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1:44 AM
@balpha: Amanda Zompetti wins! woop woop woop woop woop woopwoop
2:14 AM
@animuson ):
I'm hurt! q:
2:33 AM
@RebeccaChernoff: So is Dr. Zoidberg! All he wants is friends!
And possibly food.
Yours made me laugh though. :P
1 hour later…
3:36 AM
Why can't we use mod tools on MSO chat?
/me is sad he cannot ban @Timjadarnel27
:o Why would you ban him!? Did he renounce his love for Justin Bieber!? That is a very bannable offense...
@animuson "too chatty"
@balpha Bug: Jeff doesn't have a hover :(
@TimManishEarth: There's a few of them that don't have hovers, like Jin Yang. But yes, I definitely wanted to see Jeff's hover. :(
4:13 AM
@animuson Love GraceNote's hover
4:26 AM
The only one that's not an actual person :P
4:58 AM
@animuson Cacti are people too!
5:17 AM
This product is shipping in 1-2 months?! Really? Apple? Hulllloooo..
Yes. That way, by the time it gets to you, its value will have gone down and you'll want to buy something else. :)
In all seriousness, but not really, what's up with "Please help me" in questions? There really is no more accurate tag for a poor question.
5:35 AM
Should get an auto downvote from Community.
does anyone know why SE members seriously despise "social networking" for some reason?
Hi Purmo!
you're exactly who i want to talk to about this. :P
Yep, I figured.
chown's comment was plain ignorant
5:40 AM
Social networking is too nuanced for programmers.
I felt like we were talking not just two different languages, but across two different universes.
"In the absence of agreement about its meaning, the term "social" is regarded as a fuzzy concept -Wikipedia. IMO though, "social" is now just a meaningless word that is used by corporations/ad agencies/old people who are just now jumping on the interweb bandwagon."
i find this really ignorant. and when did people start using wikipedia as a dictionary?
For maybe 5, 7 years now.
5:43 AM
grr i'm blind
I didn't know there was argument over the meaning of "social"
i think nearly every member on this site just automatically outlaws the entire concept of social networking
simply because they don't like it
Why do you think his comment was ignorant?
"used by corporations/ad agencies/old people who are just now jumping on the interweb bandwagon."
that whole statement in itself is just an unnecessary generalization
it shows a true lack of understanding on his part
Speaking of a member of a corporation that is jumping on that bandwagon, I contend that that statement is, on the whole, accurate.
5:45 AM
i think he makes it very clear that he dislikes social networking and makes a point of it by saying it's used by people who benefit the least from being online.
"meaningless word?"
he's literally saying "people who don't get it use it to sound hip."
how is that not an ultimate statement of one's ignorance?
yes, again.
please justify that leap.
i've justified it already
and again, that communication gap I was talking about.
5:48 AM
are you a programmer?
You may want to be grateful for that, for not being privy to a group of people who use "social" in that way.
yes I am.
oh no, i'm ungrateful for how nearly everyone outlaws the term like it's a bad omen to use it
okay, do you dislike the concept of social networking? are you a fan of facebook?
I'm not a fan of Facebook per se, but neither am I a detractor.
Are you?
why are you not a fan of facebook?
The hipsters subversively made the word "social" trendy in order to make corporations/ad agencies, etc. sound like a bunch of communists.
5:50 AM
Forgive me for this, Purmo, but:
When did you stop beating your wife?
what in all hell are you talking about?
One is allowed to not participate in social media, without explicitly "not being a fan".
A loaded question is a question which contains a controversial or unjustified assumption, e.g., a presumption of guilt. Aside from being a logical fallacy, such questions may be used as a rhetorical tool: the question attempts to limit direct replies to be those that serve the questioner's agenda. This fallacy should be distinguished from that of begging the question, which offers a premise the plausibility of which depends on the truth of the proposition asked about, and which is often an implicit restatement of the proposition. The term "loaded question" is sometimes used to refer to...
i don't think you understood what I was on to.
yes, i know what it is, thank you. :)
5:52 AM
@MichaelPetrotta Hi,
Yeah, I don't think I understand either. (:
Hi @Lucifer.
there was nothing to understand, goddamnit.
i asked a single question and you assumed i was on to something else.
