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12:18 AM
Well, it's different for sites that were not in beta for a long period of time.
When moderation-active users quickly become mods, they can't get that badge.
Martin on Chemistry, Chris on Biology, and Keelan on Philosophy are examples of first-marshal -> mod.
Actually, Biology still has only two Marshals, and both are mods.
Paulster2 on Mechanics...
The only site where I am the first Marshal is Arduino but I somehow don't see myself moderating it...
12:35 AM
I probably have mine cause I missed an election due to exams
I nearly missed a second cause I was in india at the time, my granma had broken her hip, and my original nomination was a placeholder ;p
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2:12 AM
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3:21 AM
3:59 AM
so @gerry, if shog and balpha both fall into a river, who would you save first
can you swim to start with?
5:29 AM
@ShadowWizard yeah...
5:41 AM
@hichris123 62 might be a record
Feb 4 at 16:46, by hichris123
97 messages moved to Chimney
lol, damn
4 messages moved to Chimney
/me struggles with feelings of inadequacy
^ hichris irl
6:41 AM
watching 'how to fix lawn mower pull cord' on youtube
6:47 AM
@Jason let's see if your scraper and skills got some real use.... can you find periods of inactivity for users? I posted in the Den almost every day from the very beginning, but think I had like two whole weeks without posting at all. Might be one week, but surely more than 5 days. Can you find this? If anything, that will be a nice challenge for you.... ;)
Man, people are really quiet today. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/295068/… needs closevotes ;p
ah, never mind, nuked.
@JourneymanGeek by The Shog himself! :D
yup ;p
7:35 AM
@SmokeDetector K
Good noon peoples
Whatever, semantics nazi
RPG election attracted more drama than your average election.
Shame on you, super users
@M.A.R. You were complaining about that
Your election was so quiet, it even didn't wake up little birdies for spring
On one hand, it shows a certain maturity. On the other, it was a little boring.
7:43 AM
A site that's merely the size of SU's fingernail attracted more election drama than SU.
This is an indication of a problem.
You should increase the quality of your trolls
Try pissing off more sock-puppets
Maybe get recycle to stand for elections...
that would be fun
(more seriously, we have the opposite problem. We have a ton of mod caliber people who're unlikely to stand)
Anyway, our drama is a bit more spread out
Not just for election period.
You get high quality spam though
Hard to detect
Cause I'm pretty certain between spamram and smokey, I hardly see any spam now
Well, the answers mostly. Not the questions
Still hardly see em ;p
7:48 AM
Don't slack off then
Q: SevenSidedDie - problem with your moderation!

user33129Okay, I have found your Meta site and as directed am writing directly to you concerning the question you put on hold. I am VERY displeased with your interference with my question and seem to think you just have some personal issue with me and completely unbeknownst to me. You said we could talk ...

@JourneymanGeek - problem with your moderation!
Oh, I've had that sort of thing on meta before ;p
Pic or it didn't happen
I'm also certain I've had harrymc mad at me a fair bit
A: When should a moderator not use his super-powers?

Journeyman GeekI'm the moderator who did it. It feels like the fair, and best course of action would be to treat these answers as I would any other answer from a user who I feel is inexperienced of the ways of the site. These answers don't exactly reflect the sort of quality one expects, and in this specific c...

at the end of the day though, I try to act, with good intentions towards what I think is best for the site as a whole ;)
@JourneymanGeek Hah, the [bounty] tag is appropriate
I quite literally did not notice he missed his bounty by a day
7:54 AM
We all know what you're here for
@M.A.R. to eat your homework and steal your socks?
This is a face you can trust
@JourneymanGeek since we all know it, I won't tell
go ahead, tell me ;p
@M.A.R. popcorn, of course.
stealing popcorn from @Bart
@JourneymanGeek That's the point of the plot. It shouldn't be revealed
7:57 AM
@ShadowWizard or cheese. I like cheese. The good stuff ... ;p
Like the the stuff in that bag in Pulp Fiction
@JourneymanGeek cheese is too cheesy
ooh, the glowy box?
@M.A.R. what bag? Z's bag?
Oh, it was a suitcase
It was a bag in another film
7:58 AM
It contained a McGuffin.
@ShadowWizard since I don't completely hate you, I will not link you to TVthropes...
In fiction, a MacGuffin (sometimes McGuffin or maguffin) is a plot device in the form of some goal, desired object, or other motivator that the protagonist pursues, often with little or no narrative explanation. The specific nature of a MacGuffin is typically unimportant to the overall plot. The most common type of MacGuffin is a person, place, or thing (such as money or an object of value). Other more abstract types include victory, glory, survival, power, love, or some unexplained driving force. The MacGuffin technique is common in films, especially thrillers. Usually the MacGuffin is the central...
@M.A.R. why do you think I'm here? ;p
@JourneymanGeek lol!
Q: What has the greatest chance of being in Marcellus Wallace's briefcase?

benhowdle89In Pulp Fiction, there is a briefcase which has contents that are kept very secret. What item is most likely to be in the briefcase?

