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SO answers per month, for the last 5 years. (Including deleted)
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@Magisch now that I got some sleep and such...
I have a few theories
The funny thing is - part of the problem is we got it very right to start with
We had an initial batch of CMs who were epic and the right people to deal with a purely dev centric community
then we got a second batch, then CHAOS - who were an immensely diverse team of wolks well equipped to deal with a broader network...
Apparently that was Joel's idea and brilliant
Then came a bit of that period where SO were focused on other things - as a non SO person, I have, and did complain about how the rest of the network seemed neglected
As much as I'd love the job - if SO wanted to "invest" in being more inclusive - I'd love to see a chaos 2.0 with folks who are not SO/SE insiders working through stuff with us. Help us see what we miss as folks who spend much too much time on meta XDXDXD
2:36 AM
> Does anyone know who Bryan Ferry is? I’m being dragged to a concert later this year and I have no idea who it is. -- Taryn aka bluefeet at 7:26 PM - 29 Mar 2019
Argh. Is Taryn trolling or what
I don't know who that is either
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> Hello i’m stacked in jquery
Too much jQuery? So much, it got stacked ...
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9:48 AM
@M.A.R.TheChemicalWizard neither. People like @Kevin and me got caffeine in our veins instead of blood. ;-)
@rene at least it's not a jQuery bath.
true that
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All y'all are quiet
@JourneymanGeek Mom took me shopping :(
@Tinkeringbell I skipped that this week since I was at work
Lucky you :P
also watched a few episodes of love death and robots.
Some episodes are really good, some are meh. ;p
also since they're shortish, you can wedge in an episode between things ;)
2:07 PM
Sounds nice. I should still check it out.
I'd warn a few episodes push the right buttons for me - like suits and lucky 13. The first episode was good too. Bit of gratuitious nudity if that sorta thing bothers you in some episodes
(I'm a sucker for giant stompy robots, and space fighters. Also lucky 13 was like "THIS FEELS LIKE A BOOK I READ!" and ended up set in the same universe...)
3:01 PM
@AskQuestionWizard This is whom Bryan Ferry was: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWaqFYOqnXjEKMryNKIYpEgTy3pfYW5HJ - So if you are old enough you've probably heard his music before. He is 73 now, in 1973 he was top of the UK Charts; at 73 he'll be quite the different person and the songs won't be the same.
3:30 PM
@Magisch I'd say it's regressing to normal, from being illogically and unsustainably close / friendly in the earlier days.
Which was probably due to while male bonding anyway.
@JourneymanGeek downloading a 15Gb game with 64Kb/s, and if I browse the internet, the download gets disconnected...
darn, it got disconnected...
Another victim of SE addiction.
Theory: some demographic groups are more addiction-resistant than others.
@AskQuestionWizard That's already been researched and proven, IIRC
3:46 PM
Candidate scores of Data Science: 4, 4, 8, 9, 9, 19 (current moderator). Is that enough data to do science with?
This site is a prime example of 10 QPD metric being wrong re: being ready to graduate.
There are tons of questions posted by people who follow some learn-data-science-online thing; they post, get no attention, leave. But yeah, > 10 questions per day.
@AskQuestionWizard need more Open Data to do science
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5:02 PM
The one question to end all issues (or not)
Q: What's the precise and exact mission statement of Stack Overflow?

MakotoAs a follow-up to an earlier question of mine, there was some ambiguity in reference to what the actual mission of Stack Overflow is. I'm not looking to debate the matter nor am I looking to nitpick. I just want a clear and unambiguous definition to what it is. If we know and understand what i...

