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12:01 AM
=== Word Association Game Leaderboard ===
1. DroidDev..........................6045
2. Shadow Wizard.....................5769
3. FOX 9000..........................4847
4. ProgramFOX........................3332
5. rene..............................2330
6. cVplZ.............................1964
7. SilentKiller......................1548
8. Vogel612's Shadow.................1142
9. Frank.............................1026
10. Unihedron.........................930
11. SPArchaeologist...................913
=== Word Association Game Stats, as of 2014-11-25 11:59:03Z ===
Total of 31985 words in game, 14030 unique, posted over 227 different days by 37 different users.
Most common words in game: movie (69), me (63), water (53)
DroidDev posted 141 links to movies, out of 224 movie links in total
Shadow Wizard posted 31 links to YouTube, out of 91 YouTube links in total
=== Leaderboard by Words Per Day (top 10) ===
1. Frank.................................68.4
2. FOX 9000..............................63.8
3. Vogel612's Shadow.....................51.9
4. DroidDev................................42
5. MysticMagic...........................37.4
6. Shadow Wizard.........................27.6
7. Unihedron.............................27.4
8. SilentKiller..........................26.2
9. Jason C...............................22.8
10. Blue Ice...............................22
=== Top Words Per User ===
1. DroidDev (me - 38 times)
2. ProgramFOX (music - 15 times)
3. Shadow Wizard (big - 11 times)
4. FOX 9000 (latin - 8 times)
5. rene (game, song - 8 times)
6. cVplZ (star - 7 times)
7. SilentKiller (lion - 7 times)
8. Frank (fun, me - 6 times)
9. Unihedron (yum - 5 times)
10. SPArchaeologist (movie - 5 times)
11. Jason C (old - 5 times)
That's it for now.... no big surprise in leaderboard as @DroidDev still leading. Interesting Top Words Per User stats though!
4 hours later…
3:58 AM
Morning :)
4:56 AM
@SilentKiller Nope, I was lurking
@MysticMagic Morning :)
@ShadowWizard you should do those attacks when we are at lunch. Otherwise, when we left our offices, we just go hibernate :P
:P I did dhamal in morning and applied for leave on Fri..
hope it gets approved ^_^
@MysticMagic haha, what kind of dhamal?
@DroidDev I am planning to visit my friends on weekend.. and was to book Fri night's ticket.. which was unavailable, and I booked Thursday night's ticket :P
@ShadowWizard haha, I am at top in Top words stats too, second position is more than half points below :O
@ShadowWizard :-0 5.. my lucky number
5:00 AM
@MysticMagic oh! I thought you did some fighting in office :P
@DroidDev That will take place as soon as my PM reads my mail for leave ;)
P.S: I follow Mahatma Gandhi.. truth and non-violence :P
@ShadowWizard YAY! we crossed 30 K :D
@MysticMagic lol, Don't worry, just throw a paper at him, don't forget to wrap a stone in it ;)
@ShadowWizard whip
@DroidDev zip
5:09 AM
@MysticMagic rar
@DroidDev jar
@MysticMagic jam
@DroidDev sweet
@MysticMagic shop
@DroidDev cash
5:12 AM
@MysticMagic crash
@DroidDev accident
@MysticMagic prone
@DroidDev zone
@MysticMagic domain
@DroidDev knowledge
5:17 AM
@MysticMagic information
@DroidDev data
@MysticMagic raw
@DroidDev material
@MysticMagic compound
@DroidDev complex
5:26 AM
@MysticMagic girls :P
@DroidDev awesome ;)
@MysticMagic illusion :P
^ reminds me of a quote I relate to me: I'm just a simple girl with a complex mind and a fragile heart ;)
@DroidDev reality :)
@MysticMagic ok, now I know you some better than before :P
@MysticMagic myth
@DroidDev rumor
@DroidDev :D
5:29 AM
@MysticMagic lies
@DroidDev trust
@MysticMagic relationship
@DroidDev lifetime
@MysticMagic validity :P
@DroidDev license
5:31 AM
@MysticMagic driving
@DroidDev car
@MysticMagic do you know what is fish monger costume makeup?
