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12:15 AM
why not
userscripts can help you achieve that
has someone written one?
you, in the next 4 minutes? :p
i can adblock the team crap, but i'm left with "Public" and the links are all mislabled.
yea, no
i'd rather not use it and rely on keybinds
12:16 AM
there are key binds?
gotta enable them in your preferences tho
oh I'd rather not accidentally navigate away from the editor or something
g h for example takes you to the home page, g q questions, gm meta, gm main (if you're at meta)
yea I'll just keep clicking as always
though i only use the questions page on meta to see recently closed or downvoted
12:19 AM
old.reddit.com/r/gamedev/comments/f6auhg/… I'm not sure this explanation of the problem is correct
to me it seems like in any given community with too many askers and not enough experts there will always be a lack of "the meat" in comments (or answers in Q&A area)
unfortunately... there's no g r to go to reviews
but i don't use that anyway
well, SO combats that with gamification.
the problem is... if you can't keep people long enough, you end up with "the blind leading the blind"
like, it's reaaaaaaly easy to hit 20k rep and run out of things to earn rep for
on SO
on SE you have a chance to discover other communities via Hot Network Questions and kinda get into the areas where other newbies and experts reside, but only for programming topics, like Programming, CS, Code Review in addition to the main SO site
i don't like HNQ, it drives attention to questions that aren't generally... good. they're more often interesting, funny, etc, but not things that people actually need.
in terms of subreddits, I don't know if experts browse a large number of subreddits to seek interesting threads to contribute to
I was thinking maybe pushing multireddits (you see the same design page as a single subreddits, but it contains posts from multiple subs) could help with discovery of different posts around the same topic
i think the new blog initiative highlighting active topics falls for the same problem. they're often silly or useless questions that just happen to have some gotcha that someone with a following decided to tweet about.
12:25 AM
like if you don't only want newbie questions like "how to get started with X" you can add spice to your browsing experience by adding more subs and bookmarking that multireddit collection as your default home for "gamedev-related"
but idk if it fixes the problem
well, i find the home page algorithm on SO to be very good for finding interesting questions.
but it's based on my own browsing habits
yea the blog highlights are a misused marketing tool to attract more readers, but not create high quality content
i can't take my version of the home page and share it for others to benefit from
@Machavity You can just add 2 spaces (and hit enter) at the end of each line where you want a line break... But yeah.
well, yea, if you have already developed (and discovered in the first place) browsing habits that give you interesting content, you're good to go, but how do you make it easy for others, or rather how do you just give out the most interesting on average posts by default for everyone?
12:27 AM
you could try to build up a query that gives you the same result using the custom filtering on /questions, but i never could come close to the kind of quality i get from /
what is the difference between what you click on / and what's on /questions?
/ (when you are logged in) is catered to you based on how you use the site. what questions you visit, vote on, answer, ask, comment on, etc
oh really... hmm
is the algo for that public?
If you go to your site preferences, you can download the activity that it is basd on
I'd rather see the algo and maybe tweak the query to my preferences
12:30 AM
it was done many years ago, i forget who announced it
it's probably based mostly on tags and maybe score adds a bit to the weight
@user400654 Pretty sure the point is that they're asking before rolling out this change. Which does at least seem positive. I agree that removing the background for blockquotes is not an improvement, but in general I do prefer when we're asked this stuff rather than being told only when the change is being rolled out.
@user1306322 Yeah, subreddit discovery is currently pretty bad. I think Reddit's trying to improve it, but I suspect the effect has been marginal at best.
they slowed down rotation of posts throughout the day significantly in the last year or two, compared to before that you could go to home page several times a day and see completely new posts, now it's just once a day
And Reddit's structure as basically either a link aggregator or a discussion forum does indeed not lend itself well to a Q&A format or a connecting-experts-to-learners format.
ti is heavily based on tags, but not just your favorited tags
12:33 AM
Anyway, time for me to play some D&D
later all!