Its been long time seeing you on SO, today first time you are in a chat room @MichaelPetrotta
I tried, I really did...
so anyways--why are you not necessarily a fan of facebook?
5:55 AM
There's more noise there than I'd like, and it reveals more about the people that I care about than I'd really care to know.
I dislike Facebook just because it makes people act like everyone on their friends list cares about every little thing they're doing during the day.
I like the subtlety of other forms of communication - in person, text, phone, email.
Aha! exactly--that goes by the assumption that everyone on facebook posts about all the stupid little shit they do.
@animuson Perhaps your friends are a bunch of narcissists.
Perhaps, it doesn't help I don't have many friends.
5:56 AM
I feel like Facebook really lays bare the most stereotypical elements of a person.
In an unfair way.
@MichaelPetrotta: You don't believe it's time we move on? That's like somebody who refuses to play new console games because he prefers older games.
And not just friends.
@MichaelPetrotta Tell me more about lays bare the most stereotypical elements of a person.
Family too.
do you not ever think it shows potential for going beyond that stupid use?
5:57 AM
@mootinator: Why do you want to tell me more about lays bare the most stereotypical elements of a person?
I'll believe in that potential when it's shown.
@MichaelPetrotta: Do me a favor--read this whole blurb I gave. chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/974919#974919
oh, sorry. since when do we sit around and wait for things to happen?
Since I don't work for Facebook.
Until then, I'll do my own thing.
did jeff atwood and joel spolsky just wait for an awesome Q&A site that finally brought together all the programmers in the world (ideally, of course)?
or did they make it happen?
For some reason, most of my Facebook friends like posting silly poems that I don't care enough to analyze for meaning.
@MichaelPetrotta That is quite interesting.
5:59 AM
so do mine.
Are you proposing to do something yourself, @Purmou?
No, I'm proposing that people stop blacklisting "social networking" simply because of what the majority of its users have, unfortunately, made of it.
the majority of users that join Stack Overflow every day post some pretty bad questions.
We could agree that the majority of the site is lackluster questions.
I don't blacklist anything, myself.
I'm just not a fan of Facebook, specifically, other than as an investment or advertising opportunity.
Did you read my little blurb?
Or as a way to keep up with news of my nieces.
I did.
I don't see much meat there. Sorry, but.
6:02 AM
did it fill you in on what i'm talking about a little bit?
Not really. Are you proposing something?
It sounds like what you're saying is that social interaction online is important.
okay, basically, i think social networking can and should go far beyond stupid little updates that people post.
No argument here.
beyond that simple social interaction that you can get in every day life.
Such as?
6:04 AM
i think that a huge part of learning, and this is what my question was about, was communicating what you've learned.
when you're able to teach others and tell people about it, you can prove you've truly learned and understood it.
I personally despise all the advertising Facebook tries to shove in my face.
this is the problem with modern schooling--you can get by with memorizing what they "teach" you
Like "a friend is now using such and such app" - who the f*** cares!?
Heh. That's not what my schooling was like.
you're already connected to your friends on facebook--through them you have access to lots of other people. and even more people. and even more.
imagine communicating the things you learn to the entire world
6:05 AM
Ok - what form would that take?
What are you proposing?
say you're studying history. you learn about world war II, and through those studies, you learn about the holocaust, as is natural.
gmorning all
you then find how this can relate to today. why are you actually looking at this information? what significance does it have relative to today's world?
then you'll more than likely find out about religious oppression in Iran over the last two decades or so
and so what have you learned? this kind of serious intolerance goes on in the real world. what should you do? sit around and let it happen and then research more when the time comes?
you could start a group on facebook, for example, where you teach the things you've learned about the subject and make sure other people know.
you can make sure other people find out about what goes on in the world today.
