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12:22 AM
seems kind of wrong that stackoverflow.com/posts/10610248/revisions resulted in a disputed VLQ flag
12:45 AM
Ooh room owner
How are you?
Cha cha cha, Charmin!
@awoodland I agree, tag edits should be exempt from that.
1:03 AM
Meh. VLQ is supposed to be for irredeemable garbage. If you're tagging garbage, something's off.
I don't think that something being off has ever stopped anyone from trying to add the homework tag. :P
This isn't really a VLQ case though, granted. But I could see people thinking they're helping by retagging something without actually editing the post because they couldn't make heads or tails of it.
My dad is all mad at me because I didn't go vote today. I was like... "I didn't even know there was anything to vote on today. You know I don't watch the news!!!" O.O
1 hour later…
2:25 AM
@animuson Wait, voting was today?
/me wonders if he can drop by the consulate and still vote
Ummm, there was some vote for something. Congress or something... errr... it was something :P
@animuson Oh, pssh Congress
I thought it was
The United States presidential election of 2012 is the next United States presidential election, to be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2012. It will be the 57th presidential election in which presidential electors, who will actually elect the President and the Vice President of the United States on December 17, 2012, will be chosen. Incumbent President Barack Obama is running for a second and final term during this election. His presumptive Republican challenger, according to the Republican National Committee (RNC), is former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney. As specified in the ...
No, president election is always November. I know that one!
Aah. :/
I forgot
Noooooo! I have ONE MORE BRONZE BADGE!!! Why, oh why couldn't they be frozen at 42?
Omgosh why are my eyes watering so much today. O.O
2:45 AM
Primary voting maybe?
Aha, I win.
@mootinator ?
@Shog9 you can CV that question, you know
2:57 AM
@TimManishEarth huh?
Or do you SE diamonds not interfere in the site?
Grrr, I can't figure out where the last corpse is in this game. ><
@animuson The last corpse.....is.... YOU
@TimManishEarth You mean the one I closed just prior to you pinging me?
@Shog9 #$%@ realtime updates---they give me unecessary expectations now
3:00 AM
Hello :)
3:16 AM
how are you ?
3 hours ago, by Tim ManishEarth
why Board ?
3 Hours ago ???? you stay online whole night ?
@Lucifer No, woke up early (Yes, I know, that's rather strange here in India). My sleep patterns are erratic..
Me--> Bombay.. Yeah, I woke up early and went for a walk as well
South. Near Girgaum Chowpatty
So you are online mostly on Meta
3:22 AM
No, actually Physics.SE and Chem.SE
@Shog9 since you SE diamonds do a lot of downvoting, what happens when you reach 1 rep and downvote?
(since you have all privs, you can obviously still downvote at 1 rep)
@TimManishEarth Nothing.
@Shog9 So you're stuck at 1?
3:24 AM
Well there is no Negative Reputation on SO, so nothing happens after 1
That said, I avoid down-voting answers on sites where I don't actively participate
/me was hoping for negative rep
Seems unfair - if I'm not demonstrating any knowledge of the subject, I shouldn't be ranking the answers.
@Lucifer Yeah, but that's when others downvote you.. What if the 1 rep restriction was only in the code for being downvoted and whatnot?
(I do down-vote questions, for reasons that have little to do with the topic)
3:25 AM
@Shog9 Yeah--though there are obvious cases
Yeah, but in obvious cases I can delete, so...
@Shog9 Ahh, right--powers!!!!
Or close
(which you did on that book question)
Speaking of down-voting questions...
Q: Temperature of pure oxygen combustion

PeterI'm wondering what the temperature of pure oxygen being burned is.

