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2:09 AM
2:25 AM
@Moshe Coo-el.
My Windows Phone is illegal now. Yaaaaay.
Apparently the firmware I installed failed SAR testing for North America.
1 hour later…
3:34 AM
Well, @Zypher and @jcole, if you guys want to beta test, you have priority, since you tested Nippon.
8 hours later…
11:30 AM
ugg.. I hate it when the OP only gives a jsFiddle link for a question... and to boot the accepted answer was no more than a jsFiddle link too :/
jsfiddle only answers should be all burnt...
1 hour later…
12:33 PM
@Lix /agree
Can you mount a network switch upside down?
A: Can you mount a network switch upside down?

Chris McKeown˙sɯǝlqoɹd ʎuɐ pɐɥ ɹǝʌǝu ǝʌ,I puɐ uʍop ǝpısdn pǝʇunoɯ ǝɹɐ sǝɥɔʇıʍs ʞɹoʍʇǝu ʎɯ ɟo ll∀

hahaha -talk about putting 100% effort into an answer :P
Q: Which broadband plan should i get for my gaming cafe?

user119277I am from Country-India, State-Maharashtra, City-Jalgaon, now there are too many of jumbling list of broadband, so i need to get one which is best and suits my gaming cafe. I prefer BSNL broadband and want you all to give me a suggestion. ** There are 15 PC's in my cafe and my customers are comp...

That one was quite original I think :P
12:56 PM
that feeling when you make a comment on meta and immediately get down voted on a totally unrelated SO post... Grudges? Anyone?
@Lix Oh, that's classy right there.
I'd rather they down vote a meta post though :P Easier to bounce back from that ;)
1:16 PM
Anybody make it to a meetup this past weekend?
You are trying to make me feel guilty arn't you? :(((

