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1:50 AM
@MetaAndrewT. Do they look like this?
2:09 AM
@Tinkeringbell what if they're incredibly small elephants?
This is a perfect storm of WTF
> When Mr Fearn completed his written assessment, he said he had to save the Word document under his full name to a particular file. In that file, he could see the names and assessments of other candidates.
Then someone uses that to pretend to be him and withdraw the application...
I think I should beware of Aibobot... sometimes, it is also suspicious...
yeah, can't trust robots.
2:55 AM
I saw the one on top, and thought it was closed. The one in the bottom was.
and got confused.
Probably not a problem if you're not distracted, and I don't think there's going to be traction to make closed posts more not less obvious
@Rob could you ping me again? XD
Sure, done
Also, when you have a pen tablet, every problem needs a RFHC
My RFHC are neither freehand nor circles :D meta.stackoverflow.com/a/370747/563532
well,RFHC are never circles.
they're kinda wonky
but almost always something like freehand
but being able to draw on a screen is fun
eh pfft
no respect for tradition!
For that I'll approve and hijack your edit to fix a spelling mistake I made no one will ever see ;p
3:11 AM
I only saw it now because you mentioned it ;)
I copy-paste my RFHC...
3:49 AM
My S9+ has a reasonable selection of pens and pencils, it's possible to draw freehand with fair accuracy.
4:03 AM
@SonictheAnonymousWizHog err....
meta.stackexchange.com/posts/236522/revisions why did you bump a five year old post ?
@JourneymanGeek So people don't cite that post as "evidence" of a bug ("hey, the system let me upvote this post after I flagged and my flag was handled...")
Its a five year old post
with no activity
Last activity for the whole question was in December 2017
Ok, its a one and half year old post. with no activity. I'm sure that makes it better
Broadly - you really need to consider if the edit actually adds substancially to the post.
4:10 AM
A: Should we add any friction to edits on posts that are old or probably obsolete?

Robert CartainoInteresting discussion I've noodled around with many, many times. Personally, I think we might be looking at this problem from the wrong end of the spectrum (in my opinion). How we handle routine edits has some big UX gaffs. Bigger picture: these systems need broader participation, not less. Wh...

