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8:04 PM
(Where are you, balpha and/or Jin?)
Wow, they got crossvalidated.com.
@PopularDemand They're both in Chat Feedback
Anybody on that was programming before OOP? I'm getting tired of arguing with this guy, especially since he's become hostile.
A: Is Object Oriented Programming a solution to complexity?

Lance RobertsThe reason Object-oriented programming seems to help us handle complexity is because it forces us to write code in a specific fashion instead of a huge variety of ways. Task-oriented programming is much more intuitive, which is why programming started that way. Object-orientation takes training...

If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Or say "If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Or say 'If you have....
Don't mind me, just muttering to myself.
@PopularDemand Recursively, nonetheless!
I don't care if people disagree with me, but there's no reason to get hostile.
8:15 PM
@LanceRoberts I agree
(You stupid pile of...)
@LanceRoberts Seconded.
(kidding, of course :-)
8:36 PM
I care if people disagree with me. Mainly because everyone should just agree with me in the first place. (;
People that disagree with me need to be shown how wrong they are
Forcibly, if necessary
@MichaelMrozek Grammar error, line 1. You meant "People who disagree..." (emphasis mine). Your move, Mrozek!
I see you all as objects
@PopularDemand Watch out. He's violent
You all task me.
8:40 PM
/lightuseronfire @PopularDemand
@rchern ....I have a feature request
I like that new 'no answers' tab.
I hacked the url with my tags, and now I have plenty to do.
@MichaelMrozek Reminds me of the bash.org quote, "I'm going to become rich when I invent a way to stab people in the face over the internet!"
@MichaelMrozek you know where the fork button is.
8:42 PM
@TheUnhandledException Wasn't it "rich and famous," and no bang?
@rchern You misunderstand -- I want the feature without needing to write it. That's where you come in
@PopularDemand I didn't have it memorized. I just remember it went like this:
Yeah, I'm not opening that here.
@PopularDemand You were correct, rich and famous, no bang
I'd forgotten those were the same quote
> <[SA]HatfulOfHollow> i'm going to become rich and famous after i invent a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet
When waffles came in earlier I was thinking about situations that could lead to the message "WORDS OF PRAISE FOR BREAKFAST FOOD"
8:45 PM
@PopularDemand I'm guessing eating or just thinking about breakfast food would cause that
Oh, finally, I can escape: "Server startup in 357248 ms"
@PopularDemand I, sadly, have two more tasks to do before they'll let me out of here for the day
@TheUnhandledException What? No, not go home; I can test my app, which lets me tab away from The Tavern.
@PopularDemand ohhhhh. I see :-)
9:00 PM
@TheUnhandledexception - first help create a device that can share USB over the internet. Making a knife USB should be easy.
@Moshe Ahahahahaha
Hello, what's up?
Very busy day for me @Moshe. Posting a SO question during my 15 minute break, then, back to work :-(
Ok. Good luck. I gotta brush up on ACtionscript and get something out in a week. Ive been out of Flash since CS3. And I need to install Windows on my Mac.
Can someone help me for a sec please?
Send me some stylized chat messages. Maybe an image.
C'mon, anybody? :-)
9:16 PM
@TheUnhandledException Prepare to have your mind blown
AWESOME. Thanks!
You should append " -- sent from my XMPP interface" to the end of every message that goes through XMPP
LOL, that would probably get really annoying :-)
Indeed it would
glares at iPhones
One of my clients, all her emails end with "Sent from Mars"
I can't tell if it's a joke or what
Q: Using Ruby, how can I confirm that an XML snippit is valid?

JoshAs some of you make know, I'm working on XMPP (Jabber) integration for the StackOverflow chat system, as an XMPP component written in Ruby using the xmpp4r package. I'm struggling with one issue (well, many issues, but one issue at the moment :-) I am taking the JSON feed from the chat and extra...