Who is more cute? ^
The sofa
8:10 AM
@M.A.R. which?
The one which isn't colored blue
I'm sure @Bart will say the glasses are more cute
I'm sure @Bart will say the cutes are more glasses
I'm sure @Bart will smite us both for pinging him
Looking at the starwalll
now I wonder why Nick needs a bigass fan
(I've seen a few at metro stations. They are in fact bigass fans, as opposed to fans of big large donkeys)
8:25 AM
@JourneymanGeek is bigass considered swear word?
finger hovering over flag button
@ShadowWizard ehhh. Could I get a pass here?
Its literally the brand name
oddly I see no https
8:26 AM
Well, "ass" itself actually got totally innocent meaning, a donkey.... it's bad people who misused that word for slang who ruined it. :P
Bad, bad people.
I think in this case though the ambiguity is intentional
It becomes flagable if you say You have a bigass
See you in 30 minutes ...
resisting temptation
Quick way to get chat banned: tell that to Shog. :D
8:28 AM
Tavern on the Temptation
Or to rage quit...
I never rage quit
@Telkitty used to do that a lot when she was.... younger.
But she always came back....
@ShadowWizard I think she is still in the middle of it ...
@Gerry also deleted tons of accounts, though not out of rage. Reason remains a mystery to this day.
@rene middle of being young? ;)
8:34 AM
Q: This sites methode of doing it's rating is so hostile should i bother to stay with it?

GLANTHThis sites methode of doing it's ratins is so hostile shoild i bother to stay with it? Down-grading for minor spelling,grammer errors.These questions and answers that are posted here are first drafts.A author would consider them first drafts!.And a author does at least one draft before the final ...