Its working...
I'm curious how some of the other ones went. I'd originally tried to make ours a fairly large event, but it kind of fell through. Ended up being a social hour at a pub, which is just as good I suppose.
I did get Telerik to throw some sponsorship our way, though. They sent branded napkins and bottle openers, and a license to raffle off. I didn't learn until that day that the license retails for $2000.
Only three people in attendance were even interested in it, so instead of a raffle we did rock-paper-scissors.
In retrospect, I could have just kept it for myself and sold it, though...
It sounds like a fun time, overall =) I did not make it to a meetup. I saw there was one in Charlotte, but there were only something like 4 people signed up to go.
1:21 PM
@jadarnel27 There were 26 signed up for ours, maybe a dozen were there.
Some of the pictures taken are up:
And the Flickr tag for the worldwide meetups:
@David If the Charlotte meetup was like that, I imagine 0 people actually showed up.
1:51 PM
Boker Tov.
@mos - Boker tov
@Moshe Good morning to you as well
That's for you, Moshe, more like erev tov for Lix.
Did you guys see this (link) yet?
1:55 PM
erev??? really... you guys sending me to bed already??? I'm still in the office :P
@Lix Did you see my team yet?
didn't see yet - i'll take a look once I leave the office :)
@Lix לך לישון!
hahahaha :P
Thats one of the problems... I am falling asleep :P
@jadarnel27 - Unfortunately for your taste for my narratives, my C++ notes will probably be edited this week to contain more facts and less historical narratives.
2:04 PM
@Moshe Oh noes =)
So... apparently I'm a `variable-name-natzi` :P
I'll take that as a compliment thank you!
@Lix What's really bad is when people defend their position on writing code that's difficult to read.
"I know what it means" or "It's fine if you understand it" or other such nonsense. My personal favorite is "It's easier for the compiler and performs better."
"easier for the compiler" :P LOL
I love that comic.
Got it hanging on the wall next to me :P
2:11 PM
@David "It was hard to write, so it should be hard to read."
childish :P
I wish I had a copy of Clean Code that was somewhat oversized and heavy leather bound like an ancient tome. Then it would be more effective when I beat people over the head with it.
Put the PDF on a tablet - works best when the glass shatters :P
@Lix Is it nice to be rich?
I assume it would be... Its nice to have rich friends though ^_^
2:15 PM
Depending on how it was printed, there may exist metal lithographic plates of it somewhere. Those would work quite well.
@pop - is it nice to be meta-rich?
@dav - by the 3rd page I think they'll get the point :P
Not really, although it's nice to know how the 10k tools work.
@Lix They may claim to get it, but the beatings would continue until the code improves.
(* beat the syntax out of them *)
the 10K tools are closer now than they have ever been...
@Lix - Can you help me? I'm trying to geofence Israel, so I can auto detect if a user is in Israel.
Anyone here know if there are geofence generation websites? Or something of the sort?
2:17 PM
sure - you want my IP?
to visit a URL?
@Lix No, I'm wondering if you know anything about Israel's borders.
Dumb question, what's the IL government's website?
@Lix That is hilarious. I've never seen that one before.
@Lix תודה
I don't know much about them actually...
2:20 PM
@jad - one of the good ones....
@mos - I don't think you'll find a better explanation than this -
Israel's borders are the borders of the State of Israel. The borders have changed from time to time with developments in Israel's military and diplomatic situation. It borders Lebanon in the north, Syria in the northeast, Jordan and the West Bank in the east, the Gaza Strip and Egypt on the southwest The border with Egypt was demarcated in 1906 between Britain and the Ottoman Empire. The borders with Lebanon, Syria and Jordan are based on those drawn up by the United Kingdom and France in anticipation of the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in the First World War and the carve up of the Otto...
@PopularDemand I finally defeated my English-major cousin in Words With Friends. TOPAZ on a double word, with the Z on a triple letter that counted twice (due to forming another word). 106 points I think it was =)
@Lix Thanks.
@jadarnel27 Nice. I once played SHADCHAN for a hundred points. It's hebrew for "matchmaker".
Very nice!
@Moshe Ah, that's pretty sweet as well.
2:26 PM
@PopularDemand Thanks.
@jadarnel27 Wanna play WwF?
By the way, I found out that that cousin double majored in English and Italian, with a minor in Film Studies. A trifecta of useless degrees =)
@Moshe Sure, I'm "jadarnel27" on there as well.
A wild Tim Stone appeared.
le* hehe...lol
2:45 PM
Could someone revert these suggested edits? They shouldn't have been approved - they're copy/pasted from Wikipedia:
I was going to go in and just wipe them, but it won't let me.
Also, a call to reject the rest of the suggested copy/paste edits by the same user:
I don't think there are rollbacks on tag wikis; you'd have to suggest a new edit that adds attribution or just consists of a blank post or whatever.
Yeah, I tried the blank post and it wouldn't let me save the edit.
I didn't really want to take the time to put together actual, relevant wiki text.
And I'm not really in favor copy/pasted Wikipedia content, even if there is attribution - it's usually just not relevant.
Ah, that's what you mean. Gotcha.
@PopularDemand - Indeed.
tl;dr: I agree with people who think tag wikis should be site-specific, like the wiki.
2:52 PM
A delicious wiki.
Also, to single out a really good editor, this guy has been making some fantastic edit suggestions:
WATTO Studios, Newcastle, Australia
1.6k 5 13
It's rare to see someone making nice, quality edit suggestions, just wanted to hand out some props.
I'll start close-voting his posts immedi... wait, we're calling out good users now?
Hehe. Yeah, I mean, how often do we get to do that?
@RobHruska Your gravatar is so yellow. I just tabbed back over to chat and went cross-eyed for a second.
So, Google is hitting Stack Overflow for ~11.5 GB's / day in HTTP requests for crawling / indexing purposes. Golly that's a lot.
3:08 PM
@jadarnel27 Think of it like Google giving Stack Overflow an 11.5 GB hug every day.
@David Hahahahaha
the fun part is that's a relatively small portion of the 279,000,544,210 bytes served that day (that doesn't include the CDN)
@David Kind of the way boa constrictors hug large rats?
Jesus. That's a lot of bytes.
@NickCraver Y U NO OPT-O-MIZE SEO!? coughs
@PopularDemand Exactly.
3:19 PM
I was thinking those questions were kind of obnoxious. Especially the whole "It's really that simple" angle.
@NickCraver Is that just Stack Overflow, or Stack Exchange total?
I don't know why it just occurred to me that people in xkcd comics don't have faces.
@jadarnel27 that's for the network...of that SO was 175,373,937,150
I keep forgetting to cast the Bytes summation as a bigint, it overflows quite quickly with aggregating the logs :-/
...huh. I didn't know that shaking a window on Windows 7 caused everything else to minimize.
yes, that's the first thing I disable (all aero "controls") when installing :)
@NickCraver Thanks =)
I'll have to keep that in mind...it's made me rage a number of times now.
3:25 PM
Q: How do I disable Aero Shake in Windows 7?

