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12:15 AM
> We're sorry, The Tavern on the Meta is currently closed. Our normal business hours are 9a to 9p Eastern US time. If you would like to leave a message, please do so after the tone. beeeeep.
12:33 AM
The tavern would only close upon the event Shog stopped drinking.
1:04 AM
@NickT I sometimes abuse mathjax by putting `$$%filler$$ in comments to get a newline :P
1:26 AM
@Manishearth I like on Math.SE how comments can often be larger than entire posts with dozens of lines
1:46 AM
post your efforts, you can't improve your programming skills by asking other to do it for u!! Be a producer not a consumer. when you show a minimum effort we can help with no doubt — K_Anas 1 min ago
not sure if seeing those "efforts" would be SFW
Is there some comprehensive Recent Changes page for SE sites like the Wikipedia one?
Q: Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

devinbThis is the official list of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is jointly maintained by the community and Rebecca Chernoff (a Stack Exchange, Inc team member). RSS feed for this question Return to FAQ index

At least, that's the only thing I'm aware of that they actively update.
2:02 AM
@animuson no, not changes to SE but changes on an SE site (viz. like the WP page)
All changes on the site? I doubt it
2:36 AM
@Nick we have this (only for SO)
Q: StackHose: live real-time event stream in your browser

Greg Hewgill About StackHose is a continuously updated stream of new content from Stack Overflow. It uses the Firehose JSON streaming event service to get a "push" stream of new event notifications. The newest notifications are added to the top of the list. License StackHose itself is licensed under the...

But that doesn't show previous stuff, only new stuff. :/
I realy would like an "all activity" view which includes comments and suggested edits.
Prolly been proposed already
I wish the suggested edits tab in the review panel could be sorted by posts and tag wikis
@nick you can bounty meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/74733/… if you want
Or ask a seperate, mire detailed one with good reasoning. That one only proposes for meta
3:33 AM
@animuson Ooh i visited the link mistakenly thinking that it was MSO and learned that I earned 90 rep(on SO) while I was away :P
4:28 AM
Anyone home?
1 hour later…
5:31 AM
(Oh, and it wasn't too hard fixing the castle-- contenteditable is a lifesaver here :)
Sorry, had to tell somebody :) Now going off to discover this brave new land...
@Manishearth Someone should edit that question. ;)
@Benjol Ban yourself!
@animuson Why the question?
5th editor, should convert it all to CW lol
in The Coupling on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, May 4 at 2:38, by Manishearth
@DavidZaslavsky Alright :) Bans self from room
@animuson Doesn't work anymore, does it? CW I mean.. I'm quite sure that they removed auto-CW for questions
Grace Note on August 19, 2011

When you mark a post community wiki on a Stack Exchange site, that means …

this post can be edited by anyone with 100 reputation

this post does not generate any reputation for anyone when upvoted or downvoted

The main advantage of community wiki — more editing — was nerfed when we introduced suggested edits. With suggested edits, anyone, even an anonymous user, can edit anything — so long as another experienced user reviews and approves their edit.

This leaves many wondering — what’s the point of Community Wiki? …

5:46 AM
I'm quite sure they didn't. They removed the ability for users to make questions CW.
@animuson Well,if five people edit a question that doesn't mean it should be made CW by the rationale given there
We should delete this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/10185015/… :)
@Manishearth It also auto-converts when it gets to 20 answers. Or 21. I forget, some of the SE criteria are "more than" things...
Yeah, thats legit I guess. But I dunno about five users
6:10 AM
Cool.. On stackapps you get 10 rep for both questions and answers. No wonder I was so confused :P
6:44 AM
@Manishearth Meta used to be like that
1 hour later…
8:11 AM
Q: Hidden features of PHP

Somnath MulukAfter reading Hidden Features of C# and Hidden Features of JAVA, What are some of the hidden features of PHP?

