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12:47 AM
@JasonC BigQuery
@ShadowWizard I also had no idea there were a bunch of software systems named after power tools...
@ShadowWizard google
1:07 AM
@JasonC yup, me neither :)
@JasonC Glass
@ShadowWizard house
4 hours later…
5:15 AM
@JasonC home
@DroidDev base
@JasonC ball
@DroidDev sack
@JasonC dress
a woman's short loose unwaisted dress, typically narrowing at the hem, popular especially in the 1950s.
@DroidDev skirt
5:20 AM
@JasonC frock
5:44 AM
error: cannot find pictures of cute girls in frocks
@DroidDev fashion
@JasonC hehe, thank god or I'd have been left searching for those in my office
I mean on my work computer
@JasonC TV
6:03 AM
@DroidDev radio
@JasonC Rivet
@DroidDev bolt
@JasonC usain
Lol didn't this happen already
@DroidDev superhuman
@JasonC oh! I wasn't there, but seems like earlier, your reply was left because of rene's reply. Ain't gonna happen this time :)
@JasonC Stan Lee's
wondering where are @ShadowWizard @SilentKiller @Unihedron
6:37 AM
@DroidDev superman
@JasonC Shaktimaan
(^ loller)
Haha, oh man
@DroidDev bollywood
@JasonC ROFL, now you know, when you have to watch supernatural action comedy, which thing to search for :D
@JasonC dislike
@DroidDev downvote
@JasonC close
6:44 AM
@DroidDev far
@JasonC cry
@DroidDev baby
@JasonC day out
@DroidDev rotten
6:51 AM
@DroidDev home alone but got tons of stuff to do :(
@DroidDev Unimeter
@Jason don't you ever sleep?? :D
@ShadowWizard there is always lot of stuff at home to do, but why are you alone?
@ShadowWizard Unihedron :D
Daughter: kindergarten
Son: daycare
Wife: out shopping
@ShadowWizard oh! you didn't go to work?
@DroidDev Minecraft
@Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni @Uni where are you? ;)
@DroidDev no work on Friday in Israel, we work Sunday to Thursday
@ShadowWizard game
@ShadowWizard so you work on sunday? Isn't that like universal holiday?
6:55 AM
Many people want to change that so we're consistent with the rest of the world, but many got used to it too much
@ShadowWizard rarely
@DroidDev no, I think it got something to do with Christianity
@DroidDev boy
@JasonC I sleep 4-5 hours and was sure it's not much, you make me look bad ;)
@JasonC tom
@ShadowWizard yup, that might pretty much be the reason it is universal
@ShadowWizard I sleep at-least 7-8 hours daily and even then, I feel sleepy after working 8 hours
6:58 AM
Sunday (/ˈsʌndeɪ/ or /ˈsʌndi/) is the day of the week following Saturday but before Monday. For most Christians, Sunday is observed as a day of worship and rest, holding it as the Lord's Day, the day of Christ's resurrection. Sunday is a day of rest in most Western countries, part of 'the weekend'. In some Muslim countries, Sunday is a normal working day whereas Friday is the day of rest and prayer. According to the Hebrew calendars and traditional Christian calendars, Sunday is the first day of the week, and according to the International Organization for Standardization ISO 8601 Sunday is the...
> for most Christians, Sunday is observed as a day of worship and rest, holding it as the Lord's Day
this explains it... for Jewish people, Saturday is that day of worship and rest.
@ShadowWizard so much can be argued just from this sentence alone.
@DroidDev how so?
@ShadowWizard for Hindus, everyday is that day. We've got so many gods....
@DroidDev oh, lol
7:00 AM
Like in Game of Thrones, 7 gods and such, or something else?
