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4:33 AM
Facebook is so f***** creepy!!!!
5:20 AM
Heh, spelled Evan's last name wrong. Oh, well.
6:16 AM
Hiya folks.
2 hours later…
7:54 AM
@Lucifer - poke
8:11 AM
How dy ?
@Moshe it must be midnight there in your country , you are still working ?
@Lucifer It's 4:20 AM here. I'm working indeed.
8:37 AM
There's another good argument for:
Q: Please auto-merge duplicated "identical post" flags

awoodlandWhen a user posts the same thing to several questions a flag is automatically raised. Often this indicates spam or questions that are in fact duplicates. This happens for just two identical posts. When a second/third/... identical post is made another flag gets raised also - this is sensible, it...

@awoodland for what?
in the flag queue this morning
@Moshe (I wish there was a better way to tie text to oneboxed questions)
Just sent, to testers, a near-finished build of what I've been working on since Sat night.
9:10 AM
@TimYiJiang that election tool is great.
I have one small observation, but that is probably to do with the data dump the tool uses (it uses the data dump right?)
@Pekka I think it uses the API live for most of the info
@awoodland ah, okay.
The number of votes displayed for users is not taking into consideration meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/90495/… for some reason
But that may be the API's fault then?
@Pekka Blame the API. It's still running on API 1.0, so that may be the reason
@TimYiJiang I see. I'll add a note to Nick's answer in my question, maybe that's somethink he wants to look into. (Probably not though.)
10:00 AM
Thank you, Nick, for this awesome animated gif! meta.stackoverflow.com/a/134555/178438
10:34 AM
hi all
@awo - you were very highly praised in the comments of your nomination...
good stuff man!
10:53 AM
<i style="font-style: normal;">anchor</i> <-- I just used that. A non-italic italic tag :P Legitimate use, I wanted emphasis inside a font-size:italic'd span. Of course, there's the deprecated tag, but who cares!
11:06 AM
@Pekka while I write the script, can you think up some other taglines, akin to the That's a fascinating problem, but I really have no idea how to solve it. Have this great Calvin & Hobbes strip instead! on that post?
11:23 AM
@TimManishEarth Eh, if you want emphasis, shouldn't you use the em tag?
@TimYiJiang Hmm, it cancels itself?
didn't know that
No, but if you use <i style="font-style: normal;"> for emphasis, shouldn't <em style="font-style: normal;"> also be acceptable?
@TimYiJiang Yep
Ahh, I needed a quick and dirty fix
1 hour later…
12:31 PM
> You've earned the "Taxonomist" badge for live-refresh. See your profile.
12:58 PM
I don't know why poor grammar and punctuation frustrates me so much. I was told to add a drop down to something that has 3 options: "Commercial", "Residential", or "". After I add it, I get this in response:
Can we just haveā€¦.Commercial or Residentialā€¦..Do not allow a blank.
Can we do that.

Why all the extra periods? Why would you ask a question and not end it with a question mark?
Q: I thought I posted a good answer

marco-fisetOk so I answered a question about PHP global variables, and my answer was right to the point and solved the OP's problem. I had two upvotes and the OP accepted my answer. However, maybe 3 hours later (when the question would have been burried deep below the newer ones) I got downvoted like crazy:...