@MysticMagic love
@DroidDev heart
@DroidDev no :/
@MysticMagic break
@MysticMagic ok, let me ask someone else :P
@DroidDev kitkat :P
5:36 AM
@MysticMagic haha, got it
last one is the one we were talking about
@MysticMagic chocolate
@DroidDev yummy
@DroidDev ahh okay :)
first one seems like a magician (like me)
@MysticMagic haha, that's a Halloween dress :P
@MysticMagic tasty
hehe :P okay
@DroidDev food
@MysticMagic hungry :(
@DroidDev eat :)
5:39 AM
@MysticMagic drink
@DroidDev water
@MysticMagic coffee
@DroidDev tea
@MysticMagic yucky :P
@DroidDev lucky :P
5:47 AM
@MysticMagic me :P
@DroidDev too :P
@MysticMagic also
@DroidDev and
@MysticMagic logical
@DroidDev thinking
5:57 AM
Haha, I love that my top word is "old".
It's because I keep trying to get the bot to say "farts".
@MysticMagic brain
@JasonC puzzle
@JasonC well, I accomplished my goal with bot long time ago :P
@MysticMagic confusion
@DroidDev what was your goal?
5:59 AM
@JasonC the "b" word ;)
@DroidDev PHP
@JasonC old :P
@DroidDev Lol, boobs or bitch? I've probably linked about a dozen words to "boobs" now. Say "13" to the bot next time you see it, for example.
@DroidDev crusty
(I'm avoiding "farts" until I can get the bot to say it; the build up will make it better.)
@JasonC haha, the first one, ya, I saw all of your linkings. I read them all :P
6:02 AM
but, posting the words, to which the bot will reply that automatically is more fun :P
@JasonC pizza
wanna eat :'(
@MysticMagic yummy
@DroidDev Oh I know. I'm not going to force the bot to fart, it needs to come naturally.
(Tee hee)
@JasonC ROFL
@DroidDev spicy
6:03 AM
@MysticMagic sweet
@DroidDev wisher ;)
@MysticMagic girl
I think she is, right?
lol :P
@DroidDev boobs
6:08 AM
@DroidDev ya :)
@JasonC Laser Pointers
I guess you know the relation already :P
@DroidDev technology
@MysticMagic modern
@DroidDev science
@MysticMagic biology
6:13 AM
@DroidDev creatures
@MysticMagic weird
@DroidDev strange
@MysticMagic behavior
@DroidDev action
@MysticMagic reaction
6:21 AM
@DroidDev allergy
@MysticMagic skin
@DroidDev color
@MysticMagic whitish brown :P
@DroidDev same pinch :P
same pinch?
@MysticMagic incomprehensible
6:29 AM
@JasonC unknown :P
@DroidDev known
@MysticMagic bug
@DroidDev issue
@MysticMagic comic
@JasonC book
6:31 AM
@MysticMagic novel
@DroidDev new
@JasonC old :P
@MysticMagic wrinkly
@DroidDev aged
@MysticMagic experienced
6:43 AM
@DroidDev newbie
@MysticMagic noob
@DroidDev fersher
@MysticMagic expert
@DroidDev know it all
@MysticMagic almighty
6:50 AM
@DroidDev God
@MysticMagic myth
@DroidDev belief
@MysticMagic trust
@DroidDev faith
@MysticMagic gone
haha! git from command line is fun
7:02 AM
@DroidDev visible
@MysticMagic view
@DroidDev activity :P
@MysticMagic fragment
@DroidDev yeah, it's going well!
busy today, chance I won't be available.... :(
@DroidDev fragrance
@ShadowWizard don't worry, we got it, but be careful, you might loose you second rank :P
@ShadowWizard scent
7:10 AM
I hate hacks :/
@DroidDev perfume
@MysticMagic what hack?
@MysticMagic smell
@DroidDev umm.. can't say hack exactly, but I just dislike using two separate radio buttons instead of a radio group containing them both.. will still have to do that
@DroidDev flower
@MysticMagic oh! don't ask how I implement layout for chatting app then. You'll just shoot me in the face :P
@MysticMagic rose
@DroidDev lol
@DroidDev lotus
7:24 AM
@MysticMagic 1-2-3
wow i forgot about quatro
@JasonC numbers
@JasonC fast
@DroidDev furious
@JasonC Muscle cars :D
@JasonC angry
7:28 AM
@MysticMagic beavers
Hungry, too :P lunch time :)
That's two beavers in one day
I mean the word "beavers"
hehe, A colleague of mine is absent today. I replaced my un-cool mouse with his cool one :D
His mouse was like Alienware's mouse
now it is sitting on my desk
@JasonC rodent
Hey @ShadowWizard do you have the wag conversation chain available, from the last leaderboard period, that I can analyze with something? Or your tool for extracting it from chat?