matthewsI'm always accidentally minimizing most of my windows. This is really annoying. How do I disable Aero Shake?

First I need to figure out if I can get my Chrome sessions and Thunderbird profile back on my home computer though, argh. Stupid computer issues. |:
Hooray! \o/
@TimStone Maybe drink less coffee. Your hands will be less jittery, and you'll rage less when you do screw up.
(There's an engineering solution to every problem, but as much as it pains me to say so, it's not always the best solution.)
But there are so many side-projects to work on! I need the caffeine.
Speaking of side-projects, should make sure my Data Explorer hg repository is intact when I get home...
Some of my work svn repositories got botched as a result of the issues I was having.
That bytes (har har).
At the moment I'm blaming the Intel Rapid Storage driver/RAID firmware for not allowing me to verify my RAID outside of the OS (unless of course it does, and I just missed it, in which case I blame myself...but minor details).
3:31 PM
What does it mean when a Python bytes? Is there a cure?
@TimStone That's where you went wrong. Never even consider the possibility of blaming yourself. Always blame others.
@TimStone - there's typically a very fast boot screen for that, accessed via Ctrl+I
Yeah, it just...doesn't have any options to resolve the verify state |:
did you enable RAID behavior on that controller in BIOS?
3:33 PM
you won't see the option if they're in IDE mode
looks like it's ultimatebootcd time then =P
Well, I've gone ahead and reimaged the drives now, because I stupidly let chkdsk go and make a complete mess of things.
But some of the files were corrupted pre-image, so looks like I may have had minor data loss.
I conveniently now have a backup strategy, after months and months of being lazy. >_>
@jadarnel27 It's OK, I've spun the wheel now. Seems it was Marc's fault all along.
Problem solved =)
Hmm, I wonder when the Skeptics Town Hall Chat will be. Argh, and I still need to figure out where I left off with the elections site.
I need...a to-do list.
I don't want to get your hopes up, but I think there might be software that helps with that (the to-do lists).
3:44 PM
@TimStone Will there really be a Town Hall?
Are you skeptical?
There are six candidates, so seems like a good turn out so far.
@TimStone Is skepticism even a thing?
That's notable. The guy running Apple's R&D in Israel has the same first and last name.
Is 4 cups of coffee way too much coffee to drink in the morning? Bunch of lightweights here at this office. LIGHTWEIGHTS!
4:00 PM
I had a soda before 11, so that sounds reasonable.
4:12 PM
+1 for the point about screen estate being limited. And also for ensuring that this question will turn up anytime someone searches for "nipple". — razlebe Aug 17 '11 at 0:46
@mos - come now... you think I'm going to go work for apple? :P hehehe...
He was correct. It's the only result, in fact: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/search?q=nipple
@jad - not the first link you want to see when you enter a room... but ok... :P
@Lix Speak for yourself =D
Egregiously off-topic question, anyone?
@jadarnel27 Scary that it's getting upvotes and upvoted answers, though. Even if it's an obvious question, giving any legal advice should be avoided.
4:23 PM
Oh I love the binding close vote :P FEEL THE POWER!
@David Yeah, I thought that was odd, especially the answers. 8 upvotes and counting on the one.
That first comment was great though.
@jadarnel27 I'm fighting the urge to drop a reply about buggy whips to the first comment, but I think that one's been done to death.
    for (Integer offset : set.offsets.keySet()) {
        long store = set.offsets.get(offset);

