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12:44 AM
@mootinator - I'm home.
Ok, I need to update VS to SP1 first...
Yup, running a ton of updates now. Going to edit a video on the other computer in the meantime.
@mootinator - Do you know if there's a way to download SP1 aside from Windows update?
@mootinator Yup, like that. Awesome.
I am running updates now anyway, but the VS SP1 update didn't appear.
:: waves at @YiJiangs ::
@Moshe 'ello!
What's up?
The VS updater is "examining configuration", oh joy.
Ok, good, we're rolling now. See you guys in a bit.
I'm an idiot...
Mmm, ElectionsStu...wait.
Hm, why are people allowed to have their own <h1> anyway? |:
1:17 AM
Because markdown allows for it?
But then the last time I used Markdown on a website I edited the thing so it'll only output h2 and below
I want h1 on chat.
Since I'm in the "there should be only one h1 element on any page" camp
That wouldn't be abused, honest.
1:18 AM
Right, me too, which I guess I should have prefaced the question with.
@mootinator It'd only be used for making super serious posts, of course.
Oh, that's no fun. The client-side preview showed that how I expected.
Needs more <blink>
gives up
I'm surprised - the election banner's gone, and we still haven't got 30 candidates yet
It does seem a bit odd.
1:31 AM
Not enough people with the requisite badges who want to run maybe?
You and your logic have no place here good sir o_o
That, and some of them went and got moderator positions on other sites since the last election, heh.
1:48 AM
@mootinator - The WinPhone SDK repair install is stuck at 11 of 11: Silverlight.
Oh, it's suddenly moving. Meh. Meh and yay.
Ok, now running SP1 install.
2:40 AM
How long is normal for the service pack install?
It's been going for nearly an hour judging by the chat logs here.
@Moshe Windows or VS?
An hour seems long for Windows (unless you're downloading bits and pieces of it over a slow connection). But sadly, par for the course for VS>
VS. What's normal then?
The download is finished.
I don't know. Last time, I gave up and went home. I think it finished over night.
I can't believe all of this work to write an app in a language that I don't yet know.
Apple has spoiled me.
Obviously, you should be learning the language while the service pack is installing.
2:46 AM
@Shog9 Good idea. What learning techniques do you recommend?
What language?
@Shog9 C# (for Windows Phone 7)
C#: jon skeet wrote an awesome book on that. Actually, several of them.
Can't speak for WinFon7 though
If it were me, I'd grab a finished project from somewhere, print the tasty bits of code, and curl up with a hot toddy to read them
Reading code is often the quickest path to "getting" a new platform
Interesting idea. Now where would I find that? (Opens GitHub)
but seriously, the skeet books? They're good reads.
2:50 AM
Any of them on iBooks?
beats me
I have PDFs, I think... I'd imagine you can get them that way somewhere
@JonSkeet, care to email a broke student a copy of your book? :P
Oh, of course - here
$40. But... worth it. If you really want to know the language.
I do want to know the language, but I don't have $40 at the moment. I'll definitely add to my wishlist.
About those completed projects - any ideas where to start?
couldn't tell you; never did anything for WinPhone, and probably won't. Currently in the process of planning an exit strategy for our one Silverlight app.
2:55 AM
Ah, ok. Well, is Silverlight going the way of Flash Mobile?
@shog9 Found teh codez!
@Moshe MS doesn't appear to have any good mobile strategy for it (apart from WinPho7), and on the desktop it sorta manages to pick up all of the downsides of both native and web apps while only catching some of the advantages. So hard to justify putting the effort in when we can focus on a straight-up web app and target all mobile + desktop).
Makes sense.
I presume that opening VS while installing a service pack is a bad idea.
The install is going much faster on this desktop than on my laptop.
Ugh, can I kick up the priority of the installer processes?
Won't help
Why not?
@Shog9 It's usually on sale every month too, which is a plus.
3:05 AM
@TimStone Where?
From Manning
Ah, ok.
@Moshe Unless for some reason you're mining bitcoins at normal priority on the same machine, it won't be starved for CPU.
@Shog9 - Come to think of it, I used to print HTML when I was in 6th grade. Printing a small demo project now.
I'm not sure why that installer insists on taking time, but I'm headed out for a little bit, hopefully this moved normally whilr I'm gone.
Printing code listings has a lot of down-side, but being able to scribble and spill drinks on them makes up for a lot.
3:07 AM
On my desktop it installed in about 20 minutes.
On the laptop, still stuck at Installing VS10sp1-KB983509.
probably disk-bound then.
Q: How can I have global values across classes without instantiating

TrufaMy problem is the following, I have a class, let's call it Theatre. This Theatre has a constructor where I specify the amount Seats that this Theatre has. The Show class, has an collection of Seats, each with its own properties like bool Empty. So summing up the code: class Theatre { publ...