Hmm, I gave that a CV but no downvote. Wonder why..
Has a NaRQ flag; I'm thinking "no"; it's a dumb question, but the answers point this out in constructive ways.
3:27 AM
@TimManishEarth ? Not getting your point
@Shog9 Good answers, bad question
@TimManishEarth Yeah. Could be useful
Example of the same: physics.stackexchange.com/questions/770/… (only the first answer, the rest are nonsense--funny, but nonsense)
@TimManishEarth oooh, and a "The Last Question" reference in comments. 8-)
@Shog9 :P
3:30 AM
How is everyonedoing?
@Shog9 The second answer is hilarious physics.stackexchange.com/a/2463/7433
Doing Fine :)
3:47 AM
@Shog9 Similar to "The Last Question", a bit more physics-y: docs.google.com/document/d/…
(found it somewhere on the Net, kept in my collection)
I just realized I've been abbreviating Law & Order as L&A for quite some time and no one has said anything. o.o
It took me a minute to figure out why that was wrong.
I guess it took me less than a minute, given that the time between messages was 59 seconds.
4:03 AM
Anything interesting happening?
Just an outbreak of Bieber Fever.
Bah.. why?
I am just out of it right now
completely out of it
Me too.
4:25 AM
@Moshe Done. Also, I tried to explain to the OP that they are missing the point a little bit.
@Timjadarnel27 Thanks.
4:38 AM
Noooooo problem. That was my good deed for the day (got that in early).
@mootinator Your (based on your forehead in your avatar) look a lot like a friend of mine.
I spoke at a thingamajig tonight, which was nerve-wracking because I hate talking in front of people.
Even though there were only like 25 people.
@Timjadarnel27 Oooh, about what?
@Moshe Not programming related =) I was speaking at a recovery function.
@Timjadarnel27 Oh, ok.
Well, I'm going to see lots of programming speakers this summer. :-)
Super excited! yay!
4:41 AM
I'm not really smart enough to speak to people about programming.
But I sure am dumb enough to speak to people about getting off the booze =)
@Timjadarnel27 I enjoy public speaking, but I'm at that stage in life where I think I'm smarter than everyone else but I'm actually pretty dumb.
@Moshe Ah, did you get a scholarship then?
Well, I believe it is bedtime here in Precalculus land.
@Timjadarnel27 Yessir. That and something else they run, but that's hush-hush, can't really talk about it much.
4:43 AM
Congrats and goodnight then.
@Timjadarnel27 Thanks.
Dream of integrals derivatives whatever it is they do in PreCal (I can't remember).
@Timjadarnel27 Likewise.
@Moshe Brian Regan is one of the funniest clean comedians I've ever heard.
@Timjadarnel27 Binomial Theorem, Trig, logs, complete the square, graphing functions, conics, composing functions...
@Timjadarnel27 And he's pretty clean.
4:46 AM
@Moshe Ah, yes. Indeed.
I like Jim Gaffigan more than Brian Regan.
Although I think Daniel Tosh is funnier than both of them (but his comedy is not even remotely clean).
@Timjadarnel27 I've heard of Gaffigan, not recently.
Emo Phillips, Russel Peters, Steven Wright
Ok, night.
Don't let the exponents bite.
Oh bash.org. You slay me.
<@Terror> "It's easy to forget what a sin is in the middle of a battlefield."
<@cky> opposite over hypotenuse
<@cky> dipshit
5:28 AM
Morning Lalit,
How are you buddy?
Always fine as usual, about you?
Yeh Good here, in last 7 days I had lookd into Meta and found so many Q/A and got to know many things..and yes I think in few hours you will again be able to give answers and chat on so..
yeah 6 hours to go.
5:34 AM
Now I have decided that I will chat only in Casual chat room and Will give answers to only the Question that have bounty..BTW you can check 10 bounties already earned. :P
How about your experience after this?
How do you feel, You the Android Master..!!
LOL!!!! you just pissed me off :P
HEY.!!! Really.!! Ooopps.
Bounty question are too tough for me. :D
Yeh they are ..but finiding Answers for them and getting solution..gives feeling of some Victory.
yeah thats true, thats how I started learning Android :P
5:37 AM
Many times they are just kind of impossible things they are asking in Questions but sometimes it make you learn manythings..
Hello @LalitPoptani @Frankenstein :)
So Lalit, What about the Work? Hows your projects going on?
going fine, got to deal with magento in android :P
he he..
@Lucifer hello
5:39 AM
have you started Freelancing ?
Not a point to discuss here. :)
So Magento is also nice..I think there is one StackExchange site for it too. if i am not wrong.
@RobinHood LOL.!!! 74 days..I never knew about this..Sorry.
Totally just typed the wrong thing there -.-
Darnit I'm an idiot
5:43 AM
i didnt know that :P
Okay...Bye Lalit..Have some task to finish today..See you again soon..If you got chance to talk to Sathya..Say My "HI"
@Shog9: Can you cancel the "electorate-badge" synonym here - Meant to type enthusiast -.-
@animuson I do that a lot too! Misstype stuff that starts with the same letter :P
6:05 AM
Hi @MarcGravell
Today I can see that user's Profile very well
Q: User appears twice in the user list of a chat room