        if (this.offsets.containsKey(offset)) {
            store |= this.offsets.get(offset);

        this.offsets.put(offset, store);
@tim - meta is not for technical questions ;) OT
Anyone have any suggestions how you'd ever get a NPE on the last line? 'Cause I can't see it.
4:28 PM
@David I'm not familiar, actually.
@Lix I've already voted to close myself, no worries. :P
We can vote to close users now? This is gonna be the best day ever.
Depends on whether or not you're cool enough to have that feature.
Have you met me? I could not possibly be any cooler.
4:33 PM
@TimStone Perhaps offset is null, and put can't handle a null first arg?
@jadarnel27 I don't have a link handy, but there was a legal case back when automobiles were invented which was pushed by the horse and buggy lobbyists. Basically every sale of an automobile was required to include a buggy whip, to prevent the buggy whip industry from being put out of business.
(Disclaimer: I don't even know what language that is.)
@jadarnel27 So the comment would be something about how if a replacement for a hammer/nail was invented, you still might have to pay for a hammer.
@PopularDemand (It's Java) Yeah, that would happen. But it'd happen in the previous get(offset) and containsKey(offset) as well, then.
@David lollerskates. That's fantastic.
4:36 PM
store can't be null, since it's a primitive, and this.offsets can't be null since it's accessed previously in the if statement.
@TimStone Okay, I reached the same conclusion assuming it was Java. I'm not familiar with pipe-equals, though.
I was curious about that myself.
The logic in put could be different than the logic in get and containsKey, although that seems unlikely.
@PopularDemand It's a bitwise inclusive OR assignment (store = store | this.offsets.get(offset))
@PopularDemand It's a TreeMap, so according to the JavaDocs this shouldn't be the case...but I have no idea what the environment is like where this is occurring, so hmm.
Lunch now though, back in a few.
You have made me feel terrible for not recognizing |=, so I'll keep working.
4:43 PM
@twi - Really? A bounty on the formatting sandbox? Do you really have that much meta rep to throw around? ;) hehe
@Lix I was replicating a bug. =P
The bounty message "bump" was silently dropped when I tried to use it.
Oh - a custom message....
@David [citation needed]
Well... @twi - the next question has to be - does the OP get awarded the bounty if the answer is already a CW?
If you need to test that out.... nudge nudge wink wink...
4:49 PM
I've flagged them both asking for a refund. Maybe if that's not granted. :P
Why would that be a bug? Do you not think it's intentional @TwilightSparkle?
Or perhaps I'm misunderestimating the purpose of the post.
@TimStone TreeMap.put in Java 6 throws "NullPointerException - if the specified key is null and this map uses natural ordering, or its comparator does not permit null keys"; do you know if the comparator permits null keys?
@jadarnel27 I wasn't sure, hence , but I haven't seen that behaviour described anywhere.
4:52 PM
@TwilightSparkle Me neither. Ah, I didn't notice as well.
Possibly a silent character limit that when triggered ignores the message that was too short...
That closing was a bit hasty, I think.
yep - i think so too...
well.. first ever re-open vote... sweet :P
Well, I did neglect to include a question in my question.
@TimStone I take it back; the containsKey call would have thrown the NPE if this were the case.
5:02 PM
@twi - true, but it didn't seem like that was the reason for closing in the first place...
5:19 PM
@TimStone When you say "last line," do you mean this.offsets.put(offset, store); or the closing brace?
@TimStone Also, longer shot, but is set.offsets also a TreeMap, or is this.offsets the only one?
5:43 PM
@jadarnel - check this out: docs.google.com/document/…
@PopularDemand Both TreeMap, set and this are of the same type.
TreeMap<Integer, Long>?
Could you be trying to autounbox null with long store = set.offsets.get(offset)?
I don't believe so. Presumably if that were the case the error would come during that assignment.
5:58 PM
I'm still not clear on where/when the error is appearing.
Specifically on this.offsets.put(offset, store)
Ah. I was looking at that for autoboxing issues too, but going from primitive to object seems... less fraught with difficulty.
Or, at least that's what this stack trace I received would imply.
(I have no reason to believe that their line 124 is not my line 124, but I can't guarantee that)
You could test that by adding an intentional error, like Long foo = null; long bar = foo;.
(That's what me stalling for time looks like.)
