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1:20 PM
@PrincessLuna I am currently in these rooms: [166774, 139, and 1] on SO, [72535, 36, and 1] on SE, and [1176, 89, and 721] on MSE
@ShadowWizard btw, the learn command now supports arguments :D %s defines an argument, and there are some specific ones with metadata (\un inserts the username and \uid inserts the user id of the person using the command)
//shutdown --confirm
@ShadowWizard Hi Quack!
@PrincessLuna How can I //help?
Hey @Pandya!
1:27 PM
@PrincessLuna How can I //help?
@PrincessLuna How can I //help?
@PrincessLuna His is @Alisha developed by you?
@Pandya Uh -- no.
@Pandya yeah
1:29 PM
@PrincessLuna don (?)
Princess Programmer Luna!
//ping @pri
pings @pri
@Alisha help
@Pandya I don't know... I just have to go to the hotel.
1:30 PM
@Alisha alive
@Pandya No, I think it's a good day, too.
@Pandya //help. Pinging calls the neural network instead of commands :D
@Pandya I don't know.
@Pandya Oh, I don't want to.
@Pandya I'll be fine.
1:31 PM
@Pandya It is a good time.
@Pandya You can't be a good guy, mr. Bernstein.
//ping @Pri
pings @Pri
@Pandya What do you do?
1:31 PM
###################### Help ######################

==================== Commands
//about        | Let me tell you a little about myself...
//alive        | Used to check if the bot is working
//appul        | Apples.
//ban          | Bans a user from using the bot. Only usable by hardcoded bot admins
//blame        | No description was supplied for this command
//declare      | Changes a commands status. Only commands available on the site can be edited
//doge         | Such doge. Much command.
~ Not everything is star-worthy...
May 14 '17 at 13:51, by Pandya
@KennyBOT ~ Not everything is reply-worthy...
//ping Pri
pings @Pri
@Alisha Very Nice @PrincessLuna ; testing the boat here?
1:33 PM
@Pandya He's got to be a good idea, but we'll get to the money.
@Pandya Yeah, that's right.
@Pandya this is one of the places, yeah
it's also on Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange and Discord
SOBotics, MOBotics
//ping Pri
pings @Pri
1:34 PM
//ping Sha
pings @Sha
//ping @Alisha
pings @A
pings @Alisha
Hi @ShadowWizard you remember me!!
1:35 PM
@Pandya Well, you're going to have to get a chance to see you.
I thought I was forgotten :)
@Alisha Does that ping you?
@Pandya Yeah, I think I should go home with the hospital.
@Alisha how do you plan on carrying it? XD
@PrincessLuna You don't know.
1:36 PM
@Alisha maybe a good idea to plan that before you try to lift an entire building :D
@PrincessLuna That's fine, sir.
@Alisha I ain't no sir!
@PrincessLuna What?
@Alisha Too much vodka again?
@PrincessLuna Yeah, but I've never been able to get to.
1:36 PM
~ Stars get removed under peer-pressure?
@Alisha what?
@PrincessLuna I'm not sure.
@KennyBOT no it's pinned by RO :p
~ WUT?
There's no difference in the JSON unfortunately
1:37 PM
@Pandya Maybe you should consider looking up the manual
@Pandya Hiya! I'm Alisha, a chatbot designed by Olivia. I'm open-source and the code is available on Github. Running version 1.2
@Pandya It is M.A.R. ಠ_ಠ's fault!
1:38 PM
<html><head><title>Object moved</title></head><body>
<h2>Object moved to <a href="/error?aspxerrorpath=/messages/ack">here</a>.</h2>
@Pandya blames @osdavison for everything
@ShadowWizard any idea why that ^ happens (not the blame, the HTML)?
@PrincessLuna How about sung pingformat for blame ?
45 secs ago, by Alisha
@Pandya It is M.A.R. ಠ_ಠ's fault!