People don't seem to understand...
8:24 AM
Cool! I created a Careers profile just for the heck of it, and I got profile number 88888! :)
8:59 AM
@everyone. SInce I'm new to suggested edits, and I only have the privilege on MSO where pending SE's are rare, I have a quick question: Is there an "unread count" for suggested edits shown next to the review link, or do you have to look for them via /review/+<kbd>F5</kbd>*1000?
9:52 AM
@Manishearth On SO, if there are more than five (or at least five?) suggested edits in the queue, there's a notification, the number of pending edits is displayed between the /review and /chat links in the top bar. I'd expect it to be the same on MSO, but there will rarely be enough edits in the queue for it to be shown.
10:03 AM
@Lix that's a good argument for locked+deleted+never seen again on some of the older questions though
10:31 AM
@DanielFischer Oh :( So I'll f5 away :/
2 hours later…
12:54 PM
yay :) More vengeance votes for me :P
I see what you mean but there's rather a lot of possible candidates for the voter
Well I know why the downvotes are coming in... And I know that the voters must know about the voting fraud script - I only get one ro two down-votes each time...
I'm not really phased by it. Just nice to be able to come here and complain to people who know what I'm talking about :P
Hey, @Lix - My geofencing tool is really awesome now.
@mos - hey man... cool! Its nice to be inside the fence for a change ;)
Lets you have multiple fences, rename them, save fences.
Got an iOS device?
1:01 PM
I think we should all flag @JeremyBanks Meta account name change.
nope... (* grinning ear to ear *)
@jer - blasphemy!
Flagged as "Not a real user name"
@Lix - Here's the fence for Israel (link) by the way.
So I can forward that to the iOS dev here and he'll know what to do with it? :P
@Lix Well, it's just XML. I'm sure it'll come in handy.
oh... and only now I notice what @jer - did with his avatars on SO and MSO... :P
1:05 PM
Ok, I'm out.
@mos cheers :P
@Lix You can always flag it and ask a dev to look at it if someone high rep is consciously avoiding the fraud detector that's pretty bad
@awo - yea... I don't think its one user... The votes came after comments on several different posts... And its only amounted to 5 downvotes in the past 2 days...
Any answer with one or two upvotes will clear it up in anycase :)
Well I'll put it to the @floor - what do you guys think?

Is downvoting a link only answer (with an explination for the vote) overkill? I do intend to remove that vote once the OP has improved their post...
@Lix I think that's perfectly reasonable
and the funny thing is that answers a question I was wondering about recently. Somebody had been reliably downvoting things I'd been reviewing in the late answers tool
1:19 PM
and those late answers were link only's?
Well.. sadly we can't convince everyone of how bad link only's are...
My reasoning is usually "We want to bring great content to the site - not to direct users away from here."
linkrot is enough by and of itself
(in my view)
And with that, I'm off to work.
@Lix I could go either way on downvoting those. I usually just flag (if the answer really is just "See the solution here: [link]") and comment. But I don't think there's anything wrong with downvote, especially since it pushes bad content below other possible good answers.
I had a similar discussion once about my comment + downvote on a long, code-only answer.
1:33 PM
ahh - well looks like the post you flagged is gone already
was a 1 rep user
I think a big change (for myself at least) with regard to how I perceive these random downvotes has changed since my next big rep milestone is 10K... I've got a long way to go and a downvote here or there is not really going to put me back by that much... so...
Link only natzi is here to stay ^_^
@Lix Yeah, it was just a wall of code with no explanation though. I think that was the one that opened with something like "Just think about it, and you'll get it".
Or perhaps that was in a comment.
(@awoodland would probably be able to tell me if that as correct)
If we forced people to "think before posting" - we would all get a lot more work done...
there was one that was just a wall of code, with no obvious link to the problem in the question that got a smug reply to your comment
1:47 PM
Ah, nice. Thanks.
the other one isn't deleted though
lol the user who posted the deleted one is suspended, not low rep
@awoodland Haha, that's pretty grand.
By the way @awoodland, I thought your avatar was a unicorn (from looking at the small image in here). I now see that it's an awesome Bender costume. Fantastic.
Best roll of tin foil I've ever used :)
Best roll of tin foil I've ever used :)
did that double post?
it told me it timed out
so I hit retry
is that weird enough for @balpha to care?
1:54 PM
@awoodland Hahahaha
@awoodland Happens from time to time
I sort of assumed there'd be a sequence number with them that wouldn't get incremented in the case of a retry
Even though I know the user has a suspension in effect ->
That looks very weird :P
Seems like a pretty old user for a suspension
@jadarnel27 Lucky for me that you can't flag accounts. ;P
@Lix :) Yeah, I've had those for a while. Seeing your profile inspired some new changes, but I've since gone back to just my email and disclaimer.
mmyers comment cleared that up instantly for me
@thi - hehe well, I've given up trying to keep track of all changes :P
A: Can I get permission to edit on ServerFault based on my SO rep?

Jeff AtwoodFlag it for moderator attention and we will do it. Everyone gets 10 moderator flags per day -- use 'em!!