@ShadowWizard "holding it as the Lord's Day". Now, one can easily say, "Shouldn't we worship god on rest of the days then?" and hence start a infinite argument.
last word "tom" up there, really must go for a while! D:
@DroidDev oh, I see! There was someone in the Tavern doing such arguments, @SPArchaeologist threatened to bring him here... LOL
@DroidDev wow, that's lots of sleep! My sleep habits changed while in the army when I was 18
@ShadowWizard well....that is on pretty small scale. We have 330 million angels according to gospels(every single one is worshipable) and so many gods, for so many things, like for good, bad, money, wisdom, power and the list continues....
@DroidDev sounds good! So I now pray to the God of Home Chores for a quick and successful morning so I can return here quickly! :-)
@ShadowWizard my sleeping schedule isn't much disciplined. Sometimes, I get too much sleep, my back starts to ache. Sometimes, I only sleep for 4-5 hours. I think it'll affect my health, but nothing for now
7:04 AM
@DroidDev Not much of an argument. It's "the Lord's day" because it's a day intended for everybody to worship together as a community, as opposed to all other times, when it is still expected but isn't a community event.
@ShadowWizard thumb
@JasonC well....you just started a debate, now it depends on me or @ShadowWizard here. If we reply to even a message "about" the argument, it will become an argument.
@JasonC rule
@DroidDev Lol but it's really not a debate. That's what it is and there's no argument. <- This statement itself is also not up for debate.
@DroidDev regulation
Thanks for clarifying, now it's clear. Think there is a dupe, will search later. (no time now, just voted to Reopen) — Shadow Wizard 1 min ago
Can you paste it in Tavern, @Dro or @Jas? Really don't want to get sucked in there /forces myself out of chair
@JasonC anyway, I got your point there. I never knew that those community prayers I see in hollywood movies are held on sundays :)
@JasonC nice edit :P
@ShadowWizard going to
@ShadowWizard done
@ShadowWizard a reopen request?
7:10 AM
@JasonC control
@JasonC yup - it wasn't clear before he explained
@DroidDev power
@JasonC abuse
@DroidDev child
@JasonC labor
7:13 AM
@DroidDev cheap
I call it "Thinking out of box" :D
@JasonC mean
@DroidDev median
@JasonC midpoint
@DroidDev center
@JasonC focus
7:22 AM
@DroidDev ford
ok I'm out; night
@JasonC shelby
@JasonC good night!
1 hour later…
8:47 AM
@ShadowWizard I was at school :)
9:30 AM
@Unihedron oh, school!
@DroidDev GT500
10:06 AM
@ShadowWizard Mustang
10:17 AM
@DroidDev Perfume
@ShadowWizard horse
@DroidDev donkey
@ShadowWizard ass
@JasonC ^^
you missed it :P
hmm.... "f" word or not? that is the question.... :D
@DroidDev butt
decision is now yours to make! :)
and with that, got to go... cya!
@ShadowWizard cee yaa!
@ShadowWizard big :P
10:51 AM
@DroidDev yes sir. working. :P
@DroidDev small
@SilentKiller ok Principal :P
hows ya ?
@SilentKiller m good, making final changes in app
will be over by evening
it will mark my third app on app store in last three months
so far so good
same here.. deadline and dinner party
while me currently only working on products so no apps on app store
11:15 AM
@SilentKiller what kind of products?
@SilentKiller diner PARTY!!!! sounds cool :D
@DroidDev Security and advertisement kiosk products
@DroidDev 2 and half year its second party only
@SilentKiller why does whenever I hear kiosk, it sounds to me that project is very long and boring?
@SilentKiller well, same here, about three years, but nothing like party was ever heard.... :/
@DroidDev it is. :(
@DroidDev then same here
@SilentKiller hehe, there are two kiosk projects my colleagues working at and they are always like, what...!! Now we have to do this too.....!! But, that was out of scope...!!
@SilentKiller why? :/
@SilentKiller tiny
@DroidDev there only so called scope which cover everything feasible as well as impossible.
@DroidDev shiny
11:25 AM
@SilentKiller badge
@SilentKiller ya, everything is in scope until developer don't commit suicide.
