stackoverflow.com/a/276686/2982225
OP wanted video ;)
@InfiniteRecursion Already upvoted! (Yes, I do scroll up for context before speaking) :)
@JasonC, congratulations on your recent Godwin win.
claps politely
Thank you, thank you.
5:10 PM
@Andy Where's Zephyr?
I was so flattered, I haven't been Godwinned in a looong time.
@Frank I forgot to restart it after I updated it this morning and the office recently started blocking SSH out so I can't get to my server to restart it
@Mooseman How ? it should be off-topic
@Andy SSH got blocked? The horror!
@Unihedron They don't like us talking to the outside world apparently.
5:13 PM
I got an email from Godwin himself once. It's true. I asked him something about using the wikipedia logo. He replied with just, "No." I'll never wash my screen again!
And, in all honesty, I don't need to SSH into external servers, so I can't complain to much
No worries!
@TGMCians It just needs to be closed.
not only closed
it should be deleted
@JasonC Who? (I apologize for my ignorance)
5:30 PM
There's a post I just saw that appears to me to be a repost of something i saw earlier. I'm using FF and tried Ctrl-H and put in a few keywords there. AFAIK this only searches the titles and hyperlinks but not the contents of the cache. Anybody got a better method than Ctrl-H?
@Frank A coffee drinking tree with OCD... right.
(Ctrl-H brings up FF's history. In cast this needs be mentioned.)
ah mod answered there on off-topic question /
The tavern seems to be rather close-vote-happy this afternoon...
@Frank Not a bad thing, but some questions that ought to be closed are getting passed right over.
> You have already voted to close this question
So much closure in close-votes...
5:43 PM
OK, all done. :)
I don't have cv privs, so those were helpful flags that weren't closed all the way yet, from my list.
@InfiniteRecursion u want reversal, dont u?
Why does my profile on SO have 19 views? I have only 101 rep there, and all I do is vote and flag...
@Mooseman already voted.
5:50 PM
@Frank Because I forgot how to spell "software" 19 times.
@TGMCians 4/5 is a painful time...
@JasonC Only counts one view per IP I thought.
@Frank I have a spell-checking botnet.
@JasonC Haha!
6:00 PM
Q: How to review comment-as-an-answer in Low Quality queue?

MoosemanHow to review comment-as-an-answer in Low Quality queue when, and only when the answerer states "I can't comment on the answer given" or similar? Since the answerer is already aware it should be a comment, the deletion reason -- “This does not provide an answer to the question. To critique o...

6:11 PM
has thoughts
@Mooseman It would be nice to have an option there "recommend conversion to comment", which would raise a mod flag after the answer is deleted. Presently, flagging the answer for mod attention (to ask for conversion) does not work very well, since the flags are cleared by deletion of the post.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Agreed.
@nicael No, I wanted to troll.
In which case, you should support this:
6:14 PM
Q: Add 'Change (answer) to comment' option to review page

KurtI asked this question on Meta TeX SE and was asked to post it here too. Some of the answers I review on TeX SE are not answers; they are comments. Normally this happens when a user does not have enough reputation to comment. To make things easier for the moderators, wouldn't it be possible to a...

@InfiniteRecursion Thank you for your close vote!
There go 100 more rep points... at this rate I'll never get to 3K on Meta.
4 of them aren't green! :(
^racist / troll
That's mean. :(
WAT?!?! I understand, of course, offering large amounts of rep as bounties, but this user completely crazy.
I'm offended by his location
@SmokeDetector tpu
6:34 PM
@JanDvorak Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
@nicael Is crazy. It makes me look like a skimp.
Why aren't people flagging the apple troll?
@JanDvorak We are.
good. It was -2 a while ago.
6:37 PM
@JasonC :D
@SmokeDetector fp
@ProgramFOX Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
Regarding this question: Is my understanding correct that posts voted to delete by low-quality-queue reviewers selecting that they should be comments are not in any way related to moderators for conversion to a comment?
@rene don't forget to downvote ;-)
7:01 PM
@JanDvorak I already did but everybody is free to vote as they like as long as it is not up...
@rene nuke-pls
@TGMCians I can't, need 5K more rep ...
@Unihedron Night!
@TGMCians I'll have to revisit in 2 days
7:12 PM
The battery on my phone died 8 hours ago and I did not notice. Also every project I've worked on in the past 12 months decided to have a problem in the last 8 hours. That was fun.
Time to start making good use of Google Voice.
I have no respect for "y'all". "Yinz" is where it's at.
@bjb568 It’s Waldorf Salad, of course.
@Wrzlprmft Correct. There is a feature request to provide a way for such information transfer. At present, all that those selections do is leave a templated comment on the post; they have no other effect.
I'm partial to "Howdy", from the years spent in Texas. Don't hear that much in the Northeast though.
7:19 PM
How could anyone possibly fall for that?
@JanDvorak Hmm, I saw one of those on Meta SE today
Same user "Anton Fischer" probably; has accounts on both sites.
7:35 PM
@JasonC Carnival Feature?
8:09 PM
Cannot invoke 'contains' with an argument of type '(($T4) -> ($T4) -> $T3) -> (($T4) -> $T3) -> $T3'
This is gonna be fun :P
ah yay, just one cast does it
@rene God may be trolling me.
@JasonC Or FSM
I hope so. Getting trolled by the FSM is even cooler than getting Godwinned.
Annnnnd... my tab key stopped working.
Lol, whoa.
8:13 PM
@JasonC Y'all's too picky.
Hat trick, present your ticket stubs to get a dozen free wings.
@JasonC bat wings?
licks lips
@Frank I saw that :P
@bjb568 Thats strange... I see it too.
@Undo Huh?
8:15 PM
points at stars
wonders why Undo is pointing at the stars
[ SmokeDetector ] Offensive title detected: Java craps game with a single method by daman on codereview.stackexchange.com
Maybe replace crap by crap[^s] in the @SmokeDetector regex?
How often does the word come up anyway. And just how offensive is it really...
8:23 PM
Eh, the only false positive is really about the dice game, or the word "craps", probably really rare.
It's offensive. Just imagine I suggested turning Smokey into a heap of scrap metal.
I remember that "crap" was the first new English word I learned after arriving in the U.S. From a notice posted by some RA in a dorm hallway. Good times.
8:46 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Like, "To whoever took a crap in front of my door: I do not appreciate this. I was late for my finals today because I had to wash my shoes."
God, we used to terrorize our poor RAs.
It wasn't that bad, something along the lines of "If you leave your crap in [whatever place that was misused as storage], the maintenance will throw it out."
I remember one guy missed a Microsoft job interview because somebody turned off the breakers to his room. I also remember locking a guy in his room with a piece of plywood screwed over the door frame. IIRC we also plastered the inside with photoshopped pictures of him and his parents' faces on various porn stars. Ah, wholesome college memories.
Uh... if either of those were one of you guys: Sorry about that.
I remember hanging out in the library a lot in college. That was some crazy shit.
9:01 PM
Q: Do we want topic challenges here on Pets?