6:08 AM
Now we're getting somewhere.
that's a giant part of who we are as a society--understanding what's happening all over the world.
and how can you do that with a vast audience?
twitter, tumblr, instagram (do it visually!)
or, for god's sake, get on stack exchange and share the same kind of knowledge on the history SE
The problem with Facebook is that there are no limits. People just click like on anything that their friends support or gets advertised to them because they want to "support the cause" and rarely ever follow through on any sort of commitment.
Do you think that Facebook is the best means to address this? Or SE?
they are both gateways through which this massive communication is made possible
that was the basis of my question, which was unfortunately closed.
i was wondering if the site was built with that revolutionary concept in mind.
Or are they existing portals that are popular for other reasons?
6:10 AM
facebook and SE?
of course they're popular for other reasons--they aren't explicitly used for what i've been talking about
And maybe the best, most efficient, most revolutionary tools are yet to be created?
but i believe they should
Yes. Yes! exactly!
as the world grows, and as technology becomes greater and greater, we will be able to develop this concept more strongly.
i know many other people feel the same way--this should be the focus of the internet right now. every generation has something it's known for--let this one be known for revolutionizing education as a whole.
The Volkswagen Bug is the most popular vehicle in the history of the world (I just made that up).
Is is the best way to haul cargo?
that's my goal. i'm only 14 but i've spent most of my teen life, and expect to spend a great majority of my entire one, revolutionizing the realm of education and globalizing it in such ways I've described today.
Or should we find the best tool on its own merits?
6:12 AM
Please do, the education system now sucks.
That's my goal, @animuson.
I learned how to code cause I thought it was cool.
Just because SE is popular, does that mean it's the best tool to carry out the goals you're envisioning?
maybe not--but think about it. does it not fit directly with the concept?
people who have learned--either just beginning to or already have, for most of their lives--come together and communicate their knowledge
I think it might damage SE to do so.
they teach what they've learned
6:13 AM
Does any one have an idea how I could find a highly voted post by a deleted user?
it's not something that will happen--it already occurs
Take Stack Overflow, for instance.
Someone asks a question.
I think you need to create something with that revolutionary goal in mind.
Oh, I'm working on it every second.
What are you waiting for, Purmou?
...I don't really know. :P
6:15 AM
Do you have a job to go to, like the rest of us?
No sirree.
Strike while the iron's hot!
And add something besides Lorem ipsum dolor to your blog (:
i'm actually still working on an engine
I was going to write a blog about the concept of thinking outside the box and never got around to it. :/
I've been using MySQL till now--I'm considering switching to PDO
But I have a huge list of blog entries I'm ready to write.
6:17 AM
Ok, cool. Time to go to bed, cause I have a job to go to in the morning, to pay the bills. Sure be nice to be 14 again.
Good conversation.
Haha, yeah. Thank you for this fulfilling conversation. I'm so glad you understand me better now. :)
I hated being 14. Maybe 16 or 17?
Hey, 14 is pretty awesome right now.
I remember I'd always go to the library in middle school and work on random programming things. The librarian at the time didn't understand what I was doing and she started kicking me out.
people are relatively impressed with what I can do.
i taught a web design elective at my school
but either way, i'm still motivated to learn way more
i've just scratched the surface
6:20 AM
My high school librarians would always stand over my shoulder and watch me as I typed things. Sooooo awkward. o.o
people don't do that to me.
how old are you now?
Librarians were creepier in the 90s
I'm 21 now.
Hi @Lix
Q: Old questions in newest questions tab

juergen dThis is a duplicate to it-shows-old-question-in-newest-tab (which was closed). It happened yesterday for me too the same time as it did for the poster of that question. After a few minutes it was working again. Now it happens again. In newest quesions tab, questions from yesterday are displayed...

@luc - hey man...
6:22 AM
this happened again
on SO
oh wow - u right... all from may 18...
@animuson: 2005...lol
You'd be surprised how non-technically advanced my school district was 5 years ago...
The library had 3 computers.
