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I'm a little concerned he may have snapped
Yah, I must agree.
"Ketchup? Catsup? Ketchup? Catsup?"
that was random
Also, did anyone else see this, or was it just me?
Q: -1 seconds later in chat

Michael MrozekOn one of the meta chatrooms just now, I posted a link and then posted "..." a second later. For some reason, the second message inserted above the first, and a time difference message showed up informing me I'd posted the first -1 seconds after the second:

2:41 AM
Dang. Though my highest rep is on SO, my highest scoring answers are not. Wonder if that's a sign? ;)
My highest scoring answer is a fairly unimpressive answer I gave the first day of the Unix/Linux beta, that got a ridiculous 21 upvotes
I feel fairly guilty
@michaelmrozek Nice. I haven't seen that. But I have seen timeout warnings for messages that were apparently posted and I've also seen messages reordered (like after a restart of the browser).
@michaelmrozek Yah, I think I remember seeing that answer. My jaw dropped. And I whimpered "if he gets a wowipop, I want a wowipop, too." ;)
I had the highest rep for about a day because of it
I don't know if the magic boxes work for private betas; I'm guessing not:
A: what does the @ mean in ls -l?

Michael MrozekIt indicates the file has extended attributes. You can use the xattr command-line utility to view and modify them: xattr --list filename xattr --set propname propvalue filename xattr --delete propname filename

Oh, neat. Sounds like a good loophole to find out all the questions
I'm going to pick a private beta and start pasting foobar.stackexchange.com/posts/1, foobar.stackexchange.com/posts/2, etc.
@michaelmrozek Eeeenteresting...
is foobar supposed to be an actual site ?
2:47 AM
I didn't expect it to work for private betas at all. I could have discovered this issue when I wanted to gloat about a long answer on money.
Wow, did I accidentally guess the name of a testing SE site?
@michaelmrozek Or a template type of thing?
I hope it's not a template, I just registered; I'll end up with a registration on every SE site ever created
@michaelmrozek muahahaha
LOL I just notied there's a question there
I'm pretty sure I can't ask a question on foobar, because there are no tags, I don't have the rep to create a tag, and you can't post a tagless question
2:50 AM
Ok, it isn't a template thing. barfoo.stackexchange.com
I wasn't around for the SE1 stuff; did they just let you make whatever-you-want.stackexchange.com?
These might just be remnants from that
That said, as devs we shouldn't exactly be surprised at the existence of foobar or testtest.
@michaelmrozek No idea, I'm relatively new.
seems like foobar and testtest are indeed test website
I didn't realize they let sites with no users stick around after SE1 stopped
@holyvier Spoken like a true developer. "I have to see this for myself." :D
@michaelmrozek It may just be cruft that has been overlooked.
Afterall, the envelope still lights up for edits on favorites, yet that isn't displayed anywhere in that view.
My highest scoring answers on SO are a few 4's. So far on money, I have an 8, a 6 and a 5, no counting the 17 for a CW. I definitely think I'm going put some effort into finally saving for a brokerage account and do some real investing.
1 hour later…
4:13 AM
This is my new favorite question:
Deleted already?
Yeah, the owner deleted it
@michaelmrozek ROFL!
"Is it plugged in?"
Actually, not even. "That's not the computer, that's the microwave."
4:45 AM
what's everyone up to tonight?
Watching some (American) football and trying not to melt.
heh...nvm the "American" edit. I see you're in NC.
trying not to cry while I install windows server 2003 on my brand new i5 with a radeon 5770 in it
1440x960 on a 24" monitor looks incredible, let me tell you.
@JarrodDixon So, whatcha up to tonight?
4:51 AM
well, i shouldn't say, but bug fixes!
yeah, we don't like to disclose that we're fallible, but it does happen :)
yeah, it's difficult to write unit tests that cover all the tiers - we really just stick to the c# code for testing, since it's easiest
yeah, integration testing can be a pretty big pain
I just started a new job this week (yay!)
the codebase seems like the nightmares of 1000 demons
4:54 AM
nice! where are you doing the 9-5?
virtually no tests
I'm not!
i worked in a place like that, once
I quit the 9-5
You don't need tests if you just write bug-free code. I don't understand why people have trouble understanding that
got a job as a full time contractor
4:55 AM
where i met my leader, Jeff Atwood :)
work from home, set my own hours, vacation, everything
about a 35% raise too
@womp very nice! what kind of application?
media distribution
@jarroddixon I'd probably give the right one away to work at Fog Creek. ;)
@GeorgeMarian yeah, i probably would too, but i don't know if they'd take me
i've visited Fog Creek a few times - those guys that work there are freakin' scary smart
4:57 AM
I like their offices
I watched the documentary about interning there a while ago, it was fairly entertaining
Yah, same here. I mean, I'm good. But, I dunno if I'm really that good.
I'm buying a second hand desk for $45 tomorrow... but my dream is to have a geekdesk in a glass office in my basement!
oh yes, and the free meals every day are awesome!
well, maybe not in a dev role, i may be good enough for something producty...
@womp Ironically, I found a second-hand desk for $40 I'm considering. Though, they'd have to hold on to it for about 3 weeks.
5:01 AM
one of my previous lives was customizing a massive 3rd party code base that was written in a vendor-specific, server-side javascript language
i still wake up in cold sweats from that shit
@jarroddixon Ugh.
but i now can grep hell outta directories :)
since we had no ide
So it was like your crucible?
5:03 AM
yes, and we all had scarlet A's
the worst of all worlds
supporting a 10k large sales force
damn big pharma
Ah, that explains it. The largest company for which I have wored would technically be considered "medium-sized."
Heh..like Jeff Atwood said last night. Damn that english.stackexchange.com It's making me too picky.
5:06 AM
if only there was a compiler for the english language :)
@jarroddixon Yes, I would definitely use one.
the classic ID 10 T error
I still can't get over how awesome a job @MarcGravell and @balpha have done on this chat system
@womp Not necessarily. Could be a dyslexic error. :)
those guys are amazing
5:08 AM
Yah, it's pretty sweet. I like it, I like it a lot.
BBIAB gentle sirs. I need to buy a few groceries. Hope I'm not making a mistake by going before eating dinner.
you will buy waaayyy too much
just buy healthy foods :)
hehe..i wrote out a list...though, the last time i did this, i ended up spending $75
but i did buy healthy food, mostly
"they mostly come out at night... mostly"
i just watched "Aliens" today
my favorite line
That said, the shopping spree did net me a free pack of hotdogs, buns, baked beans and some crap soda.
Love that movie, been a while...ooooh....i have a HDTV now...I may just have to buy that on DVD.
anyways, off i go before my tummy digests itself
2 hours later…
6:46 AM
try to fix one, and another pops up
@GeorgeMarian did you restrain yourself at the store?
Yes, that I did. Though it still cost me $30...stupid "club" prices. =/
6:49 AM
I'm adding some comments to my code just to spite @CodingWithoutComments
and dumb ones, too, like // this increments i for i++;
@CodingWithoutComments - i totally screwed up on this
A: One piece of advice

