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12:03 AM
So... this is me -
just trying to push
that dancing banana
out of the screen
bit by bit....
I'll give you a hand
It'll be like
Looks like I'm going....
we can reach a common goal
to need a hand....
oh! @jco to the rescue!
I just don't have anything to contribute
we need @Moshe to come in here and add something else
12:04 AM
You are helping more than you'll ever know!
I need dip for my chips. Alas.
Dunno what resolution you are running at - but looks like mission accomplished from my side :P
I just opened the Inspector Console and deleted the image like an hour ago. :P
HAHAHAHAHA! y didn't I think of that! :P
@jcolebrand Hi, I've been pinged?
Q: What kind of SSD is compatible with the 2010 Unibody MacBook?

MosheI'm considering buying a solid state drive for my 2010 Unibody MacBook. The trouble is, I have no idea what to look for. What kind of connector am I looking for? (SATA?) What size? I'm told to get the kind that Apple uses so that I don't void my AppleCare warranty. What model/brand(s) would that ...

12:09 AM
nm now
@TimStone that sounded like more effort than just changing tabs
I've done it a surprisingly large number of times, so I've got it down to an art at this point.
@TimStone Hah, my dad was having trouble with Sears' website. A "tip" window was blocking the checkout button. He had a ridiculous conversation with a chat rep before I walked over and opened up the inspector.
"Let me fix that for you dad. ... display: none;"
Problem solved.
@mos - great success :P
Aperture science. I'm making a note here, huge success.
is it a white unibody or an aluminum?
12:14 AM
@jcolebrand White Unibody
well, I just wanted to answer your Q so you could move on with life
Haha, thanks.
I mean
the google search hurt my fingers
I didn't think you wanted that pain
shakes head
haha, wow, I've really stagnated that much today.
Yeah, you
I know how you feel
I'm sitting here working on a recursive algo and trying to figure out how to break the final leg of a recursion loop
12:17 AM
Why is @jcolebrand only here when I'm too lazy to Google things?
it's magic
Indeed, just like the iPad.
The original one.
I feel like that should be an insult
The new one gets too hot - at 116º it's called science.
I'm at least as good as an iPad 5th gen
12:18 AM
No, the original didn't get as hot as the new one. Hence it can still be magic.
lol, what's the last part of that phrase again?
23 secs ago, by Moshe
The new one gets too hot - at 116º it's called science.
Which phrase?
"it's called science"
I had already heard about the overheating
As my CS professor (and many others) have said. The difference between science and magic is knowing how it works.
12:19 AM
Something that gets that hot has to be science.
If it just hums along behind some metallic case, it ought to be magic.
12:47 AM
If I attach a SATA III drive to a SATA II connection, what happens?
I presume it just runs at older speeds.
My advice?
Serial ATA (SATA or Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) is a computer bus interface for connecting host bus adapters to mass storage devices such as hard disk drives and optical drives. Serial ATA was designed to replace the older parallel ATA (PATA) standard (often called by the old name IDE), offering several advantages over the older interface: reduced cable size and cost (7 conductors instead of 40), native hot swapping, faster data transfer through higher signalling rates, and more efficient transfer through an (optional) I/O queuing protocol. SATA host-adapters and devices com...
> The later standard is backwards compatible with SATA 3 Gbit/s.
1:20 AM
Ah, the folks at Ask Different chat have determined that I'm running SATA II, so I can same $$ on that third I
Didn't I tell you what the stats were like an hour ago?
Or do you just not like to read?
The reading thing.
@TimStone you about? I'm too lazy to open Skype
Trying to decide what to do about a recursive structure
yes, the first type and the third type are the same
should I just omit worklist, and related recursive fields? or should I try and optimize the recursion?
1:32 AM
What's the concern?
I don't think I need to point out that I can do:
Q: How to "unroll" a "recursive" structure

SvishNot sure how to call it, but say you have a class that looks like this: class Person { public string Name; public IEnumerable<Person> Friends; } You then have a person and you want to "unroll" this structure recursively so you end up with a single list of all people without dupli...