When I was in grade 12, my school had a Novell network.
Which had a default password.
6:24 AM
know what's stupid?
my school changed all the laptops to run Ubuntu.
they were all preloaded with Windows.
some loser said "oh ubuntu's open source"
Said password could be used to manipulate library records and grades.
@mootinator: Most school districts still use Novell. It's advanced over the years...
Every student had their own login/password and even their own hard drive on the network that only they and administrators could access.
If you saved anything directly on the computer, desktop, whatever, it got wiped off when the computer restarted.
Of course, we told them about this, and were told they weren't going to do anything about it and that we could get expelled for noticing in the first place, or some such empty threat.
When I was leaving high school, they were implementing ways to prevent students using flash drives on the computers without administrator approval.
encript the USB drives? :P
6:28 AM
Luckily such restrictions did not exist in the computer lab where I spent most of my last two years (where the rules probably should have been more strict).
We were the only students in the school that got to use Firefox instead of the dreaded IE7!
My school has never Computer/laptop, not till date :(
@Lucifer: That must be a traumatic experience.
can someone elaborate on this comment for me?
When I came back my senior year their default installations didn't have the Macromedia products activated and it took me like 2 months to get them to fix it. -.-
Since you wanted to know, I voted to close as not constructive because this is, at best, beating a dead horse: a cursory search would've answered your question, but you seem to reject previous discussions about this in what appears to be a thinly-veiled attempt to pimp your TEDx talk about your own answer to the question. — Mark Trapp 3 hours ago
I feel he's trying to accuse me of promoting myself.
But I need confirmation of what exactly he's saying.
@Purmou Not much, actually I am from India
6:32 AM
Lol new Harry Potter proposal on Area51
I should probably go to bed... I have a test tomorrow. -.-
@Lix Were you busy yesterday ?
6:51 AM
@luc - you could say busy.... I'd rather call it "a day off" :P
Lucky you, :)
haha - it was way over due :P
okey, well i am going for lunch , see ya :)
7:24 AM
hmm.. Back
7:48 AM
ok, moving to Client side, see ya @Lix
8:28 AM
hmm Back
9:17 AM
hm since the small downtime my rep changes are not shown but visible at stackoverflow.com/reputation strange...
does the recalc button make them show?
not tried yet sec...
yes it does
probably some background job/caching thing is stuck or lagging behind
I'd guess it'll catchup/reawaken soonish
ok just something other what does the colors mean on the flag-summar?
@rekire colours?
oh you mean on your flag summary?
purple/greyish background means deleted
there aren't any other colours besides that really (except the red background for spam/offensive and the red-ish colour of declined messagse)
9:29 AM
ah of cause
that's pretty universal way of showing something as deleted in other places you can see deleted things
well one of offensive i have too. but the question is deleted...
a little bit wired in my opinion that something what was deleted could be offensive
it means that you flagged it offensive and then it was subsequently deleted (probably as a result of your flag!)
I don't understand that. I thought that offensive means that I did something bad.
the only way things in the flag summary mean you did something bad was declined (or possibly disputed, but disputed is pretty neutral)
if it says spam/offensive and shows as helpful (+ deleted) it means that you flagged it as spam/offensive and that was correct
spam/offensive flags are a bit different to other flags so they get shown slightly differently
but that red background+white text thing is always there because of your flag
9:37 AM
that special case is offensive declined and deleted... does that mean that my flag was very wrong but the question was deleted anyhow?
unless it says declined your flag was most likely right
the only bad outcome from a flag for you is text that looks like "declined - a moderator reviewed your flag but ...."
now it begins to make sense
so the three basic outcomes for any flag are helpful/disputed/declined
and for any kind of flag that's the primary feedback you get
I see
you can often see what action a moderator took (deletion/close being the most obvious), but often it might be an edit/comment (or a private message/suspension and a few other things but that's less obvious)
1 hour later…
10:57 AM
Q: how to add coordinates for a custom image map

user186424I want to create an application that loads an image as a map (city rail of sydney) and add coordinates to it. Can anyone has an idea how to do it?