.... twitch
@M.A.R. that's a Dutch user I guess
ChooChoo.Theuser's methode of not using any space makes it look like a train.I like it.
@rene Because of ''methode''?
It reminds me of ''cathode''
@M.A.R. yes ... though their profile claims something else
8:36 AM
Tempted to answer "No"
@rene Well, it seems Asians make all sort of weird spelling mistakes
Why dig old drama? There is brand new drama there.
@M.A.R. oi ;p
@ShadowWizard There is?
@M.A.R. ...
8:37 AM
Let's make our drama
No, I mean I know there is
no popcorn for @M.A.R.
But there isn't an enjoyable meta post
Or maybe there is
@M.A.R. probably they're being deleted before we can see them
post "Users are digging old controversial meta posts on chat to make fun of it" on MSE
8:39 AM
@M.A.R. everybody makes mistakes, specially if you consider that English originated from that island near mainland Europe. Now see how the Americans ruined that...
@Elephant You can't touch me
I am above everything
touching @M.A.R.
Which could mean I'm below everything if it's a sphere
Oh boy
boy Oh
It occurred to me that maybe West is just far too East
8:41 AM
West is East Overflow
And North is just far too south
East is West Overflow
Wow, life makes so much more sense now
8:42 AM
There's also "Burgus", it's white
burgus.co.il good place, tasty burgers. Not cheap though. :/
@Mithrandir you eat in BBB? ^
I need 3k rep more on android.se to get mod-tools, but I already lost interest in finding interesting questions... hhh....
I know the feeling
@Elephant Welcome to my world
I need to try to hit 3k on AU so people would stop bugging me about it ;p
and I'd like to hit 10K on SF... just cause.
9:04 AM
@ShadowWizard nah
hm. that guy.
big chance q-banned
yeah ...
@rene Thanks for free halpful flag
9:09 AM
yw, you need those helpful flags, right? Specially on MSO ..
fixed part of lawn mower problem
stuck somewhere else
that's just like programming
I don't get the logic there. Especially for a user with some experience with "the way we do things"
@JourneymanGeek either desperate or simply refusal to accept that there are rules.
9:19 AM
@rene and the realisation that people would close it
Also, I realised... That guy is the worst thing I can say about anyone on chat ;p
@M.A.R. I dunno ....
@JourneymanGeek Flagging.
Please revisit Be Nice
9:22 AM
Be Flag
Was shouting ._.
The whole SE network is spilled up with mean people!
9:25 AM
lol. It hurts my ears eyes.
@πάνταῥεῖ look who is talking ;)
@rene A talking Dutch flower!
1 hour later…
10:34 AM
@JourneymanGeek if you feel for it, any (job) advice for this
@rene I'm having trouble finding work here
Would not hurt to apply tho ;p
Its a good market for coders
OK, feel free to let them know.
I wonder ... how many here have fixed a lawn mower before?
Definitely not me, 'coz we don't have lawn here...
11:02 AM
@rene eh, its not very useful advice ;p
11:23 AM
Someone can help me finding text like an eyebrow?
I have image of it but I want in text to copy
that sure is a weird eyebrow
@Telkitty yes. Iam looking on internet for an hour,no success :/
Here is how it looks like i.sstatic.net/7otH6.jpg
11:50 AM
not sure ^
the free hand chicken I have drawn
... and it is recognized as a clock?
12:13 PM
1 hour later…
1:37 PM
I feel incompetent, ~sob~, lawn mower repair: failed
@rene You mean... a CLUCK? HA HA HA HA HA!
@JasonC that was better than the joke I was going to make.
Don't hold back. We won't judge.
"Cock, clock. Small difference"
It's almost 10 o'cluck.
@JourneymanGeek That joke sucks clock.
1:41 PM
Yeah, it was quite fowl.
That's OK, you were clearly winging it.
This room is for the birds.
I was actually looking for something you could uload an image to..
@JasonC and cats :3
Is there any way to know at what time I got upvote? (Without using chrome web extensions)
@JourneymanGeek thanks but there wasn't that text I was looking for.
2:03 PM
@Fawad Sort of. You can go to your profile page → Reputation tab → click "by time"
You can also visit the post timeline although votes are rounded to the nearest day, @Fawad
E.g. stackoverflow.com/posts/43134776/timeline, substituting the number for the question/answer ID.
@JasonC it works
2:17 PM
In review audit results (e.g. stackoverflow.com/review/first-posts/15867535) what's the difference between "No Action Needed" and "Reviewed"?
Is "Reviewed" if you vote on it or something then click "I'm Done"?
2:30 PM
I have no idea ;p
and it dosen't seem to be on meta?
I do think reviewed would indicate some action being taken tho
I am reading this useless questions list and I think about you, let's try a few questions on you, so ...
If you had a sock stuffed in your mouth, do you think you could get it out without using your hands or feet? @gerry
@Gerry Would you rather be a crouching cat or a hidden snake?
@JasonC yes, that is it. There is no difference between that text on normal reviews or audits.
2:44 PM
Oh word
@Telkitty I'd rather be a catsnake.
You can quickly find audits with my userscript meta.stackexchange.com/questions/248338/… it shows audits by adding an A in the outcome column
i thought it was crouching tiger or hidden dragon?
but probably a new sequel is fine too...
also @gerry if would you rather choose to be locked in the same room as Jason for 3 days or forced to consume 3kg cookies + 3kg chips and nothing else in 3 days
@Elephant I guess Crouching Cat, Hidden Snake is the public domain knock-off version.
You know, huge cult following.
I am the only one who gerry pretends to ignore in this room
2:48 PM
@Telkitty I hope you are not surprised. :P
I am more surprised at the fact that I wasn't able to fix the lawn mower today
3:05 PM
How do I view all questions sorted by top voted on SO? I'm using the new nav.
Am I stupid?
depends ... who are you comparing yourself to
dosen't the voted tag do it automatically?
What's the voted tag?
try the "where's my tabs" link
3:08 PM
ditch the "new nav" it's dead and buggy.
Oh i have that link disabled but i found it, under "new tab" i can add a tab then switch the sort order to "votes"
@ShadowWizard It doesn't seem buggy to me, I really like it.
@JasonC good for you.... but if you find a bug, don't expect any fix, the one developer who worked on that project no longer works for Stack Exchange.
Good for your mom.
(and of course they never bothered to assign any other developer, same way they don't hire anyone to work on the android app)
@JasonC I'll tell her you told that! ;)
Well they have Kasra, although I'm presuming he still hasn't recovered from his grandmother's tragic flight non-delay.
3:13 PM
@JasonC he didn't work long time before the grandmother ordeal as far as I remember. I don't blame/judge him, it's really nice and heroic of SE to keep hiring him and paying him, but as a user of the app I'm sad they chose to sacrifice the app for this.
heh. Despite feeling for the guy, Id dump the app if not for notifications
(I can't do mod stuff from it, and open from browser is broken)
I both blame him and mercilessly judge him.
@JourneymanGeek which are starting to crumble recently:
Q: Not receiving any notifications on the Android app

Matt SamuelSo this has been going on for about a week. I'm not receiving notifications of comments directed at me on the Android app. Sometimes the red square over the notification counter does appear on the app, sometimes it doesn't, but I never receive a system notification, so it doesn't make my phone vi...

