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1:16 AM
a bit late...but...
@rchern lol
I... what's this? Activity?
I wish there was... like... a programming room
I need to find someone who knows fluent nhibernate :P
1:29 AM
If any facebook devs are around... stackoverflow.com/questions/3614295/…
1 hour later…
I can't think of anything else to ask or WM and there's nothing for me to answer there. >_>
4 hours later…
7:00 AM
I love it when Windows wakes up one morning and decides you don't get to login
obviously Google takes me to the MS Q&A
"Hey I can't login, it gives me such and such error"
"Okay, click Start, then open the Event log and see what's up" ×2
"I have this problem too!" ×2
In more fun news the Audio troubleshooter does not support Safe Mode
I would like to answer you, but I have nothing useful to say :)
7:26 AM
:) how are you?
bit bored in here, to be honest :)
Im on the train to work so im a bit bored too
checking out the room stats, I guess it's normal, everyone is asleep
7:32 AM
Yeah, since most people who frequent these rooms are US based.
I'm continually surprised by how few people there are in these chat rooms.
Jeff has only advertised chat on meta and twitter. Most SO users never check meta and most dont follow Jeff on twitter
@badp, what, following, or not following? :)
Not following :P
7:36 AM
Oh great off thetr
I guess I'll reboot again.
I mean, Windows problems that can't be fixed by a sufficiently large amount of reboots and/or a GUI are only fixable by reinstalling Windows
and who'd want to do that?
Oh great off the train and missed the connecting bus. I hate public transport.
@badp, someone who has no choice ;)
@Sekhat, so walk :)
@Sekhat Gah, how much do I hate that
Bit too far for that :p
7:39 AM
You have my full sympathy
especially if the connecting bus left off before time
it makes me enrage
@Sekhat, just out of interest, how far? I bought myself a mini-scooter to avoid having to take the bus :)
30 minites on the bus
go figure
now it logged in properly, the motherteaser
@Sekhat, oh yeah, that is a bit far
The annoying thing about getting to work is i have to take the train in the wrong direction to get to the city centre then take a bus back out.
7:44 AM
aaaand that's another self-reply for me on SU
4th out of 6 questions
Lol, people ignoring your questions?
Usually me finding the answer right after I ask it
I'm not necessarily being ignored...
Q: How do I (properly) access another users' recycling bin without logging in as him?

badpI am using Windows 7 daily as a limited user with UAC enabled. I log in as $USER and have have a dummy user called $ADMIN with Administrative access I use for elevation purposes. Unfortunately, some elevated applications are aware of being elevated: running Explorer as admin still shows $USER's ...