ooh have fun
so, reddit doesn't have "tags" inside subreddits, and I think this creates a problem for subs whose topic range is very limited and moderation is too strict
like, for a period of time i visited firebase questions often, now i get firebase questions on my home page from time to time
on SE we can get a range of topics related to the main topic of the site to keep the experts entertained enough to stay and maybe eventually expand into other tags
12:35 AM
same with AWS. but it also shows a number of completely unrelated topics, to give you the opportunity to broaden your horizon
but SE doesn't have a problem where users flood the site's "front page" with basically free advertisement spot posts, whereas on Reddit it's what you get if you allow self-promotion
i mean, it used to, in a sense
before it was replaced with marketing
SE has a duplicate closing feature where if you try to advertise your software under the pretense of a valid question, it eventually becomes impossible as you run out of valid non-dupe questions to ask yourself and then asnwer with an ad link to your product
on reddit, you can basically "repost" new gifs and screenshots for your upcoming/new game forever without throttling and this makes people lean towards complete ban of these posts
some subs do throttling via moderation but it's tough and not very successful
few regular users go to those subs and they're basically dedicated only to those posts
to have a wide range of topics you have to visit multiple subs individually
reddit doesn't have a tight coupling between subreddits at all, but the same is true for different sites for CS / code review / SO
I’ve never heavily used reddit
I browse it using google only
I kinda browse SE using google only also :p
12:42 AM
Reddit is the prime example of Sturgeon's law
If 90 was 99.9 instead.
I'm thinking what would the effects be if both SE and Reddit created a new "home page" section for a range of topics, like for programming on SE you'd get 5 recent active questions with >1 score from all the programming-related sites
I admit, I'm more of a lurker than a user, but I can't get myself to participate much because what I'm interested in either has crickety empty subs or bland, useless busy subs
I guess SE doesn't have many related subs, others would be entertainment ones such as Gaming, Anime, Movies... maybe something else
@user1306322 I think SE aims to be more specific towards its content
@It'sOver I never post myself but I've been reading avidly af for like 5 years now
12:44 AM
Specific draws the experts.
sure, but what if this was an official option
you can always do these things with scripts and whatnot but maybe this will make it easier for users to discover interesting posts
On the topic of me finding busy subs boring, for example, I'm no expert chemist or biologist for sure but I'm still looking for something more interesting than "zomg elephants have tusks AND cells" or "this reaction is funny, video"
So r/chemistry and r/biology are very rarely interesting.
I usually just browse top posts of all time and if the top 10 are not interesting enough, it's not worth scrolling down
The popular HNQ effect being very dominant over there. Much simpler questions get much more of the attention
@user1306322 Huh, I don't remember if I ever did that.
there's the curse of default subs where people from facebook seeking funny and clickbaity posts without much substance to them turn every sub into a useless shell of its former self
apparently there's money to be made in selling accounts with lots of karma, since it grants them higher visibility on the front page, which means ad clicks
12:49 AM
Tell me about it
a reddit browsing tip: I installed RES (reddit enhancement suite) which allows you to filter the subs you don't want to see, like politics, sports, city-specific subs, sports-team-specific subs, etc
funny cats, dogs, snakes, spiders, dankest of the dank memes
yea I used to post on the RES development sub because I had too many filters for the addon to chug through, they've fixed it since
But I hardly get time to visit these chats these days, I won't find any for Reddit
Anyway, I gotta sleep. Good night!
well... despite all the badness, the signal to noise ratio is still the best out there on reddit, so I have nothing better to browse
12:58 AM
hey @user1306322 you were talking about wolcen yesterday
mm first time hearing
ah then it was someone else
it was probably user400 then
that was me
gotta get my wow dailies done, eat some food, then ima be playin it the rest of the night
2 hours later…
2:45 AM
A: Some improvements to blockquotes

user1306322I recreated for the most part the post in the example screenshot here in the sandbox, and here's my spin on your proposition. Current style on the left, my variant on the right. In blockquote removed background-color, changed border-left to 4px solid #ccc. To .spoiler added background-color: #...

if you wanna give CSS a spin, there's a link to the sandbox post almost the same as the one they posted
3 hours later…
6:02 AM
@Shadow @rene Once this gets closed as a duplicate, could one of you please add all of the targets I commented to the duplicate list?