AngelicaIn a chat room, one user's avatar was shown 2 times. Is this a bug, or a problem in my browser? Update I have chatted with that user and she said: @Angelica lol! i usually use the office pc, but today i logged in thru my home pc so it's showing 2 ppl in your browser you can just re-...

yes, but is it the same one you saw before ;p
hard to answer that
I think it may be a problem of session ?
how so? especially considering the user avatars are (in the UI) unique by id, I still kinda think the most likely explanation is that they had 2 different ids at that point
6:22 AM
ok, yes, may be its because of another profile's id.
But there is another strange thing too
Hi @Lix
The User Angelica has delete her profile from the main site @MarcGravell
hey @luc... how you doing?
@Lix I am Just Kooool, how are you doing ?
I'm good :) Just got to work... trying to wake up... coffee in hand :P
okey, then Very Good Morning to you :)
hehe good morning to you too :P
6:33 AM
hmm... for me its Lunch time now :P
where are you located?
India :)
Oh...well bon appetit then :P
Now we have 8 Voteup's difference on StackOverflow site's reputation
hehe - well got to work! ;) You need to catch up hehehe
6:43 AM
ok :) , I am also going for lunch now
see ya
c ya
3 hours later…
9:18 AM
Why has anything been done regarding this meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/3683/…
1 hour later…
10:30 AM
@deostroll Bounty it if you want the SE mods to notice
or bump it
is something wrong? stackoverflow.com/questions on the "newest" tab isn't showing me anything with a time stamp newer than "yesterday"
Same for me...
so either the clock is wrong
or the DB is wrong
Q: What will happen when all the possible answers are given to all possible questions?

Sergey StadnikWhat will happen when all the possible answers are given to all possible questions?

or that :P
it's back again
must be a glitch in the matrix
10:45 AM
It's still not working for me =(
Never mind...
11:44 AM
Could be his cat stomping on the keyboard again...
@Lix Darth Vader hate pointers?
seems it is the case :P
@Shog I posted a question on MSO, linking to a post of mine on SO that I was unsure of. I got 10 upvotes for it, so now, thanks to MSO, I have 50 downvotes to waste on SO :). I'll get to work tomorrow downvoting everyone and their uncle ;-)
12:13 PM
@Lix Good choice, his uncle
12:24 PM
> The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because it uses an invalid or unsupported form of compression.
Huh, I haven't seen this error in quite a while
12:44 PM
A: Community Promotion Ads - 2012

Ronan Forman It won't let me post this without some text, fix please.

in The Bridge on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, 6 mins ago, by Fabian
They must have changed the minimum length check to exclude links
is there a canonical "vote on content not people" statement on meta somewhere?
@awo - probably somewhere that serial voting is mentioned...
Is anybody else seeing the "invalid form of compression" error I pasted up there when they try to go to example.com?
@TimYiJiang looks fine to me. Are you on some funky proxy?
@awoodland My ISP may count as a funky proxy
12:55 PM
@Lix meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/130822/… is the closest I've found, but that's hardly authoritative highly upvoted
It's done some pretty weird things before
@TimYiJiang I wonder if they're forwarding the list of compression your browser is advertising blindly, but then complaining that they don't understand the reply?
@awoodland Not sure, but it's so strange that its example.com of all sites that has this problem
@TimYiJiang Not I, said the Josh.
I'm not seeing it on any other sites
12:57 PM
@awo - got it
A: When should I vote?

Tim ManishEarthNote that votes are largely subjective, this is my cheatsheet. I generally use "does the post help the site?" to judge upvotes and downvotes to some extent. This is based on the same thing, expanded into points. If you want. I can expand the points/add more if I think of them. For beta sites, ...