you in an edit war with yourself @jad? ;)
This is interesting. Both answers were downvoted more than 5 times
@TimYiJiang Oh, wow. That does look odd.
It was linked to from the PHP chat room around the time you said these votes came in... — Jeremy Banks 1 min ago
1:02 PM
@Lix I try not to war with myself. It's a bit too existential for my taste.
That room is not for the faint hearted :P
Well, that explains a lot
Indeed, that'll do it right there.
in PHP on Stack Overflow Chat, 19 hours ago, by GordonM
Time for a on http://stackoverflow.com/a/10881036/477127 I think
I don't know how the people in that room keep sane with random people popping in and dropping messages like this every few minutes:
in PHP on Stack Overflow Chat, 19 hours ago, by epic_syntax
PHP / MySQL Pros! Pls take a look at this question http://stackoverflow.com/questions/10885801/strange-prepared-statements-error/10885843#10885843 THX in advance
Whenever I see a post like that when I was in the JavaScript room I wished I had a button to punch the person over the internet
that would get really old really fast...
1:06 PM
is a thing now?
@JeremyBanks I think that it definitely shouldn't be.
@JeremyBanks Not the actual tag, just them abusing the markup for the purpose of emphasising things
But, yeah.
makes me a little uncomfortable, but it serves some purpose. just seems like a bad idea.
Are those answers really bad? (I have no idea)
1:09 PM
@Lix But it would keep the hoards of vampires out of the room. At least for some time
@jadarnel27 Well, the question is asking for something which looks pretty bad
Oh, and the suggested edit queue is full on SO again
probably because if things like this -
@Lix Oh, the novelty of being able to vandalize web pages.
@jer - or that or his cat was prancing around on his laptop :P
@TimYiJiang Oh, gotcha. So the answers really should have been steering the OP in another direction, I guess?
a vandalist renegade cat :P
1:17 PM
Gosh. I should really work on getting to 5K so I can help out with that edit queue.
@jadarnel27 It's a terrible chore with few rewards
that is true... not very rewarding... however reaching 5K puts you over the hill towards 10K :P well worth it
@TimYiJiang Ah, that makes sense. Reminds me of this:
Mar 10 at 0:05, by mootinator
I just realized all of the perks for gaining rep come in the form of "more types of free work you can do for us."
@jadarnel27 Yeah, and approving suggested edits doesn't even increase my stash of useless internet points!
@jadarnel27 not true of bounties and upvotes at least
1:25 PM
Get enough points and you might get a t-shirt. At least that's only passive free work for them (promotion). ;)
@TimYiJiang hahaha
@JeremyBanks True =)
1:43 PM
hey @Lix :) how are you man
Hello all
@luc- yo man... I'm doing alright... (now)... had some major malfunctions yesterday though :P
lets just say I was at work this morning early to format my workstation... ended up having to do it twice :S
why twice ?
you found 2 virus :P ?
in C: & D: ?
my HDD died... my mouse kicked the bucket... and (both) my phones are also acting up... :S
not too worried about linux viruses just yet :P
1:47 PM
okey, looks like , you need to purchase new HDD & mouse
is it time of increment :P ?
first format was maintenance, I like to format at least once a year.... and only after I formatted I realize that my HDD is coughing and spluttering and then refuses to boot :S
yep - got the new HDD already... and I'm gonna try fixing the mouse... too expensive to just go out and get a new one :P
"helpful flags: 4655" - Dear Lord, @awoodland. That's a lot of helpful flags =)
that kind of mouse is different @Lix
@jadarnel27 who did that ?
@luc - once you get used to it - there is no going back :P
@Lix ya, it was there in old laptops , strange that it is still available in market
1:50 PM
@Lucifer I was looking at the moderator election candidates and noticed awoodland's helpful flag count.
He has more helpful flags than I have reps ^_^
@Lix 1K% agree
@jadarnel27 but it's not 1234 or a palindrome :)
so moderator modest of you ;)
@awoodland nice work
my flag count is only 607 :(
@awoodland Well, you can't have it all =)
1:53 PM
@luc - where is that page from?
i dont know too, but one of my friend gave me this link @Lix
@jadarnel27 I left mine at 1337 for a while, hoping... I might have nominated myself on that alone if the election had come sooner. Probably for the best that it didn't.
@Lucifer the page is all generated clientside so you can presumably stick any userid in
1:56 PM
@awoodland There's actually a link at the top you can use to add users.
@JeremyBanks Hahaha, well done.
@jad - thanks :P
@jadarnel27 yes, my friend told me that same , but when i click on add user and gave "Lucier"in find user , it didnt show me that page
@Lix For what?
for showing how to add a user to that view so that I can spy on myself :P
Ah. You're welcome then =)
1:58 PM
@jadarnel27 damn that's so obvious too - I was reading the page source trying to work out how to do it. Interestingly "community" is pro tem apparently
AVG per post = 13.2
AVG per day = 11.7
@Lucifer Did you try "Lucifer" instead of "Lucier"? =)
@jadarnel27 I tried Lucifer , why would i try Lucier ?
@awoodland Just like a dev to miss the actual UI button and try to hack it =P
@awoodland The page assumes any nominee that is already mod to be pro-tem
2:02 PM
@Lucifer That's what you typed in your message:
5 mins ago, by Lucifer
@jadarnel27 yes, my friend told me that same , but when i click on add user and gave "Lucier"in find user , it didnt show me that page
Comparing a bot against the nominees is a little unfair, don't you think? :P