2 hours later…
8:24 AM
25 messages moved to Chimney
8:45 AM
@SonictheAnonymousHedgehog done that
1 hour later…
9:46 AM
just realized that Office saves auth tokens in the registry
yeah, but the registry can have ACL's set so only you can read them.
Unless they are stored in HKLM ...
10:01 AM
@rene I wasn't even thinking about security. I just mean that the only way to remove a "cached" login from an office app is... deleting the entire registry subfolder
I used Access some days ago to migrate data from an Excel file to a SharePoint list as from a customer request.
Where can we donate to support your mental recovery?
@Gimby want to know the funny part? It actually much easier and faster than having to write a Powershell script.
Not joking. See here if you want to, but compared to other options is pretty decent.
I mean, you CAN use cut&paste on the quick edit list view, but that is only if the columns 100% match.
Anyway, back on topic... apparently Access stored the url of the SharePoint online site and the credentials somewhere - so now every time you go to "External Data Connections" the site is showed there. You can then select a list without any credential prompt
that means that the credentials and the url is saved somewhere.
so, since they are NOT listed in the credential manager, I did a quick "Find" in the registry with the site url.
found out that there is a sub key
> Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Identity\Identities
it contains full data for the identity, including the url of the site and an access token.
and, ironically enough, using that registry path I was able to find a question that confirms this oddity.
A: Clear cached Microsoft Live account credentials in Office apps

User5910Open the registry editor, RegEdit, and search for the username you want to log out. You may find it in a folder here: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Common\Identity\Identities Delete the folder and the next time you attempt to access the OneDrive files you will be p...

10:17 AM
@user400654 I finished the main campaign with my caster character yesterday
some of the bosses had interesting mechanics but they all fell over like paper. I focused on aether damage with infinity blades, anomaly and the healing circle with the damage rune
felt like the bosses had significantly too little hp. In the end even the last boss each stage of him fell over in only one solid dmg phase. AS soon as he was broken he died in that window.
10:44 AM
totally random song of the day
Some will recognize the music - the tune is taken from Ultima VII and is the Fellowship theme in the game.
Words... fan made by Ymochel.
@Magisch something something Delirium.
Ah, the Binding of Isaac. A game which sometimes I completely love and sometimes I completely hate. I have not pinned the exact criteria yet as to when I flip to which side.
11:02 AM
Did favorite tags highlighting just change?
@Mithical Free to not reply if you wish, but I kinda have to ask. Is that strike still in the plans now?
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, 18 hours ago, by Mithical
Going to say it's best to put this strike on hold for a couple weeks and see whether or not Stack follows through with actions, and not just words. If they don't... well then, striking is still an option. If they do follow through... there'll be no need for a strike.
thanks, didn't see that.
11:56 AM
So, anything on fire?
*looks down at flaming pants* Nope.
This morning there was a pleasant and subtle cooked meat smell in the room, but now I only smell things burning
Shame, would have been a good meal.
12:11 PM
@It'sOver in SE? Sure! It's simple: the deadline is 6-8 nevers.
@It'sOver not yet
So I don't hold my breath for any update, not in Q1, not in Q2, not in Q3, not in Q4, and not in Q5.
@SmokeDetector Definitely spam.
More flags please.
@Shadow9 what about Q6?
@It'sOver until then that new person they brought will be long gone anyway.
12:14 PM
@Shadow9 I like your eyebrows
(see also: Joe Friend, category "New people SE brings with tons of buzz just to see them go after a year or less".)
Anyway.... lost hope aside, I need...
@Shadow9 brews a cup of Cappuccino for @Shadow9
@It'sOver they haven't changed much in the past week
@Shadow9 They're still mesmerizing
@It'sOver How do you know? The right one is mesmerizing, but the left? Maybe that's been shaved off!
12:20 PM
@terdon fun fact: we have a known person in Israel with such case. Let me find...
dang... forgot his name. Will try to remember soon. :D
@It'sOver I said literally the same thing not two days ago.
@Gimby I suspect he just copy&paste your words. ;)
@Gimby why, your feather colors are (annoyingly) vibrant as well
@Shadow9 I'm sure there are loads. Screwing around with eyebrows seems popular these days.
