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6:04 AM
Hehehehehe :P
See, if I was a mod I'd spend all day doing this
6:42 AM
7:24 AM
6 hour inactivity period? Unacceptable!
7:53 AM
gmorning all...
:o Its 3am oh my
Ok, I'm done flooding the active list with tag edits for the night. :P
1 hour later…
9:12 AM
Never thought I'd see the day.
9:47 AM
searching with [tag1][tag2] provides results of questions using AND - both tags... is there a way to search [tag1]OR[tag2]
10:05 AM
[tag1] [or] [tag2] <-- If anyone else needed to know...
2 hours later…
12:26 PM
Anyone home?
@Timjadarnel - fresh blog post ---^
1:21 PM
Is this post in the wrong place?
1:49 PM
@Lix That only works because the search parser is broken.
2:17 PM
@timSt - so the [or] shouldn't work normally?
@Moshe Looks good - congratulations
2:38 PM
@Lix Right. It does work right now, it's just...not supposed to.
@Tim - The [or] syntax isn't at all supported, it's a side-effect of the current search parser combined with the way our tag engine works, it's very much an accident, one that may not work in the future. — Nick Craver Dec 13 '11 at 0:22
Bug, Y U NO feature!?
ok..cool... thanks for that clarification! ^_^
In that comment thread, Jeff asked Nick to either fix the behaviour or to break it, but nothing's happened yet.
@TimYiJiang Thanks. :-)
3:08 PM
Beta sites don't have newsletters, right?
No, wait, hmmm...
3:21 PM
Huh, that was weird.
I clicked improve on a suggested edit, and apparently the edit I clicked improve on had actually been approved, but then someone else had suggested another edit on top of that, so I was improving the new suggested edit instead of the one I clicked the improve button on originally.
1 hour later…
4:34 PM
SO developers anyone? what's the current "specification" on badges awarded for deleted posts? I recently had nice answer score increased (from 6 to 7) while I expected it to stay unchanged, to "compensate" for the badge that has been awarded for a prior answer which is now deleted (mod-only link to deleted answer - meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/123086/…)
4:58 PM
I've got a laundry question, have we gotten so far as to have laundry.se yet?
Ah, "laundry list" is used in one of the example questions...
laundry is a mystery to me...
@Lix 40 degrees medium spin and you can't go wrong
assuming you speak proper degrees not those weird American ones :)
Until you are doing your girlfriends laundry too... then there are endless variations :S
and yes - degrees are used in Israel :P
what are "weird american degrees"?
I made a deal with my wife: I do all the dish washing up (we don't have a dish washer other than me) and she does the laundry
@awo - I swear I was thinking of that exactly proposal on the way home today! HA!
I might just suggest that...
5:04 PM
it's a good way to go, except when she has 100 friends over for dinner whilst I'm working late
Exceptions can be made...
An option would be to just screw up a load of laundry so that she never asks me to do it again... Kind of like breaking a few dishes :P
1 hour later…
6:20 PM
Too dangerous.
6:42 PM
What's too dangerous @pek?
6:54 PM
@gnatakaspecialagentMulder That's not how it works anymore. I can't find a source, I keep finding posts confirming the old behaviour, but I know the devs have mentioned the change a couple of times.
As I understand it, I think the only time you'd still get that behaviour is if you un-earned a badge associated with a particular post, and re-earned the same badge associated with the same post. I'm not sure if that can even happen... maybe for Archaeologist or something.
7:54 PM
What's up with everyone being named @Tim?
@joh - peer pressure...


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@Lix What fun. :P
@joh- MOUNTAINS of fun.... for a whole month :/
hehe - shame... :P
@Lix That's why I didn't do it. :P
This place has been awfully quiet lately though...
8:27 PM
Beware @John. You summon many when you ping "Tim".
@Timjadarnel27 All the better for a quick answer! :P
Seriously though, I thought it only pinged the match to have talked most recently?
Haha, well done then =)
It pings all the matches that have been in the room recently, actually.
@Timjadarnel27 Ping ALL the matches! :D
Hahaha, exactly!
8:54 PM
I don't get any tim related notifications
Thus did @mootinator's temporary timness come to an end.
9:25 PM
@Timootinator: It'a punishment for changing your Gravatar o.o
10:36 PM
@Timootinator It's because you left out the space. All the cool kids put a space.

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