9:23 PM
How are you @Chacha102?
you singled me out
@rchern I can edit and remove that if it bothers you -- It was meant to be more of a tribute (-:
We were just talking in another room like 10 minutes ago about how people misspell my name "Micheal", and then I see this:
> Thanks to Michael Mrozec for the screenshot assistance!
9:28 PM
@MichaelMrozek Please wait while I correct my blatant and stupid mistake =o
@TheUnhandledException It's too late, you're already dead to me
c, k, they're redundant!
I do like the sound of @rkhern
they both make a kk sound, as in, kkkkrap, I misspelled his name!
@MichaelMrozek For some reason my mind wants to pronounce that "Arka-hern"
@MichaelMrozek Objects can die?
9:32 PM
@PopularDemand I was starting to think of him as a person because he made a helpful XMPP interface. But that's gone now
You're the one doing IRC, right? You can be a person too I suppose
@MichaelMrozek That's sweet, but you're thinking of Greg Hewgill.
Ah. Retracted then
hahaha, you guys are so cruel! ;-)
@MichaelMrozek Don't get me confused. Sure, I'm making a helpful XMPP interface. But I'm also the menace behind the initial version of the /me userscript!
9:35 PM
@TheUnhandledException Michael Mrozek approaches James McNellis when scored by overall hilarity.
@TheUnhandledException This is why we communicate over an interface that doesn't let us hurt each other. Except with words
We need an MSO chat meetup IRL
@MichaelMrozek I'd've agreed, 58 minutes ago.
Likewise, lol.
As much as I was enjoying carrying on about the SO chat password before chat launched and how anxious I was to get over there, I find this place is really where I'd rather be :-)
I should probably poke around SO chat again, I haven't been there since it launched
I'm in a few rooms in SE chat at least
@MichaelMrozek It's been so nice there. No reason to ruin it now.
9:41 PM
I can't be stopped -- I spread to all chat networks
And rchern enters the fray!
Oh, man, I need to find Michael's chat.webapps logs.
@MichaelMrozek - wtf
What rchern and Aiden said.
@rchern - Don't pretend you don't know :P
9:44 PM
I was just about to ask. Must be their internal chat?
Why bonfire?
@TheUnhandledException The rovio room?
Everyone signed in is an employee or mod
@PopularDemand EXACTLY
9:45 PM
how did you find that @MichaelMrozek o:
Is there an option to disable the "orange bar" notifications on SO?
They do my nut in
@AidenBell nooooo. bad @AidenBell!
@AidenBell Stop earning privileges, badges and rep. Also unfavorite all your favorite questions, don't add new favorites and delete all your existing posts. You probably shouldn't leave any comments from here on out, either.
@PopularDemand - lol
@rchern I don't remember, I don't think it's really a secret (it's their internal chat)
9:48 PM
@PopularDemand I was shocked earlier today when I logged into JoshsSocks and saw he had like 9 privs
@Anyone - Add a random comment to
Q: PDO::ATTR_AUTOCOMMIT ignores non-transactional INSERT/UPDATE

Aiden BellBeen scratching my head on this for a while.... I have a PDO object with pdo->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_AUTOCOMMIT,0); as I want to use FOR UPDATE with some InnoDB tables. Reading the MySQL documentation, FOR UPDATE will only lock read rows if: You are in a transaction You are not in a trans...

@AidenBell Done
@TheUnhandledException Cheers ;)
@AidenBell Anytime. Random comments are my specialty :-)
A: Using Ruby, how can I confirm that an XML snippit is valid?

Wayne ConradAre you running on *nix? If so, I'd delegate the problem to xmllint. I work with a system that generates xml before sending it over the net; we validate our xml with xmllint, like so: command = "xmllint #{temp_file_path} --schema #{schema_file_path} --noout 2>&1" output = `#{com...

Someone hasn't been in chat on a friday... :-)
Spawn a new external process for each chat message!?!
Sounds like a good way to DOS my server ;-)
Right ... I have a copy of Programming C# 4.0 ... Tell Skeet i'm coming for him
10:03 PM
@AidenBell Good luck in that fight! ;-)
@TheUnhandledException - Funny thing is, I looked at Skeet's book and opted for the big blue one
@AidenBell Of course. Why buy his book when you can get his advice free on Stack Overflow? XD
@TheUnhandledException lmao
Does his book have practice questions at the end of each chapter to see if you understand the concepts? Somebody should paste a whole set of them into a question on SO and see if he notices
@MichaelMrozek That would be so funny
but, do each one as it's own question
See if he answers them himself, LOL
As he does he thinks, Gee, this question is oddly familiar...
10:10 PM
@MichaelMrozek That's the funniest route to copyright theft I have ever heard
Go for it, I will upvote.
I have his book in PDF ... I mean hardcover
I can email ... err ... ship it to you on loan
Obviously joking, the theft of the hard work of high-order answerers is morally bankrupt ... but he should release it as CC and advertise jobs in it instead
The copier in my office has the ability to save what it scans to PDF and e-mail it. Just sayin'....
scary for the recipient
1 hour later…
11:42 PM
so not long ago someone left a comment on one of my answers that had the word "couch" in it, a link to wikipedia and i can't seem to find it, is there a way to search comments to just my own answers?
at least, i thought it was to wikipedia
11:57 PM
on SO?
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