Only 10? Stingy ;)
Show me your CV's...
Q: php doc to txt ?

mindsupportIs there any doc2txt php processing library? i've found just this one

2:24 PM
Good Morning
Oh good morning Mr. @Cha
I'm finding it particularly hard this morning to start coding
So I popped in here
Well you have come to the right pla..... oh...well... in that case.... hi :P
it is monday, after all
Sunday is the first day of the week here :P
2:28 PM
You telling me? :P hehe I'm still not used to it
Then again I don't work fridays...so.. it kind of evens out...
should have 3 types of companies..
Those that start on Saturdays
and Mondays.
Ending 7 days later. That way we are always working
and those that never stop :P
But then you get a problem..
Sleep deprivation? ;)
2:31 PM
Nope. there would only be 3 days of the week when you knew every company was open
Thursday->Sunday become a crapshoot
Some companies are open, some aren't
@Lix Ah, so you are not originally from Israel? Where are you from, if you don't mind me asking?
@jadarnel27 I mind you asking @Lix's country of origin. I am highly offended at it! :P
@Chacha102 Hey, no one asked you, Tavern-builder.
2:34 PM
@jad - born in israel, left at age 4, lived in Zimbabwe most my childhood till age 16... then back to israel where I finnished school and did my army service...
So.. I am originally from Israel... even though I didn't grow up here...
Gaw... I need to get out of San Diego. Lived here my entire life...
hope that clears it up :P
Gaw... I need to get out of San Diego. Lived here my entire life...
Come to Israel... summer is not here just yet - perfect weather... :P
@Lix That does clear things up. That sounds like quite a journey.
2:37 PM
yep... I don't remember the move at age 4... but it was one big ass mission to move my life here :P
This is awesome:
A: Can't write PCM data to wav file

luckyboybabyJust google search Step by Step Guide on How to Convert Raw PCM, WAV PCM, and PCM audio from CD or DVD to all Popular Audio Format you will find a step by step guide on how to convert PCM to any other audio format with the help of the professional PCM Converter This guide helps: Convert RAW PC...

@Lix I bet. I find moving within my state to be a rather large undertaking. Moving to another country? I can't imagine.
@Chacha102 My life has been so hollow without a daily dose of muffincat.
@jad - definitely... but well worth it... no future for me in Zimbabwe :P that's for sure :P
3:01 PM
It's a good thing people are paying attention to the "DO NOT USE" tag summaries. Oh wait.
@rob - its like casperOne said - "The work is never done..."
@Lix - Indeed. By the time the cleanup tag list is complete, we'll have to start back from the beginning of it. :)
3:30 PM
That's what she said.
She, of course, being Mary Poppins.
3:56 PM
Class on the quad.
4:09 PM
@Moshe the graphics primitive or en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quadrangle_%28Harvard%29 ?
@rob - I guess that why they have to write the year :P
@awoodland You forgot to disambiguate "class" as well =)
Show of hands - who thinks that their chrome instance is using more resources than you feel it should?
I only use chrome when I want to view SO without logging in so I can check search results for spam that included my blacklisted tags
and lynx for every other occasion? ^_^
cause that would be the only other reason not to use chrome... X_X
4:16 PM
it doesn't have any compelling features over FF
well... I develop for the browser... so...for me there are :P
@Lix raises hand
I mean.. the chrome dev tools are simply amazing...
@Lix If by "chrome" you mean "Firefox," then I'm in.
Ich bin im Quadrangle.
4:18 PM
What the heck am I doing?
@jadarnel27 Use Chrome's own task manager
Looks like Josh :D
have you guys seen the browser<->girl analogy?
Do I need to close my chat window?
@jad - looks similar to mine :P
4:20 PM
@Lix /facepalms
well.. no @pop - you don't... but looks like you did already :P
@YiJiangsProble_ :o
hehe... you can't un-see it... @yij :P
I didn't even know that was there.
@Lix These are... terrible analogies
Or metaphors. Whatever.
4:21 PM
I didn't say they were accurate!
@jadarnel27 Also, about:memory
But the image proves my point and I see no pro Firefox propaganda... so...
is that the best google's viral marketing dept can come up with? :)
4:38 PM
@YiJiangsProble_ Oh, that's neat too.
@Lix Out of curiosity: Who's SeaMonkey?
@dan - in what context?
The browser/girl analogies
I don't really know her... here is her profile page though
SeaMonkey is a free and open source cross-platform Internet suite. It is the continuation of the former Mozilla Application Suite, based on the same source code. Core Mozilla project source code is licensed under a disjunctive tri-license that gives the choice of one of the three following sets of licensing terms: Mozilla Public License, version 1.1 or later, GNU General Public License, version 2.0 or later, GNU Lesser General Public License, version 2.1 or later. The development of SeaMonkey is community-driven, in contrast to the Mozilla Application Suite, which until its last release...
5:02 PM
Does anyone in here have a masters degree?
I'm thinking about going for it, but I can't decide whether it's actually a good idea, of if I just want to do it because I love school so much.
BTL is a flag handling machine
@jadarnel27 which country?
@awoodland USA
@Lix Meta Facebook question! meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/131691/…
Hrm... just ran across a new user who's asked nine beginner questions in three days... I wonder if he's headed for a question ban, and if so, whether there's anything I can say or do to change the outcome.
@jad - oh my... :P Better go see whats going on :P
@PopularDemand are they well asked/sensible questions?
(or a good question hiding underneath at least?)
5:17 PM
@jad - will never happen :P
I only read one, but it was fine. I even answered it. If it wasn't, then I'd just be voting (down and to close) and/or flagging, or at least I wouldn't care as much about whether the user was headed for a ban.
@PopularDemand lollerskates.
@Lix Kinda what I was thinking =)
@jadarnel27 Does doing a masters open you any more doors?
Does anyone know what went down here?
Q: Bounty of 2600? Did the bounty rules change?