Is the question clear enough? any recommendations?
@Shog9 diskbound?
As in 5400 RPM?
Disk bound as in, the primary limit on the performance of the process is the speed of the disk.
If it's a 5400 RPM drive, that's probably true for just about everything ;-P
Ah, that's annoying. How can I improve that short of a new disk?
It's a White MacBook so it has a 5400 RPM disk.
3:16 AM
You can plug in a fast flash stick and tell Windows to use it for some things. But for this, where it's probably applying a delta patch to the thousands of little files that make up Visual Studio... You're stuck.
Ok. Thanks.
I'll see how it goes.
Actually, scratch that. I have no good idea why VS patches are so slow. I've written patches that do the binary diff thing, it's really not that hard to make it not suck.
@Trufa - looks fine. Could use a more descriptive title - you seem to assume you want some sort of global data, but your description doesn't necessitate this.
Er, do I cancel it and let the machine cool down?
It could be heat potentially.
meh. Set it on something that's not a fuzzy towel.
It's on a desk.
3:24 AM
I would think it'd be fine then. Faster harddrives tend to be a bigger problem for heat in laptops. I kinda melted my motherboard once after upgrading a Dell and then launching a large build... But, that was a Dell.
3:34 AM
Haha. Ok just got back. Not finished but making progress.
About between a quarter an third of the way done now. Before was at an eighth.
4:02 AM
@Shog9 sorry, I had the notifications disabled, thanks for the advice, I'll give it a look! :)
2 hours later…
5:46 AM
I posted in the c# room without much success :(
quick question about tuples
lets say I have:
var position= new Tuple<int, int>(panelRow, panelColumn);
How to I reference it?
(How do I reference the) elements?
Any ideas?
well nevermind, the problem seem to be elswhere
you can do position.Item1
6:00 AM
glad you got that worked out ;-P
@Shog9 yeah, I didn't really, I just figured that the problem was elsewhere. I will post a question later.
5 hours later…
11:24 AM
@Shog9, @mootinator - Thanks for all of the input. I've got Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 installed, with the Windows Phone 7.1 SDK and XNA Game Studios 4.0 Refresh. This is exciting!
Installatification completification.
2 hours later…
1:08 PM
I got a working bouncy thingy with XNA!!
2 hours later…
2:55 PM
2 hours later...
did it stop bouncing yet?
Haha, yup.
3:24 PM
In a politics class, there are some undocumented citizens presenting now about the NY Dream Act.
They have some valid points, but I don't like when people in college give presentations and complain about how they are victims of their situations.
Call ICE.
Immigration & Customs Enforcement
Well... they are here illegally and all.
3:32 PM
The most tasteless speech I've ever witnessed was at a BarCamp I went to which happened to be right before an election of some sort.
One of the sponsors basically gave 1/2 hour long campaign speech against the party she didn't like.
I think the organizers stopped giving sponsors the floor after that though.
Hah... that's great
4:12 PM
Now I'm mystified as to how MySQL can hold a lock on a null result.
Clearly my conceptual model is incorrect.
4:48 PM
@Moshe have you seen this?
Q: Are you an English student or teacher? Do you want some free food?

LaurenIf so, I would love to talk to you about the Stack Exchange Ambassadors program. Our goal is to get students and teachers involved in promoting Stack Exchange EL&U. Basically, Stack Exchange wants to sponsor study breaks, research meetings, or social events for academic groups by providing fr...

5:14 PM
@jcolebrand I see free food, what's going on?
Dear Google, enough with the ads for things I've already purchased and careers at companies I already contract for. Signed, Me.
5:42 PM
How do you change your SE username if you are a registered user? Also, is the change per-site?
@AshleyNunn Go to your bio page, click "edit"
Be aware, you can only change it once every 30 days
And the change is per-site (though you can push changes from one site to all the rest)
and does this work for someone wanting to change their name from "user1232434" to a "real" name?
@Shog9 Perfect - I finally convinced a family member to join, and I couldn't remember how to help them do this. :) Thanks!
6:11 PM
hi all
2 hours later…
8:05 PM
So what happens in SE if I mess up the "are you a human" check?
I just can't post, my cookie is erased, laserbeams from space?
nothing. You get to do nothing.
that's sorta the point
we don't want robots doing stuff
That's the default, I wondered if maybe it invalidated my session to prevent a robot from going off and abusing a different form
Possibly. I know there've been some changes recently after a wave of spammers attacked. But haven't personally failed the CAPTCHA in a while, so can't say
Neither have I, SE thinks I'm a robot on occasion though
8:20 PM
SE no longer thinks I'm a robot most of the time.
I've hit the BIG TIME.
You've reminded to post something on meta.
Q: Why is there no mobile version of the captcha page?

MosheWhen working with the mobile version of one of the mobile sites, my connection got really slow, and (I think this is what) caused Apple.SE to show me a captcha. I'm okay with that, but I'd like to point out that the mobile site should have a mobile optimized captcha. Please make it so, if it's n...

@jcolebrand I have now. I'll probably show it to several professors. Thank you for pointing it out.
1 hour later…
9:53 PM
What is the state for version-tags? Personally I don't like them and I don't see the benefit of using them.
When someone is asking a question about a problem that may depend on what version is used, it is always good to state what version is used. But do we really need tags for them?
sometimes. But not universally.
@Shog9 But is there any good guidelines to when we should use version-tags?
A: How to use version specific tags?

Jeff AtwoodIn general, you should strongly avoid creating version tags. I would only use version tags when the question content is irrevocably tied to a specific version of something and can never be relevant to earlier versions or later versions. In other words, it is perfectly sufficient to tag your que...

Jeffs answer is good, but I'm still confused about version-tags...
When a new version of a Framework is popping up, a new tag is created. But within some time, all questions will use that tag.... and not the tag without version...
An example is [maven] vs [maven-2]
Whether that's appropriate or not really depends on the framework.
One solution is to synonymize the unversioned tag with the current version. Another is to synonymize the current version with the unversioned tag. And yet another is to try always using both tags. Which one is appropriate...
10:09 PM
With the "maven"-tags... during 2008-2010 almost all used [maven-2] then people started to use [maven] in 2011. I don't understand why they aren't merged...
Same thing with [ruby-on-rails] vs [ruby-on-rails-3]
Q: Changing ruby-on-rails-3 tags to ruby-on-rails

VegerThe difference I see (also indicated by the tag description) between ruby-on-rails-3 and ruby-on-rails is that the first is for problems specifically for version 3 of the framework. On many posts (for example What is the difference between the build and create method in ActiveRecord relations?) ...


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