Q: why i can't ask new questions any more?

The Hulk Possible Duplicate: What can I do when getting “Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions/answers from this account”? (the answer is here, in this post) I know this question may be asked before , but honestly i read the previous posts about the same topic. And i don't k...

These kind of question is increasing my flag count only :P
11:13 AM
bye everybody
1 hour later…
12:21 PM
@TimManishEarth When you don't have quality, go for quantity =)
@Timjadarnel27 Aah
1:05 PM
I am...un-Tim'ddd!
1:18 PM
@jad - welcome back ;)
Q: LLVM/Clang vs. GCC performance w.r.t. quality of generated code

user190758Is one of these two generally regarded as being superior to the other with respect to the quality of generated code (from C/C++ source)?

@Lix I could no longer take the pressure.
Close as not constructive, anyone?
No way, that questions is awesome.
Well.. a very merry un-timday to you!
1:27 PM
@timY-sherlok-jiang-holmes ;)
2:06 PM
The Tic-Tac-Toe game in this user profile is rather clever =)
Ha :P just won ;)
is is quite cool :P
2:20 PM
It looks so seamless. I guess using off-site links and redirecting back would be more reliable, but the cool would drop by about 17%.
Kind of neat.
Quick, someone use that concept to put a 15 puzzle on their profile :P
Hey all. c++ final in 5 minutes and I'm on the wrong side of the train.
oh noes...
whats up there @mos - you were looking for me the other day?
2:27 PM
Hey all
yo @ama
@jadarnel27 whoa. howd they do that?
Hi guys. With regards to the question on the flag queue (meta.stackoverflow.com/q/133394/161198) I commented that it might be worth looking at adjusting the threshold for the ability to participate. Does any of you know whether this has been discussed to death? Would it be worth making it an actual suggestion? I couldn't find anything with regards to it.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I know you probably don't know much about PHP, but that is how they did it.
2:31 PM
@jadarnel27 haha I know a lot abt php. im just lost as to how they embedded it on a SE profile
@lix yea, there are articles all over the web bout that Internet rally.
Whetevs. I'm over it.
did they succeed? :P
@Moshe haha the citifield thing? they blocked traffic in brooklyn for no reason...
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I see my subtle sarcasm was lost on you. Oh well.
2:35 PM
@ama - no - he is talking about an internet protest by religious people in Israel....
@Lix ahhh ha
@Lix that was prob happening at the same time as the thing in NY
ahh... could be could be...
@Bart I feel like using rep in the flagging system has been tossed around, but not since flag weight was introduced... can't think of a specific discussion through.
@PopularDemand As I said in the comment, I have no clue what effect it would have (I don't know how many extra hands to help that would results in). But recently there have been quite a few comments here and there about the amount of flags. I might just suggest it if I think it out a bit more later on.
I never noticed the tooltip on the "rollback" link. "sets the current revision to this version of the post, resetting any offensive votes" What does that mean?
2:45 PM
It means offensive flags. (The old name for "it is not welcome in our community" flags.)
Oh. Interesting, I didn't know rolling back did that. Thanks @Pop.
Resetting any offensive flags on that particular revision I hope?
I don't really understand why MSO needs a bulletin board
Is there a MMSO somewhere I should go look for?
@Bart I imagine any offensive flags that occurred after the point you rolled back to.
Also, I just spelt bulletin correctly without using spellcheck. I'll give myself a cookie for that
2:50 PM
@jadarnel27 Yeah, guess so. Damn, there goes my evil scheme to be offensive and remove any potential flags... Now me and my sock puppets need to find another way to keep ourselves busy.
All offensive flags. But that doesn't happen if you rollback your own question. It happens on a rollback by a user with high enough rep to edit other people's posts. — Mark Biek Oct 29 '08 at 14:11
Note the date on that comment, though.
@PopularDemand So it might still be all flags.