You already know the answer to this question. You also know that there's no way in heck that SO the company is ever going to come out and publicly admit it, because that would drive off the users who actually give a damn about this site - and who, coincidentally, are the only thing preventing it becoming yet another Experts Exchange. All we've ever got, and all we're ever going to get, are the same old half-truths and plausible denials that an abusive husband uses to keep his wife chained to him. — Ian Kemp 18 hours ago
I'd like this more with a little less victimhood.
And I like this one a lot:
The mission of the former executive management team was somewhat obvious. They got a year from the investors to fix the SO problems but failed miserably. So they were sent packing, what's next is anybody's guess. — Hans Passant 20 hours ago
5:29 PM
@Tinkeringbell do I get the impression that you are currently suffering because of small humans?
Just a little. They're the neighbours and they DON'T know how to behave (or talk, for the youngest)
Even simple things like dinner take ages...
Good luck... little kids can be nightmares at times, yeah
Ugh. These have now set their minds on ruining my PC with their 'games'.
They don't even understand that stuff is mine, not theirs.
Or at least not communal.
So it's 'But we can download this'... DINGDINGDING three new virusses
I kicked them off immediately
lock the browser to only allow stackexchange.com domain...
@GetAnswerWizard Tempting.
I just said that there wouldn't be any downloading anything.
And since there's only a few other games on here that they don't like, they're gone now.
5:35 PM
Why are they by you? Babysitting?
Actually, my mother is babysitting.
But apparently I'm cooler 'to play with'
Parents having guests (of any size) is a childhood terror of mine.
I think I can put that on IPS... how to make clear to kids that I'm not (and never will be) interested in playing.
Nowhere to hide
or Parents.SE
Hide to nowhere
5:38 PM
Perhaps... I see it more as a failure to communicate clearly though
Anyways, mom will likely tell me 'they're just kids', I'll be seen as overly dramatic again and at 9PM we'll all be having a drink being glad the kids are in bed.
And nothing will have changed next time :P
Solution: BYOD policy for kids.
That sounds like a good idea.
But I'm guessing their parents made them leave their devices at home on purpose
Another annoying thing: They don't even knock before barging into your space.
One came back... Ever felt that kind of threatening presence behind your back? Like someone is staring at you?
Keep absolutely still. Their vision is based on movement.
I'm trying to
Okay. Gone again. And of course didn't close the door on the way out.
Are eleven year olds supposed to play first person shooters? :/
I'm doubting these kids more and more. But at least they're my brother's problem now.
6:05 PM
I think that's nothing unusual.
I hope so ...
Man, things have changed since I was younger.
I was that age when Robocop came out and I loved the movie... was surprised to find much later that it had X rating.
Didn't have much in the way of FPS back then.
Mathimatic Compuer Science

Proposed Q&A site for people with Mathimatic Compuer Science questions

Currently in definition.

Another promising site proposal...
6:08 PM
Robert Cartaino must be on vacation or something.
I grew up with Freddi Fish and PuttPutt. And later I got a NeoPet.
PS1 is the last console I have, before jumping to PC. Also, didn't play any FPS back then, until Counter Strike 1.1...
Year 2000? That made me... 11 years old, yeah.
6:24 PM
@Tinkeringbell As long as those games are old ones made back when computer graphics weren't great (and couldn't properly render blood and gore)
e.g. 1993 Doom
@SonictheWizardWerehog I don't think so... they mentioned call of duty
... I knew it.
> Just trying to make sense of the universe through some revenue numbers here: $70M - StackOverflow, a site that powers all of modern software dev $1B - Snap, an eyewear company that lets you put stickers on your selfies twitter.com/Techmeme/status/1111426736686661632 … -- Vicki Boykis at 5:48 PM - 28 Mar 2019
SO missed a golden opportunity by not adding in-app purchases of avatar hats.
The hats could be their primary revenue generator by now.
6:35 PM
@AskQuestionWizard SE refuses to participate in hats at all for most of the year
7:48 PM
I wonder if SO would accept a cat as their CEO...
8:31 PM
@SonictheWizardWerehog nope
@SonictheWizardWerehog ...did you actually read 1a0c60a?
> Not from SmokeDetector. Uninterested.
also, really?
Status-declined it here, so you go and post an issue about it?
Great for setting a new record for quickest status-decline though
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10:59 PM
@Glorfindel Does your broken image fixer fix images one-by-one? Why not, if there are multiple broken images in one post, fix them all at once?
!!/notify- 89 meta

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