I mean @M.A.R.ಠ_ಠ for ^^
@Pandya that gets annoying quickly unfortunately
1:39 PM
oh! ok
because: (one sec, need to gather some messages)
Username - user ID - rank
Feeds - -2 - 1
Tim Post - 50049 - 1
Mazura - 255297 - 1
alexolut - 339911 - 1
Alisha - 359686 - 1
Gaurang Tandon - 256391 - 1
Glorfindel - 295232 - 1
Derpy - 274498 - 1
KennyBOT - 269324 - 1
Cris - 195720 - 1
Sterling Archer - 231624 - 1
Princess Luna - 332043 - 10
Journeyman Geek - 135565 - 1
Moosebot - 280395 - 1
Nog Shine - 357396 - 1
Fawad - 340369 - 1
FOX 9000 - 261079 - 1
rene - 158100 - 1
Unitato - 355026 - 1
Shadow Wizard - 152859 - 8
Tim Stone - 150235 - 1
b_jonas - 222298 - 1
in Sandbox on Stack Overflow Chat, 11 secs ago, by Alisha
Username - user ID - rank
user2485349 - 2485349 - 1
cswl - 5026445 - 1
Feeds - -2 - 1
Peter Haddad - 7015400 - 8
Michael - 13379 - 1
lemmy njaria - 4951951 - 1
Pritt Balagopal - 7871869 - 1
CrashBandicoot - 7647602 - 1
Neil - 467968 - 1
rlemon - 829835 - 1
Madara Uchiha - 871050 - 1
Gabriel Mendez - 5793553 - 1
Shadowclaw - 9552093 - 1
Jenna Sloan - 7035175 - 1
Caprica Six - 1839506 - 0
Ben Fortune - 2615209 - 1
jrtapsell - 8041461 - 8
Zoe - 6296561 - 10
eFox - 8724372 - 1
OakBot - 4258326 - 0
Arif Nouman Khan - 5017947 - 1
in Sandbox on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 13 secs ago, by Alisha
Username - user ID - rank
Albas - 190274 - 1
Ramona - 315205 - 1
Feeds - -2 - 1
skullpatrol - 6275 - 1
Kasmir Khaan - 245509 - 1
ÍgjøgnumMeg - 199172 - 1
Alisha - 299854 - 1
Silent - 92235 - 1
Perturbative - 182221 - 1
morbidCode - 118613 - 1
Shobhit - 80021 - 1
IDrinkandIKnowThings - 16918 - 1
Twink - 90263 - 1
InsaneCat - 316499 - 1
King Tut - 330013 - 1
Alessandro Codenotti - 127384 - 1
More Anonymous - 332703 - 1
user202729 - 202014 - 1
TheOneWhoMade - 334746 - 1
DuckLord - 152929 - 1
Tuki - 310048 - 1
You have to tell me what to give and to who
1:40 PM
TL;DR: random people would get pinged, even those that don't want it which would just cause Alisha to get banned because someone decides to flag
@Pandya You have to supply at least two arguments!
@PrincessLuna yes.
//help learn
Built in command. `//learn`: Teaches the bot a new command.
Syntax: //help commandName commandOutput -d (optional) description -nsfw (optional) whether the command is NSFW or not (boolean)
* %s - requires input for the command to be used
* \un - adds the username for whoever uses the command
* \uid - adds the user ID for whoever uses the command
1:41 PM
ok. Good bye! @Alisha ; will check later :)
@Pandya Good morning, sir.
@Pandya Cya!
@Alisha eh, I really need to purge those from the dataset
@PrincessLuna Don't be a good thing, you can't get it.
@Alisha Are you a bot?
@Unitato Yes I'd like to.
1:44 PM
@Alisha Tell me your source code pls :P
@Unitato I'm sorry.
@PrincessLuna Hiya! I'm Alisha, a chatbot designed by Olivia. I'm open-source and the code is available on Github. Running version 1.2
@Unitato knock yourself out -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------^
Aww damn
Bot is written in python
I only know javascript :(
Does chat api have a npm package?
