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@Unihedron Y?
> Does anyone know what code I would use to find out which payment gateway is selected?
@Unihedron find out which payment gateway the user has selected on the checkout page with woocommerce
too-broad ^^
@Unihedron done
cv-pls ^^
that's all for today. thanks guys/gals :)
3:18 PM
@TimPost Hey Tim! Any progress on sending the package?
@Mooseman poor user. Oh well, acted upon.
@Unihedron +1 for the -1
sadist :P
3:28 PM
Who's upvoting "MORE LIBRARIES!!!" stackoverflow.com/a/26847102/1234256
[ SmokeDetector ] All-caps title: SISTEMA DE VESTIBULAR JAVA by Raul Goulart on pt.stackoverflow.com
@Mooseman cuz naught jquery
@Unihedron jQuery attracts so many bad q/a. :(
delete all jquery questions
3:35 PM
@Unihedron Then my reputation points will disappear. :p
make @IonicăBizău disappear...
@Braiam Hey! :-)
@SmokeDetector fp
@IonicăBizău Oh hi! :P
@SmokeDetector false
3:40 PM
@ProgramFOX Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@Braiam I'll add you to the list of privileged users.
Yay for Braiam!
@ProgramFOX does that include transport and pocket money?
Any SO mods in the tavern?
3:43 PM
@Braiam :D
@Mooseman ThiefMaster
> seen 32s ago
@ThiefMaster Would you please handle a couple old custom-reason flags? Thanks!
@ShadowWizard That's inaccurate.
@ProgramFOX how so?
@ShadowWizard It counts AJAX requests as "seen". So if they are still in chat on their phone for example but haven't been online for a few hours, it will still show "seen 32s ago" or something.
> talked 13d ago
The SO profile of ThiefMaster says:
> seen 2 hours ago
@ProgramFOX oh, good point
ThiefMaster is in our timezone...
3:46 PM
so, he's sleeping and/or inactive
guess we can't really know then :(
Just ping all of them
wonder if @bluefeet can still be pinged?
wonder if @ShadowWizard will be banned for ping-ing mods just because you can
3:47 PM
@Mooseman not a wise move, that's not his role
it's like asking a general to perform a kitchen duty
@ShadowWizard rem'd...
wonder if @Mooseman will be chat-banned for ping-ing the head
3:49 PM
@Braiam what about it?
@rene I'm still here for now...
> does this mean that i should use ruby/rails cause then support comes out of the box?
@rene well, his head is tilted so he might have missed the ping
Tempted to ping Shog9 to point-out previous messages....
too many pings, and he'll probably close the Tavern... :D
3:52 PM
> talked 12m ago
@Braiam hmm... probably in the private chat
I just have a couple custom-reason flags I'm dying to see closed.... and the tavern talks about @Shog9 for 10 minutes.
Oh, you didn't specify that. I went and handled a bunch of custom flags asking for help removing passwords from revision histories.
@Braiam I cv-ed as unclear
3:56 PM
@Shog9 thanks, TIL: be specific on mod flags
writes the mod flag comment in form of a letter
@Shog9 My reason: "I believe this should be locked for historical significance instead of getting deleted."
@ShadowWizard wat? :)
@ShadowWizard I guess you can ping them! (chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/2635227#2635227)
@Braiam You have the privileges now :)
@Mooseman not a him
@Braiam you're on the whitelist, please note that it can be taken away. Don't abuse it.
4:06 PM
@Frank Hiya!
@bluefeet Would you please handle a couple custom-reason flags?
in Shadow's Den, 20 secs ago, by rene
@ShadowWizard please report in the Tavern
Both stackoverflow.com/q/628830/1234256 and stackoverflow.com/q/1544642/1234256
@Mooseman are they urgent?
4:07 PM
@bluefeet No, just very old, and old flags bother me. They just need to be locked for historical significance, IMO.
SO mods have a big queue of stuff to handle :P
@Mooseman well, we've got 1.2K + flags to handle, we'll get to it
"Other" or "All"?
@rene Ha!
@Braiam other 1k+
4:09 PM
@rene reporting as requested!
Now appologize to all the mods
/me other > filter by > keyword:copyright > decline
@bluefeet well, @Mooseman wanted a mod so I was wondering if pinging you would work. Looks like it works! :D
If there's so many flags, why are mods doing VLQs?
@bjb568 My question exactly...
4:11 PM
@bjb568 because sometimes it's nice to do some easy flags
@bluefeet You do them wrong.
@bjb568 you haven't stared down any flags.
@Undo I want!
4:12 PM
@bjb568 You flag them wrong
Still nowhere near bluefeet's 20k :(
@bluefeet no u
@Unihedron wow, you passed me!
@Undo I should be proud except it's not really that uplifting.
Probably the reason my flagging stats are lower these days is I've partially switched from mindlessly flagging NAAs and gone to flagging nasty sockpuppet cases. Takes a lot longer and it's a bunch more rewarding :D
4:14 PM
are those still active @bjb568?
@ShadowWizard nope
@Undo s/liquid/lacking/
4:17 PM
@bjb568 helpful?
@ShadowWizard One of them. The other one got handled wrong.
@Unihedron Although I guess you're within a UTC day's flagging for me. 5995 for me :D
@bjb568 wonder if anyone was really review banned as a result though
as mortals we can't tell, only guess
@bluefeet can tell
4:18 PM
Right, the problem is that that would be technically mod-only information :P
@bjb568 There is a tool created by @Undo to put flag data in a table and link to it from the flag. So if you want to provide more bad reviews but don't have enough space, there is firestorm.erwaysoftware.com
wow, I'd forgot about that
@Undo well, not who, rather if anyone was banned as a result :)
You forget about your own tools? ;P
4:20 PM
yup :P
But it's still perfectly valid and secure and such
(I can probably see flags from other people, but it would mean wading through a console and I don't want to do that :P)
@Undo Actually, I've flagged less lately, 'cuz I'm starting to write code again!
Yay for code!
Write code to flag stuff!
No, unfortunately. :(
Write code for pay!
Vogel and I are working on the chat bot for Java room and github.com/Vincentyification/JChatExchange.
The last link is kind of new.
4:22 PM
oooh fun
If I would know more about Java, I would contribute.
Since there's a github link, mandatory self-promotion for my feature request:
Q: One-box repositories, issue tickets and such on GitHub in the chat

