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@JeremyBanks What is this I don't even...
12:51 AM
@TimStone and we thought people posting on Meta were bad...
Yeaaaah... shakes head
1:45 AM
Love the tavern.
2:27 AM
totally just now noticed the inline tag editing and has been editing tags the manual way still
2:45 AM
night folks
4 hours later…
6:53 AM
That Trolly van Douchbaggings, always causing trouble.
@TimStone "baggins", not "baggings"
it's a Lord of the Rings reference
I think I have a "Get out of typo free" card for it being 3:00 in the morning, my mistake. :P
There is no excuse for being wrong on the Internet!
In that case I'll need a clever distraction!
Hmm, I was adding a [Comment Link] magic column to Data Explorer, but due to slug redirection that seems like fighting a losing battle for comments on answers, argh.
Ohh right, the global inbox uses a comment link that does the proper redirection for me.
7:25 AM
I did make a superb mess of that JavaScript though... sighs Time to put a clean-up on my ever-growing to-do list.
4 hours later…
11:14 AM
Question to the floor - when a post gets deleted, does the OP still have access to it?
Will they still be able to see my (very helpful) comment that I left explaining why the question was closed and how maybe to improve the next one?
@Lix Not as a notification - only mods comment will generate an inbox message after the post has been deleted
But the OP is notified of the deletion yes?
Think so, not very sure
cool - well thanks for the input :)
12:00 PM
What is the fastest way to get rid of stuff like stackoverflow.com/a/9906333/1011995, downvote and vote-to-delete or flag as Not an answer?
@DanielFischer Flag as offensive; I think it was @Shog9 who clarified that posts which are literally meaningless nonsense can be flagged as that
Ah, thanks
What's generally preferred for not-an-answers without downvotes, however, if they're just useless, not offensive?
Just downvote, and if applicable, flag as not an answer
I mean if I see them in the 10k queue, is adding another flag better, or downvote to make them vote-to-deletable and then vtd?
Usually both. Well, the latter, if you have 20k
12:07 PM
Since yesterday, I'm new to this, that's why I ask
12:34 PM
Q: How did "Is the C# Thread class (unofficially) obsolete?" make it past the "Not Constructive" gauntlet?

Robert HarveyWhile I was meandering about the Stack-o-sphere, I noticed this question hit the SuperCollider: Are there any cases when it's necessary or useful to use a plain old Thread object instead of one of the newer constructs? OK... So why does this question (as of this writing) get 38 upvotes, no ...

The question in question, in my opinion, deserves a reopen vote.
@cdeszaq That was quick.
@jadarnel27 Yeah, it doesn't usually take long for questions to get closed or re-opened once it gets the Meta Lazer focused on it.
Sort of a "thundering herd" problem, but for questions. (or is it more like locusts?)
@cdeszaq I'd posit that it's more like locusts (mainly because I like using the word "posit").
@jadarnel27 That is indeed a word that is not used enough in modern discourse. I applaud your efforts to more effectively and completely use the English language.
And yes, definitely locusts.
@cdeszaq Thanks!
The pinned "hold me" message has just been constantly reminding of this awesome Weezer song:
loves Weezer more than is probably healthy
12:54 PM
Hi hi all ^_^
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA 'sup
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Just getting my morning dose of entertainment:
Q: Create a guided tour for new users

DragonLordNew users of a Stack Exchange site may not fully understand how the site works. For example, the user may not know how to vote, what reputation is, how to format a question or answer, or how to navigate the site. While the FAQ and privilege pages may offer enough information to teach new users ...