"Remember, voting is to filter post quality, not code quality or OP quality."
@TimYiJiang wouldn't surprise me if they're running something which supports lots of compression that nobody else normally supports
@timM - DENIED! ;)
@TimYiJiang Why does that page include prototype? >_>
You got closed as dupe within 3 mins :)
1:02 PM
I posted it there and realised a split second later
@Lix Ooooh...I get quoted!!!! :)
That was... incredibly frustrating
@TimYiJiang What?
What does "more substantive edit" mean?
@TimManishEarth You and Ronan's edit means that my edit to the title, tag and body was rejected
Even though the edit is "more substantive" in that it changed all three, and the end result is a longer body
@TimYiJiang On the meta post?
Sorry :(
I'm quite sure this is a bug somewhere though
Also, @TimStone, does the "someone else has already edited this post" banner use websockets instead of ajax polling now?
Yeah, I think it does
1:13 PM
So great, ugh, how do I troubleshoot websocket troubles?
What kind of troubles? It will use polling instead if websockets aren't working.
@TimStone Is that true? Because I'm quite sure the heartbeat ajax polls don't happen even if the websockets die
Since that's just what happened
I don't think it handles the case where the websocket connection was established but then terminated.
1:19 PM
Q: My corporate proxy doesn't support web sockets, which makes SE a pain to use

Dan LordThe corporate proxy at my work doesn't support web sockets and as I understand, as informed by wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WebSocket#Proxy_traversal this is pretty common. Whenever a SE page loads, in FFox, I have to click through 6 proxy authentication messages before I can do anythi...

The duplicate here is correct, right?
I think I hadn't voted to close because that's actually a feature request to stop trying to connect to websockets when it doesn't seem to be working.
A: Why is 80 characters the 'standard' limit for code width?

Mark BoothAs oded mentioned, this common coding standard is a result of the IBM's 1928 80 column punched card format, since many coding standards date back to a time when programs were written on punch cards, one card/line at a time, and even the transition to wider screens didn't alter the fact that code ...