@TimStone not giving a datatype on the ones that return worklist or the ones that return customer if I don't build some datatype
2 hours later…
3:11 AM
The status of this bug is absolutely ridiculous: meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/49769/…
Tim Stone, are you still here?
is it possible to set an account to not trip capchas?
Due to an increasingly worse eye problem, I may soon be driven back to command line web browsers. This leaves me no way to pass a captcha test.
Not that I'm aware of. The system shouldn't harass users with captchas too often though in normal circumstances. Unfortunately, I don't know the specific details of how this works.
I discovered that the set of variables that trips capchas is such that it will trip the first time a user tries to use a command-line only web browser.
Due to the outstanding bug I linked, I will probably not be able to use GUI web browsers here much longer.
Theoretically I have moderator tools on stackoverflow.com now, but I cannot see them at all.
3:26 AM
Can you not invert your screen colors or something? That seems much less intrusive than stripping stylesheets
Inverting screen colors doesn't work anymore
My current override is lime green on black.
Unfortunately my situation is grave. If my eyesight decays any farther, there are only 3 solutions left to me. 1: Really low DPI LCD screens (assuming they can still be found)
2: Parabolic eyeglasses or 3: Return to VGA Console
9 hours later…
12:56 PM
Q: Evaluating the risks of allowing teen moderator in SE network

KaripapFirst of all please pardon my English as I'm not a native speaker. I have a David vs Goliath case here involving a teen moderator in SO. His Display Name is BoltClock. I'm a low reputation SO user (less than 150 points) that just recently suspended for Voting Irregularity by BoltClock. Eventu...

@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Psst, don't tell him about the 15 year-old mod running around in Ask Ubuntu
@ama - brave soul.... :P
@YiJiangsProble_ ?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA If he's flipping out over BC being 20 and moderating the site, imagine what he'll do when he finds out one of AU's mod is 15 :P
I mean, come on, 20 is hardly teen
@YiJiangsProble_ haha which mod is 15? :-P
@YiJiangsProble lol I am adding that to my answer somehow
@balpha why would you delete that?
Counter-question: Why would you post that?
It seems to me that all the "stop making noise" messages you're getting are just not reaching you.
Hey guys, what's going on?
1:15 PM
@BoltClock ?
@BoltClock i think its old.
Yeah, I meant "new" in quotes :P
Because it was here the last time I was in a MSO room, and that was... dang I don't know how long ago.
@balpha I am not making noise. I am making just as much noise as people like @Won't
lol - talk about a decisive answer :P
Q: What does stackoverflow use to calculate a user's reputation? sql aggregate function or manual method?

ChibuzoI want to implement something similar to stackoverflow's reputation. I'm wondering what will be the best practice; to use sql aggregate function to recalculate it anytime it changes or to store the user's reputation in a table and manually alter it anytime the reputation goes up or comes down. Th...

1:16 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA You are not Won't. You are amanaP lanaC a nalP anaM A
@Lix The comments are golden
> Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, you don't want to know. – Nick Craver 6m ago
@BoltClock We're just discussing how terrible all these young mods are for the StackExchange sites. Don't you agree?
@BoltClock Thanks. But that doesn't justify anything.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I am not inviting you to a discussion. I am giving you a very last warning. You've had more than enough of those.
geees - well that woke everyone up, didn't it :P
1:17 PM
@jadarnel27 Yeah, these 18 year olds running around editing and closing questions are ruining the site! Oh wait...
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Indeed. It doesn't justify your making noise.
@YiJiangsProble_ Hey there.
I'm a absolutely terrible moderator, I argue with everyone and everything, and I even argue against my own decisions. oh snap :)
@jrg You're wrong.
> "but he's not the least mature." HEY!!!Won't
@Lix Nothin' like a quick start to a Monday morning! (morning for me anyways)
1:18 PM
@jrg Hahaha =)
@BoltClock I don't see it as noise, but ok then.... :-\
@balpha No, you're wrong.
@jrg You obvously have no idea what you're talking about.
Why do they let people like you use the internet?
Notice how NONE of the mods posted AT ALL until I made my post.
I don't know, I was just wondering the same thing... but about you.
1:19 PM
@cde - Here in Israel sunday is the first day of the week :P I got a headstart on you all :P
@balpha I think the answer is "42"
@cdeszaq That was my answer.
@jrg Behind you! A three-headed monkey!
@ama - would have been deleted anyways :P
@balpha's right. Only one person's been called a terrible moderator, but I won't link to the video footage that tells you who that was.
1:20 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA What does that imply (in your mind)? I agree with @Lix, it would have been deleted, regardless.
@balpha What?! where?! I don't see him!
@Lix Yes, but let it be deleted by the community. not by a mod.
@jadarnel27 see above ^^^
@Lix Forgive my ignorance, but does that mean that your "work week" starts on Sunday also?
balpha's vote wasn't the first delete vote on your post, so.
and it was already heavily downvoted.
1:23 PM
@TimStone if it was, it would have been deleted immediatly.
@cde - thats exactly what I mean. Week begins on sunday - sunday morning is the first working day. However most people don't work on fridays...
@jadarnel27 And upvoted.
@cde - Took me a while to get used to it...
@TimStone but it wasnt, thereofre, he could not have been the 1st delete vote.
1:34 PM
@bol - "la-la-tech", an original name to say the least :P
@BoltClock Unfortunately, it gets blasted off of the front page so quickly by those down-votes. Yes, it is up on the "newest questions" tab, but the "active" tab filters out down-votes, so keeping it open only has a minimal impact.
I wish I was still a unicorn when this happened.
@cdeszaq :(
@BoltClock *frolics*
@BoltClock I know there's a request to change the algorithm for Meta to keep down-voted posts on the Active page longer, but I'm too lazy to go find it. Personally, I think votes shouldn't even be considered for removing a Question from the Active list on Meta. (since votes work differently)
> What's the matter, did someone steal your sweetroll? – Yannis Rizos 18 mins ago
1:37 PM
Q: Give feature requests some protection for 48 hours

