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12:24 AM
area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/40625/extreme-sport - Hahaha poor English makes for comedic question titles... "How to avoid the accident ?"
12:46 AM
Q: Do moderators have jobs?

FlavorScapeHow do moderators make money? Seems like you'd have to spend a ton of time on SO or get lucky on those "answers that keep on giving" to become a moderator (you know what I mean, that one question that gets like 450 upvotes even though it's a really boring simple answer). So, if they are spendin...

@TimSiteisaForum Oooo, Friday already?
@TimYiJiang checks schedule
Well, he missed Happy Hour.
1:34 AM
Got Fanatic on Physics! Now I have three badges there (everyone else has 2 ^.^)
@TimManishEarth Haha, congrats. Think you can maintain the lead? :P
@TimSiteisaForum Maybe. I can get Copy Editor if I get back to my cleanup of a particular tag
Knowing our community, I think that's it
All vote-related badges are out
Ahh... right.
THough Populist seems possible
I recommend tactical use of bounties. >_>
1:37 AM
Not enough active users to get votes
Populist. Find an answer of yours that has the right 2:1 ratio vs. an accepted answer, then use bounties to draw attention until...
heh. maybe these aren't that transferable.
It worked for me for two three Populists on SO.
I meant publicist :p
Ah, ha. That's probably doable, with some luck.
1:40 AM
Populist is possible, but getting 10 upvotes anywhere is hard
Forget >10
Marshal is also possible, but itll take a long time
We have a well behaved community
Elections are run yearly, as needed. Since all three moderators are active here, and y'all are by and large well-behaved, there's really no need for more. @Ron. Oh, and candidates must nominate themselves. — Shog9 May 8 at 16:17
Ah, I was going to remark that if you were going for Marshal you'd probably make Mod before you had a chance, but...
I guess it'll be impossible for that reason instead.
not much flag-worthy stuff... Though I guess all closable questions ought to be flagges since only I and Qmechanic are the non mods who CV
Oh, qmechanic has Marshal
Wait he doesn't
2:27 AM
"REFURBISHED WITH 12 MONTHS 3 MONKEYS WARRANTY" - What exactly does that mean? o.o
3:06 AM
Q: http://twitter.com/#!/steveodonald/status/200929176633622528

kayI just saw an interesting tweet by @steveodonald: Funny js fact: ["70","81","11"].map(parseInt) == [70, NaN, 3] Testing it in the node console and Opera: It's true! Can anyone explain which strange rule here applies? > ["70","81","11"].map(parseInt) [ 70, NaN, 3 ] But: > ["70","8...

Nominating for the least useful question title of the year award
3:38 AM
/also feels happy that he was able to spot the flaw
3:56 AM
/embarrassed that he didn't immediately know where the second parameter to the closure was coming from.
4:23 AM
4:59 AM
This is why I hate Indian politics: m.timesofindia.com/india/…
5:11 AM
HI all
Hello Manish, you online 24 X 7 ?
5:28 AM
but i saw you on line all the time , even in early morning
are you in india or outside india ?
Student, on vacation
@TimPost Hmmm, that would make sense, but it had 8 (or so) followers. I wish I knew the real reason it was completely deleted.
Even when not on vacation , I intersperse SE with studies.. So it appears that im always online
Good to hear that
which technology you work with ?
5:38 AM
He's a physics nerd. Smart.
As a personal hobby, javascript/jquery and php
Physics is also a personal hobby :p
Q: ...Compiz Closing

JonathanI've recently upgraded to Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. It's a really good environment; except for one Problem...: Compiz keeps closing on it's own. How do I remedy that? I also wonder why this sight keeps telling me that my question doesn't meet quality standards. Shouldn't I be the one saying that abou...

I think the quality filter is working perfectly
This sight doesn't like me :p
@TimManishEarth: Trying to collect downvotes?
5:53 AM
Maybe. Sort of lost it there
There's a shiny LINK for gods sake. You click it and get taken to "What can I do when I get ...". The BIG TITLE clearly explains that this is the place to go. You READ the post. What's so hard?
I think the issue is that the post is on meta. They could transclude the post to a different page and everything would be fine
Got to go, ttyl
Any way you look at it, that message was really not appropriate.
6:36 AM
Can we silently murder the tag
Or have a mod synonym it to feature-request
6:57 AM
@TimYiJiang Man, I'm a little ashamed I didn't notice that tag before to edit it out. I know I've read some of those questions.
@Shog9 Can you set up the synonym?
2 hours later…
8:45 AM
@anim I know.. And I apologize for that.. I later felt like deleting it, but it was already deleted :/ .
9:29 AM
Q: Leave only one tag from two: [networking] vs [network-programming]

abatishchevCurrently on SO we have two very similar tags: networking (7677) network-programming (2639) Both are network and network programming related, have similar wiki entries. Don't we want to merge them and make synonyms?

1 hour later…
10:58 AM
Is there a complete list of language hints that are supported for highlighting? I'm not sure how up to date this is.
3 hours later…
1:53 PM
Hi all sorry I'm late for my shift again... CV's all topped up - lay it on me... ;)
3 hours later…
4:37 PM
@Szabolcs Should be up to date
just got down voted by john skeet on meta... ouch...
@Lix What? How can you still be alive? What means did you use to survive a Jon Skeet downvote?
@timY - a pinch of unicorn dust and a dash of nonchalance...
should do the trick :P
There were however some irreversible adverse side effects from the downvote. Prior to the incident, my meta rep was a very pretty 4,444... Now its 4,442... (silent weep ;)
1 hour later…
6:04 PM
A: Write the shortest program that generates the most compiler warnings and errors

Ilmari KaronenGCC, score 2200 / 36 ≈ 4.5 × 1058 #include __FILE__ #include __FILE__ I have not actually finished compiling this code, but based on testing and simple mathematics, it should produce a total of 2200 #include nested too deeply errors. Of course, the program is trivially extensible...

Is that... ten to the power of 58?
6:56 PM
@Szabolcs Poking into the prettify source, it looks like there are some that aren't included. lang-cv as an alias for lang-py, lang-vbs as an alias for lang-vb, lang-coffee is now available... It's not too readable so I'm not going to find all of them, but at any rate that list isn't complete.
7:54 PM
Argh. Sent the wrong email to the wrong person. Again. I am far too easily distracted.
1 hour later…
9:15 PM
@Shog9 Speaking of e-mail, I tried to send you something yesterday at shog@stackoverflow, and got a "recipient unavailable" message.
@PopularDemand Weird. Just sent myself a message (from a different Google account) and it went through in maybe 2 seconds.
Oh, looks like this is a problem with Hotmail; I'm trying to send with Hotmail via Gmail and they think I'm a bot.
... and I don't remember the password I used at Hotmail.
Good ol' HoTMaiL
9:42 PM
Meh, almost 5:45 and I've yet to do anything useful today. sighs
Good job?
Hardly. I have such a huge backlog at the moment.
Hmm, maybe I can convince myself to take care of some of this Data Explorer stuff today.
I look forward to the day when I have free time for side projects again.
Sometimes I debate whether or not I have as much free time as I think I do, but I don't back down on commitments (even if they're just commitments to myself), so I've got to juggle it all somehow. :P
2 hours later…
11:59 PM
Depends on how many personalities they have.

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