I agree with Shog in that 99% of people are just here for answers. SO is just a utility for them
and Jeff's point about "guided tours" being useful is very true. If games (especially mobile ones) have taught us anything, it's that the only way to "teach" people things is to step them through the "lessons" while they are completing the main task.
1:01 PM
@Jin I had an answer on your post about the new beta theme where I wanted some improvement on the main links at the top.
And in that respect, it is sort of a "guided tour", since the "instructions" are there as they are doing what they came here for
I see that you have closed my answer. Why is that?
@awe Have there been changes to those links? It could be that they're deleting those answers as they implement the suggestions. Just a thought, I don't really know.
Wow all the haters on my new Q
I thought it was a pretty good request...
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA For what it's worth, I don't really think Fabian's answer is a good one.
1:05 PM
@jadarnel27 I know. I even commented to that fact...
Neither do I, but I'm 'meh' about the whole issue. Is it really that big a deal to see which specific post it is? You know that unregistered users below 100 rep can also get automatically deleted. I'd say most deleted users with votes are of that variety
@YiJiangsProble_ Yea, but it is curious to know which ones of my posts had some sort of change (even if it may be minor)
@YiJiangsProble_ Well put. I would upvote that.
I would have to agree with @YiJiangsProble. While knowing what post was affected would be nice, I'm not sure how much utility it has. I think the same sort of "what has changed recently" could be reached with an "activity" sort of view that shows all changes, including votes, on questions.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA - You might get more question-lovin' if you indicated why you want to see what question was impacted. As it stands, that question doesn't (to me, at least) give any sort of compelling reason for changing the current behavior.
@cdeszaq I guess just for the curiousity of the thing. To see what was affected.
1:13 PM
It may be brief, but any time one of my answers is above one of Skeet's it makes my day.
A: LINQ Query Issue, Sequence contains no elements

DavidThe query must not be returning any data. Run a profiler on the SQL database to see the physical query being executed and try to execute it manually against the database to see what the data looks like. You probably have to adjust the query (or the data) to get the results you're looking for. ...

