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12:17 AM
Hi folks.
5 hours later…
5:31 AM
A: Improve visibility of related/alternate tags

animusonI was actually going to suggest something like this myself in relation to this recent question about the [ming] tag. When I type the word "ming" into the tags box, it looks like this: Obviously, someone searching for Ming-related tags is not going to be helped very much by this word. It brings...

4 hours later…
9:28 AM
Find your own terminal tweaks! Is there an Apple list of terminal based tweaks? apple.stackexchange.com/a/44403/638?stw=1
1 hour later…
10:38 AM
Q: WoW - Why calling someone a 3 Minute Mage is an offence?

GeoStrikeI was reading game terminology It says 3-Minute Mage Refers to a Mage (often an Arcane and Fire spec) who possesses one or all of the following: Arcane Power, Presence of Mind, and Talisman of Ephemeral Power (or other temporary damage-increase trinket). All of these skills/trinket...

2 hours later…
12:38 PM
You know what today's xkcd reminds me of?
Q: We're all Rebecca Chernoff \o/

Yi Jiang's Proble_On this frabjous day, our community manager Rebecca Chernoff has graciously allowed all of us *1 to be her for one day, and one day only. And so, ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you: We're all Rebecca Chernoff \o/ A userscript dedicated to making all of you Rebecca Chernoffs. Reall...

1:03 PM
Hi all ^_^
Top of the morning to ya :P
@Lix Boker Tov ^_^
Its 15:00 here :P Boker tov to YOU! :P
Come on - drink some coffee and get started - we need all the close votes you have ;)
1:18 PM
@YiJiangsProble_ Haha, the top-voted answer to that question made me laugh out loud.
@jadarnel27 Ah, I was just testing something with that. Forgot to delete it. Oh well...
2:04 PM
anyone else having problems accessing [m/so]?
or is it just me (and my marvelous internet connection)
Not just you, I'm having intermittent issues as well.
The network just went dark for me.
taps foot patiently
Lets just all hold hands and hope that it passes soon... ;)
2:06 PM
@Yi - forgot about those tools :) I like this on too : isup.me
@Lix It's the same thing, just with a shorter url
There we go.
GEES - don't know what you guys all jumped at - seems to be fine now :P
@yi - it appears that you are correct :P well the shorter is clearly superior ;)
2:45 PM
@Lix I've been having issues as well recently, but I'm 90% sure they are at least in part due to an annoying web-filter proxy I have to go through.
@Lix there were a few hickups, so chances are that you weren't dreaming
Thanks for the replies guys. You know I get all irritated when I can't get my meta fix :)
Does anyone have any techniques to overcome M/SO withdrawal symptoms?
some people have asked to be suspended for a while :)
Q: How can I keep from getting addicted to Stack Overflow?

Jonathan SampsonThe downside... It seems like the type of question that would be a duplicate - but I don't see any, so I'll ask anyway. I'm finding it difficult to not visit Stack Overflow for any significant amount of time. I wake up in the morning, and check Stack Overflow at 5:30 am. I check i...

Hahahaha - hilarious! :P But totally a real issue! :P
Guess i should consider the procreation method method of SO detox ;) http://meta.stackoverflow.com/a/41889/172936
@balpha - I guess that post helped the OP somewhat - hasn't been back in almost 3 months ;)
oh - wait... only hasn't come back to Meta....
3:22 PM
Are there pre-defined dates that podcasts are made? I know the last one was kind of impromptu - but is there a schedule?
Q: Podcast Frequency

Kyle CroninIt seemed, at least to me, that the Stack Overflow podcast is being published less often than it used to be. With minor exceptions, the podcast used to come out every Wednesday like clockwork. Though I couldn't put my finger on precisely when it stopped, I knew that, at least for the past few mon...

Oh wow. That's a really old post.
@Lix One thing that would help would be for SO to have user-tuneable vote limits. Something where you could turn up only once per day, but turn down as often as you wished. If I can't interact with the site, I usually go away for the rest of the day.
Thanks @Jad - yea I saw that post... (from over 2 years ago;)
Haha, I noticed that right after I oneboxed the post.
It was always hinted at that podcasts were more Jeff's thing than Joel's.
3:26 PM
@Cd - funny you should mention something like that :P I hit the rep-cap yesterday for the first time - that did the trick I guess :P I gave myself a "break". lol. Its not really not being able to interact with the site... but yea... a limitation (of sorts)
@pop - maybe we can get them back on the podcast wagon then... perhaps by Popular Demand we can convince them to make them regularly :)
Perhaps Shog, Jarrod and David are engaged in an epic game of "not it" to see who does the next one.
@PopularDemand Hahahaha - seems legit ;)
Maybe all they need is some encouragement... or some whining ;)
Quality filter at its best - C# Chat Application problème
I prefer to think that it's like the Daily Grind Iron Man Challenge.
I'm pretty sure the weather hates me.
3:32 PM
Well, everyone else does, so....
Makes sense.
I rescheduled a business trip I cancelled two weeks ago due to snowstorm for tomorrow.
So we have two weeks of sun, warm weather.
Then a 20-30 cm snowstorm passes directly between where I am and where I'm going today/overnight.
And you're driving?
So, I assume the weather just didn't know I was flying, and was trying to piss me off.
It's one of those "almost a waste of time to fly" trips.
3:37 PM
When you arrive at the airport, you'll probably be greeted by an announcement declaring that, for security reasons, planes are no longer allowed to exceed 10cm in altitude.
@PopularDemand No doubt.
On the other hand, about 5 minutes after I re-booked for tomorrow, the airline announced pilots/mechanics were threatening to go on strike.
Neither of those are terribly important.
There might be a possible bug issue with careers profile. Can somebody take a look at meta.stackoverflow.com/… and help this user to solve his issue?
@mootinator Yeah. When the software engineers who program autopilots and diagnostic equipment go on strike, though....
A: Can't add an article on my careers profile