As per that
> Bumping everything all the time is the problem here.
It got bumped.
I'd also add two mods weighed in
> Bigger picture: these systems need broader participation, not less. What we really should be looking at is how we can allow routine, low-friction edits… without being so damn imposing and disruptive to everyone else in the process.
I'd like you to consider whether an edit is essential
That wasn't
We don't need everything ever in iron clad, impossible to wiggle past terms.
Broadly I think its the curation vs creation thing - if half the posts on the front page has your name on it, maybe easing back on the editing is good. Post a comment, post an answer.
Yanno, Live a little
@JourneymanGeek Answering bumps too
@JourneymanGeek At the moment, my name only appears twice on the homepage.
@SonictheAnonymousWizHog It does also mean you're taking ownership of a solution
@SonictheAnonymousWizHog at the moment
And yes, I'm suggesting you think about how and why you use the site
@SonictheAnonymousWizHog honestly I think the downvotes send a louder message there
And since someone else bumped it, I'll post an answer ;p
5:03 AM
If he didn't bump it the pedantic bumper (what's his name, bumps closed questions constantly) would have.
1 hour later…
6:14 AM
@Mgetz Address harvesting or similar
maybe it's a real university that doesn't want to pay for surveys or got crafty trying to solicit responses
I thought they closed the email address harvesting loopholes
Very likely they just harvested emails elsewhere, guess that you're a developer and thus know about/use stack overflow
@JourneymanGeek I mean, finding people's email and identity is easy
6:22 AM
just because they made it against the TOS doesn't mean people stop doing it
I assumed you meant directly
@Magisch oh, they took active steps for that
right, like banning big bot accounts
but if I'm some two bit researched from FlexibleEthics University I can download a userscript and trawl a bit
eh, I seemed to remember one Q&A site basically managed to reverse the hash of gravatars on startups and emailed all the old users
6:35 AM
And robert cartaino is who? — Kevin B 10 hours ago
I somehow find that extremely funny
I somehow find that a bit mean.
hovering over unfriendly flag
's already gone ;)
It was no longer needed, their next comment shows they figured it out already
Also @rene there's at least 1 site I know of where you can't just say 'Don't do that'
@Tinkeringbell I should start writing a frame challenge to every IPS question
ought to ruffle some feathers
Don't worry. Feathers are already permanently ruffled :P
Too lazy to preen ;)
6:49 AM
@Tinkeringbell I don't think meanness was intended.
@Tinkeringbell sigh ...
@rene Hey, you wrote an answer saying any site... it's not :P
@rene Don't do that
@rene True, so I just NLN deleted it ;)
Does sound a bit passive-aggressive though, to put the 'is who' at the end.
Mixed feelings about the new blog post. There's some admittance to fault in it, but it's also filled with the irksome 'inclusivity' jargon of the previous posts.
@Tinkeringbell I think I read that Kevin admitted somewhere he genuinely didn't know who Robert is. Or maybe I imagined that.
My dreams are very realistic these days.
@Marshmallow Yeah :P That's that other comment I mentioned ;)
That one can stay.
I feel benevolent today.
6:54 AM
@Tinkeringbell meh, it is just an utterance of astonishment. I do that all the time: and Tinkeringbell is who?
And rene is who?
@rene Excuse me, who are you?
a flower
6:55 AM
Who is everyone? I need full-length explanations.
@rene No u gesundheit
Red parrot, crazy Dutch, female, developer.
That full-length enough?
@rene if a flower follows you, do you a flowoller or a folloflower?
@Tinkeringbell I match on the crazy ...
@Magisch are you prickly?
@Marshmallow woof
@Marshmallow cactus. Green.
@rene only on wednesdays
6:58 AM
@JourneymanGeek That doesn't match your credentials. Please stay close by, sir.
Hand hovering over gun
@Marshmallow they have a goodish reason for the staff page being gone but it's hard to keep track of folks without it
feeds the dog my apologies. He hadn't had breakfast yet.
@JourneymanGeek IKR. There was this guy named, I dunno, Shun9 or Shaq9. He often made sense.
@Marshmallow well don't forget the non CM staff
does ash ever bite
he doesn't strike me as the kind of dog that would
just bark menacingly and pretend he's not small and cute
7:05 AM
@Magisch oh. Only if he's in pain or you seriously annoy him
Sounds like experience
He has only tried to bite 3 people ever.
Queen Victoria, King of Norway, and you?
He bit me as a puppy while playing. Justifiably bit our neighborhood cleaning supervisor for lying to him that someone who was away was back
Also my dad while my dad was trying to clean Ash's teeth
@JourneymanGeek Happens more often then you think
jobs are a cutthroat market more often then not
7:16 AM
@Magisch true but that's how you hire sociopaths
@JourneymanGeek mayhaps that's a reason you see a high amount of sociopaths in positions with a lot of prestige and competition
@Magisch Well, if you don't value prestige and competition, you won't go for those positions so...
Self fulfilling prophesies ;)
also true
7:37 AM
@Magisch true
7:49 AM
daily rant: why is there no way to sort flags by time handled
8:04 AM
@Magisch typically SO aside that's a function of complexity
So mostly pointless
Also people would complain about exact flag handling times...
Sounds stressful
@JourneymanGeek But I want to read the replys I get for handled flags
and they're not handled in order
I might write a userscript to just read the page and reorder it for me
8:45 AM
Q: feature-requests are being looked at!

CerbrusLately, there has been a lot of negativity on Meta about feature-requests being left hanging for months or even years without any official reply. I noticed something very promising, the last few days, that I wanted to bring to attention: A lot of feature requests seem to be getting looked...

Feature requests are being cooked at!
@Marshmallow I dunno. It seems like they're celebrating that there's more than just 'looked at' :P
9:07 AM
@ShaWiz oops. Missed that it's data.se
9:50 AM
Q: Did Hitler say this quote about homeschooling?