J. MusserA great suggestion from Jon Ericson is to have Weekly Topic Challenges, these would involve 4 steps: Step 1: Ask for topic ideas. Step 2: Post a challenge. Step 3: Profit!!!! Tally the results. Step 4: Repeat until no more topics are left. For the full details, follow the link above. What d...

Publicising some more...
9:12 PM
I love when I forget about my coffee, then want coffee, then suddenly remember I have some and it's still warm.
yay. OTA rolling out!
@JasonC stop storing liquids on your computer ;-)
@SmokeDetector fp
@JanDvorak Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
And stop dumping us stuff from Islam.se
9:30 PM
stackoverflow.com/questions/26809389/… I think it's off-topic; I voted too broad, but maybe "no code"...?
@JasonC I voted as unclear ....
@bjb568 you have 15 minutes to dump them here, then I'll unignore (if I don't forget)
9:40 PM
I can't post another for 90 minutes, but I will then. — alannm37 2 mins ago
^ Question: What rule prevents somebody from posting more often than 90 minutes?
@JasonC common sense?
You shouldn't really be suggesting them to ask...
@JanDvorak Is that 90 minute limit the norm? I don't know I haven't asked a question in a while. Or is he rate limited because of low rep, or low quality questions or something?
ignorance is blliss ;-)
@JasonC It applies to everyone, AFAIRC
9:43 PM
@JanDvorak Heh; well, it's a peeve of mine when somebody leaves a comment like "Thanks, that solved it, but now I'm having <this-totally-separate-problem> [code barf in comment]". So I just tell them to ask a new one.
Ah OK; interesting.
> My question is do you use the basic Rss Reader functions and code as you would for fetching and parsing web feeds, or is it programmed different since the content is generated though the app itself?
yup, at least is closeable
@Braiam what close reason?
9:44 PM
@JanDvorak (Plus, in this case, I actually did read his comment, and I'm looking forward to closing his question as a dupe as soon as he asks it.)
@JasonC then you should've suggested searching
@JanDvorak either POB or too broad
@JanDvorak I know, right? I'm such a jerk.
voting too broad then
Windows phones have in-app purchase support, right?
@Braiam Yep
Since 8
Is bjb SO's version of the realtime tab or something?
I'm done now. :P
... like I believe you.
Bjb's "done" (he claims) now, for anybody that ignored.
9:52 PM
What's with the spamming of "LQ {link}?" Is this a new something related to all the bots in here?
@jadarnel27 Not bot. Superkitten!
(plus userscript)
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: MYSQL TRIGGER STATEMENT by gexcen on stackoverflow.com
I VLQ'd all those.
@jadarnel27 bjb's been assimilated.
The poor borg!
(I kid, I kid)
@bjb568 Ah, gotcha.
9:53 PM
@bjb568 I swear we talked about how the VLQ flag isn't for most of these questions, but you seem to have forgotten already...
Mods mishandling them isn't my problem.
@bjb568 More like you misflagging them is your problem.
Hey, the system and LQRQ work.
9:55 PM
@bjb568 sigh
VLQ == unsalvageable. The few things that are unsalvageable are "awtoljaweptwtpetjjjjjjjjjjjjj", "I am a troll", & similar stuff.
An OT question is salvageable.
An unclear question is salvageable.
@hichris123 those are abusive
@hichris123 most often not
@hichris123 usually not
@JanDvorak Eh, that's debatable. Some go with it, other's don't.
Shog does ;-)
@JanDvorak Uh... that's not to say that they will be salvaged, but they can be.
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: LTRIM/RTRIM NOT REMOVING SPACES by dmbp5237 on stackoverflow.com
9:58 PM
@hichris123 The definition of the flag is "… abuse …"
@hichris123 they can't
@hichris123 "wer;jgnwperiughwoeirugh" can be edited. Anything can be edited.
@JanDvorak And...? That doesn't mean that they have to listen to him.
… not that those edits wound't be invalid. If it needs a radical change (so much so that a suggested edit would be rejected (by me)), it's VLQ.
@bjb568 they would
9:58 PM
@JanDvorak Why not? I post "I need teh helpz with PHP". I can't edit that to be a specific question?
@hichris123 well, can you?
@hichris123 Anything can be edited. But they shouldn't need to be.
Editing makes an ok post good, a good post great. Editing does not work for crap.
@JanDvorak Yes.

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