Hey Lasse
or Hej?
Well i wouldn't know the answer I've always run single user machines.
Oh, but my machine also is single user practically
however if I want to run Windows as limited user I need a "fake" account to elevate to
it was this fake account's recycling bin I wanted to empty
7:50 AM
Well by standard admin accounts besides the built in Administrator doesnt run elevated.
Uac likes to say hello to them too.
I'd rather have to type in the fake account's "root password" than just click through confirmation windows.
Everybody can click through windows but only I know the "root password" =)
so people can't install software behind my back
Well there are settings to make uac always require a password. Even if its your own
In local security policies
That's something I wasn't previously aware of.
Whey, the bus is here.
how did the loadtest ended yesterday? was there any load?
7:58 AM
Not from what I saw.
Any one know how well WCF handles large byte arrays, aka, +100MB
I believe you can configure WCF in such way that it can stream large amounts of data to the client instead of downloading all at once... That way it won't be any different that downloading lot's of small blocks...
been wondering that for the last 12 hours. Should I try switching our WS2 over to WCF or write my own TCP client / server to handle large files case specially.
Ah cool, Ill google that when Im in.
8:27 AM
ah, finally at my desk.
8:40 AM
@Sekhat, so now you can actually start doing some work? :)
indeedy :) Instead of just thinking about it :P
8:58 AM
anyone else have the problem of having great ideas for personal projects to do at home, then arriving home in the evening, after a day of work, and not being able to muster the will to work on them?
@Sekhat Sounds familiar.
@Diago It annoys me a bit, I wish I could muster the will. I might actually finish some of my personal projects then.
@Sekhat Yeah. I can relate. I often start but never get around to finishing them. Something always comes along and eventually I lose complete interest, or find something on the web that already does it.
@Diago So you never found a way to keep your interest?
@Sekhat Nope. I have yet to. Unless it's a work project I never finish stuff. I get bored easily.
9:08 AM
@Diago Hey, at least you start. I evaluate the complexity of {x} and just say "yeah, it'd be cool, but it's far too much for me"
One of the only projects I ever 'finished' was one I actually use
@Diago yeah exactly the same problem for me. If someone were to follow my github account they'd see projects appear and disappear with remarkable frequency.
I even have a codeplex project I started. I think by now it's deleted. Must have a look actually
But now it's just about useable, my inspiration has dried up. I had lots of ideas when I started out...
I am beginning to think I need to change careers to something boring.
9:12 AM
That is a good idea. A boring career fosters creativity or just destroys your will and you'll never create anything again. :P
Precisely :)
But with all seriousness. Before working life, when I couldn't code every hour of everyday, When I could I would be very focused on the one project I was working on at the time.
I guess, thinking about it, its just my brain asking for a rest.
Perhaps I should oblige?
I am lucky. Our department also do sports events, so every once in a while like this last weekend we are involved in registrations and timing. It gets you out of the office and busy. And I get to work half day for a whole week after.
that is rather lucky
So in about 50 minutes I am heading home for the day
9:23 AM
I'm rather envious
Timing? Sounds like fun
@Sekhat Trust me. Took me 14 years to find a company that I enjoy working for.
@badp It can be. We had a 15000 woman's only race this last weekend. Real fun :]
15km or 15k participants?
(or both)
@badp 15k part - 5km/10km race options
That's quite the work to accurately time all 15k of them.
@badp We had were hitting around 700 runners a minute on the spotter mats at one point. And there were only 4 of us plus all the equipment we needed
12000 woman and confused woman crossed the finish line
confused woman = men running as woman. With silicon boobs :P
okay, my test WCF service is written, now to stick to get my app to use it..