CodingWithoutCommentsMake sure you meet a chick (and marry her) in college cause you won't meet anymore once you get into your (predominately male) workplace :)

loz. that was my best comment. FML.
Ironically, I went to this particular supermarket because they have a bag of frozen chicken breasts with are quite convenient. I got home and ended up eating some salami.
actually, at my new job there are lots of chicks.
Swype, Inc.
6:51 AM
are they hiring?
Meeting chicks at work is dangerous. Get yer ass out and meet 'em someplace other than work.
do you live in Seattle?
6:51 AM
oi, you be some @JeffAtwood here :)
@codingwithoutcomments Eh? who? moi?
@JarrodDixon do you live in SEA?
haha, i work for Stack Overflow, baby... i sing the rick roll song to this company!
never gonna give you up....
ah right. yes. Swype is hiring like crazy.
@codingwithoutcomments You know, he does have a profile. Just sayin...
6:53 AM
although, there aren't many females - i was not consulted on the hiring decisions :)
Geoff is pretty when you put a wig on him. While he's sleeping. Not that I would know anything about that.
but i agree with @GeorgeMarian - find your partners outside of work; less issues
lol, @geoffdalgas is a pretty man
What was the link to the SO query app again (to execute sql against the datadump)?
The biggest issue is if it doesn't work out...though, seeing 'em all day long can get annoying, even if you really like 'em.
6:55 AM
@Ikke that'll get you what you need
prepares to light a cigar he's never tried before
reacquainting myself with
man, that's a great album
Nice. I'm pretty sure that's on my mp3 player. Granted, I haven't really used it in a while.
this is seriously great, I know yes it is a parody technically but I am telling you, it's GRRREAT
jarrod I'll send it to you.
6:59 AM
Interesting. I guess because of the way it was packaged in a 5-pack, this box pressed cigar is more of diamond than box-shaped.
categorize it as "bling-bling"
That actually could work. It's a 5 Vegas Gold Maduro. LOL
Hi All
7:03 AM
so, how many more days before you take a "break" this time? :)
@Jeff If my calculation are correct 685?
@Diago good day!
@Jarrod How are we programmer extrodionaire?
And I can't spell at 9am on a Sunday :(
I do not think you know me very well :)
7:05 AM
Job security
Really? I guess using you and Jeff's software every day doesn't count?
If only I was paid by the # of bugs I fix!
Now that I can relate to
Or how many stupid implementations I have to fix
Forget the bugs.
@JeffAtwood chat's awesome btw. congrats.
I have to fix my stupid ones daily - I tire of myself sometimes.
7:06 AM
all @MarcGravell and @balpha
What about outside integrations? That's always a favorite of mine.
@Jeff How did you get convinced to do this. You are probably the most anti-chat person I know. Apart from myself?
well, see my answer..
@Diago I dunno, he's been here often enough...
A: Use cases for chat