@jadarnel27 opps that was spelling mistake in above 5 min's chat line before , i tried "Lucifer"only but still it is not showing me :(
Hi all
anyone think I should enter the mod race again?
2:06 PM
well that was harsh! Yes @ama - go for it!
@Lix how did you find this data ?
@TimYiJiang Why is that?
you entered your name in "Find user textbox"? @Lix
@luc - yea... its in the screenshot you posted also...
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA if it's something you can and want to do I'd say go for it
2:07 PM
@Lix but when i entered my name , it is not showing anything
even i tried to enter your name , but it is now showing anything @Lix
@awoodland I wanted to last year, and all got was shot down and ridiculed :-(
@luc - I can see your user there...
@Lix you clicked on "add user" link right ?
@luc - indeed....
2:10 PM
@TimYiJiang still confused... but oook...
@TimYiJiang can I have a real reason and not just a link?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA You have a history of posting bad questions and getting yourself suspended on Meta
@Lix i did same, it shows me a textbox of "Find usre:" but when i enter my name "Lucifer" it is not showing me, neither your , when i enter your name "Lix", i also tried my profile link, but it is not showing me :(
@TimYiJiang I was suspended once on meta when I 1st started using this site, since then I have learned
@Lucifer I can pull yours up just fine. Are you getting javascript errors if you look in the console?
@Lucifer I have the same issue
2:13 PM
@jadarnel27 which console ? and i am using Google Chrome
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA That was about 3 months ago, not when you "first starting using this site."
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA which browser you are using ?
@jadarnel27 eh? now I dont even know which situation you are talking about.... when I was banned from chat you mean?
@Lucifer Chrome-Dev
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA If there are enough "situations" that you can't determine which one I'm referring to, I think that's a problem on its own.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA mine is Chrome Version 19.0.1084.52 m
2:17 PM
@jadarnel27 I was having issues in December and February with memes and "noise" which I have since fixed
Ah, February is what I was thinking of. "Noise" sounds right.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA It's totally your decision to run for mod, man. As @awoodland put it "if it's something you can and want to do I'd say go for it."
@jadarnel27 :-)
Ok I added myself
When do we start with the ridiculing?
Too soon?
@awoodland me and you are the only ones to get all of those selected badges on elections.stackexchange.com (interesting)
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA add me too
2:24 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I think I was the only one with all of them last time, but it doesn't seem to make much difference
@awoodland haha I know.
I have also all those Noteworthy Badges
Anyone think I should change my formatting for my self nomination?
Can you go comic-sans or papyrus?, I think you can pull in ridicule from the font nerds that way.
2:27 PM
@mootinator :-P I am trying to pull in the Doctor Whovians ^_^
I did (not seriously) contemplate writing my nomination in LaTeX so it would render nicely as an image and let me be as verbose as I wanted.
@awoodland lol
It seems they limited the posts more than last year. People were writing whole megillahs on the last election! wow
There was a lot of TL;DR going on last year.
the limit is tiny this year - it makes sense though given what happened last year
@mootinator yeeea
It was waaaaaaaaaaay too much last year
2:43 PM
ok bye everybody, bye @Lix :)
3:13 PM
It is quite cold here.... BRRRRR
Wow the hurt....
@ama - what happened?\
@Lix see @yoda's comment on my election post.
I have no idea how to respond to that at all
Well, don't say I didn't warn you.
@TimYiJiang I know, but that comment seem to point me as some sort of evil villain.....
ugg... that's rough...
@ama - there was some heat on you a little while ago (as you stated). Perhaps the dust has not yet settled...
@Lix but how do I respond to that comment without sounding snide?
I wouldn't say "evil villain." I would go with "tiresome troll."
@jadarnel27 Whatever it is, I do not mean, or intend to be...
I love this site!
and all the other SE sites!
Have you considered not running?
3:20 PM
Something to the effect of - "Ok... lets hear what the voters say"... but that comment sitting there might change the minds of the voters...
@TimYiJiang I want to, I want to give back to the community that has helped me so much
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA That's the thing; people don't judge you on your intentions. They judge you on your actions.
@jadarnel27 which I am trying to fix. I took a hiatus from SO and the like for about a month (after all the mess)
Noone seemed to notice, but when I come back, they bite with a vengeance lol
Moderator elections are the one time where it's ok to straight up criticize another person on SO (vs something specific they've written). You've gotta expect it. Especially when there are other, earlier nominees with less reputation but a much longer or richer history of "moderation" (both meanings) on SO.
@Shog9 True true :-) thank you. I am trying to learn from the past to go and help others who might be like how I was.
3:32 PM
Its true - You are really putting yourself in the spotlight.... Letting the community scrutinize you and your history...