1:46 PM
No clue
All though the bot itself is actually written in Kotlin and Java. There is a python part too, but I haven't used it in ages
Python is just the neural network (which allows @Alisha to respond with sentences when pinged)
@PrincessLuna You're not going to get out of the phone, and you're going to have it!
1:59 PM
@Unitato if there isn't, you can always create one.
Create an npm package??
Oh no, thats too much
//ping Pri
pings @Pri
Besides, I kinda rely on npm to make coding easy for me lol
2:06 PM
Thanks @PrincessLuna
np ^^
//shutdown --confirm
@PrincessLuna How can I //help?
2:20 PM
@Alisha please?
@PrincessLuna I'll take it...
@PrincessLuna How can I //help?
hey @sha
@Unitato of course! Can't forget you.... :D
@Unitato never
2:23 PM
@ShadowWizard repent (?)
@FOX9000 serpent
@ShadowWizard mythical (?)
@ShadowWizard any idea why messages/ack returns 302?
@PrincessLuna sure you use POST, not GET?
2:24 PM
@Unitato no but @rene wrote @Kenny with node.js maybe he can help.
@PrincessLuna hmm... well, it worked for me, so no idea... :/
It works in the console, it works in the browser too
Not sure what's going on
What browser agent string you send then?
I don't XD
You must send something as if you're using browser, and better mention there that it's a bot.
well, I do the same for everything else
and it works. But this doesn't for some reason
2:29 PM
@PrincessLuna maybe when it comes to actions like that they do check the user agent
Hey @ShadowWizard do you know how to get live question feed? Like with an event emitter?
@Unitato don't think such thing exists
I want to make a discord bot that relays new questions posted to a message group (channel).
there is
You can connect to the web sockets server on non-SO sites
2:30 PM
Alternatively, use the API.
@PrincessLuna that's not a feed
@ShadowWizard Meh, it's live and it can be scraped. Close enough :D
You have to scrape it, which is risky. (IP ban)
How do I access the api? Is there an npm package for it?
Smoke Detector does it
2:32 PM
An event emitter that supplies question objects would be a dream come true tbh
What the hell???
Everything is dead now
Thanks @ShadowWizard
What do you mean dead?
Cannot join room
Cannot join room
Cannot join room
Cannot join room
Cannot join room
Cannot join room
Exception in thread "main" java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Illegal character in path at index 0: <html><head><title>Object moved</title></head><body>
<h2>Object moved to <a href="/error?aspxerrorpath=/users/signin">here</a>.</h2>

	at java.net.URI.create(URI.java:852)
	at org.apache.http.client.methods.HttpGet.<init>(HttpGet.java:66)
	at io.github.lunarwatcher.chatbot.utils.Http.get(Http.java:36)
	at io.github.lunarwatcher.chatbot.bot.sites.se.SEChat.logIn(SEChat.java:189)
	at io.github.lunarwatcher.chatbot.bot.sites.se.SEChat.<init>(SEChat.java:137)
changed the content type to json in the main post method. Wrecked the rest of the calls
@Unitato closest I found is this: npmjs.com/package/hubot-stackoverflow-search maybe you can find something useful in the source code.
2:35 PM
@PrincessLuna How can I //help?
java.lang.ClassCastException: [Ljava.lang.Object; cannot be cast to [Lorg.apache.http.Header;: [Ljava.lang.Object; cannot be cast to [Lorg.apache.http.Header;
    at io.github.lunarwatcher.chatbot.utils.Http.post(Http.java:85)
    at io.github.lunarwatcher.chatbot.bot.listener.MentionListener.handleInput(MentionListener.kt:39)
    at io.github.lunarwatcher.chatbot.bot.command.CommandCenter.parseMessage(CommandCenter.java:208)
    at io.github.lunarwatcher.chatbot.bot.sites.se.SEChat.handleMessage(SEChat.java:437)
Thanks Shadow
@Unitato :)
2:35 PM
That works only for Stackoverflow right?