For example, I keep seeing people who have shaved them off and then painted them back on.
Seems to be a thing now.
Maybe religious monotony has its upsides as well then
12:34 PM
@terdon Sometimes they're signals.
Like the lesbian eyebrow slit.
@terdon I've only seen that on elderly woman.
I'd rather paint eye balls on my eye lids so I can close my eyes in dull meetings, far more functional than painted on eyebrows.
@Mithical I... don't see how that makes a difference, to be honest. I mean, to each their own, I just find it disconcerting.
@Mast Oh no, I see it on young women, at least in the UK, very often recently.
Or I noticed it recently, which might mean nothing at all.
popsugar-assets? What are you doing to me google image search?
Anyway, safe for work, fully clothed woman with painted eyebrows.
In other news, COVID-19 made it here. Thank God, I was getting worried. :|
And that's what it looks like when done by a professional (I am guessing). The home made attempts I've seen are even less convincing.
12:44 PM
@terdon Yuck.
@It'sOver Mortality rate so far is just above 2%, so if it's only a handful of people they'll likely survive.
Well, 2 deaths confirmed
I'm sorry.
Oh, sure, no need to apologize
@terdon lovely filename as well
Unless your real-life name is COVID ಠ_ಠ
12:47 PM
@JAD Oh, ugh
Hehe I just noticed
I don't mind, just found it funny
It looks like a gradient fill for an object in MS Word
I have an impulse to right-click, format and adjust the gradients
Maybe if there were outlines it would have looked less weird?
:is tempted to grab powerpoint:
Powerpoint is for Powerpointers
Real geeks use LaTeX and spend 95 percent of their time adjusting margins.
12:56 PM
I like powerpoint (or any variant thereof). I spend 95% of my time figuring out different annoying slide transitions.
A: Who or what is Monica and why so much notice from SE users?

Geoff GriswaldThe interesting part of your question is “why so much notice from stack exchange users”. Specifically the mass name change, which is a cheap, easy and relatively effort free way for a small number of users who are very active on the site to spread their message to a large number of users. The t...

Pot calling the kettle black eh? I'm not sure who's trying to be the contrarian here.
Actually, I am sure, but don't tell anyone.
I live in Coventry, and this year we are the City of Culture
I'm tempted to explain it's going to be the City of Culturing world wide virus epidemics...
@It'sOver Why are you calling attention to this tho?
the answer oneboxed above
1:12 PM
@JohnDvorak why?
Downvoting seems like the right thing to do. The answer is an answer and is answering the question asked, I don't see why it should be deleted.
incendiary, borderline r/a
it's badly written
but as a point of discussion, it kind of has a point.
@djsmiley2kTMW Well, it's not so much as calling attention than me doing my normal thing: Rambling about meta posts. And life. And the life of meta posts.
He tends to ramble like an old wise man who's barely turned twenty.
1:18 PM
@JohnDvorak I don't see it. It's certainly less incendiary and less r/a than the average pro-Monica post.
Including some of my own, probably.
Eh, I dunno, I wouldn't have deleted it.
Dissenting opinion voiced poorly, but a meta post nonetheless.
Eh, fine then.
@Mithical Get off my lawn mower
You're ruining the sidewalk
Those who want it to live may vote now.
Or forever hold your silence
1:22 PM
You mean, sign up for a delv-ban?
well, since you folks seems to need some distraction from meta, let me then share the "odd argument of the day" I heard at work recently.
Well, I neither have the rep nor the badge, I'd just be the hungry angry mob of protesters throwing rotten eggs
@BlueSoul I haven't had food for 25 hours now so I may be a bit grumpy
Short version - I had to live with two people who kept arguing for a few hours on what scenario would be more "secure". A router/modem connected to a wired VSDL or the same router/modem connected to an usb 4g dongle
in the middle, me, trying to work on some Sharepoint mess.
Time for a trip to Starbucks. Roll a charisma check to see if you go, or the two.
@It'sOver (yikes, 25 hours).
1:28 PM
I'm too lazy to go fetch food so I'm having oranges.