@Lix True, true. But there have been some great politicians with shaky pasts and they have overcome them :-D
No doubt :)
3:48 PM
Yo @Neal
Can a mod please lift my ban, I was joking around in the Javascript chat with another user and a post got mis-construed and somehow flagged (even though the user and I were clearly joking)
and besides it wasn't even offensive ( could have been worse )
@rlemon hey hey ^_^
@rlemon haha oy....
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I got banned for joking with @Florian
I think Abishek flagged me :o
but then said "I was joking bro, dw, no flag"
so yea...
Someone flagged Florian as well.
seems someone got flag happy
3:52 PM
How often does meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/125/… get brought up in here?
in The Assembly on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 12 secs ago, by rlemon
my comment was directed to user A, who understood it as a joke :P somehow another user flagged me AND him on it? (his was a response to my message with only a sad face) now we are both banned.
@mil - you can place a bounty on that post if you want it to get more attention...
although it seems that it has already received quite a bit of attention already...
@Lix I really can't, because I'm a ServerFault user and not an SO user. I don't have enough SO rep to place a bounty on anything. (and of course, MSO is really MSE)
I'd place a bounty for you but I just don't agree with the proposal :P
@Lix You're too kind! My observation: given the massive proliferation of new SE sites and the increasing number of 4K users, we're starting to see on-topic questions getting closed/migrated simply because they are arguably "more on topic" in another SE community.
@Lix Allowing close votes to be countered would be a fine way to control this.
@Lix But, of course, if I post a new question on MSO, it will be closed as a duplicate.
3:58 PM
That might be true - but if users really believe that a question should not be closed then a "re-open" vote would suffice no?
@Lix The problem with @JeffAtwood's supposed solution (the one that's voted down to -65) is that it assumes StackExchange users have no jobs and spend their days/nights monitoring arbitrary unpopular questions in their mothers' basements.
Ah, but it's so peaceful in my mother's basement.
One could say the same thing about your suggestion as well though - what if there are not enough users around to cast the un-close votes at a specific time?
Why wouldn't I hang out there and monitor garbage posts? =P
@jad - cause your time is better spent getting to 5K ;)
4:02 PM
Bah. You would bring that back up ;-)
@Lix Unlikely. When a question is being VTCed only by a minority of OCD users -- "This is a Unix question! It belongs on U&L, not on ServerFault" -- it takes hours or even days to reach 5, but it still happens, even if a majority of people who see the question think it's on topic.
@MilesErickson I agree, the approach of "wait and vote to reopen it" isn't very useful here or in case of wanting to cancel a close vote.
Well I don't have much experience outside of Stack Overflow... On SO, if something is getting CVed it;s going down NOW :P hehe
@JeremyBanks Definitely also relevant.
4:08 PM
@MilesErickson I'll put +100 on it. Do you want a bounty message to go along with it?
drat... who starred my post without telling me I used a semicolon instead of an Apostrophe? :) hehe
(I guess I'll put it in "quotes" to indicate that I didn't write it.)
@JeremyBanks Hmm.
@JeremyBanks First off, very kind of you!
@JeremyBanks I suppose there are two angles: one, that the official "solution" has proven to be highly unpopular, and two, that there is a whole new world with the proliferation of specialist SE sites, causing the OCD types among us to get a bit too excited about migrating questions (reference blog.stackoverflow.com/2012/03/…).
@JeremyBanks How many characters?
@MilesErickson One sec, let me see...
@MilesErickson 3000. It uses the same formatting as comments and it's also a single line.
4:26 PM
The development of new StackExchange sites has led to a disturbing tendency for on-topic questions to attract close/migration votes from a minority of users simply because they are arguably "more on topic" at a different StackExchange site. The "silent majority" cannot prevent such migrations. The suggested (and notably unpopular) approach of monitoring questions until they are closed, and then voting to reopen, does not work in migration scenarios. Let's revisit this feature request.
Does that work?
@MilesErickson Oops, I didn't hear the chat notification. That sounds good to me!
@JeremyBanks Thanks again! Just ping me if you ever need a ServerFault bounty.
That's better.
@JeremyBanks Cheers
Just deciding how to format it so it doesn't look like I wrote it, since my SO perspective is less valuable... maybe I'll suffix it with "- Miles Erickson"
4:34 PM
@JeremyBanks Fine with me.
Or preface it with "Miles Erickson of ServerFault writes:"
or something
@MilesErickson Ooo, something that might have been better. Too late, though, posted. xP
@JeremyBanks Awesome.
Thanks again!
You're very welcome. I care about these issues too and your message may help. :)
come on, you just like throwing around bounties :)
> +100 to Evan Carol for providing a brilliant work-around to this egregious bug.
4:53 PM
Anyone want to vote for a new Doctor Who on Google Plus Moderator? (while we are in election mood) plus.google.com/116004737922927360371/posts/UY9oQfhuCCP
5:26 PM
@balpha Well you've got me there.
I have previous contemplated bountying that question, and Miles provided an excellent excuse.
5:41 PM
Q: Why do I see this tab?