UnihedronGitHub links are posted in chat quite frequently, but the support of the appearance is somewhat poor: <html><head><link rel="stylesheet" href="http://cdn-chat.sstatic.net/chat/css/chat.stackoverflow.com.css"></head><body><div id="transcript"><div class="monologue user-2246344"><div class="si...

WTH? I tried for hours and hours before to get mail to work. Today it of course still didn't work. I fiddled with stuff and did tutorials. It still didn't work. Watched a youtube video. THE RED THINGS ARE GONE! IT WERK!!
Feel free to send mail to support@devdoodle.net now…
sends email address to Indian spam people
I hope you need a love doctor
Referring to 10K users as "10K mods" is old-fashioned.
@Mooseman pretty sure this has been asked for before
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Fixed.
@Mooseman I want to revieeewwww!!!
Sep 1 at 12:58, by rene
> Shrink, I want to review. I mean, I wanna, I wanna review. Review. I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead burnt bodies. I mean review, Review, REVIEW, REVIEW. – Shog9♦ Aug 9 at 0:33
4:28 PM
@bluefeet I searched.
^^ Sadly, deleted from the site, now preserved only in chat.
@ProgramFOX No worries :)
Can a 10k or somebody look for a MSO question by me about increasing number of reviews?
@bjb568 fishing in the pool of deleted posts?
@Unihedron Yeah.
Probably the roomba.
It really needs to be turned off for child meta sites.
4:30 PM
rooooooooo baaaaa
@bjb568 Was it posted on Sep 1?
Q: Turn off the roomba for child meta sites

bjb568Automatic deletion is useful and great on main sites, but on child metas it deletes my negatively voted feature-requests. >:( Can it be turned off for child metas?