I commend you for being merely "a bit grumpy" while nearly starving.
TIL oranges don't count as food
@terdon nah, the person I mentioned had half his face burned, not on purpose.
That might sound weird but it's not.
Because, uh.
@JohnDvorak how so? They have sugar, calories, etc.
@Shadow9 see above
1:29 PM
Guess one can live on oranges for few days...
Because when you're gonna have something anyway in a few hours, then what's the point of eating? ← Love this argument
@JohnDvorak I saw the ceiling. What about it?
You can live 30 days without food.
"you darn kids get off my property!"
1:30 PM
@JohnDvorak really?? Told my kids it's only possible for a week. :(
It may only be possible for a week for a kid
only food, not water
Also there's a documented case of somebody surviving 40 days without food and then rejecting some when they had the chance because it wouldn't be kosher.
Side question - why's there a TV in the elevator cabin?
probably because it is rented as an AirBnB?
@JohnDvorak This is from asdf cartoon series, which line is absurd humour. This particular scene you see kids calling the lift. When it arrives at the desired floor you see this old person yelling 'you darn kids get off my property', the joke being that he lives in the elevator.
1:39 PM
ah, thank you!
^ Another example of their absurd jokes
Their videos on youtube are great as well
@JAD Yeah, I was about to say that I can't help but recommend you watch 'em :p
Especially since as a matter of fact...
I like trains
flaps in joy
1:43 PM
Don't you say flapping when you want to describe the hand movements autistic people might do when happy?
It's flapping in French and I assumed it's come from English given the sound of it
I don't say anything at all
It's basically hand-shaking stimming
rings no bell
I do know birds flap
Flips in joy (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
That's my joyful face
@JAD Just found this document that explains what is flapping. Hand flapping is said to be one of the most obvious ways autistic people might stim (I hardly ever do that though)
I also flap my hands sometimes, but I'm just weird and childish.
I am also known to walk like an egyptian.
@Gimby I think it's quite a natural way of expressing happiness/joy :p
I'm sure, but I'm also weird on top of that.
1:50 PM
I think in internet speak its..
@Gimby Isn't it great to be weird?
I think so, life is too boring otherwise.
When I get happy I just say obscene things.
Maybe. I don't get much happier or sadder than usual.
Say, an apathetic Okja.
You seem sadder than the usual
@Shadow9 Well, that escalated quickly!
1:54 PM
@Shadow9 The Hound?
@avazula I do?
@It'sOver I think so, but who I am to say?
You joke rate is lower than what I'm used to
This line of discussion is awkward, next!
Hmm, yeah, I guess
@Gimby :p
2:44 PM
@It'sOver nah, only half face. Hound has all his face burned. I think? checking
meh, most of his face
half actually
Half in the books. Shoved in a fireplace.
Well, now I know where I need to go when I need lots and lots of stress balls.
we can use them
@Gimby so that's how it's called.....
2:53 PM
Are you trying to turn that into some kind of dirty joke?
Me? Never! @It's can vouch for my innocence.
Your bushy eyebrow says different
Need to change
ha ha :)
3:18 PM
3:43 PM
Ryan Donovan on February 20, 2020
It’s now been more than 50 years since the first IFIP Conference on Software Engineering, and in that time there have been many different software engineering methodologies, processes, and models proposed to help software developers achieve that predictable and cost-effective process. But 50 years later, we still seem to see the same kinds of problems we always have: late delivery, unsatisfactory results, and complete project failures.
Man, I was seeing some really weird socket errors when trying to do a HTTPS request on both the client and server side. The culprit: a timeout value in seconds was being set where a timeout value in milliseconds was expected. So the client was basically opening a connection and immediately disconnecting because request timeout. That produces some errors that not even google can help you with!
oh...... wonderful wonderful ideya of the day....
so, now theoretically SO content is under CC 4.0 (let's forget about all the issues for a moment)....
do this mean that all the mirrors should update their attributions?
I thought you were going to go biking in Tokyo.
@BlueSoul practically - as long as it was accurate at the time...