Shmuel BrinIf you go to a user page, it has a link on "vote casts" to http://judaism.stackexchange.com/users/208/joe-shmoe?tab=votes This page is reported to be a 404. If I don't have permission to see more info about the user's voting history, why is there this link?

That's a dupe.
Q: "View more" Votes profile button link broken?

mattytommoWhilst viewing someone else's profile, click on "view more" underneath Votes, you'll get a Page Not Found error. NOTE: It works when you do it on your own profile Try it on my StackOverflow profile HERE. When logged in as someone else and viewing my profile, Scroll to the bottom for th...

@jadarnel27 of which one? and can you make a comment there? the mod doesnt bel;ieve me that it is also on meain meta
Why would you comment to the mod, and post an answer both saying the same thing?
You could just flag it with a custom description and be done with it.
@jadarnel27 ehhh true. I removed that. dumb move on my part....
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Huh. Good move. Less noise that way =)
5:54 PM
@jadarnel27 yep yep ^_^
@TimManishEarth - historical significance lock on a 5 minute old question: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/134635/153020
@awoodland what the fruit!?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I'd guess that's the most appropriate lock message
@awoodland still.... FRUIT!
and p00f, it is gone
6:19 PM
@awood I know :) I asked Robert about it in TL, he hasn't replied :\ Probably was scared of a slew of C&H (it's just Pekka and me and one other guy who have planned on doing this. Pekka started it with a similar post).
I have a 250 rep bounty to give away.
For the craziest answer. Maybe something with cat pictures.
Or some other crazy stuff. So if anybody wants to write one....
Q: Plagiarism should be addressed specifically in the FAQ

PekkaRecent cases of whole-sale plagiarism like the three instances collected in this question (one, two, three, four) make me think, maybe there should be a clear policy on plagiarism in place in the FAQ? A FAQ entry, say under the headline "Can I use other people's work?", could highlight the essen...