Jane StOn How Hitler Stopped Homeschooling we read to gain control of Germany's hearts and minds, Hitler banned homeschooling in the 1930s. This law has never been repealed, and is still in force, leading to horrific consequences for Christian families in Germany who want to homeschool. ​ They ...

This cuts both ways. It's also an argument used by, say, anti-vaxxers.
Guilt by association, yeah.
10:02 AM
@Marshmallow : tag all meta posts as to get attention?
@MetaAndrewT. that would get someone angry at you ;p
I'm tempted to post a FR for SAML support on public Q&A
What does the profile look like?
Think so...
though we might want to throw a CM at it
And lunch :D
See ya ;)
chewing noises
6 hours later…
4:49 PM
35 messages moved to Chimney
2 hours later…
6:32 PM
@fbueckert I'm sure you yourself are aware of how much this "just leave the bad apples alone" argument comes up in different forms ranging from thought policing to curious optimistic proposals. I'm trying to recall a good answer to this argument, but I think how the various previous platforms turned out to be should be an obvious learning experience as to why eliminating either side of "promote good" and "shun bad" is bound to fail. Perhaps, in an ideal world, promotion is done so thoroughly all the time not to make the janitorial work necessary, but I can't think of how it can work in SO. — Marshmallow 39 secs ago
4 characters left. It doesn't happen just in movies.
> Forgot CMs! Super important.
> And Robert Cartaino is who?
It'd be funnier if both are Kevin
I'm not going down that road.
Kevin's road?
I have found the borders of the allowed humor in this room. Not going to trespass ...
6:37 PM
I think it's better if you just mention where you saw it and stop the anticipation
@Marshmallow rev 2
@rene Admittedly, I trek really close to it most of the time
Except, interestingly, when I'm trying to be snarky
i haven't once been contacted over a comment, so i'm just gonna keep on keepin on
Pity it took so long to get here :stackoverflow.blog/2019/07/18/…...:
6:41 PM
Whistles innocently
@canon THEM %#$^$#
@Canon a space
A space after the >
. . . What are you doing.
> lol
> This image apparently illustrates
7:01 PM
> people are gonna complain about whatever we do anyway so we'll just tell you about it when it's done!
if you are prepared to iterate quickly after that first drop I see no problem with that approach.
Might be easier then to seek consensus first
i don't always agree with the result, and feel like in those cases no feedback against it is really accepted, but it does seem the most effective at actually getting something done
8:11 PM
@Stormblessed apparently yes: meta.stackexchange.com/q/329359/158100
8:45 PM
@Makoto I do actually see my role as being one of a mentor or teacher. Most of my answers explain where the OP might have gone wrong (if it’s a debugging question), and I try the explain what is going on and why and how things are designed to work. That’s teaching, right there. Sure, it’s a very different setting from a classroom or a one-on-one mentoring relationship but I do strive to transfer knowledge. I think answers that teach to fish are better quality compared to the answers that merely present the fish. — Martijn Pieters ♦ 3 hours ago
That's semantics, no?
@Makoto I know I learned to respond better and to leave the snark at home (literally, my family is now forced to my snark being spoken out loud instead) since those efforts. I’m being no less firm when evicting accounts 2, 3,4, and 5 for a repeat question-ban evader, I just make sure to not rise to the bait. I never saw why people had to conflate “having to be constructive” with “allowing quality to slip”. That’s one of those mischaracterisations of the goals SE set for these efforts. — Martijn Pieters ♦ 3 hours ago
Spot on.
On the question, I'd probably suggest a change in the title, since it gives me the previous "SO why hath you forsaken me" vibe, but the post is about something different.
But eh, Ms. Chipps looked at it, so sounds like SE saw it.
eh, i can see where he's coming from with it... I often avoid directly answering questions because i'd rather provide hints at the answer in the comments and get the op to figure it out themselves.
Answering and explaining it all directly is fine and all, i just feel like it misses that opportunity to get the OP to figure it out
getting the op to figure it out isn't useful to future visitors nor does it scale to the quantity of incoming questions SO has

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