@JasonC no need to explain, I already got you :P
7:31 AM
@DroidDev Yeah... aside from the word "beavers", there have not been any beavers today. Or in the recent past for that matter.
Tons of pussy though. You know, cause my cats are adorable.
Lots of boxes, had to pack. Couple of muffins, blueberry.
@DroidDev revenge
OMG thank you for indirectly bringing back memories of rodent's revenge.
Oh shit what was that other game
@JasonC driven
@JasonC what other game?
@DroidDev success
@JasonC story
@DroidDev time
In all it's win16 glory.
wondering and reading about things I never encountered :/
@JasonC flies
7:40 AM
@DroidDev unzipped
7:55 AM
@JasonC I published it a while ago, think couple of months or so. It's a text file, you can look for the link in the transcript, will help you later if you won't find it. When at home can put the latest file as well.
@JasonC size
1 hour later…
9:01 AM
1 hour later...
@ShadowWizard Sweet, got it thanks. Data! Lemme know if you post the latest one.
@MysticMagic weight
@JasonC heavy
9:30 AM
@MysticMagic metal
@JasonC wood
9:49 AM
hopes for log
10:17 AM
let's distract @DroidDev
distract @DroidDev while I take the muffin
let's buz @DroidDev
keep @DroidDev busy while I claim the muffin
let's ping @DroidDev
ping @DroidDev while I get the muffin
let's call @DroidDev
have @DroidDev run while I steal the muffin
@MysticMagic beware: If you start sleeping in the room like me, @DroidDev will start to think that you are just one alternate identity I made up to make the room behave more appropriately. On a second though probably he is already thinking that.
@SPArchaeologist you know because it is one message, its just a single ping. Right?
@SPArchaeologist lol.. No @DroidDev I am awake
10:28 AM
@MysticMagic haha :P
@MysticMagic cutter
@DroidDev butter :D
@DroidDev (what excuse can I use..... yes, found it!) My plot worked! not only he came to check who called him! he also lost more time to post that message! The great and powerful archaeologist had you all fooled again with his cunning plans!
@SPArchaeologist Actually, I was afk because of lunch. Just came in and saw your messages :P
@MysticMagic knife
@DroidDev sharp
@MysticMagic C
10:34 AM
@SPArchaeologist Plus Plus :P
@MysticMagic increment
@DroidDev hike
@MysticMagic next month :D
@DroidDev congo ;)
@MysticMagic wishes
10:37 AM
ok... let's see
there are two answers: one lame, one less lame. Let's see what you take
@DroidDev genie
@SPArchaeologist myth
@DroidDev not even close.
I was hoping for ring.
a little sign that someone actually had read the book
in Tavern on the Meta, 17 secs ago, by SPArchaeologist
@JanDvorak proposal: shouldn't we store those spam post in an appropriate stocking silos until the 15 December? then we can use them to claim whatever flag-as-spam related hat they are giving out this year.
now I want to see what they reply :P
lol. hat mania on the way
@SPArchaeologist you should be habitual to this by now. I never do things according to your expectations :P
10:54 AM
last word:
15 mins ago, by DroidDev
@SPArchaeologist myth
@DroidDev story
@MysticMagic lol, you did not replied to the actual word. Chain is broke :P
@DroidDev corrected :P
@MysticMagic true
@DroidDev false
11:00 AM
@MysticMagic boolean
@DroidDev String
@MysticMagic alphabetical
@DroidDev vowel
@MysticMagic towel :P
@DroidDev shovel :D
11:02 AM
Tu quoque!
towel -> Guide to the Galaxy :P
don't fall into @SPArchaeologist traps @Mys His final goal is to convert everypony here into pony fans
oh wait...! did I write everypony?