@David It doesn't happen often, but it's nice when it does, isn't it?
@jadarnel27 No, I don't see any changes on that. The only reason I could think of would be that Jin doesn't want to implement it, but I would prefer if he said it.
It's OK if he desides not to do it, but it would be good to know if that's the reason, and some background on why.
By the way, my answer go 15 up-votes, so I'm a bit surpriced it was just closed...
@awe I agree. I wouldn't think they'd decline your suggestion by deleting it without any feedback.
Perhaps they have implemented it and you have a cached copy of the old CSS?
@David Well done =)
@jadarnel27 He did have gave some comments on why it was like it is, but I think he should also leave a comment on why he was closing the answer before closing it.
@jadarnel27 No. I just deletet my browser cache and did an explicit refresh, but still the same.
1:37 PM
@animuson Something like this (it's not perfect): How many of my edits have been rolled back?
loves the Data Explorer
@jadarnel27 Props for commenting what you are doing in there
@cdeszaq Ha, thanks! I often forget what that stuff means if I don't =P
I've also been quite perplexed by some of the fancier stuff going on in other people's queries on there (that don't have comments)
@jadarnel27 Got any links to specific ones? I'd be curious to see some of the more intricate things myself
If you troll through some of the popular and featured queries, you'll probably find some more =)
@jadarnel27 This one's a rather interesting one, but it's basically just breaking out the "select questions we care about" from the "do the rep calc on those questions" process.
1:49 PM
@cdeszaq Oh, good point. I see that now. I kind went tl;dr on it. Because it was scary looking.
Very good observation!
Yeah, variable declarations tend to make most uninitiated SQL slingers go "nope, not gonna bother".
In that particular query, however, it could have all been done with one big query (ok, an outer and an inner one, but same thing). So breaking it out like that actually makes it much more comprehensible.
2:03 PM
@cdeszaq Ah, that's exactly what I did =P I although I agree, in this case it's probably much clearer the way it is.
Holy carp! Adam Davis has never cast a downvote on Meta o_O
@jadarnel27 Nor on SO
Or on any of his other main SE accounts either
@cdeszaq Huh. What a positive guy. He's also the only person on Meta who's cast over a thousand upvotes, and zero downvotes.
I should probably stop playing with this here Data Explorer.
@jadarnel27 :) Imagine the actual data the SE team has at their disposal to play with! (including, i'm sure, real-time traffic stats and lots of other metrics)
Oh goodness. That would be delightful =P
@jadarnel27 If you really like data, and are implementing things that you might want to track data, you might be interested in the Statsd "library"
It makes tracking just about any metric almost trivial. It doesn't have quite the same mix-and-match capability that SQL-driven data does, but it's great for real-time and high-volume things
2:15 PM
@cdeszaq That looks intriguing. I'll have to take a closer look when I have a minute.
"When I have a minute" == "When I feel like trying to comprehend what that page is telling me."
@jadarnel27 Yeah, it's pretty nifty. The world of metrics and logging and data is a very deep rabbit-hole.
@AdamDavis is the bomb.
Essentially, it's an event-driven way to report counts and times to Graphite, which then graphs gobs of data, all in real-time at high volumes. Beyond that, there's not much else to it.
@cdeszaq It really is. I just love working with that stuff. I'd like to get better at SQL (especially the more complex topics). The only questions I've asked on SO were really simple SQL questions =P
@cdeszaq Thank you for that summary, that makes my life a lot easier =)
Someone in my neighborhood approached me on sat night and asked if SQL is a good "first programming language". Wut?
2:19 PM
@jadarnel27 I swear, if I can find an "evangelism" sort of job where I can just explain awesome things to people, I would be in heaven. (Note: if you know of any jobs like that, drop me a line!)
@Moshe haha that's pretty good =)
@Moshe Sounds like a rough neighborhood :)
@cdeszaq We do a good bit of that at my company, actually. Though we also have to back it up with being able to do it and deliver to clients, which is the harder part :)
@Moshe Almost sounds like a gang induction question... Are there a lot of l33t h4x0rz in your neighborhood?
@David Yeah, I've found (for better or for worse) that I'm much better at explaining things and selling ideas to people than I am at the implementation part of it. (For implementing things, I just need much more structure)
@David - But perhaps it's just that the actual doing of things really is that much harder and I just don't realize it?
"Doing things"? What is this "doing things"?
@cdeszaq The structure is definitely important, and we are always trying to improve our own delivery structure for clients. (My current project is sort of an experiment in that sense, including team dynamics that aren't particularly common.) But ya, in the end, all the client wants is the project they paid the consultants for.
2:23 PM
@jadarnel27 The opposite of hanging out in here!
@cdeszaq That sounds awful.
@jadarnel27 It is. That's why I hide in here. The "real world" is a scary place, full of "work".
Just a kid.
He asked me about Wordpress before.
I made him listen to me rant for a bit.
@Moshe I'm sure he just lapped it up. Kids are like that.
@jadarnel27 There's a reason his username used to be "Pollyanna."
2:37 PM
@jadarnel27 I was like that for a while, but there's just some stuff that absolutely needs to be down voted.
@PopularDemand I did not get that reference until now (I had never heard of the "Pollyanna Principle"). Neat-o =)
You learn something new everyday.
@TimStone I strongly agree, although I guess there are plenty of other people willing to cast those downvotes.
I suggested python. Which is odd cuz I never actually learned it proper. Dabbled tough.
@Moshe Ruby also wouldn't be bad, or Groovy if one wants to pick up Java and work with other JVM languages (perhaps JRuby?) The benefit is that those languages dn't restrict (at all) to OO, or procedural, or functional programming, and can be written in an interpreter (which can be a big help when learning)
I've never done much python myself (I could probably recognize python code, but that's about it), so I may be off-base, but those are my thoughts :)
Anyone else having issues with their Flagging Summary page?
nvm, it works again
2:53 PM
@jadarnel27 That's not a constructive question...
But yes... "Huh?" is an accurate response
@cdeszaq I flagged. I'm not as cool as you yet =)
@jadarnel27 Patience young grasshopper
Just picked the door to my classroom - a prior class was in session.
I'm a genius.
@awe I deleted answers that I have either fixed, or commented on. consider the latter ones as [status-declined]
3:05 PM
@cdeszaq I'm close ;-) I only need 23 more upvotes. I should probably...you know...post some answers.
That was the way I got most of my other upvotes.
@jadarnel27 Heh, yeah, posting answers does tend to help raise rep
It's odd how that works.
3:24 PM
You could also post 48 mediocre questions over the next eight days.
@Lix No, they will not be able to see your very insightful comment.
@PopularDemand That is a depressingly valid suggestion.
3:51 PM
Q: Name of dog from ad

EllaDoes anyone know the name of the dog from this ad: ?

