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@Mithrandir elevated grey water displacement systems
as opposed to underground and surface waste water displacement systems....
8:36 AM
How can I apply
Suppose there I want questions with answers:1 OR duplicate:1
As you can see in the link above it result in
duplicate questions with 1 or more answers
I want question with one or more answers or they are marked as duplicate
Is that possible
@Pie better to ask on the main site - more folks there
even if its a weekend
8:56 AM
Last time I know, there's no OR operator with advanced search...
@MetaAndrewT. There is one, but only for tags: chemistry.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/…
9:41 AM
@JourneymanGeek Is this is duplicate question because I could not any question which has been asked before and is similar to this?
@Pie the community will let you know ._.
(I'm not totally fond of how quickly we close things as dupes ;p)
ha ha
I like your sense of sarcasm
Although It is an honour to chat with an moderator
lol. As with all my moderatorships, its a honour that comes with spending too much time online XD
How does it feel to be a moderator on Stackexchange site
@Pie well, its a lot like being an active, high rep user.
9:47 AM
I do think we live in same country
and tbh, a lot of what we do dosen't actually need the position or the reputation.
I donno. Asia?
I am a Asian too
9:48 AM
Matching.. Matching..
I would have invited you for treat if you were in the same country
ah lol
Depends on the country. Some countries are very large
What do you like the most for eating or drinking?
I'm a sterotype.
I just need my curd rice.
Do you have some kind of wishlist as many user here on stackexchange place there wish list here on their profile
Ah rice are nice
9:50 AM
We asians like rice a lot
In my country rice is one the main food
for dinner
I'm on meta mainly cause its a way I can influence things (originally more in terms of SU than anything else) and folks ended up trusting me
any motivation is implicit
some varient of it, sure
It is very popular in austria
The receipe is indegineous to my country
We are kadhi eater.
austria and australia are very different.
9:55 AM
Not it was a typo
I meant australia
nice chatting with you
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3:58 PM
If I see a question where someone exploited this bug/issue/loophole, should I flag for mod attention?
Q: Possible to vote to close for old, decommissioned close reasons (with proof of concept)

Sonic the Bracketed Hedgehogtl;dr install this user script, and it becomes possible to vote to close for old close reasons such as "not constructive" and "too localized". After doing some twiddling with Stack Exchange JavaScript, I discovered it's possible to vote to close for old, now-decommissioned close reasons such a...

4:10 PM
It has already been seen by a moderator
Oh didn't know.
4:27 PM
@MEEwasthemissingbracket @Journey do, don't talk
4:47 PM
@Marshmallow I am somehow confused by your message ... Are you primarily talking to @mee or to Journeyman?
@MEEwasthemissingbracket Oh, sorry. The reply is meant to indicate to Journeydawg that that's the message I'm talking about, and the ping is meant to wake him up
Personally, if I hear the Tavern's ping when I'm trying to get some sleep, I'd think I'm being abducted by aliens
@MEEwasthemissingbracket yes
@Marshmallow growl
@MEEwasthemissingbracket custom flag plz. Not sure what the exact response will be tho
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9:05 PM
I'm seeing an increase in site recommendation questions...did something go out about it?
9:46 PM
@SonictheBracketedHedgehog I've seen quite a few of them, myself, recently.
9:57 PM
But then again, I haven't been here regularly until this calendar year, so I can't discern whether there's an increase of them. But questions asking "where to post this question..." seem to survive here longer, and with fewer downvotes, than posts merely posting a question belonging elsewhere, but don't bother to worry about where they should post (if anywhere on SE). Perhaps savvy users have noticed that too.
10:16 PM
Q: Why do users often ask blatantly off-topic questions here on Meta?

iBugFor quite some time, newer users seem to ask a lot of blatantly off-topic questions here on Meta. They are mostly programming questions that should have been closed asked on Stack Overflow, along with some other questions that would fit into Super User or Server Fault, as well as a few others tha...

10:36 PM
@SonictheBracketedHedgehog Thanks!
11:22 PM
@SonictheBracketedHedgehog that's something that belongs on meta so no issue

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