Jeff AtwoodWell, some things I am using it for now: In the Server Fault and Super User rooms, I posted the output of a recent monthly task to cull unused tags into the respective SU and SF rooms: http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/100/super-user http://chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/32/server-fa...

7:08 AM
@Jeff Yep. Agreed.
And now you should have another badge.
Not that you need anymore
You know, this chat is like an old VW in the summer.
@GeorgeMarian is that good or bad? haha, I would think bad...
It heats up and then just dies. ;)
well it's Saturday night
7:16 AM
It should be overrun with geeks. :D
Granted, I'm here tonight because the GF went to Warped Tour for a "girl's" day with her friends.
@JarrodDixon the bassline is kind of interesting in that song -- listen for it
7:18 AM
That reminds me, I need to buy speakers after I'm done moving. Computer monitor speakers suck.
@JeffAtwood and you know how I like to play the bass in Rock Band
@jarroddixon Gah, I had Turning Japanese stuck in my head for two days because of Guitar Hero.
I mean, it's no Flirtin' With Disaster..
or "Green Grass and High Tides"
my hands reflexively cramp from that melody
@jarroddixon I can only play so much Guitar Hero because of that. Freaking RSI.
7:27 AM
there is really only one song in Rock Band though
that's my iPhone ringtone too
A: How do I create a custom ringtone for my iPhone?

Jeff Atwood If the song/sound you want to use isn't already in your iTunes library, add it to your iTunes library first. If you want to use just a part of the song/sound, right click it, select "Get Info", then "Options" tab, and enter a start and stop time there. Remember, ringtones can't be over 40 second...

I gotta say that I like the lack of a background image on the fretboard in Rock Band.
7:31 AM
good night, all
@JarrodDixon G'night
headed to bed as well. Can't wait for new mattress to arrive tomorrow.. old one is.. old. :P
The Mattress Racket: http://goo.gl/6XsL I knew we were in trouble when they bought a major concert venue http://goo.gl/fEDK
heh g'night
What's yer new one?
if you don't mind me asking lol
latex foam with pillow top felt best to me, and wasn't stupidly expensive (just expensive)
our last mattress lasted 13 years, I use it every night.. so per year, it's an investment that makes sense
Ah, we considered one of those. They felt odd though. Kinda bouncy.
I want a tempurpedic, but they're not exactly inexpensive.
7:38 AM
I didn't like the tempurpedic foam ones. Felt like I was laying in a hot glove.
too.. "form fitting"
might be nice in a cold climate though
@jeffatwood Fair enough. I use a memory foam pillow as cushion for my chair. It can get rather hot.
yeah that was the main thing that got me with it
latex foam felt SIMILAR but much less .. hot.
It's not just the form fitting, it's the foam itself. Though, having slept on a tempurpedic, I didn't find it too bad.
I really really don't like being hot at night
I sweat enough as it is. I don't wanna do it while I sleep.
7:40 AM
oh god this is like mattress porn
So many bad jokes...
ok, back to the wheel of pain tomorrow..
8:22 AM
Ok, cigar is done and so am I. G'night folks.
8:39 AM
4 hours later…
12:25 PM
I'm pretty tired still so maybe it's me....am I missing something here? stackoverflow.com/users/69307?tab=reputationhistory#tab-top
Answer to this question just happened to link to the c++ stats page, noticed the top user looked way off
Q: Poster of the week on stackoverflow

Prasoon SauravWhy doesn't stackoverflow have Poster of the week system for corresponding tags? I mean for a particular tag it should have Poster of the week system. Any specific reason why such system is not incorporated there?

1:09 PM
is odata.stackexchange.com down?
Unable to connect.
odata's uptime performance gives me a total lack of faith in Azure's stability :)

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