Loses its punch in the onebox. But good move, I was about to post the same thing.
Haha, it really does. No picture. Hilarious question though.
I hope the question gets reopened. The OP is going to be so confused.
@jadarnel27 Yes, very, very confused. But at least the comments answer (sortof) the question
You know what sucks? Running out of flags when there's full queue of non-answers!
@cdeszaq Where is this non-answer queue?
4:04 PM
@jadarnel27 10k (sry bro')
Drat! I need more than 23 upvotes for that.
@jadarnel27 And that means you need to ANSWER ALL THE THINGS!
Can anyone else repro this?
Q: Bug in rejecting suggested edit

amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM ASteps to reproduce: Step One: Find a suggested edit Step Two: Click Reject: Step Three: Click on the custom radio: Step Four: Click on some other radio: Conclusion: CANNOT click on the reject Button. It is greyed out and unclickable (unless I put some text in the custom ...

@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I can't repro it exactly, but I get a bunch of other strange behaviors with the button activating/deactivating when I click on various things. But nothing seems to be reproable
4:18 PM
@jadarnel27 Hope it helps
@cdeszaq Haha, nice improvement. Thanks =)
The great thing about editing old answers/questions to make them better is that it bumps them up the questions list, getting them more views :)
@cde digging for the archaeologist badge huh? ;)
I'm tempted to get rid of every screenshot from that post, but I feel bad. That post could be like three lines long
@Lix Heh, not in particular, but you never know :)
@Lix Also...I see what you did there. ;-)
4:27 PM
@MichaelMrozek ?
I'm not sure which part of that is confusing
@cde - honest mistake actually :P No pun intended :P
@MichaelMrozek which post?
@Lix Actually, I already have it (woops)
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA The one you linked
4:28 PM
@MichaelMrozek why remove the images?
@cde - Copy Editor?
They make the post four pages long. You could've written "When rejecting a suggested edit, if you click the 'custom' option and then switch to some other option (e.g. 'radical change'), the Reject button stays disabled, waiting for input in custom's textarea even though custom is no longer selected" and been equally clear
@Lix Yeah, I'm still working on that one. My current target is Marshal. Copy Editor will likely be next
@MichaelMrozek yes, but not as aesthetically pleasing ^_^
@Lix Actually, I only need 17 more to get Copy Editor, so I might just get that one today :)
4:31 PM
@cde - I'm currently on 265 flags... Once I got the VTC privilege my flag progress dropped quite drastically...
@cde - GL!
@Lix Same here. But once you hit 10k, it's really easy to jump fast.
Grrrrr!! So will you ALL please stop making meta so much fun so I can get back to SO and continue working towards 10K!!!!
4:50 PM
is it by design that I only see "unupvoted" events when viewing rep page using a mobile browser?
@sha - meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/123319/… - yes it is normal... You'll see it also in the normal version...
That's the thing.. I don't see it in the normal version, hence the Q
Hmmm... in that case - I'm not sure...
On my phone, it shows I have an unupvote on the 23rd March but I don't see it here - stackoverflow.com/users/115845/shawn-chin?tab=reputation
Writing a constitution for the cis club now.
4:57 PM
and Q2: is there a limit or grace period between upvote/unupvote, or can someone flood the rep page by repeated toggling?
Man, I was hoping to see more hubbub about the Stack Overflow MeetUp, but so far nothing. (At least in my area)
@ShawnChin On the main site, did you click on the show removed posts checkbox?
@David same here :(
@dav - you are not in TLV by any chance? ;)
@Lix No, but I've always wanted to visit the area :)
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Yup, done that.
4:59 PM
@ama - yep - he did ;)
:p sowee. Fat fingers I have
lol - IRC fail :P
A: How can a user have only rep reputation from account associations alone on all accounts?

amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM AAs you see from the Google Cache of that user. That user made a new account recently. The one that google has is an older version. It might have something to do with accounts merging or unmerging due to sock puppets.

