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3 hours later…
3:30 AM
Every now and then, I click the "rejoin favorite rooms" button, which makes a request to http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/chats/join/favorite. Then I get a response of 200 OK, but it's empty, and doesn't update the page. If I refresh the page at that point, the favorite rooms are there, as though I joined them.
This inconveniences my life greatly.
I can't even get out of bed in the mornings sometimes.
Because of the thought of this vaguely erroneous behavior.
3:57 AM
@Pops Holy freaking crap.
That upload speed is crazy.
4:20 AM
Upload should never be bigger than download, dangit!
That's not very brown, I'm sorry :(
I demand 60 or better download!
@TimStone Haha, very true.
Not brown at all.
Q: How can I get Internet speed from my router that comes close to what I get from my modem?

PopsI have a pretty standard home Internet setup: Internet comes in via cable, cable modem connects to wireless router, router spreads the goodness among a handful of devices, most wirelessly, one or two via Ethernet cable. Recently, I called my ISP and upgraded my Internet service from "silver" to ...

(If you have any ideas that go beyond listening to me complain.)
4:22 AM
The fun part is that I think we only pay for 50/25
I pay for the second cheapest Internet package that Time Warner Cable has to offer.
Huh, it's a crime to continue working while furloughed, I did not know that.
I didn't know that either.
You're also not supposed to even connect to the agency VPNs to check their intranet sites, heh.
Not be to be overly political in here, but I thought it was pretty lame the way the popular news stations were covering the pending shutdown.
There was a little countdown timer-thing in the corner, and I felt like I was watching the American Idol finale.
4:38 AM
Heh, nice
A: Oracle JDBC intermittent Connection Issue

Vikas NalwarThere is a solution provided to this problem in some of the OTN forums (https://kr.forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=3699989). But, the root cause of the problem is not explained. Following is my attempt to explain the root cause of the problem. The Oracle JDBC drivers communicate w...

my internet provider decreased my speed few weeks after they installed, viva mexico, where complains have the only purpose of entertaining the one who reads them, the angrier you are the funnier it gets
@jadarnel27 It was like watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve, except the falling ball was the combined hopes and dreams of the American people shattering on the cold face of stubborn incompetence.
And no one likes having a ball dropped on their face.
Well said, Tim.
4:57 AM
@animuson Hey man, thanks again for sending me that book, in what I assume was just an elaborate plot to get brown to do something for me.
2 hours later…
7:01 AM
@jadarnel27 That was just a side-affect. Sometimes Amazon ships things via FedEx. I hate when they do that. Not because UPS is brown, but because FedEx just sucks. Probably because they're not brown.
7:29 AM
Hmm .... should I get suspicious that the performance problems with my apps have disappeared over night?
Nah.... let's ignore that for now. That will never bite me in the *ss
7:40 AM
Wake me up, when September ends. What did you say? It's October 1st? Son of a...
7:52 AM
September is eternal
is there a way for block indent change when editing a badly formatted code?
Copy-paste to your favorite code editor and do the magic there. That's what I do.
ok. :/
Yep, same here. Copy to VS, ctrl-a, ctrl-k, ctrl-f, copy back. :s
2 hours later…
And here I thought that would never get linked back to me :(
5 hours later…
2:59 PM
We team now supports a web app that was written by another team at the company. They transitioned it to us a few months ago.
At most, maybe 50 people were using it (it's open to the whole company though).
Today, some promotional / marketing team at the company sent an email with a link to that app, talking about how cool it is.
They sent that email to more than 10,000 employees / contractors.
Now everyone gets to see how cool the database timeout error screen looks.
(That was supposed to be "My team now supports..." at the beginning there)
Sounds like you're having fun @jadarnel27
Oh yeah. It's a blast haha. Good way to start the day.
Luckily, it's not my app. One of the other devs on my team owns support of this one. I just feel bad for him.
3:35 PM
Man, having integrated TestFlight was the best decision ever.
"No, you did not click on that and then go there ...."
"Yes, I am spying on you...nice pants...."
1 hour later…
@perhapsPekka saw it, passed it on already ;-)
the dup issue seems like it's perpetually "the next problem to tackle" (right after the MSO/MSE split), but who knows, this might be the year.
6-8 weeks?
5:25 PM
@Shog9 cool!
Issues like that may take forever to solve in a sane way, but great to hear that it's on the radar
@Shog9 Tell 'em to hurry, chop-chop
@sechefs ^^^
5:54 PM
I wonder whether the government shutdown means we can finally browse the net undisturbed and unsurveilled again?
NSA spying is an essential service.
Yeah, a quick search shows the NSA is not affected
Is it just me or is it rather disturbing how quickly Nixon's head in a jar popped up when @perhapsPekka mentioned the NSA?
I'd like to comment on that, Bart, but I don't want to jeopardize my visa status.
Whatever the government sees fit doing, is certainly the right thing to do. After all, they are good people and honourable citizens of their country, without exception.
They must have their reasons that we are not privy to.
All is well.
Didn't @mootinator mention a new job recently?
6:02 PM
Are they even allowed to enter? Didn't they build a huge fence up there?
I for one welcome our new moot-y overlord.
1 hour later…
7:12 PM
This seems weird.
Just so you guys know, using massive, uncompressed bitmap files for your web app is probably not a good idea. Especially when they are stored in SQL Server, and are retrieved from the database as part of the page load process.
double facepalms
Does anyone have a free hand?
@jadarnel27 I don't think the floating Shog is using his hands.
I'm not confident that he even has hands, though.
7:30 PM
Then again, he does not require hands to facepalm. The facepalm is implied.
3 hours later…
10:14 PM
We have an awful lot of head-only people around here.
looks around shiftily
@perhapsPekka Funding was cut for most administrative ...bodies.
10:35 PM
@perhapsPekka don't hate me because i'm ahead
11:14 PM
With how many times I've constantly linked this duplicate, you'd think people would know it exists by now...
I got a letter in the mail saying that my current health insurance monthly payment is going to double in January o_O This is not very brown at all.
Although apparently I can shop around for cheaper rates in this exchange thingy.
So hopefully it will work out for the best.
11:48 PM
Any mods around?
stackoverflow.com/users/2598003/nathan-nelson Please look at this user-profile. Submitted a bunch of late answers - all of them link only - to promote his blog/ website!
@Ani Eh, taken care of.

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