Yeah, unfortunately it's not terrible convenient for me to push a debug copy to the people experiencing the issue, and those people are unlikely to be willing/able to give me the data so I can try and reproduce it myself. Good times. :P
6:06 PM
I figured you'd say something like that.
I could be wrong though, I may have a relevant NDA for this.
Would be nice if I could just...see the problem though. Since at the moment it feels rather impossible.
I really didn't want to admit defeat on this one, but I guess I have no choice.
So the stack trace actually would suggest that this.offsets is null?
The if statement references this.offsets, though.
If that's line 124, then perhaps.
Since otherwise if it were a NPE in the TreeMap the stack trace tells you that's the case.
6:16 PM
I actually just reached the point where I was going to ask you what version of Java they were using. Since autoboxing and generics were introduced at the same time, that can't actually be the issue, but it does suggest that I'm out of good ideas.
Ah ha
The line numbers are off.
How'd you determine that?
Wait, no they aren't. What...
I think Java is trolling me
I wanted to make sure that things lined up, so I ran a test case by inserting this.offsets.put(null, 1L) right after the long store = ... line.
Doing that causes a NPE on the if() line.
Which doesn't make any sense, because putting a null key into the map should have generated its own exception.
@TimStone Only if the "map uses natural ordering, or its comparator does not permit null keys."
I see you're trying to debug a Java application. You should totally drop that and try jQuery.
6:30 PM
Also, that suggested wiki content is copied content. I'm out of reject votes for the day :/
Well, now it's at one each.
Policing suggested edits is like herding cats.
I'm just gonna quit. :)
@PopularDemand Actually, it's a bug they refused to fix apparently.
"Oh noes it might break people's codez!"
So long as there's nothing else in the map, put(null, value) will succeed, even though null isn't a valid key for the natural ordering, because there's nothing to compare it against that would throw the exception.
It's a long standing "Will not fix"
Ah. Then add a second debug line before it that puts a valid value in there?
Well, unfortunately this doesn't get me any closer to the cause, since the containsKey() does fail if key is null. :/
6:38 PM
@TimStone Very nice find!
I had no idea. I've never intentionally tried to do that though, so I suppose that has something to do with it.
6:49 PM
gives up
Clearly the person must just be crazy, and this isn't happening.
bug 4325
last modified 2:50 PM, 30 Apr 2012 by tstone
closed - customer having LSD flashback
Oh I've had loads of those ^_^
7:16 PM
That's not the first one that guy rejected. I'm not sure why.
Community rejected one, too.
Well a few of them have already gone through... I'm finishing up the list...
Oh, tag wiki suggestions. I was confused about why I couldn't see the approve / reject buttons.
I had no idea such tags existed! :P Crazy...
Well its silly if we both work on them... @jad - start from the end... :P
oh...well... too late... all gone...
7:26 PM
@Lix I couldn't have helped anyway =)
@jad - don't be so hard on your self... sure you could have :)
approve tag wiki edits 67%
@Lix No, he doesn't have enough rep to judge those.
Although I appreciate the vote of confidence in my ability to help =)
7:28 PM
I felt like a monkey pushing buttons on those... Totally forgot my new 5K status.. -_-
To have my name up there in lights next to Lord Torgamus...
@Lix Hey, I only just broke 5k, myself.
what the....how did I never see that before?
you my friend... have been neglecting your SO account :P
@TimStone Hey now, I spend plenty of time on SO. I just fall into the incredibly common situation where, for all questions, I either do not know the answer or cannot write a good answer quickly enough to beat other answerers.
7:45 PM
I mostly just sit around slowly collecting necro-reps lately.
I've recently started getting those... Its nice...
Its like someone else reminding you that they owe you money... and then giving it to you :P
(except not, since it's really networking)
That's as real as it gets.
Out of votes - you may only vote 50 times a day.
That was fast today.
Serial approval of tag wiki edits
Are there REALLY that many people with "superyachts" that you can work exclusively on them?
@dan - Just happened to me too :P
7:52 PM
@Lix How long did it take you? I lasted perhaps 20 minutes.
@DanielFischer That's what she said.
Well, she is known to be bad in estimating times.
I feel the urge to start recursively "That's what she said"-ing, but I think I'll stop.
@dan - no idea :P I think about the same :
"That's what she said" "No, that's what she said" "That's what she said"
7:56 PM
Q: Why is Data Explorer not accurate?