@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I don't see how that really answers the question in any useful way. It would make a good comment...like alot of the answers you post.
Although I've seen a couple good ones from you recently.
ahhh haaa. It seemed like a good answer to me. Especially not being a so dev at all. it is speculation and research
5:16 PM
"Microsoft fanboys, Apple fanboys, search engine optimization believers, and all other fools are to be excluded from the club"
@Moshe say what?
Working on a club constitution for the cs club.
Ahhhh haaaaaaaa
Voice recognition is awesome.
@Moshe Yes and no... depends on the context. Care to elaborate?
1 hour later…
6:34 PM
@cdeszaq @Moshe got the new iPad and is all about the voice dictation functionality =)
@jadarnel27 Ahh... makes so much more sense now
@jadarnel27 "I looked in my local library but only found books about C and everything about databases kept talking about Excel 97"
@cdeszaq Yes. That.
@jadarnel27 The thing that gets me is that there are high-ish rep users that still insist on answering and don't quite get the whole "answerable questions only" thing
@jadarnel27 stackoverflow.com/questions/9913617/… ... to get around lmgtfy ban in comments
6:41 PM
@cdeszaq You laugh, but public libraries really are kind of terrible at keeping up with tech books, in my experience. Of course, in their defense, history and physics don't change as much as programming, but still.
@PopularDemand I know. I'm a big fan of pub. libs. I was more poking fun at those that look their first, especially if the person in question is a "developer" in any way, since they should turn to Google before a library out of instinct
@cdeszaq Sigh. Flagged as rude.
@PopularDemand I flagged as other and dropped the message about getting around the restrictions. If more people catch on to that, the comment filter will need to get much smarter and resolve links to filter them
@cdeszaq Yeah, that is a bit annoying. But, alot of the high rep users don't really pay attention to the quality / site maintenance aspects of SO. They just like to answer questions and be helpful.
@jadarnel27 True, but that doesn't mean those who care can't beat them over the head every once and a while ;)
@jadarnel27 well done with the comment, btw
6:47 PM
@cdeszaq True, true =)
@cdeszaq Thanks. Kill 'em with kindness, right?
@jadarnel27 Heh, or a shotgun.
@Moshe the link on ur website for Kof-K is the spanish Apple Store
@jadarnel27 Yay, a citation!
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I know I had my mac set to Hebrew earlier, it seems to jump to the spanish Apple Store. Does it work though?
@Moshe yes. all you have to do is remove the query from the URL and it goes to the english site.
easy fix im sure
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Care to paste the correct link in here?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Try now?
@Moshe y'all good now :-)
ur welcome :-P
תודה רבה
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Wait, I got this: @Moshe על לא דבר (gotta love Google Translate for us non-Hebrew speakers)
@Moshe Did it get it right?
6:59 PM
I don't know, it looks about right.
@cdeszaq what for?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Yeah, it's what came back as a Hebrew translation for "You're welcome".
@cdeszaq lol no. That's "Todah Rabah" = thank you.
"B'vakasha" = Your welcome.
@cdeszaq you basically said "On no speak" (or something like that)
Which makes no sense at all
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA lol, sorry. My grasp of Hebrew is... non-existent.
@cdeszaq :-P
That is understandable.
7:03 PM
And apparently neither is Google Translate's
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA No, that's not true. "davar" is "thing", but in hebrew it's spelled like "dahbaire" which is "speak". על לא דבר actually sounds pretty idiomatic to me.
@Moshe maybe
can't tell without vowels.
7:13 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA ?
1 min ago, by amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM A
Hangman anyone?
?????? ?????? ??? ????? ??????????
HINT: Food
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I'd love to, but I don't have any rope rimshot
I have rope! Not that kind though. :x
Noone wants to try?
"Green Eggs and Ham"
Can I guess a "Z" please?
Are we really this bored? (just out of curiosity, not malice)
7:23 PM
@animuson No Z. you now have a head
@jadarnel27 lol no
7 mins ago, by amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM A
?????? ?????? ??? ????? ??????????
@cdeszaq Try again, with more malice.
@jadarnel27 Ok: Are we really this bored? (just out of curiosity) </malice>
Closer. I also would have accepted:
1. Profanity
2. Strawmen
4. Lack of punctuation (or excessive punctuation, either one works).
5. Poor spelling, out of disrespect (as opposed to ignorance).

