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5:02 AM
7 hours later...
btw, where is @SilentKiller ? :/
@ShadowWizard web
5:25 AM
@DroidDev i am here.. tumne pukara or hum chale aae.. ;)
@DroidDev web-works
@SilentKiller ROFL
where were you yesterday :P
@DroidDev work yaar.. its too much as my junior left office without notice now i have to complete everything and bugs too..
even i am only dev in BB
@SilentKiller .com
@DroidDev google.com
@SilentKiller who have BB device? shoot that person, in the eye, with a gun
@SilentKiller search engine
5:30 AM
@DroidDev in Gulf countries and in Russia they use BB as its easy to manipulate hack and crack with BB devices.
@SilentKiller oh! they are evil persons
@DroidDev duck duck go
@DroidDev hahaha.. i don't issues with development but deadline is same and need to complete work of 2 persons. :/
@SilentKiller Infinite Recursion (She claims to be a duck)
@SilentKiller yup, that's a headache
@DroidDev Mafia Duck. :D
wait till I post it there :P
but, just to tag along you @SilentKiller , I am also stuck in a weird problem. I thought why leave you alone in problem :D
5:36 AM
@DroidDev :P
the problem is pretty weird though
now say lols... xD
wait till she replies
@DroidDev cont with last word. :P
oh! I forgot about it
@SilentKiller Mafia Mundeer
@SilentKiller game
@DroidDev Medal of Honor
@SilentKiller old (it was first released in 1999)
@DroidDev Gold
@SilentKiller jewelry
6:36 AM
@DroidDev Necklace
@SilentKiller diamond
@DroidDev Kohinoor
@SilentKiller cursed (once heard so, person telling me about it said that wherever it goes, it destroys everything :/)
6:59 AM
I solved my problem @SilentKiller
hey @ProgramFOX how are you?
well, now I am working on another concept that is, to record an audio, play it and while playing it, user will have buttons like drum, guitar etc and whenever users presses the button while playing, the audio sound will be inserted at that point in the recording
then I have to make a single audio file mixed with all the new audios (drum sound, guitar sound etc) that user mixed while playing the recording
...and from the current research, I have found that doing this is next to impossible in Android
help me oh great God!
@DroidDev which problem ?
Bot started with waiting time set to 20 seconds.
@DroidDev first do one thing find such an app and download it
7:09 AM
@SilentKiller actually, I made bitmap round to show, but the empty space that was left on corners of imageview was filled with black color
so I put an imageview with same background color as whole layout on top of it
which was transparent from center
@SilentKiller I don't know about app, if it is there, but, I know, that if it is possible, then it is only through ffmpeg
a library which is written in C and the most widely used audio mixing library in world
I'll have to port it to android or use NDK
but, hey, guess the time limit....
ya, its the november end
@DroidDev there are several apps for drum and music instruments and recording too. we can download it and reverse eng it.
@DroidDev wow toooo much time.. :(
@SilentKiller but where is the fun in reverse eng?
@DroidDev doomed
@SilentKiller exile
@DroidDev we can get idea about it how it developed.
@FOX9000 deportation
7:14 AM
@SilentKiller war
@FOX9000 world
@SilentKiller ruler
@FOX9000 emperor
@SilentKiller envoy
@FOX9000 mediator
7:20 AM
@SilentKiller gospel
@FOX9000 Christ
@SilentKiller baptism
@FOX9000 nepotism
@ShadowWizard pope
hiya @Shadow howdy
@FOX9000 pipe
7:25 AM
@SilentKiller briar
@FOX9000 prior
@SilentKiller absolve
@FOX9000 absolute
@SilentKiller relative
@SilentKiller well...inserting audio at a particular point is the most difficult thing that I encountered in this
but, for now, I just have to upload and play an audio file :D
7:27 AM
@SilentKiller all good, thanks!
@FOX9000 position
@ShadowWizard top
@SilentKiller dog
@DroidDev mean its bit easy
@DroidDev cat
@DroidDev lick
@SilentKiller I have two days to add the functionality of uploading audio and playing it in already functional chat
today and tomorrow
7:28 AM
@SilentKiller mew
@DroidDev good.. i think its enough time to do so. what you say?
@FOX9000 mow
@ShadowWizard cow
@ShadowWizard reap
@SilentKiller I am thinking of uploading the audio file in multi-part web service and then playing it by streaming online everytime user clicks play button. Can't deliver much reliability in this much time.