PekkaFrom time to time, people complain that unpopular suggestions on Meta get effectively censored by downvoting: questions with a net score under -7 vanish from the front page. Most recently Nicol Bolas: The problem is that, on polarized topics, fast mass downvoting can quash any idea that is n...

@cde - there you go :P
Q: Give feature requests some protection for 48 hours

PekkaFrom time to time, people complain that unpopular suggestions on Meta get effectively censored by downvoting: questions with a net score under -7 vanish from the front page. Most recently Nicol Bolas: The problem is that, on polarized topics, fast mass downvoting can quash any idea that is n...

Haha @Lix
I am too slooow :-P
See, I knew if I said I was too lazy someone else would find it! Thanks guys
@cdeszaq haha no prob bob
1:38 PM
oh thats the LAST time.... ;)
I swear, this isn't a new form of "help vampire" ;-)
@jadarnel27 Apparently a Skyrim reference.
@BoltClock Very much so
@BoltClock Haha, indeed. Google for the win.
I should really check that game out.
@jad - if you wanna waste some time check out mario portals....
1:42 PM
@jadarnel27 It will suck away your life. There's soooo much to do in it that if you are the sort that likes to try to do everything in a game, you will go in and not come out for months. You've been warned.
@jadarnel27 That said, it's rather fun :)
Oh, sorry, late to the party. :P
I should go to work..
@TimStone </obligatory-work-is-overrated-comment>
@cdeszaq Thanks for the warning =) That's sort of why I haven't picked it up yet. I'm already playing one game, and Diablo 3 comes out in May.
@TimStone Fantastic video though =)
1:45 PM
@jadarnel27 It it actually going to come out this time? I haven't been following D3 progress very much. Also, will there be a monthly fee or just a 1-time cost?
@cdeszaq Yes, an official release date! May something-or-other. Just a one time cost.
@jadarnel27 Fan-freekin-tastic! Finally!
Although you now have to have an internet connection to play, even when playing single player.
@jadarnel27 Meh. I don't think I haven't had an Internet connection since... I can remember :)
@cdeszaq Haha, right. I mean you have to be connected to their servers (like Battle.net) even if you just want to play the campaign in single player mode.
1:48 PM
@cdeszaq How old R u?
I just thought that was a little odd.
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Oh come now. If you can't figure that out you must banish yourself from the interwebs.
@cdeszaq :-P
Ahhh your 42 :-P @cdeszaq
@jadarnel27 I'm sure it's to try and cut down on pirating
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA ;-)
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I am the meaning of life. (or, at least the dyslexic meaning of life)
@cdeszaq hehhe I am almost there :-P
To all the Doctor Who fans out there:
2:03 PM
Hey @minitech
Hey @BoltClock :)
That person must really have it in for you. My sincerest condolences.
@minitech No, I'm fine. On the other hand, it's you I'm worried about :P
@BoltClock If I ever become a mod, I'm sure he'll have ragequit or something by then :)
Or cooled down a little. Which is fine.
@minitech @BoltClock i find this somewhat interesting...
@jrg I find it interesting that you find this interesting...
2:07 PM
How meta can we get here?
anyway, as you told me @minitech - don't worry about it.
More so.
Heh, I'm sure nobody's worried.
I'm not, you're not, BoltClock seems to be. ;)
@jrg How meta can you get on MSO?
Q: Question title that doesn't describe the problem

Adam Davis Pre Edit 4: Pointing out that thread's popularity is a direct result of programming community interest in said subject, and that someone likely stands to become rich and/or famous by solving the problem none of the answers, save my own, came even close to resolving. Long salutation desc...