SoboLANI'm just now exploring Data Explorer (for StackOverflow) and I wrote a simple query to see how many questions I asked. I get 8 rows as result, but on my StackOverflow account there are 10 questions. Why is the information on Data Explorer not consistent with the actual data on StackOverflow ? P...

Is there a canonical FAQ-ish question for this yet? |:
What do you care? According to the pinned message, we're still in blame-balpha-for-everything mode.
Oh, right!
blames balpha
Why has that already four reopen votes?
Q: Why is it so hard for me to understand documentation?

heyI usually feel that after reading documentation for certain function or something similar, I don't understand it unless I see an example which only then makes documentation make sense. Why is that? What should I do about it? Because I am sure for good programmers documentations should be enough, ...

Someone remind me to update the Data Explorer FAQ too.
People are dumb * except those who aren't
@DanielFischer: I'd assume people are trying to re-open it so they can re-close it and attempt migration.
8:03 PM
That may be. But is it really a fit for Programmers?
I don't know, I don't use that site.
"Can anyone write an algorithm in PHP? I want to know what an algorithm looks like (in PHP code)."
Ha. Just to troll you guys. You're welcome.
The "Why is it so hard ..." question was reopened. Needs two more votes to re-close. Any takers?
Ooh, I helped.
8:16 PM
That didn't take long.
I'm sure there's like 50 people watching the question.
I didn't know I could vote twice like that.
@PopularDemand <3
One reopen, one close.
Ah, nicely done @PopularDemand. That was much needed.
@jadarnel27 Why would you vote to reopen?!
8:21 PM
To clear the reopen votes out and let it be closed again.
11 mins ago, by jadarnel27
Ha. Just to troll you guys. You're welcome.
(By the way, I think that waffles technically tries to update it monthly)
I mean...um, what @animuson said.
That's much more constructive.
(But two months is probably safer...)
Yeah, I was confused about that... but it seems like lately it's been de facto two months.
8:23 PM
Fair 'nough.
Why does it look like it's going to rain? |:
Hmm, about every 8 weeks.
One can only conclude that Jeff Atwood is trying to steal waffles' identity.
Lol, getting rid of the tag. xP
Q: FoxPro 9 tutorials or books

USBStudentI'm interested in urgent development of a Visual FoxPro 9 application. I'm a little confused with the UI of VFP and can't get used to it. So, could you please recommend me a tutorial or a book to figure out how to make a simple application in VFP9?

Didn't know fox pro even existed still :)
Why did they start that post with <br /><br />?
I like when I can answer "Can you do X by Wednesday" with "I did it while you were explaining it to me."
8:30 PM
Heh, isn't that nice? :D
Does community inserting a duplicate link also delete any comment with the word "duplicate" in it? (stackoverflow.com/questions/10388433/…)
(I wrote something approximately "not a duplicate, but related:" with a comment before the auto inserted dupe link)
Hm. I believe community only adds that link if it detects that the link is not there yet. Perhaps it just goes and deletes the first comment with that link (or any comments with the link) once the post has been closed.
@jadarnel27: You believe? Come on, you should know man. You should know.
they were two separate comments with two separate linked question
one was the auto generated one, one was my manual comment when I found something interesting/related before I found the question I was looking for
8:46 PM
@jadarnel27: Believe
@animuson Haha, I had "I know" and then I second guessed myself.
it's possible Robert did something during closing to it (although that seemed odd unless I missed a rude reply)
@animuson He spelled Beliebe wrong?
@mootinator Ah, that must have been it.
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