@TimStone Hmmm, right. I guess it could be read that way. That said, the introduction of this 'feature' would also fix the 'bug'
So the reason why 80 columns is used in most text editors today goes back 100 years. Who knew!
The other one is marked support, so. :P
Oddly, that's the second time I've been linked to that, heh.
@Lix, you here?
@mos - yep
1:24 PM
@Lix Have you heard about the "אסיפה" gathering scheduled in Citi Field next Sunday?
can I not get out of bed today?
@mos - I'm so detached from the world around me I have no idea whats going on or where :P
Nope - haven't heard about it :)
@Lix Heh, well a bunch of רבנים from NY have decided to hold an anti-internet gathering.
Oh joy :P hehe...
Well, not necessarily anti-internet, but this is supposed to be big.
I'm annoyed.
As a religious person, it's rough. My day to day work is in that realm, naturally.
1:27 PM
@Moshe Why would they be anti-Internet?
@Moshe We are the!!! ?
Well did you hear about that deal about women being forced to take female only busses or forced to sit at the back of the bus?
@Lix Yea, old news.
@Timjadarnel27 Well, for a religious community, the internet can be seen as harmful because it makes it really easy to do things like access porn, cheat in family relationships, see "outside" influences. I'm sure you understand the concept even if you don't agree with it. (Not taking sides, I'm sorta in the middle.)
@Moshe But that is a responsibility for the person doing it... not the technology
If they don't want the temptation then don't buy a computer...
1:29 PM
@Chacha102 Indeed. One way for the person to deal with it is to not pay for an internet connection, or to pay for a filter.
@Moshe Ah, I was thinking that was probably it. I think @Chacha102 and @Lix have hit the nail on the head though. Personal responsibility =)
@Moshe With that argument, we should force all married couples to stay in their house all day so they don't even have a chance to lust with another man/woman...
Of course, but the idea here is to add an insane amount of peer pressure to help one avoid the temptations.
@Chacha102 Well, yea, that's an old line.
How does shutting down the internet add peer pressure?
@Moshe I can definitely understand the desire to try and do something like that. I don't think it would work, but I can understand the desire.
1:31 PM
The grey area comes into play when Israel is referred to as the Jewish State - they argue that the countries rules need to uphold the religion... That's why there are no busses on the Sabbath..
@Chacha102 Anyone who has access is going to be looked at funny.
@Lix Yea, that's interesting.
Human beings are incredibly creative when it comes to breaking / bending rules.
@Lix I'm religious, so I'm not complaining, but I understand your perspective.
And finding ways around restrictions.
@Timjadarnel27 Humans are really good at rationalizing ourselves into 'the right'
1:32 PM
@Timjadarnel27 Indeed. Did you know that the popularly-peddled-filter K-9 installs as a driver and a system services? Disable the service, delete/rename the .sys file, and you can get YouTube, et al, and nobody is the wiser.
@Chacha102 Very true. I've done it many times.
I'm appalled though, because the people organizing the rally aren't really savvy. They only hear the horror stories of broken homes etc, but nobody ever goes crying to their rabbi about good things that "the internet did for them".
That's why I posted this a while ago:
This, Jen, is the internet.
Internet != Porn, is all I'm saying.
Internet == Porn, is all they're told.
See the problem?
@Lix Just google "internet asifa" to get an idea of what's going on.
@Timjadarnel27 The funny thing is, they keep singling out iPads in the pre-gathering speeches, but iOS is the most likely to fit the bill as being locked down.
HAHAHA - I got a schedule - there is a separate demonstration for men and women..
@Moshe Sounds like they have good intentions. Just misguided execution, based on bad / insufficient information.
@Timjadarnel27 Yea, but it's been like this for 15 years.
1:37 PM
And where could they find good and sufficient information?
@Lix A good point.
@Lix As I said, no-body goes complaining that something incredible happened to them as facilitated by technology.
@Moshe I can understand. I grew up in the Christian church, and there is just as much (or more) silliness regarding technology.
These folks fly on airplanes, use lightbulbs manufactured in automated factories, rely on modern engineering techniques - all to complain about what? Technology!
@Lix - Actually, as I've heard in high school: "Technology רחמנה לצלן!"
Look, from my perspective, they're not entirely wrong, just executing it wrong. Like @Timjadarnel27 said.
didn't catch that @mos...
Not sure how to explain it, I might be misspelling it. :/
רחמנה means "merciful one"
@Timjadarnel27 What do you think of my alternative idea? (Here:)
I think that if you're going to filter the internet, you're not going to get very far. You know that filters are broken, hence the apparent need for such a gathering. That gathering is going to fail.
That said, instead of renting out Citi Field for $2M, spend it on infrastructure.
Make a new intranet.
Rate every site like the App Store. Let people set their content rating above a certain baseline.
Offer an SDK like the App Store, to enhance the usefulness of new intranet.
Build on the limitations of the internet.
(IPv4 vs IPv6, for example.)
Problem solved.
1:46 PM
Their "internet" would become such a target for attacks...
Perhaps an ISP solution would be more feasible...
@Lix That's been tried. Apparently not good enough. Also, then it becomes a way to promote business, not religious observance.
How would that differ from a religious only internet?
@Lix Perhaps, but the idea would be to have a more controlled environment to begin with, so anyone who signs up would be known to some degree. Attackers can therefore be identified more easily
@Lix The internet was a government research project, then it spread to universities, then got porn (who do you think produces it? college kids, no?), then became the internet. so the internet has stuff on servers somewhere, you just can't get at it easily.
An intranet would differ in hardware, software, and in content.
I guess its hard for me to argue about this when I disagree with the premise iof the issue... Why is self discipline ignored here?
In the same way that they won't be able to ban bikini's - just don't go to the beach ;)
@Lix It's not being ignored. The discipline is staying away from something rather than walking right up to it and not getting involved. It's a different sort of discipline.
Well, anyway, I'm off to study. I can't go to this gathering because, well, finals and all.
1:55 PM
GL @mos!
@Lix I agree. You cannot fix a social / moral issue with a technical solution.
@timj - not always ;)
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