Or maybe I should award it to Tim's answer. Hmmm.
What does the Tavern think?
Cool elections by the way. Interesting candidates.
6:35 PM
@pekka I can try my hand at a cat-filled answer tomorrow :p
Though either way, the bounty still goes to "Tim" :P
6:46 PM
I'm almost a 20k user..
and I haven't done anything since 17k..
@Pekka Why thank you ^_^
How is everyone this morning?
@Chacha102 good, and you?
Very good
I need to unaccept my answer to be able to delete my answer.
I need to delete my answer to be able delete my question.
Then I click to delete the question.
6:51 PM
cool cool. elections are going on on my Google+ page. SE just copied me :-P
Feels a bit silly, but I guess it's an uncommon edge case.
They updated the SO migration paths :o
Yep :) with some pushing from a dissatisfied progse mod :p
Already implemented, build pushed? Anna was talking about it as if it was being discussed O_o
6:58 PM
it's out there and live
Wow, that's...fast
Oh right only SO
And with that, the generations-long conflict between Programmers.SE and Stack Overflow finally came to a close.
A few weeks back Shog was grumbling about the devs pushing a new build for the entire network. IIRC, it took a while
@TimManishEarth I imagine that had little to do with it. Otherwise, it would have happened a long time ago =)
Perhaps it's just a setting somewhere that does not require doing a new build?
Yeah, probably
7:04 PM
Hey @Yannis came to commemorate the destruction of the Programmers migration path =)
@JeremyBanks Programmers will continue to suffer from comments pointing crap to us, but getting off the migration list is definitely cause for celebration.
There's a difference between Programmers.SE and StackOverflow?
@Chacha102 Of course; Programmers is where you send the poll questions.
@Chacha102 Yes, you are suspended on Programmers but not on StackOverflow ;P
@YannisRizos I'm not suspended anywhere..
7:06 PM
@Chacha102 brb...
@Chacha102 make an account on DBA....no reason
Also on chem...
@Pekka Well...his name is Tim...so.
I've been around so long..
7:08 PM
...and so the mods descended upon the Tavern, wreaking havoc upon the Tavern-builder.
Who's line is it anyway?
@jad oh, the mods all flocked because of a link to Jeremy's starred message above which I posted
@TimManishEarth Haha, right. I figured it must have popped up in the Teacher's Lounge =)
wants his mod powers on chat.mso and chat.so. Some users are due for a spanking
@TimManishEarth Nah, it's good to be incognito sometimes...
7:14 PM
@yannis for that I'd change my parent site (did that yesterday while testing something, was locked out of TL fot ten minutes. Stupid caching)
@TimManishEarth Oh, that wasn't caching, we locked you out for a while, to gossip about you...
Rofl :) The other day I was happy on finding that I had a clean record on TL (no search results before appointment). Next thing I know, everyone tells me how hard it was to clean up all those messages :p
@TimManishEarth btw I was locked out of TL once, and they claimed it was a bug... Wondering what was really going on...
@yannis aah, that's why you were in the access request list...
Interesting idea...add yourself to the access list, hope nobody notices.
Then watch from the sidelines(change gravatar if necessary) when they do that :p
7:40 PM
Hi guys, does anybody here speak Spanish?
I mean really well? Native speaker level?
I have a quick question about how to interpret a message from a bank
Or rather, its title. Whether it's about confirming a transaction, or about cancelling it
Just give them all your money and be done with it
I took 4 (count 'em, 4!) Spanish classes in high school. Obviously, I am completely qualified.
(Note: I graduated from high school in '05, so I might be a liiiittle rusty)
Heh! Hold on, I'll copy the sentence that I'm unsure about
If a bank sends you a message titled
> Comercio exterior / Liquidacion Ordenes de abono
followed by the details of a transaction where you received money, does that mean that
A. the transaction was aborted (which a spanish librarian is saying but I'm having trouble believing it, it's a long story)
B. the transaction happened and the bank is writing you to tell about it
The thing is the "liquidacion", it sounds so negative and a friend of mine who is dealing with the bank was unsure what it means. She can ask the bank themselves in a couple days but it would be nice to know now, as it's an important transaction.
Liquidación with an ó obviously
I am definitely no help. My high school Spanish apparently didn't cover corporate mumbo-jumbo very thoroughly. Sorry =/
@jadarnel27 np. Yeah, bank language is often difficult to figure out even for native speakers
7:50 PM
You might try the Spanish.SE chat
@mmyers Oh, there's a spanish.SE? Cool, I'll ask there, thanks.
@Pekka Google translate says that word could be interpreted "Clearance", rather than "Liquidation." But that still doesn't make a lot of sense.
I'm sure they love random translation requests.
@mmyers I'm sure they do love them as much as the programming language chats love live debugging requests. :) I'll give it a try anyway.
You should ask it on the site proper without every having looked at the faq. I bet they really love that ^_^
7:52 PM
@jadarnel27 "How to make friends on a Stack Exchange Site." We should write a book"
@Pekka I quite like C. The money is even as we speak making its way via a ACME Credit Union transfer to the criminal underworld of a country the foreign office advises against traveling to.
@Pekka Hahahaha, yes!
@awoodland I have no idea whether that's related to Pekka's question, but I choose to believe it is.
@awoodland Barrister Abuyanga and his daughter are totally legit. I even saw photos of them. The daughter is hot and she totally digs me.
She will come visit me soon, as soon as our $6M transaction has completed. Oh lá lá!
Dear Programmers.SE, How many cup holders should a software developer have in their car (where they write software)? Thanks in advanced! Love, Josh
7:55 PM
@jadarnel27 that's totally a whiteboard question, and totally programmer specific. They would be crazy not to accept it
They simply can't close it. But let's call them stuck-up close Nazis with no life if they do.
@Pekka Right! I would rage all over their Meta if it got closed.
@jadarnel27 What kind of car is that? I find Station Wagons are the best for programming in, I'm interested in you to please to share experiences.
@jadarnel27 Yeah. That'll earn us their respect
In lieu of respect, I will accept fear as well.
The best car for programming is a Duck, which is both a car and a boat.
7:58 PM
@awoodland Hahahaha. "I'm interested in you to please to share experiences." =)
It was a bit painful to type "Thanks in advanced"
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