@Rafflesiaarnoldii IDK
Was Shog9's comment directed to it? The comment is from August 9.
@bjb568 Here's the list of IDs of deleted posts with approximate dates. If you want to find yours, try those around August 9.
10K users can see deleted posts, but can't search for them any more than you do.
4:36 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Soooo many!
Yes, mostly spam. You can see the titles in URLs.
Download CSV, concatenate into URLs. Click-click-click.
btw funny
user image
@bjb568 So what is the password?
4:43 PM
@bjb568 let me guess.. deleted?
@Mooseman Not enough info to tell
@Vogel612'sShadow No, downvotes.
@Megasaur Epsom salts are simply a source of magnesium. Magnesium forms the central atom of chlorophyll, so it's quite necessary for good photosynthesis. Hydrogen peroxide is an unstable molecule, and when it breaks down, you get one water molecule and one oxygen atom. That's how it helps plant growth, as plant roots require oxygen, and H2O2 provides this, while also killing anaerobic infections such as what causes root rot during overwatering. You can use fertilizer (light n-p-k) at the same time as H2O2. — J. Musser 19 secs ago
Look, lots of words.^
@bjb568 The password is always "password". Never forget that. I use it for SE, email, windows, linux, etc. Better yet, I'll give some hacker a laugh when they crack it and see it was "password" all along.
4:46 PM
Perhaps my password is starrsalot
my password is startrollthetavern!
I'm sure Shog finds himself in this situation more than once
@ProgramFOX Edited extensively. meta.stackexchange.com/q/243334/202832
:O That... completely invalidated my answer.
@ProgramFOX It did, but I quoted your answer. Maybe you could link to the revision history? meta.stackexchange.com/revisions/243334/1
@Mooseman Yes, I'm editing my answer to add a notice linking to the history.
Wow, I'm ranked #2 on Meta Stack Exchange this week :D
4:55 PM
Who is #1? :D
@InfiniteRecursion :D Congrats!
Don't post a message when I'm hovering over a link while try-ing to reach the ctrl key...my click is useless in that case
@rene Okay, when you are going to click, post a message about it here to make sure that we do not post something.
Congratulations to you too @ProgramFOX, and thank you
4:56 PM
creates a userscript that detects whenever @rene is hovering a link and post a message
@InfiniteRecursion me. if you append a 0
@Undo Indian hackers won't be able to find their way THRU devdoodle :P
@Braiam I'll see if I can create a websocket for hovering events...
@InfiniteRecursion :D
Congrats @Mooseman+0
4:58 PM
@InfiniteRecursion Thanks!
@InfiniteRecursion based on the tags I would say you're an expert on abusing the site....
@rene I am nicael's sock after all ;)
A sock made of duck feather... that's warm in the winter... I want such a sock too!
@ProgramFOX :D
@ProgramFOX talk with @nicael, he has the @infinite duck after all :P
@Braiam thinks the feathers are in danger, hides
I think mine isn't in the range :(
Nov 4 at 15:16, by Ahmad
@Bart Are you paid?
5:13 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in title, Phone number detected: सोने गूगल +91-9950211818 vashikaran lo ve marriage by naamram190 on english.stackexchange.com
@SmokeDetector tpu
@ProgramFOX Registered as true positive: added title to Bayesian doctype 'bad' and blacklisted user.
Nov 4 at 15:32, by Infinite Recursion
inb4: does Shog get paid?
Send baba to devdoodle :)
Baba never change their format, too redundant and boring. Vitamin and beauty spam are funny.
5:18 PM
tries to do something productive for a change of pace
@Braiam dance
@InfiniteRecursion Yeah, I want helpful flags on devdoodle too! :D
@Braiam spam drupal
@Unihedron ^
Now task#2^^
@JanDvorak closed and rec'ed SR
I always say, "People who say there are no bad questions have never visited [insert Q/A site here]". Unfortunately, including Stack Exchange sites. Difference being; We try to improve them. — Andrew Barber 2 mins ago
5:31 PM
Hi Ya
hey ya'll
Heya Sam!
Hiya Sam
5:35 PM
Y no train? o_O
No trains today, I work from home
But thanks for asking
5:37 PM
Ahmad broke our last train :(
Well, if he only broke trains...
in Shadow's Den, 3 hours ago, by Ahmad
Are you married? how your wife lets you to .... oh ok,
^he broke the den's wag too
5:41 PM
Everyone who answered or commented on Mooseman's Q so far came from the Tavern.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Who else would be interested in janitor FR's? Only us :P
5:52 PM
5:55 PM
Night begins, stars appear.
It's full of stars again, last week there were fewer stars.
everyone's still watching; will star like crazy later...
6:20 PM
@bjb568 Here it is. Did not take mod powers - you oneboxed it in this chatroom.
Pro tip: onebox unpopular feature request for future references
@SmokeDetector fp
@Undo Registered as false positive and added title to Bayesian doctype 'good'.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii or just get 10k
One still needs 10K to read the post, of course. But finding it would be pretty hard without the onebox. It's from May, so beyond the 60-day visibility limit of deleted posts. If I knew its approximate posting date, I would be able to locate it from the gaps between Post Ids in SEDE. But bjb568 didn't know the date...
6:30 PM
Sometimes SE pages load slow for me. Anyone else having the same problem?
Since I was digging through Post Ids anyway, here's a factoid: 35% of all posts on meta.SO are deleted. This may be the record for all SE sites, main and metas.
(Starting with Post Id = 250000, there were about 26500 posts, of which 17245 remain).
6:53 PM
All, just a note - I'm technically out for the next 30 - 45 days for paternity leave. I'm not ignoring pings, I'm just really slow to respond. If you need something from me, email is the best option :)
ok Tim
ok Tim
wait... who's gonna give us swag for the next month and a half?
@TimPost just leave us the keys to the swag cabinet. It will be fine.
7:09 PM
@Rafflesiaarnoldii would be interesting to see how many of these were self-deleted
@TimPost Congratulations Tim. Enjoy time with the baby.
Don't drop it.
7:36 PM
^ This is so awful
Q: How addicted to Stack Overflow are you?