stackoverflowFirst, you need to ensure that such document's setting is "Anyone with the link". If that is correct and no restrictions are applied, then the only suggestion I have is (if you are the owner, or you know the owner) to reset document's settings. Try to reset the link or change settings to other ty...

3:41 PM
1 hour later…
4:56 PM
Has there already been a feature request to show comment flags in the "Flagging summary" list? I feel like I've seen one, but I can't find it now.
Or maybe I'm crazy. I'm thinking @PopularDemand or @TimStone know the answer. They tend to know stuff like this.
Q: Flagging history should include comment flags

RepoxWhenever I tag a comment, I haven't got the faintest idea if someone has reacted on it or not. Once, it took two days before a comment I flagged was deleted. In the meantime, I actually don't know if the moderators agree with my flagging or think I'm wrong. I like the flagging history for quest...

@TimStone You win. Something. Thanks!
@mootinator My flag was marked "helpful," but the post is still unhelpfully sitting there.
@PopularDemand Oops.
5:09 PM
So... what ever happened to the "stackoverflow" user? :P They seems to be a legit (and actually nice) person behind them...
This cracked me up completely : meta.stackoverflow.com/a/126082/172936
well don't all rush to speak at once! One by one please ;)
5:39 PM
The power has been out here for an hour and I just noticed.
"Hold on a sec, why is my laptop running on battery."
@Lix Nothing happened to me so far... Lix I know you love me ;)
@stack - Hahaha - :P I'm just ammused :)
And happy that I was able to point you to that Q for your hilarious answer ;)
@Lix Anyway - if moderators want to block my username, I am willing to change it. No problem.
@stack, Well I think the bigger question is why you chose it in the first place
@Lix I was surprised that that username was available. Why not to pick so easy name? Maybe I should be renamed to pinkoverflow :D
5:46 PM
@stack - Well usernames don;t have to be unique - your unique identifier (for SO) is 1215106.... You can see it in the URL on your profile...
@stackoverflow Oh my... I downvoted your post (asking for you to be banned), not realizing that it was you. :P
@JeremyBanks Thanks for that :)
How fitting that it was the accepted answer too :P
I'm redirected to the login page, but Michael Mrozek's post said they were available.
5:52 PM
@jer - define "WORK"
@JeremyBanks yup, works
@Lix You should see a bunch of source code, rather than a login page.
Yea - a whole shed load of CSS...
Weird... thanks.
Possibly enough CSS to overtake the white house... just saying...
5:53 PM
@JeremyBanks ...but it works, even the content is not what expected
@stackoverflow Ah... yes. "Worked" was probably a bad phrasing.
Oh its a .less file! MMhmmm... Saw them the other while investigating twitter bootstrap -twitter.github.com/bootstrap
@JeremyBanks Content-Type:text/css; charset=utf-8
@Lix It's named .less, but the actually code looks like CSS to me (I'm now loading it through Coral Cache, which works).
It seems to be the compiled LESS as CSS, but before being minified.
5:57 PM
Yea - seems like it...
CSS hacks always look the worst to me :/
No idea why - but I was just reminded of this - http://kilianvalkhof.com/2011/javascript/annoying-js-how-to-be-an-asshole/

"...a library with examples of JavaScript techniques you can use if you want to scare your visitors away, or want to piss them off..."
   * suppress all error messages so we never have any
  a.neverAnyBugs = function () {
    window.onerror = function() { return false; };
Its brutal :P
6:06 PM
@Lix I would add invisible pointer/cursor to that list :)
Its not MINE! :P oh heeeelll no :P
But if u are interested :P

* {cursor: none;}
@Lix I know how to do it, I was just saying that such list can be even more brutal, if no cursor is there :P
:) It would be
* { cursor: none !important; }
(* shiver *) hehe
6:16 PM
Taking an open-internet C++ exam now
@mosh - GL!
7:13 PM
Exceptions to be expected in this room
@the, So every one must watch out EXCEPT you? ;)
@TheUnhandledException Hey hey hey
@Lix know c++?
@mosh - no i don't man...sorry
kk np
7:18 PM
Well... maybe you would like being handled... have you ever tried it? Being handled that is...
@TheUnhandledException Where've you been?
In the middle of a test, will have to be back soon.
@TheUnhandledException FYI, development of my game is going to be picking up steam soon.
@Moshe I've been On CogSci :-)
Q: Does the fusiform face area in patients with Prosopagnosia (face blindness) show lower activity under an fMRI?