@DroidDev lols.. :D
@DroidDev brooch
@SilentKiller broom
12:11 PM
@DroidDev brush
@SilentKiller teeth
@DroidDev Colgate
@SilentKiller scam
@DroidDev fraud
@SilentKiller cheating
12:16 PM
@DroidDev beating
@SilentKiller bullying
@DroidDev fully
@SilentKiller all
@DroidDev none
@SilentKiller zero
12:21 PM
@DroidDev Aryabhatta
@SilentKiller mathematician
@DroidDev Indian
@SilentKiller computer engineers (most of world's, according to statistics)
in Smart Developers' Lab on Stack Overflow Chat, 2 mins ago, by SilentKiller
@PankajSharma do you have one more day ?
@SilentKiller ^
you don't have any idea how much I am trying to stop my laugh on this one
@DroidDev :P
@DroidDev ME
@SilentKiller HCL
12:36 PM
@DroidDev there is bt chat app sample available. i had used that one to communicate with a embed device via bluetooth and data was encrypted with ModBus protocol and had decry-pt android side.
@SilentKiller never worked on bluetooth, otherwise, I have worked on just too-many chat applications
right now, I have worked on text, image and audio chat
but, via internet connection
1:24 PM
was never able to read it @SilentKiller
@DroidDev same as smart dev one. :)
@SilentKiller oh!
but remember @SilentKiller photo or it didn't happened
@Droid send me your fb or g+
@DroidDev asking about profile picture.
1:40 PM
@SilentKiller I don't know what is opened on your side, but my profile picture has me, with shirt of red color
(removed) :(
send me yours @SilentKiller
check Fb\
@SilentKiller got it :)
oh! I reported you as spam, instead of accepting request :P
:P * new char(50)
1:46 PM
@SilentKiller mwahahahaha, you like a movie named Romantic Movie
thinking @SilentKiller is looking for something similar in my fb profile
hey, you might also be able to find @ShadowWizard there :D
2:06 PM
@DroidDev leaving was with PM..
Ceeya.... :)
@SilentKiller wasn't there, reading it now
@SilentKiller cee yaa!
@SilentKiller but, where's the PM? :/
2:20 PM
@DroidDev hmm? find me where?
@ShadowWizard in my facebook profile ;)
@DroidDev KFC
@DroidDev oh, lol
@ShadowWizard zinger (yummy)
@DroidDev Singer
@ShadowWizard Bob Marley
2 hours later…
Bot started with waiting time set to 20 seconds.
Didn't yet turn on my bot...
@ShadowWizard Jay
@ProgramFOX homestead
1 hour later…
5:45 PM
@FOX9000 city
@ProgramFOX magistracy
6:10 PM
^ hello obscure
@ShadowWizard seriously dude
@FOX9000 mayor
@JasonC cartwright
my god
Blame the word associations site.
@FOX9000 georgia
@JasonC massachusetts
6:13 PM
@ProgramFOX it's more fun to just blame you, lol
@JasonC Lol :D
@FOX9000 MIT
No associated word found for MIT.
>>link MIT Technology
@JasonC Technology
6:15 PM
@ProgramFOX Link added.
@ProgramFOX pollute
>>link toxins boobs
@JasonC Link added.
@FOX9000 toxins
@JasonC quantity
@ProgramFOX Why did hilarity not ensue... ^
6:18 PM
@JasonC Links are only used if the word association site couldn't find an associated word.
@FOX9000 quality
@JasonC directness
@ProgramFOX I see, I see.
@FOX9000 frankness
@JasonC conceal
My goal, by the way, is to manipulate it into saying "farts" (without using link).
6:22 PM
@JasonC haha :D
@FOX9000 secret
@JasonC masonic
@FOX9000 temple
@JasonC apollo
(Or boobs with link)
>>link 13 boobs
6:23 PM
@JasonC Link added.
@FOX9000 13
Say it, bitch.