How can one flag a question to be more suited for another service of stackexchange in stackoverflow?
@nkr1pt Vote to close if you have enough rep, otherwise moderator flag, however we cannot migrate to beta sites
The latter will only be enabled once the sites actually survive beta and there is a crossover.
@nkr1pt Link to question?
nom, bacon butty time
9:40 AM
@Sekhat, what, already? You only just got into work! Is that lunch or breakfast? :)
judging by the time, it's brunch :P
we have a cob van come to us :)
I think it's better suited for the Linux/ubuntu site
that or super user
@Sekhat, cob van as in google.com/images?q=cob%20van ?
Super user would probably be eter as Ubuntu is still in beta I guess, so it can't be migrated yet
9:43 AM
@benjol lol, no, as a standard white van, fitted with food warmers, full of variations of breakfast sandwiches and buns :)
@nkr1pt Flag for a moderator to be moved to SuperUser.
How much rep do you need for these actions?
See the reputation grid
At 1000 you should be able to flag.
(Note to self, don't have 40 tabs open at a time. Especially not if all off them are SE tabs :()
Thanks for the info
sigh there must of been a reason I didn't wrap the original web service client proxy in an adapter. I seriously hope there was, this is going to be a bugger to change.
Oh well, I know better for next time.
10:22 AM
Well that didn't work :(
And now everybody is here again?
@Ikke where else should we be?
@PiersMyers Open House
the novelty wore off
10:44 AM
Ey Up... Hello?
ayup :)
Oh hello
11:00 AM
Not happy, in order to send Streams to WPF service your method can only accept one parameter that is a stream. Which means I'm either going to have to figure out if using a two staged operation (one to send the stream and one to do the action on the data sent) or encode the stream with all the required parameters is the best option.
\o/ - people are alive in here!
aye. Been in since 8:15 this morning
:O crazy fool
That I am.
I can't seem to change my Gravitar :(
11:08 AM
as in Chat hasn't updated it?
You have to go to gravatar.com
ah ok
try hard refresh?
Yeah, I tried that :( My stackoverflow.com account has a nice piccie of Pob on it, but none of my other accounts on the "Stack" have changed :(
I guess they cache them to make stuff quicker.
Possibly sigh
It looks like gravatar still gives the old avatar back
Do you use the same e-mail address everywhere?
11:11 AM
I had to copy my Stackoverflow.com account to the others (again)
It has changed indeed
probably different e-mail addresses
Or not?
Nah, same email addresses - just didn't work :s
afternoon all
What ho ol' bean
spiffing day, isn't it?
11:16 AM
Sunny :)
Yeah, I should be at the park with my kids instead of stuck here pretending to do some work.
It's cloudy over here
clear blue sky, and sat in the office :(
@Benjol Me too
Lunch time!
Time to have a skate, kick around a ball of some sort and eat
1 hour later…
12:39 PM
Morning y'all.
@Fosco Morning! Just got here myself
after reading SO I just discovered a language new to me
LOLcode -- I am in awe and am about to rewrite my entire current project
hehe.. good luck with that..
I can't believe it's a real language, too funny
google: Esoteric Programming Languages
There's a language where you program with white space, and one where your IDE is microsoft paint (or photoshop)
12:42 PM
@Fosco Are you trying to prevent me from doing any work today? :-)
@Josh Of course... not.
That is a program, in Piet.
w...t...f!? :-)
It prints "Piet"
Befunge is a stack-based, reflective, esoteric programming language. It differs from conventional languages in that programs are arranged on a two-dimensional grid. "Arrow" instructions direct the control flow to the left, right, up or down, and loops are constructed by sending the control flow in a cycle. History The language was originally created by Chris Pressey in 1993 as an attempt to devise a language which is as hard to compile as possible — note that the p command allows for self-modifying code. Nevertheless, a number of compilers have subsequently been written. A number...
vv < <
^ v<
^ ^
> >?> ?>5^
v v
v v<
. > > ^
@devinb Haha yeah that's what started my morning learning session :-)
12:45 PM
that's a random digit generator
Q: Code Golf: Collatz Conjecture