7:30 AM
@SilentKiller hog
@FOX9000 sand
@ShadowWizard lagoon
@FOX9000 pond
@DroidDev skate
@FOX9000 boarding
7:37 AM
@DroidDev crewman
@FOX9000 sailors
@ShadowWizard caravel
8:14 AM
@FOX9000 caravan
@ShadowWizard crossroad
@FOX9000 junction
@ShadowWizard rhine
@FOX9000 whine
@cVplZ sniff
8:19 AM
@FOX9000 huff
@cVplZ compartment
@FOX9000 apartment
@ShadowWizard dingy
@FOX9000 gloomy
@DroidDev sad
8:30 AM
@ShadowWizard blue
@DroidDev overall
@FOX9000 everywhere
@DroidDev woodland
@FOX9000 shoes
@DroidDev skirt
8:32 AM
@FOX9000 up
@DroidDev down
@ProgramFOX below
@DroidDev top
@SilentKiller sleeveless
@FOX9000 topless
8:35 AM
@ShadowWizard naked
@SilentKiller exposed
@DroidDev missed another chance for boobs!
@ShadowWizard boobs
@ShadowWizard WHAT???
@Droid :P
8:36 AM
@DroidDev wearing
boobs were perfect for topless, but yeah this might fit as well
>>delete 2574869
I was just looking that how much are you guys gonna stretch it, before you finally write it down
@FOX9000 pants
@ShadowWizard I think exposed is better suited for them :D
8:36 AM
@ShadowWizard shirt
hmm... so the bot is now wearing boobs.
@SilentKiller spaghetti
@ShadowWizard lol
I just woke up... I'm not in the mood for boobs yet...
8:37 AM
@rene no worry, it will come. Trust me. :D
@rene me too
@DroidDev pot
@rene WHAT?? everyone should be in that mood 24/7 :P
@FOX9000 bot (you are)
@SilentKiller me too
8:37 AM
@SilentKiller dot
@ShadowWizard net
@cVplZ web
@DroidDev site
@ShadowWizard side
@ShadowWizard on
8:38 AM
@DroidDev star
@cVplZ shiny
@ShadowWizard nails
@SilentKiller glitter
@cVplZ galaxy
@SilentKiller polish
8:39 AM
BOT is tooo slow.. ;)
@DroidDev shoes
@SilentKiller boots
@SilentKiller hoes
@cVplZ toes
@SilentKiller legs
@ShadowWizard exposed :D
8:41 AM
Welp, it broke.
@DroidDev covered ;)
timeout, @ProgramFOX?
@SilentKiller discovered
Bot started with waiting time set to 20 seconds.
@ShadowWizard "404 Client Error: Not Found" That happens sometimes, don't know why.
@ShadowWizard hidden
8:42 AM
@ProgramFOX weird!
@ProgramFOX stash
@ShadowWizard weapon
@FOX9000 gun
@SilentKiller nail
@ShadowWizard sail
@SilentKiller bail
8:43 AM
@SilentKiller I know it was intentional
@ShadowWizard out
he's covering your dirty mind, @DroidDev! :D
@DroidDev lash
@DroidDev yo. :D
@FOX9000 bash
@ShadowWizard winter
8:44 AM
OK, time for some Delphi programming. cya guys, play nicely! :-)
@Shadow Cya
@cVplZ warmer
@FOX9000 farmer
8:45 AM
@SilentKiller crop
No associated word found for farter.
@ShadowWizard only mine :P
@FOX9000 crap
@cVplZ shit
@DroidDev seat
8:46 AM
@DroidDev shut
@cVplZ down
@DroidDev town
@cVplZ city
@cVplZ straggling
@DroidDev twin
@FOX9000 sisters
8:51 AM
@DroidDev brothers
I could have just replied without link, but hey, wheres the fun in that, ha?
@SilentKiller bros :P
@SilentKiller james
@FOX9000 bond
@SilentKiller adoption
8:56 AM
@DroidDev Submission. :D
@SilentKiller admission :P
@DroidDev school
@SilentKiller individually
@FOX9000 alone
@DroidDev lonely
9:01 AM
@SilentKiller evenings
@FOX9000 noon
@SilentKiller thermometer
@FOX9000 temperature
No associated word found for temprature.