Or all of the above.
These are all good ways to express malice to your internet peers.
@jadarnel27 So more like this: R WE RLLY this f&@!*&n BORED???!!!11
@cdeszaq Precisely =)
7:35 PM
Thanks for helping be be more maliceful (is that a word?)
It's a useful skill in life
@cdeszaq You mean "malicious."
@jadarnel27 LMGTFY!!!
@PopularDemand Ah, I totally left that out!
@PopularDemand Yeah! that's the ticket! (stupid words not being in my head)
7:38 PM
Anyone? :-P
7:53 PM
It's not that odd, really. :P
But, it is a bit inconsistent...
@TimStone yep (I assume ur talking abt that link post)
Stack Overflow has its very own Gareth: stackoverflow.com/users/1219121/…
# of Blog views jumped today. I suspect it's related to the fact that I tipped off my professor about it yesterday.
7:58 PM
@PopularDemand Howd he get alot of those images?
silly Q, my office just blocks tinypic
@PopularDemand Gah, no image description! -1 to you both ;)
Nicely circled
@TimStone Actually, you're right. I should have been more careful about that. Though I lack subject matter expertise for some of those edits.
8:03 PM
> Also, Data SE doesn't have full support for cyborg users. – Popular Demand 2h ago
Brilliant :D
@PopularDemand And what do u mean by "Gareth"? I think I am missing something...
I have entertained Tim Stone, and I have been praised by Tim Stone. Tonight, I go to sleep satisfied with my day's work.
I was in a pretty bad mood earlier too, so I'm even willing to give you bonus points.
Wow. That tears it. I'm clocking out early and going to sleep right here.
Hi, @Hannele.
That happens to me sometimes at the office, although it's not voluntary.
8:13 PM
Hi everyone! Also curious about the "Gareth" reference.
Gareth is a Super User user who made hundreds of edits that just consisted of uploading existing images to Stack imgur during the SU second anniversary contest last year.
@PopularDemand Ahhh haaaa. intwesting.
8:39 PM
@PopularDemand A rather suspicious-looking query on Data SE from that same user =)
Or rather, edited by that user today.
Hmmm there is some sort of rally going on by my office and I cannot figure out for what.
im too far away to read their signs :-(
8:57 PM
I'm sure it's relevant.
> What do we want? TEH CODEZ! When do we want them? NAO!
is pretty sure it's safe for his brain to switch context now.
No, it's never safe!
You're right.
I'll just hover over my e-mail assuming my next request to do something similar will arrive any minute.
And then I'll just tell everyone who isn't my most important client that I couldn't do their work at all because I assumed I didn't have time.
9:19 PM
Struggled to take good notes today. That's what I get for emailing the professor about them.
@Moshe heh? what did you get?
@Moshe Cool, now implement an object library in plain C just to annoy yourself.
@mootinator And then use a "real" language to actually get real things done. Lisp comes to mind as a good candidate
@cdeszaq LOL LISP
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Ain't nut'n you can't do wit' a pile o' LISP-y lists.
9:30 PM
@cdeszaq (well (I really get frustrated by parens) (don't you?))
@cdeszaq Where jQuery isn't available, one should always fall back to Python. I don't know where you get this odd lisp idea.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA At least you can see parens and you can move them around. Python doesn't give you that option, since whitespace matters
@mootinator I'm cool with any syntax-oriented multi-paradigm language. OO, functional, procedural... all have their place. But dictating indentation, etc. ... no thanks.
@mootinator And by the way, you can't ignore me that way. I'm classier than "yall" ;-)
@cdeszaq The trick with python is you don't need indentation, it's just import functionality Everything's already written for you.
9:38 PM
@mootinator I don't trust others... In my experience, most other people are dumber than me. (this group is not part of said most)
I seem to have stumbled across a difficult error in my plan to import an excel file into my database.
@mootinator ??? Go on.....
My program reads the id column as integers (which they are) but I'm updating a table with some varchar ids.
So I get a "Can't convert 1-A to an integer" message.
I have to tell it to treat that column as a string, but I was trying to avoid making the app which is doing the import non-generic.
That makes me sad.
How does that make it non-generic? Isn't a string more generic than an integer?
Yes, but.
9:44 PM
Or perhaps you just make the program a bit smarter? As long as the values from that problematic column don't really matter, you could just store any non-numbers you get and give them (and any later records that match) a new number
Sort of along the lines of surrogate IDs instead of natural IDs
Yeah, it's hard to explain exactly what I'm actually doing and how in detail here, even though it's really a simple process.
No worries. I've been there. Data conversion can be some of the most painful, convoluted, and irritatingly simple code ever
Ah, now it's just hanging. That's not good.
Or not, apparently I need some sort of progress indicator.
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