Apparently, according to the tags on that post one can only reach three levels of meta :P
Aw... come on. Stack Overflow can do better than that. Let's see...
2:18 PM
Only three? Le sigh.
@Lix on Meta is for Meta Meta, so is actually 4 levels of Meta
Meta question complaining about questions like the above in a satirical sense?
(* le head explodes *)
@Lix You write OCaml? (That's OCaml comment syntax.)
@Lix *asterisks turning messages italic getting you down?*
2:21 PM
@bol - Errr... no... not nearly flamboyant enough to code in such off centre languages :P
Most obscure thing i've got into was AWK...
I looked at a code sample. Is it like Haskell + Lisp for Objective-C or something?
@yiJ - noooooooooooo :P
Apparently, I have to reach the rep cap every day for the rest of the week (on average) in order to reach 100k by the end of March.
A daunting prospect.
Wow, I already thought you hit the rep cap every day. My bad.
@minitech mebbe
2:25 PM
I believe in you bolt! ;)
@minitech No, however it says in stackoverflow.com/reputation for me that I've capped on 229 days.
Just please don't ruin my perfect flag history ;)
@Lix Sorry about that :P
@BoltClock Wow. That's legendary.
Not sure why I don't have Marshal yet, though. I have 518 helpful flags. (Mostly farmed from spam.)
2:26 PM
@minitech Epic, in today's internet parlance
Even Bill the Lizard has that badge, and he got it from farming spam flags (when a bug meant he had to spam-flag in order to mark other spam flags as helpful)
@BoltClock Maybe because they don't count flags which you raised then acted on yourself? :P
@YiJiangsProble_ Spam flags are acted on by Community, AFAICT
@YiJiangsProble_ Badge pun intended.
@BoltClock Do you know that the faster you act on flags, the more potential flag weights are lost?
2:28 PM
After 3K working on your helpful flags becomes HARD! :P
Come on folks - flag weight? Thats sooo 2011....
I still can't believe you have a css-selectors badge, @BoltClock... did you go and retag all the questions only tagged css so you could do that?
@minitech I tag them as I go.
@Lix Until you get to 10k ;-)
@Lix Hipster - I got flag count before counting flags was cool
@minitech I didn't notice there was such a tag until somebody added it to this question. That became my first ever [css-selectors] answer, and it was apparently so well-received that I decided to make that my specialty, because I really am into CSS selectors.
2:29 PM
@Lix It's still used behind the scenes to determine how many flags you can cast.
@Lix It gets easy after 10k, though. Just look at the "Not an answer" list, it's usually the smallest and most obvious. When I'm tired of making decisions I go there and kill spam.
@minitech Same here...it's lots of fun :)
@min - "look at the "Not an answer" list" :( too soon....too soon....
@Lix "It gets easy after 10k, though."
Until then... answer those questions! :)
Well... i'm working on that as we speak.... at least... as soon as I get my self out of meta... :P
2:31 PM
Oh wait, that's bad advice. Keep answering questions anyway.
Oh and when you have vote-to-delete-negavoted-answers privileges, help us by deleting the obvious non-answer spam rant bitch whine crap, thanks.
Try not to delete too many things, though. Just the really obvious ones.
I mean, even though I go the mod queue and can delete 2 to 4 answers in 1 second...
I think I have a pretty firm grasp on things - from listening to conversations here and reading posts...
@BoltClock I get the feeling it doesn't really help, though.
@balpha Lazy Badger is leaking comments again. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/126912/…
Flags let mods do it, without the need for multiple votes...
2:33 PM
"Leaking" comments?
If it's pretty much consensus that the answer has some issue of spam or offensive, then it's deleted by Community...
@bol - WOW - someone needs to slap the badger out of him....
@PopularDemand from every orifice...
The guy is being pretty aggressive towards any user who dares open their mouth next to him....
@BoltClock in his defense, his "About me" says "misanthrope"
@balpha true
I hate having 320 rep on meta. I can't even edit.
2:36 PM
The lazy badger has a face!