I meant everybody
Indeed.. I searched using Pony Towel after he wrote that :P
@MysticMagic, you already have a pony name! you can't be a grey, old, without fantasy Scrooge like @DroidDev
I accidentally have that name... I came to know of it just when you mentioned here that "MysticMagic" is a pony's name :P
11:12 AM
@DroidDev start to worry when you will use "hoof" instead of "hand"
11:33 AM
@MysticMagic Mole Mitts
when the showel isn't enough
@SPArchaeologist my fantasies are bit more complex than ponies :P
@DroidDev clones, rasengan, clones again, sharingan, more clones, teleport, still clones :P
@SPArchaeologist It doesn't depend on how many things you know, it depends on how many ways you can think of, for using a single thing
Hiyaa :)
@SweetWisherツ Hiya :)
@SPArchaeologist zelda
11:45 AM
Loading Shadow's den
Just a sec :P
haha :P
@DroidDev You are in a wrong field
@DroidDev legend
@SweetWisherツ :)
@MysticMagic I
@SPArchaeologist You
11:54 AM
^Epic victory! If anyone claims I wasn't begin humble, I can always tell them that I was referring to the movie.
@MysticMagic :)
Ponies names are mostly in the form "Adjective Noun"
Mystic Magic
Sweet Wisher :P
Sweet Wisher
Shadowy Wizzard (new name he still don't know to have)
Droid Dev ??
@Unihedron sleeping here :P
12:02 PM
I'm coding :)
@SweetWisherツ Droid is for android. As usual, he is the one that not follow conventions
@SweetWisherツ !! :D
> By using our services after Jan 1, you agree to our updated terms, data policy and cookies policy and to seeing improved ads based on apps and sites you use. Learn more about these updates and how to control the ads you see.
Oh no one likes you anyway, Facebook.
@SweetWisherツ wrong field? didn't get you... :/
aaand account deleted
12:03 PM
@Unihedron lolzz
@DroidDev You are a philosophy guy :)
@SPArchaeologist Oh I see :)
@MysticMagic Can you, really :P
@SweetWisherツ haha, what made you say so?
25 mins ago, by DroidDev
@SPArchaeologist It doesn't depend on how many things you know, it depends on how many ways you can think of, for using a single thing
@SweetWisherツ ;)
12:05 PM
@SweetWisherツ lol, but, that line doesn't pay well ;)
@DroidDev i will pay u :P
@MysticMagic we
@DroidDev us
@SweetWisherツ do you want to get a book written?
@DroidDev hahah..Let's try ;)
12:06 PM
@MysticMagic last of
@SweetWisherツ ok, what's the topic?
@DroidDev end
@DroidDev any of your interest
@MysticMagic dead
@SweetWisherツ alive
@DroidDev and it was only when the ninja started to read the scripts Sweetie Bel @SweetWisherツ sent him and found that strange character called "Daring Do" that he found out he had been tricked
@SweetWisherツ you'll pay me for writing a book that's of my interest. hmm...Interesting...
12:08 PM
Music Time
@DroidDev You should write a book about how you find interesting begin paid for writing things you consider interesting for money
@SPArchaeologist begin being
@SPArchaeologist so you want to tell me that I've gone mindless. But, I already knew that...
@DroidDev :-o
@SweetWisherツ go away Jan... Sweet?
12:13 PM
@SweetWisherツ I was referencing the "Jan is becoming a orthographic corrector owl" movement started by the duck Infinite Recursion
@SPArchaeologist I don't think she know about Jan or duck. Do you @SweetWisherツ ?
I know about Inf and Duck, but not Jan, though :)
@MysticMagic post something with a typo in the Tavern and you will soon...
@MysticMagic Jan is the one with script, which run on SE and he keeps reporting spams discovered from that script in Tavern
12:25 PM
@DroidDev ya. I saw 3-4 spams today :D
@SPArchaeologist hmm.. may be I am gonna try that, just for fun :P
@MysticMagic for bonus point, try to ask something related to a localization bug somewhere in the interface
which interface? which localization? :P
for example find some place where they use plural for something singular and post it..
Ohh.. in meta questions?
badges instead of badge if you have only one badge or similar.
I don't take responsibility of the chaos this will trigger
12:29 PM
lol.. I guess I will post that just a second before leaving office ;)
Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy... leave approved :)
@MysticMagic you mean no fight?
no stone wrapped in paper?
No :))))
@SPArchaeologist and you are awakening :P
@DroidDev honest confession :P
@MysticMagic too busy remembering Benny that he promised me an hat
@MysticMagic lol, isn't that something we all do ;)
@DroidDev No..
12:37 PM
@DroidDev yo :)
Last word:
31 mins ago, by MysticMagic
@SweetWisherツ alive
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