>>reply 2575028
9:03 AM
@DroidDev tropical
@FOX9000 island
@DroidDev convict
:2575041 norseman
@FOX9000 criminal
@ShadowWizard civil
@FOX9000 law
9:10 AM
@DroidDev immutable
@FOX9000 mutable
@SilentKiller god
@FOX9000 almighty
9:32 AM
Ie obsolescence continues to astonish me everytime
2014 and still no user script support of any form
Ok - firepony online
10:10 AM
@SilentKiller Waiting time: 20 seconds.
>>reply 2575064
@SilentKiller subsist
@SilentKiller The bot sometimes gets "stuck", but not dead, in those cases you can force a new reply :)
@FOX9000 bassist
No associated word found for basist.
10:17 AM
>>reply recent
No associated word found for bassist.
@ShadowWizard thanks for info :)
>>link bassist musician
@ShadowWizard Link added.
>>reply recent
10:18 AM
@ShadowWizard musician
@FOX9000 music
@ProgramFOX sweet
@FOX9000 sugar
@DroidDev spice
10:33 AM
@FOX9000 skype
@DroidDev video call
No associated word found for skype.
>>link skype messenger
@DroidDev Link added.
@SilentKiller conferencing
10:34 AM
@DroidDev meeting
@SilentKiller clandestine
@SilentKiller discussion
@DroidDev conclusion
@SilentKiller end
@DroidDev start
10:36 AM
@SilentKiller hummer
@FOX9000 summer
@SilentKiller spring
@ProgramFOX foliage
>>delete 2575361
@FOX9000 flowers
@ProgramFOX rose
10:38 AM
@SilentKiller ellen
@FOX9000 bright
@SilentKiller glowing
@FOX9000 glitters
@SilentKiller sequin
10:56 AM
@FOX9000 beads
@ShadowWizard barter
@SilentKiller do you know a way to send JSON or string name value pair data in multi part web-service?
@FOX9000 carter
@DroidDev marvellous
@FOX9000 hilarious
A: how to send image (bitmap) to server in android with multipart-form data json

CarnalByteArrayOutputStream baos = new ByteArrayOutputStream(); photo.compress(Bitmap.CompressFormat.JPEG, 100, baos); byte[] imageBytes = baos.toByteArray(); String encodedImage = Base64.encodeToString(imageBytes, Base64.DEFAULT); Then send this encodedImage as a String and in your server you will n...

10:59 AM
No associated word found for hillarious.
>>reply recent
@ShadowWizard crowd
@FOX9000 mob
@ShadowWizard assault
@SilentKiller actually, I am uploading a song in multi-parts. But, with it, I need to send some data (file-type, "audio"). I am using HttpURLConnection class for multi part upload
but, I wasn't able to find methods to set entity or data in that class
using which I could send the other data i.e. file-type
11:08 AM
@DroidDev let me check with ma stuff
11:21 AM
@FOX9000 personal
@ShadowWizard insignificance
@SilentKiller I just wrote another code using http-mime-4.1.2.jar
It provides the service to add data as request entity with multi-part files
Now, I think it'll work, although, I haven't tested the call yet, but I think it will work
@FOX9000 (not) important
@ProgramFOX inductive
@FOX9000 reductive
11:29 AM
No associated word found for reductive.
>>link reductive reduction
Lunch time, cya!
@ShadowWizard Link added.
>>reply recent
@ProgramFOX Cya
11:30 AM
@ShadowWizard reduction
@ProgramFOX bon appetite! :)
No associated word found for Cya.
@ProgramFOX cya!
@FOX9000 reduced
nice, the "!" makes it unbotable
@DroidDev sulphate
11:32 AM
@ShadowWizard hehe
and now it will reply to this ^
@FOX9000 sulphur
@ShadowWizard ROFL
and this ^
No associated word found for ROFL.
@ShadowWizard dioxide
>>delete 2575622
11:33 AM
@DroidDev hydrogen
@FOX9000 gas
@ShadowWizard expanding
@FOX9000 universe (hopefully)
@ShadowWizard emanation
@FOX9000 emancipation
11:45 AM
@ShadowWizard peasantry
1 hour later…
12:45 PM
1 hour later...
@FOX9000 slaves
@DroidDev labor
@FOX9000 party
@ShadowWizard annexation
@ShadowWizard b'day
@DroidDev cake
12:47 PM
@ShadowWizard lukewarm
@FOX9000 zeal
@ShadowWizard undiminished
No associated word found for battleplate.
@ShadowWizard battlefield
12:59 PM
@SilentKiller sweep
@FOX9000 sleep
@SilentKiller mattress
@FOX9000 pillow
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