@JasonC boobs
@ProgramFOX ^^^^
@FOX9000 melons
6:25 PM
@JasonC seller
@FOX9000 @DroidDev There you go.
@FOX9000 salesman
@JasonC keeper
@FOX9000 owner
@JasonC room
@ProgramFOX stair
6:27 PM
@FOX9000 climb
@JasonC precipitous
@FOX9000 risky
@JasonC maneuver
@FOX9000 react
And yes these are all attempting to get it back to farts, somehow.
@JasonC respond
6:30 PM
@FOX9000 request
@JasonC accompanying
@JasonC The words listed here link to "fart", so if you want to try to let the bot reply "fart", try to use one of the words from the list.
@FOX9000 following
@ProgramFOX Already got that page open. They don't all link to fart by the way. I checked thoroughly, lol.
@JasonC you were not around! ;)
6:33 PM
@ShadowWizard reader
@FOX9000 writer
@ProgramFOX You're talking to the pro, man.
@ProgramFOX author
@ShadowWizard prefix
@ShadowWizard Waiting time: 20 seconds.
@FOX9000 postfix
6:34 PM
@FOX9000 word
@JasonC orthography
@FOX9000 phonetics
@JasonC sounds
@rene loud
@JasonC roar
6:37 PM
@FOX9000 growl
@JasonC moan
@ShadowWizard pine
@JasonC They all link to fart, but fart is not always on the first page, but as my bot only checks the first page it won't reply 'fart' to some of them anyway.
@FOX9000 old
@JasonC Bart
wonder if someone linked Bart?
6:38 PM
@ShadowWizard shed
bart shed?
>>islink Bart shed
@ShadowWizard No, that's not a link.
@FOX9000 bike
6:39 PM
@ShadowWizard motor
@rene radiant
@ProgramFOX Is "islink" broken? "shed" is on the association page for "bart".
Or does islink just check manual links
@JasonC "islink" is only for manually added links.
Ah ok
@FOX9000 glowing
@JasonC (in the) dark
6:41 PM
@ProgramFOX room
@rene chat
@ProgramFOX Den
@rene Shadow
@ProgramFOX Wizard
@rene magic
6:42 PM
@rene old
fingers crossed
@JasonC stuffy
damn, not this time.
@FOX9000 boring
@JasonC retirement
6:43 PM
Or not?
I'm sorry, but I have to go so I'll have to shut down the bot.
Aw man. Until next time, bot.
6:44 PM
@rene I'm on a mission to make the bot say "fart[s]".
7:35 PM
@JasonC Oh, that should be possible
@FOX9000 benefits
7:46 PM
@rene friends
@ShadowWizard sitcom
by the way @rene the OP of the rollback war question ended up deleting it
what a waste of time :(
@rene comedy
@ShadowWizard Oh, that is indeed a waste time ... Can't you vote to undelete it? just for fun?
@ShadowWizard standup
@rene I can, but need two more 10k'ers and it would just enrage the poor OP... lol
@rene lay low
@ShadowWizard duck
@ShadowWizard Not yet at 10K but I'm more than happy to enrage anybody ;)
8:08 PM
@rene Donald
@ShadowWizard Trump
@rene Amber (those are special cards in the fantasy saga)
@ShadowWizard resin
@ShadowWizard indonesia
8:18 PM
@rene tsunami :(
@ShadowWizard wave
@rene brain
@ShadowWizard less
@rene more
8:35 PM
@ShadowWizard Moore
@rene benjamin
@JasonC Franklin
@rene roosevelt
@JasonC Teddy
@rene ruxpin
8:48 PM
@JasonC Hasbro
@ShadowWizard scrabble
@JasonC board game
@ShadowWizard parcheesi
@JasonC Royal Game of India
i didn't even know it was an indian game, let alone that they played it on life size boards, thats crazy
8:56 PM
yup, me neither :)
@ShadowWizard agra
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