I won't be surprised a bit if they stop working for everyone soon. (and of course nobody in SE cares.)
@ShadowWizard if that breaks, I'm uninstalling it.
Then I have other issues...
@JourneymanGeek sure, me too.
3:15 PM
lol. I'd happily run something that just takes my notifications and passes it on to something else
I've got a pretty decent homebrew notification setup off matrix now.
@JourneymanGeek can be done via plain API, pretty sure there are 3rd party apps doing that.
@ShadowWizard I can't really code my way out of a paper bag ;p
Well, there is this:
Q: Get our Stack Exchange inbox as native notification on Chrome

FralecAbout I'm new to the Stack Exchange sites. So I was looking for Chrome Extensions get make my experience better. I searched for a simple and good looking Notification app. I found nothing so I make mine. Screenshot Download Here you can download it from the Chrome Webstore To report a bug...

actually. erf. dosen't seem that complicated
Think it also works on mobile, when you have Chrome there
3:20 PM
I'll give it a shot tommorrow
I'm still waiting for Windows 10 (or whatever) Action Center integration...
Q: Stack Exchange notification app for Windows 10 (integration with Action Center)

Andrew T.Is there a Stack Exchange notification app (particularly, the inbox) for Windows 10 that has integration with Action Center? There are notification apps for Windows 7 that I am currently using, but I'd prefer if they don't take space on the taskbar.

yeah, that probably would be nice
Random quote :P
5 messages moved to Chimney
4:05 PM
@ShadowWizard can't find: what is FHRC?
@alexolut Free-Hand Red Circle
@M.A.R. oh ... so easy ... thanks :)
@alexolut Do you expect @Sha's abbreviations to be smart?
@M.A.R. Why not?
@alexolut I'm just successfully teasing him
4:10 PM
@M.A.R. :)
Not particularly delightful.
Oh heck
> rebooting CogSci to try and finally get us out of Beta.
Someone go reject the [ios] removal edits I mistakenly approved
Although, the removal is apt in some cases
@Gerry Tell them to try Alt-F4 so the shutdown thingy appears first
Do philosophers get time to understand computers?
Isn't the world complicated enough?
@Gerry In 2017 do they use a different calendar in CogSci? IIRC 2017 is almost 4 months old....
@rene You programmers are always moving too fast
4:40 PM
Wasn't a compliment
Rebooting @rene
4:53 PM
@M.A.R. They are not philosophers, those are at Philosophy
CogSci is more of a psychology thing.
Although the scope of the site is exactly what's being debated there.
Sneak preview of Nick's upcoming blog post (draft)
5:38 PM
Is it acceptable to use the word homogenous as homogeneous?
Q: Homogenous versus Homogeneous

Matthew SainsburyI've always used the word (spelling) homogenous to describe things of similar nature. However, when I started university I heard everyone use the word homogeneous (pronounced "homo genius" or "homo jean us"). This article suggests that homogenous has evolved from having a specific meaning in bi...

@bjb568 I would find it strange. One is a biological term with a specific meaning, the other is an abstract concept.
Hmph, ok, will rewire my brain.
1 hour later…
6:55 PM
I'd like to burninate the tag on Meta, but don't know how to tag the proposal...
Q: Running javascript in visual studio 2017?

Daniel K.How to code javascript in visual studio 2017? What IDE is your favorite for javascript coding?

How many close reasons does this qualify for?
@Gerry If you're not kidding, that's an indication it's a useful tag . . .
@Gerry 7,438
7,439, if you include 'Unclear'
> I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because I don't know what close reason to include
7:38 PM
Sigh. I do hate to bother people with work-stuff on Sunday afternoon.
@Shog9 or @JonEricson I could really use some private advice or maybe a kick in the pants if either of you guys could pay us a visit elsewhere. Ignore this with my apologies if you're not up for being bugged on Sunday.
@tchrist in a salvage yard pulling parts; should be back in a couple hours if it can wait
@Shog9 Sure, it can certainly wait, thanks. I'll go dig up the garden. Stop by our chat room later if you're around.
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