EarlzInspired by http://xkcd.com/710/ here is a code golf for it. The Challenge Given a positive integer greater than 0, print out the hailstone sequence for that number. The Hailstone Sequence See Wikipedia for more detail.. If the number is even, divide it by two. If the number is odd, tripl...

@Fosco I cannot comprehend trying to debug a Piet program! :-)
Fun stuff.. but not really practical.
Is it just me, or are there no payed ads on SO at the moment?
@Benjol same here
VC funds, recession, or both, I wonder?
12:53 PM
@Benjol Just got one for code.google.com/p/fakeiteasy
is this a paid ad? wtf is this? :-)
No, it's open source
Q: Open Source Advertising - Sidebar - 2H 2010

Robert CartainoIt's time once again to support your favorite open source project through our Free Vote-Based Advertising for Open Source Projects. We are clearing the leader boards to start the second half of 2010 anew. Here is your chance to create a Free Vote-Based Advertisement for an Open Source Project. C...

How cool
OK just got
me too:
in chat can you post an image like that, but also link it?
[ image url ]( link url ) didn't work for me in the sandbox
Eh, dunno
can't get it to work either
1:03 PM
I think you need to do it in 2 lines
@Fosco? the image, then a text with the link?
@Benjol not sure but that might be the only way..
1:25 PM
funny you should mention FakeItEasy add.. thats a mocking framework that's been built by one of our devs and the one we use on a daily basis ;)
@TheCodeJun looks very similar to Moq to me :)
which is a good thing. I like Moq.
have to admit I've never really got my head round mocking :(
FakeItEasy uses better terminology I believe. I like the term "Fake object" it kinda sums up what your creating with mocks and stubs and the like.
but simply, stubs are object that a fake implementation. Mocks usually have fake implementations but can be asked whether method / properties / events were called.
as far as I understand it
which admittedly isn't very far
So it's for unit testing of just one thing at a time, (as far as I understand it)
Checkout Roy Osherove's blog for lots of stuff on Unit Testing: weblogs.asp.net/rosherove
1:39 PM
So in the case of stubs, I have a class I'm unit testing that depends on a repository, my repository hits the DB. I don't want it to hit the DB when running my unit tests, so instead I pass in a fake repository that does everything in memory.
I think you'd use mocks when you need to test if the class under test communicates with it's collaborators correctly. So you can say did my class call Method A on collaborator X
Which in turn all relies on IoC... :(
well doesn't rely on IOC
you can wire everything up by hand
IOC just makes it easier :)
(Weird, your reply shows above my comment!)
@benjol (Your comment shows (removed) underneath it too)
@Sekhat but that means that you have coded your class so that you pass in the repository - so you are doing dependency injection... what I meant by IoC
1:46 PM
Ah. Yes, it does rely on being able to injecting dependencies.
but it also make less coupled code
always easier when you're starting from scratch...
you need refactoring skills far better than mine when your not :)
I really miss Git when I'm at work.
Especially since source control at work is VSS
I've got both :)
git locally on my machine
then a vss/access frankenstein for official use
lol, so what's your workflow then. How do you deal with VSS annoyance of write-protecting files.
each assembly is versioned separately, one developer works on one assembly at a time
1:56 PM
Ah. Well that certainly simplifies things.
Hmm, so, slight problem. This morning I had no internet access at home. Come to work, I can remote IN to my home computer just fine. Still though, I can't connect to anything requiring an OUT connection.
@rchern firewall blocking new outgoing connections?
Settings are the same as they were previously. I checked. Haven't changed any settings on anything in a while.
mouse hasn't finished nibbling through the ethernet cable :)
but I can remote in, lol.
1:58 PM
Yeah, he's just nibble through one side ;)
here's an interesting typo
perhaps DNS is down on your home connection.
int bufferSize = 4096;
int readBytes = 0;

byte[] buffer = new byte[bufferSize];

readBytes = buf.Read(buffer, 0, bufferSize);

if (readBytes > 0)
fs.Write(bugger, 0, readBytes);

} while (readBytes > 0);
@Sekhat, but git is so useful for trying stuff out locally, committing it, rolling back, creating a branch for something that's "not quite ready", stashing WIP while I correct some bugs.
OK, I'm gone guys/girls, seeyall
2:01 PM
@Benjol that it is, I'm just into the swing of git at home :)
I spent an hour last night using add --interactive to split my working tree in logical commits. As well as staging only parts of files.
@Sekhat LOL, I make typos like that all too often :-)
@Josh :D
Bah. I can access stuff by ip.
@rchern DNS it is then
Apparently. Wonder if it is my router or the Uverse gateway oO
2:15 PM
@rchern dig is your friend :-)
That means nothing to me. Networking is not my forte. Ha.
@rchern Windows or Linux?
dig is a linux command which performs DNS resolution, you can use it to check various servers tyo see which ones are/aren't working
your ISP takes care of your DNS I thought, your router wil have the IP of the ISP's DNS or it will get it automatically
@PiersMyers Normally this is the case, yes
I run my own DNS server here at our local office rather than using my ISP's DNS server
either your ISP has issues - do they have a status page you can check? or maybe your router needs rebooting
2:19 PM
or what's their DNS server's Ip, we can try lookups on it and see if it works for us
Any Apache experts in here this morning?
sorry, silly work getting in the way of my home network troubleshooting! :P
@rchern LOL. I know how that goes :-)
I think the alternative to dig is nslookup but I'm not a windows guy so I'm unsure of the usage. With linux I would use dig to test each DNS server to see which one(s) are not responding
The uverse gateway diagnostics check passes all tests. Oy.
2:25 PM
@rchern Do you know your nameserver IPs?
try: nslookup google.com in the command prompt
From work I can ping both dns. and, and nslookup gives dns timeout
then DNS is down, like I thought..
you can change your DNS servers to Google DNS and
@Fosco I can use those nameservers from here...
DNS seems to be the most common ISP failure.. I know it happens to me with Comcast on occasion. Most people are just SOL since they don't know how to change the servers or what to change them to..
Hmm, I know I can change the dns servers on my linksys, but I'm not seeing anywhere to edit it in the uverse gateway.
2:36 PM
.NET question, does disposing of a BinaryWriter close the underlying stream I passed it?
@rchern Yeah, change them on the linksys
@Sekhat Sorry I'm a PHP guy, I'm not sure :-)
Q: Does disposing streamreader close the stream?