Or do another insane bounty.
@minitech Just post some sort of sensible response to a very intense "question" at some point and your rep goes up quite fast.
@minitech Suggested edits? They get approved fairly quickly with a single vote.
@BoltClock Freehand circles don't. Sigh... (Actually, I'm really not the "meme" type or whatever it is you young whipper-snappers call them.)
@minitech Are you sure?
2:39 PM
@minitech you can always ping me here after you submit an edit suggestion, I'm often around during daytime.
Is there a games room? (Is this it?)
@minitech I believe that would be The Bridge.
What do you mean by "games room"? The general chat room on Gaming SE is The Bridge. For a game, go there and send the message insert coin.
@jadarnel27 Well that's the Gaming room.
@BoltClock Ha, true!
2:42 PM
Yeah. I mean text chat games that are randomly interjected into an otherwise serious conversation.
Who wants to play Ghost?
I'll just start with a letter.
@min - Ghost?
Ha, I win!
@jad - GG, that was a close one ;)
2:43 PM
Ghost is a spoken word game in which players take turns adding letters to a growing word fragment, trying not to be the one to complete a valid word. Each fragment must be the beginning of an actual word, and usually some minimum is set on the length of a word that counts, such as three or four letters. The player who completes a word loses the round and earns a "letter" (as in the basketball game horse), with players being eliminated when they have been given all five letters of the word "ghost". Ghost can be played by two or more players of any age and requires no equipment, although i...
I think I might be playing wrong
@minitech A strange game. The only winning move is not to play
@BoltClock Yep, definitely playing wrong.
@cdeszaq No. The only winning move is to get lots of people to play, and play first. :P
So... it has come to this? Isn't there a post we should be voting to close or something? ;)
But first, let's evaluate the risk of allowing teenage mods to play Ghost.
@Lix For that, you want the PHP room.
@minitech I'm biased, but I think we are too mature for that to work.
2:45 PM
That too.
@BoltClock Too true...that's my go-to room for closing things
@cdeszaq Got the reference, failed to follow up. Oh well.
LOL - gee thanks guys :P
@PopularDemand Off-topic, belongs on MSO.
2:45 PM
> The good news is that losing -17 means you gained 17 rep! – JNK 12m ago
If you want me to leave you can just ask ;)
The logic is impeccable
Look, if you guys really want to cull some questions, Gaming is having amateur hour this few days with it's LoL contest that's generating a deluge of bad questions and answers
@YiJiangsProble_ I was tempted to leave that same comment.
Hm? The new-questions thing doesn't exclude heavily downvoted questions that are normally hidden from the front page.
@minitech Nah, SO/MSO is a special case.
2:48 PM
@BoltClock True. Perhaps I should post that as a feature-request
@cdeszaq No! I need the flag weight! Oh wait, we don't have that any more.
I should post that as a feature request.
That is exceptionally harsh.
@minitech Flag Weight is still there behind the scenes, used to determine how many flags you can cast, it just isn't shown and only the "helpful flags" component is.
2:50 PM
Insert joke about Canada here
@minitech Go for it, but I'm not sure if it will get up or down-voted more.
... everybody here seems to be able to tell when everybody else is joking, but I appear to be isolated in my own bubble of non-humorous solitude.
@PopularDemand Oh, that guy huh.
I didn't know he was famous.
2:52 PM
I know I've seen (and flagged) his things before
@PopularDemand Among us mods, yes he is.
known to the authorities...
@minitech Only because many of us have no real lives and never leave here...
@cde - its not funny - because its true :P
@minitech just wait until you're a moderator, then you'll be stuck in the chat rooms forever... talking about moderation without actually doing anything.
2:54 PM
@minitech I would recommend following every joke you make with " <--- SEE WHAT I DID THERE?" You know, just to be safe =)
@Lix If I could get paid for living and breathing SO and the SE network, I would take the job in a heartbeat.
@cde - wasn't that what happened to Shog? :P
Oops. I made a big copy and paste error. code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=119875
@jrg That happens even without being a mod ;-) (except if you are not a mod, then you really can't do anything)
@Lix Yes, and a number of others too I think
@jadarnel27 But then be prepared for followup me-ing:
@cde - well i'm with you... If you get hired, you'll need an assistant :P haha
2:56 PM
@cdeszaq I'm pretty sure you need to display some programming chops before that sort of thing happens, no matter how good you are at Meta. (Not saying you can't program, but I've never actually run into you on SO.)
@cdeszaq Heh. ;)
(As an aside, I'm certain Tim Stone is next in line.)
I should leave now before I get trapped in the void. But it's too late... too late...
@PopularDemand Yeah, my programming chops are not quite up to par. I'm much more (and always have been) more of an "ideas" or "problem solving" person than an actual "get things done" person. It's something I struggle with on a daily basis
@PopularDemand Agreed
@PopularDemand I'm constantly surprised by how much work he's doing for SE Inc. for free :P
2:59 PM
@yij - can you elaborate on that please?
It's not "for free" if he gets paid with a job offer down the road. (Which he should. Totally. @SEI. Sorry, @TimsCurrentEmployer.)
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