Hmmm. I'm not good at thinking up ways to abuse features, so I don't know if that's a bad thing or not.
3:08 PM
I guess someone could post hate speech, cover it up with an edit and then roll the edit back, just to eliminate valid flags? But rolling back bumps, so new users should then theoretically see the stuff and cast new flags. Or, possibly, nobody will see the slurs after this clever trickery, and therefore they won't flag, but then what was the point of putting it there in the first place?
@Shog9 ^
@PopularDemand Ah yes, throw edit revision deletion in there, and you've got a real party mess.
(just in case the implementation of this also actually allows for undetected trickery)
That comment is super-old, but I don't recall off-hand anything about that functionality.
If you're going to alert Shog, at least give me a courtesy heads-up so I can escape.
That wouldn't be nearly as entertaining!
3:18 PM
@TimYiJiang for this
@PopularDemand devious...
@Shog9 Hmmm, nice. I still want MMSO though
I mean, it's not impossible to pipe [meta-tag:meta*] questions to the board :P
It's been a while since I thought about the flag - rollback behavior; originally that was intended to prevent automatic deletion in response to vandalism. But flags have changed a lot since then; I'm not sure quite how it works now.
@TimYiJiang You should hang out with this guy:
@jadarnel27 ಠ_ಠ NO
@TimYiJiang No? I'm sure he would be all about your MMSO idea =P
3:23 PM
@jadarnel27 *clears throat* GOD DAMN FUCK NO
...whoa. Chill. (What did I miss?)
@PopularDemand Whenever someone makes a joke about a need for a "meta meta", I think of that Steven Jeuris guy going on and on about it for weeks.
wheels @TimYiJiang off to the insane asylum.
"This is your brain normally. This is your brain on metameta."
3:27 PM
@TimStone You mean he wasn't already there? (For the dissociative identity disorder, of course.)
@PopularDemand His case was just under review.
3:44 PM
One of my coworkers was walking by my desk. They stopped, picked up my desk phone, and moved it about 2-3 feet out of my reach (to an adjoining empty desk). They looked at me, smiled, and said "Now you have more room on your desk!" Then they walked away.
I don't want to have to stand up to answer my phone =(
@jadarnel27 Now you have an excuse to never answer your phone
Now it's gonna be weird when she comes in here and I've moved it back haha.
@mmyers Well...that's a good point.
The real story here is that you have an adjoining empty desk. You're the king of the cube farm!
Actually, I take it back. If you'd have to stand up to answer the newly moved phone, you must not have a wheely chair.
You poor, poor sap.
@jadarnel27 As long as your boss doesn't walk by, hand you a pink slip and say "now you have more free time!" you're doing pretty good.
@PopularDemand Not necessarily. My wheely chair is too wide to get through my cube's entrance (which is partially blocked by a huge file cabinet)
3:51 PM
@PopularDemand I do have a wheely chair. So, I potentially could roll to answer the phone. I'd rather just, reach with my hand and arm though =)
@mmyers That just means you have a deluxe model, so you're doing just fine.
@mootinator Hahahahaha
@PopularDemand It's a half-desk, so I may just be Duke of the cube farm.
What? The long term forecast is different today than it was yesterday?!?!?!
4:13 PM
@mootinator Blasphemy.
@jadarnel27 Why hasn't the ministry of truth corrected this error yet?
There is no error. There never has been, and there never will be. All information is correct, except for ungoodthink.
Oh, this answer is awesome on so many levels.
4:28 PM
most awesome "about me" ever
awesome idea
@awoodland That is great. Similar approach to minitech's, it looks like.
@jadarnel27 looks like his might not be on port 80 since it doesn't work for me here
It's a PHP script that reads the requesting page's URL from the header, right?
It's still not a 15 puzzle.
4:35 PM
@TimYiJiang think so, I'm guessing it must use a cookie or two as well
@awoodland My guess would be just a plain old PHP session cookie =)
Github for Windows is incredibly nice
Haven't seen any other Metro style application other than the Zune music player and Metrotwit
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