@Gimby naw, I just like pretty 4k footage and am at work
3:59 PM
For new content they should have to comply with 4.0 terms; but AFAIK anything they mirrored while it was 3.0 they should be free to keep using under 3.0 terms.
@Gimby on the plus side: you never ran out of sockets ...
@rene that's why I only bought marbles and never actually played. Can't lose them when you don't use them.
@JourneymanGeek came to mind because I just saw a replica that uses this attribution line
> This question is issued from sharepoint.stackexchange.com. The text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share Alike .
and it points to version 3.0
so, forgetting all the chaos around the license upgrade if that is technically valid, the mirror should upgrade the attribution line too.
4:14 PM
@BlueSoul that's going to be a fun thing to pull off
@Magisch Personally, I don't care about an apology. I don't care if someone takes ownership of fault. I don't need a head on a pike. I don't care whether SE brings in a silvered-tongued meta-whisperer or whether they have an action plan. I'm sick of the lip-service in the face of continued, reprehensible action on the part of their leadership. Just let me know if something actually improves.
@Mithical a gag order? Really? :/
@canon colloquial term for non disclosure agreement & non disparagement clause
basically a contract that companies make their ex employees sign that includes to not talk about anything that happened at the job or criticise the company in any way
I know what it means. I'm just clarifying that his severance was contingent upon such a clause. Ick.
yeah, that was quite ick
I think my respect for SE has pretty much bottomed out.
That said, there's no problem so bad you can't make it worse... right?
4:30 PM
@canon the brokenness and hurt runs deep. I don't think there's a quick fix but its either things get worse, remain as broken, or we assume good intent, at least enough that we can work out what their intentions are.
Campaign speeches, imo. We'll see what gets done.
luckily disappointment or encouragement wont have to wait long
they've given themselves 2 weeks for the first set of action items
I mean, trust is in short supply
but I'd really like to see some positive change, and certain points of view end up being.... unpopular.
@Magisch did they mention a self-imposed penalty for missing their self-imposed target date? :P
@canon Probably none, other than basically shooting themselves in the foot yet again. And there's not much foot left to shoot
4:37 PM
the implied penalty is that another failure will upset people more then the last
and as journey said, foot left to shoot is kinda running out
It's nice to see @JonEricson being his ever-helpful self:
@SaraChipps: If you look around the internal Team, you can find a few posts that might help guide employees as they interact with meta. — Jon Ericson 28 mins ago
:D and also :O
@PM2Ring I'd actually argue, as a 80+K meta user that...
meta needs a certain mindset and ability to communicate that you can't rush
You don't dictate to meta. You share. And very sneakily cajole and convince
4:38 PM
and silence
That burn, though...
Classy yet... :D
@JourneymanGeek Most certainly! I mostly lurk on MSE, and have only posted 1 answer & a handful of comments, but I know enough about it to know that it takes a lot of time for anyone to learn how to communicate effectively on MSE, and it must be a hell of a lot harder for staff, especially someone who's only been around for a short while.
@PM2Ring that's something I think that folks didn't realise
and that competency is useful when meta matters
or as I love to point out
4:51 PM
@JourneymanGeek And they not only didn't realise how hard it was, they didn't even recognize how badly they'd failed when they shot themselves in the feet. It's like the Black Night scene in Monty Python's Holy Grail...
There's a good reason my meta rep is a flat line right until ~2017
It is an acquired skill :D
Dosen't mean you have to crash and burn - just spend a little time getting to know the folks, and how best to communicate with them
i mean, just post answers that a certain group agrees with, it's free rep
@user400654 meh
@PM2Ring I wrote several guides on our internal Enterprise site that I moved to our internal Team. I pushed for other employees to be more active on Meta and I'm really not sure that was a good idea in the end. (The guidance I stand by. ;-)
Actually, I think @JNat moved them. At least one that I remember for sure.
I did, yes
at least one, yes
maybe more...? :P
4:58 PM
@user400654 I don't think that really works unless you're good at pandering to the crowd
for me the big 'advantage' was being a mod, and grokking how, well, stuff worked, or why stuff was done
Fundamentally though, rep is meaningless. I just want to make sure my communities are healthy.
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