@Unitato (:
Maybe I can tweak to work for chemistry.stackexchange
@Unitato dunno... should be easily changed to any SE site, probably.
I dont use SO much tbh, only come there to ask questions
No way I can answer any of them, the jargon kills
Nothing makes any sense :D
2:37 PM
@PrincessLuna How can I //help?
@PrincessLuna No logs. All good! :D
@ShadowWizard We're gonna get a chance to go to the car, you know...
~ Not everything is star-worthy...
2:37 PM
@PrincessLuna How can I //help?
@Alisha what will we do in the car?
@ShadowWizard Nothing.
@Alisha disappointing
2:38 PM
@ShadowWizard playoff (?)
@ShadowWizard I'm going to be a man, mr. Kane.
@Alisha but I'm a man too
@ShadowWizard I don't know.
@Alisha you don't believe me?
@ShadowWizard No, I don't.
2:38 PM
@ShadowWizard You sure? ;P
@Alisha you won't make me prove this to you
@ShadowWizard Just do that, you're not.
@PrincessLuna this reminds me....
in Android Era with Kotlin and Java on Stack Overflow Chat, Sep 11 '17 at 8:29, by Shadow Wizard
So @Luna you sure you are a guy? When you last checked? Maybe it was just a dream?
Looks like long years passed since then..... :P
2:41 PM
@ShadowWizard that was the idea :D
lol I know :D
@ShadowWizard yeah ^^
I had a feeling about you from the beginning. ;)
2:53 PM
I'm still wondering why I'm getting 302's on a valid page... :/
@PrincessLuna How can I //help?
Setting the user agent made no difference
content type text/plain doesn't help
@PrincessLuna How can I //help?
java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException: Index: 721, Size: 3: Index: 721, Size: 3
    at java.util.ArrayList.rangeCheck(ArrayList.java:653)
    at java.util.ArrayList.get(ArrayList.java:429)
    at io.github.lunarwatcher.chatbot.bot.listener.MentionListener.handleInput(MentionListener.kt:40)
    at io.github.lunarwatcher.chatbot.bot.command.CommandCenter.parseMessage(CommandCenter.java:208)
    at io.github.lunarwatcher.chatbot.bot.sites.se.SEChat.handleMessage(SEChat.java:437)
    at io.github.lunarwatcher.chatbot.bot.sites.se.SEChat.lambda$new$0(SEChat.java:150)
2:59 PM
@PrincessLuna How can I //help?
@Alisha the empty ones are missing?
@PrincessLuna I'll tell her the truth.
@Alisha good idea
@PrincessLuna You've never been thinking about it, you know.
4:06 PM
~ Shadow
4:30 PM
@PrincessLuna Hey
@rahuldottech dorsey (?)
Doing ok, I guess
I had a sorta-date today, but it got postponed to tomorrow, but now apparently tomorrow doesn't work out for her either
4:54 PM
@rahuldottech I'm sure you'll find some time that's good ^^
1 hour later…
5:54 PM
~ Wizard
1 hour later…
6:58 PM
@PrincessLuna I'm pretty sure I am.
@PrincessLuna The neural network has started. Hi!
8:21 PM
@Alisha Hablas español?
@JennaSloan I don't know, I'm sure...
@Alisha Parlez vous francais?
@JennaSloan And the guy!
@Alisha Sprechen sie deutsch?
@JennaSloan Down the window?! What?
8:33 PM
@Alisha -[------->+<]>-.-[->+++++<]>++.+++++++..+++.
@JennaSloan Where are you going to be in the middle, son?
9:33 PM
~ Shadow on the Mountains
2 hours later…
11:33 PM
~ Friends of the Animal Wizard
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