Matt Handy Possible Duplicate: How does the bounty system work? Something seems wrong with this post. Have the bounty rules changed? Seems that the same bounty was awarded several times to the same user.

@jadarnel27 just worked it out
remember the user with the wall of code answer who was suspended?
5:33 PM
@awoodland Hahahah, that's great.
@awoodland That I'm not sure of. I don't know how much hiring managers take that into account. The program I'm looking at seems really oriented towards software construction / design, so that's something I could definitely improve in.
Jeez I logged on today to an inbox full of notifications...
@jadarnel27 the impression I got, at least in the UK is that it's pretty rare for a Masters to be needed for anything.
It can give you a leg up in PhD funding applications but that's about it
but it is a good way to diversify if you want a change of career direction
@awoodland I really wanted to link you to a course catalog for an MS in locksmithing, but I guess those don't exist in real life.
5:52 PM
@awoodland Thanks for the feedback. I kind of like the sound of diversification.
6:19 PM
Masters have two purposes.
If you want mootinator to tell you the two purposes of master's degrees, please insert $5 now.
Hit me.
1. To make the owner of a useless degree have to pay the school more before they get a job teaching there.
2. To provide the owners of a useless degree something to do after they graduate but before they start teaching useless courses =)
I'll see myself out.
In the UK masters are useless for teaching at universities
They're useless here as well.
6:24 PM
@mootinator Hahahaha, that sounds about right I suppose =)
Possibly a CS masters helps get a job at a startup founded by people who have one themselves.
I'm a bit cynical because I took a pre MS class which I dropped out of because I couldn't stand listening to seminars about things which no intelligent person could conceivably consider useful in a million years.
Probably depends on the school :P
Turing-completeness? The Y combinator? Reductions related to P and NP?
@PopularDemand Less useful even, generally speaking.
I enjoyed reducing problems to P or NP-complete :)
Four whole people in that 4th year class. :P
@PopularDemand Hmm...The OP in that post may have edited in the grace period, killing the one suggested edit before the second edit was suggested, maybe?
Talking about things in chat outside of the context of the site, and being right? I like your style, kid.
6:40 PM
It's what I do. ;)
(or something)
Are you going to answer, or should I do it for you?
Feel free, I'm in the middle of profiling something.
6:53 PM
Found in the appendix of a bit of Oracle documentation.
Way to stick it to the Cubs, anonymous Oracle employee who I assume is a Dodger or Giant fan.
Hahah, nice.
Heh. Let's got Mets!
7:10 PM
Go Twins!
I don't follow baseball, but I am a biological twin, so that's who I root for. I don't think that team is very good though, unfortunately.
> Cigarettes are a lot like hamsters. Perfectly harmless, until you put one in your mouth and light it on fire.
7:30 PM
I guess that comparison works for any small rodent, not just hamsters.
7:58 PM
Or aren't we posting the names of random programming languages?
I just done reinventing a wheel.. how is everyone else doing?
8:17 PM
This game is hilarious with the cheat multipliers on... I have 1,000,000,000 points now O.O
8:34 PM
That's fun to do on Stack Overflow too.
Oops. slaps mouth
8:47 PM
Hi hi all
whats up?
What the fuzzfell... :-(
is anybody out there? out there.. out there...
echo echo echoooo
It seems fuzzfell wasn't a good choice, @aman
it seems...
I thought it was a good question though..
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA: Have an upvote. :>
9:03 PM
@animuson haha, oy..
9:28 PM
@Chacha102 Medium
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Low
@Chacha102 Semi-conductive.
Now I have no idea where this is going lol
9:48 PM
10:27 PM
11:05 PM
Well, if we're over 100% efficiency, I guess the next logical step is
11:24 PM
I'll stick to metric.
11:45 PM
♫ I'm stuck on metric because metric sticks on me ♫
Some sort of hipster anthem?

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