Andrew MooreHow addicted to Stack Overflow are you really? I've recently realized that I'm getting really addicted to these sites (especially SO) for various reasons. I feel like I've failed myself when a day passes and I didn't reach my 200 reputation cap. (maybe that's a small exaggeration) I've build a...

can I answer it?
Then it should be "How addicted are you to breaking Stack Overflow?"
@Bart but I just have a simple answer for it :)
@bjb568 zoned out after 20 sec.
A: How addicted to Stack Overflow are you?

Tim PostI closed my spouse as subjective and argumentative.

7:46 PM
@bjb568 I don't like weekends because receive few repz on them, can I provide it as answer to this question?
@nicael If you want.
@Mooseman I predict a lot of "but this is irrelevant garbage" abuse
@bjb568 Why, why, WHY is that closed?
@Mooseman because we can't have fun anymore
7:50 PM
@Mooseman irrelevant garbage
irrelevant garbage is still to be welcomed on meta... if you're a reasonable person.
meta ... reasonable person ....
wait you actually used these two concepts in the same breath?
@Vogel612'sShadow +4/-3... maybe the people don't like it. :o
@bjb568 Post a proper request, with a link to post on the same line. Few will be digging through the transcript looking for the link.
8:01 PM
@Unihedron You are in here:
A: Weekly topic challenge: terminology [completed]

J. MusserDuring the week that the challenge ran, we received 6 questions tagged terminology: What is apical dominance? What's the difference between annual, biennial, and perennial plants? What's the difference between corms, bulbs, and tubers? What is the term for this pruning technique that causes stu...

@bjb568 Incorrect spelling detected: should be
@bjb568 Done, but probably not for the best...
@bjb568 Duplicate unnuke request detected: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/254305/i-want-to-review-more
This took way too long to build.
Since almost all are plural, for consistency pluralize Ajax Forms (and Default Actions?). Also, decide if you are using Title Case of Sentence case: it's about even mix now.
8:24 PM
Title Case is likely to work better here.
Hey @Frank, they fixed the internet. Check this manly shit out:
It's actually higher than advertised, for a change.
@3ventic Step 1) Judge. Bad. Step 2) Read it. One moment.
@3ventic What is the context of that?
A C# project I'm working on
code analysis for it
@JasonC meh, mine are just bad netindex.com/download/4,464/Santo-Domingo
and yes, the highest rated ISB is 3 out 5 stars
8:32 PM
@3ventic I dunno but the cc:lines ratio is kind of intense...
@JasonC Nice!
8:50 PM
A: How do weekly topic challenges work?

FrankSustainable Living beta has started a topic challenge (Sustainable Living: Biweekly Topic Challenge). It is a slower site, with only 0.3 questions per day being posted atm, so we decided to start it out as a biweekly challenge, to get more attention for each challenge posted. I will update thi...

@Rafflesiaarnoldii K
Started another one.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Pluralized Ajax Forms. "Action" could be plural, so no need to change that.
Theme of the day: people dropping by and talking to me like I know who they are. And I've no clue most of the time. :-/
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Sounds like fun.
@Rafflesiaarnoldii Ha! I did wonder...
9:24 PM
+1 for 'I usually just dry my hands on my pants, personally.' — J. Musser 41 mins ago
I noticed earlier that "Sustainable Living Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for folks dedicated to a lifestyle that ... ", unlike other SE sites which are for people. Still wonder what went into these word choices.
A: What's the password?

bjb568Seeing that the process for verifying the identity of a knight includes the single test of a function f performed by the knight with input i and output o, because of the rejection of the spy where the test produced output nine from input eighteen we can deduce that, assuming the failure of the te...

3 DVs today. Probably chat.
(not CVS)
Oh. This.
I wish activity notifications would show on pinned tabs.
9:51 PM
@JasonC console IRC client
@Frank There may be a script for that...
Q: Disable "1 question with new activity" highlighting - PLEASE

WarrenFaithI have programmers as a pinned tab. Since some hours I got it highlighted that keeps blinking. First I thought of a bug in chrome but than I saw this message which was totally new for me: 1 question with new activity Every time this kind of message appears on the top of the question list, m...

^^ I don't know what to think of this. Feature request that could not be reproduced...

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