NefzenI am sending a stream to methods to write on, and in those methods I am using a binary reader/wrtier. When the reader/writer gets disposed, either by using or just when it is not referenced, is the stream closed as well?? I would send a BinaryReader/Writer, but I am using a StreamReader too (may...

@PiersMyers thanks :) Though you just made me feel lazy.
SO and Google are your friends :)
Crowd Sourcing
2:49 PM
Here we go, another test of my WCF streaming thing for large files :)
light blue touchpaper and stand well back
Ha, linksys makes you choose from dyndns.org or tzo.com
@rchern I think that's a different option... that's for if you're using a service to map a name to your address.
@rchern I would change the DNS on your computer, not even the router. Network adapter properties for ipv4
@rchern I agree with @Fosco
@rchern Or change the DNS server under the DHCP options of the linksys
I've got multiple computers. I don't want to have to do this on each. :P
3:01 PM
do they really all need to get out right now?.. what kind of operation are you running here? (from work, no less)
meh, the service return 400. Bad Request.
@rchern Sorry for the delayed reply. You should look for the DHCP server settings on the linksys
that will apply the settings to all the computers
what model linksys?
@Sekhat :'( If you need interactive help bugtesting, I've crated a room for that! :-)
(but it's empty save for me and I'm a PHP guy, so I don't know WCF)
@Josh nah, I'm just venting that it didn't work
@Sekhat Gotcha, I do that too, all the time :-D
3:14 PM
just don't vent on here if you've had a curry the night before :)
@PiersMyers Now I'm in the mood for Indian food for lunch :-)
too bad all the decent Indian restaurants nearby went to hell :-(
@Josh, The uverse gateway could ping successfully. The linksys router was pointing at the uverse gateway for dns but could not ping. Changed the dhcp dns on the linksys and it could ping. However, my computers were pointing at the uverse gateway for dns and still couldn't access once the linksys router was good. So I had to go through and change each computer to point to the linksys for dns. Oy.
Not sure I understand why the gateway could ping and the linksys couldn't though it was pointing at the gateway.
Oh well.
@rchern Did you let any of the magic smoke out?
@PopularDemand is that a BOFH reference?
@Fosco No, an EE reference. All electronics, from your basic resistors and diodes up to desktop computers and beyond, really operate by magic, none of this voltage or bytes stuff they teach you in school.
The magic is contained in smoke that they fill the components with in the factory.
If you ever let any of the magic smoke out of your devices, well, they'll never work right again.
3:24 PM
@rchern I'm not sure I understand either :-) But it works now?
So it seems.
Well that's good. I'm not a networking expert, I just play one on the web
thanks for your help (:
3:25 PM
(I'm forced to be a networking guy because our IT staff is so small)
I like small IT departments.. being the jack of all trades is fun.
I await the day my company can replace me with a Linux Uuberadmin, and I can focus 100% on programming
@Fosco It's fun, unless your business depends on a problem being solved and you don't know the solution, and the more time you take solving it, the less paying work you're able to do!
ServerFault and SuperUser have both been a huge help
@Josh Don't you get paid the same either way?.. I think if you're moved to focus on 100% programming, you're going to miss it.. and you'll find other ways (hello SO/MSO/CMSO) to waste time that you would've spent on being a linux admin.
@Josh and you'll be that much more replaceable overall..
@Fosco I'm a part owner of the company, so I get paid when the company gets paid, and we get paid for sales, not maintenance :-)
(We're a SaaS / website hosting / custom development company)
And I'll never have my hands out of the IT department completely, I am CTO after all :-) I'd just like to have a network guy I could say, "here, fix this, I don't feel like doing it" :-)
@Josh oh well then it's your own fault :)
gotta run for now..
3:34 PM
@Fosco Later!
3:51 PM
Hm, what should "SE site proposal"-type questions be closed as on MSO?
Off topic
"Blatantly offensive"
"Too Shoggy"

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