Josh GitlinI watched last night's episode of 60 minutes about Prosopagnosia (Face Blindness) and found it absolutely fascinating. They mentioned in the segment (Around 5:22 into the second part of the online video) that Nancy Kanwisher of MIT has studied the MRI scans of people without Prosopagnosia and fou...

7:41 PM
What a cool way to apply for a job :)

7:57 PM
@Lix - you know some things about jQuery, correct?
> 5
so... yea...thats "some" ;)
@jad - show me your worst! :P
@Lix So, I have this code that's working in IE 9, but not in IE 7. It's supposed to get the nearest radio button to this image that was just clicked on.
var image = $(this);
image.addClass("selected").closest("input:radio").attr("checked", true);
oh no... what did i get myself into :S hehehe JK
8:00 PM
lol, yes sorry. I've roped you into my nonsense again.
Inferior Explorer 7 is next on my hit list BTW ;)
ok - so right off the bat you might wanna try
Well, that code is in an image click event handler, so "image" ends up with the correct jQuery object in it.
Am I missing something? Backticks as per norm??
@Lix Formatting doesn't work when you do multiple lines. Unless you click "fixed fonts" right next to "upload"
I see no "fixed fonts" - only send and upload...
But ok -
New line it is
8:04 PM
Oh, you have to use "shift" + "enter" before the button shows up.
Oh... :P Faded in on me there ;)
sneaky sneaky
OKAY! back to the matter at hand....
is what I meant
Oh! Ok, I can try that. I misunderstood you before. Should I trigger "click" or "change"?
the .change() works for
Inputs Selects and Textareas
All you wanna do is mark the radio as selected right?
8:08 PM
Yes, there's a radio near the image that I want to mark as selected, correct =)
goes to try that code
Let us take this discussion to chat chat.meta.stackoverflow.com/rooms/486/… ;) hehehe
8:59 PM
I'm looking for some live support in troubleshooting an odd ISP speed issue. If you want to help, please join me in here:
9:10 PM
User Tudor (see link meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/125403/…) should be rewarded for finding a bug, not let him pay 50 reputation points... :-/
@stackoverflow: Meta rep means nothing. There is nothing else its useful for other than to bounty the things you care about.
I know that, but isn't it crazy anyway? :-)
@stackoverflow Why should he be rewarded? I don't see any freehand circles nor unicorns...
Gotta earn Meta Reps with FHC effort!
Meta rep is like Yen, a whole lot of it doesn't really amount to anything.
@animuson Yen or Yuan? :)
9:20 PM
@stackoverflow: Yen is worth a lot less. 1 Chinese yuan = 0.1582 US dollars; 1 Japanese yen = 0.0120 US dollars
a yen is like having a penny! woo
@animuson Okay, so why not >> Vietnamese Dong - $98 per million
because dong is a funny word :P
@animuson Actually current rate is even worse >> $47.9962 for million (dong-dong!)
No ideas for me huh @animuson? :-/
Sorry, Monday is my day off from thinking.
I already spent an hour at the DMV today
9:26 PM
ahahaha, yes, I can relate!
Also -1 to me for expecting srss bsns responses in the MSO tavern :-)
I've already made a note for them to remove 1% of your reps for that transgression.
I'm sure you want them removed and given to that @TimStone character
Also, give me my bandwidth back @Tim ;-)
See Skype. :P
Oh right, i forgot the rules, my bad.
-2 to me then!
1 hour later…
10:37 PM
@Theunhandledexception you mind up voting my questions on Apple.stackechange?
Sure I have a few that have three votes and I just need one more.
Per Question that is
@Moshe quit cheating.
Okay I'm sorry
Just so hard to get up votes on Apple. Nobody upvotes there
@Moshe Yes, I do :-)
It's okay Rebecca's going to disqualify me anyway. :-(
Some jerks were down voting my question about the clock indicator earlier
@Moshe I don't think @RebeccaChernoff will disqualify you, but begging for vote anywhere besides MSO is kinda lame :-/
10:40 PM
It was perfectly valid. I don't understand... :-)
Oh, and voice dictation is absolutely epic.
Don't get upset about downvotes or lack up upvotes
It's just so not worth the stress
True story. I've been a lot of other stress, like tests and life.
How've you been?
Lots of stress :-)
Trying to help get the Cognitive Sciences SE site off the ground while also getting new versions of my company's software rolled out
Fielding many urgent requests from customers. You know, "life"
Hm, actually, yes @Moshe. I'll make a deal with you. I'll upvote one of your Apple questions for each new Cog Sci member you refer to the site
They have to ask at least one question which isn't closed
Sure, but what's a good pitch for the website?
@Moshe I never get good responses to this question when I ask it in Town Hall Chats.
-1 to all candidates.
10:49 PM
Haha, if my members would use Meta more we might have one, lol
Q: What’s the elevator pitch for our site?

Josh GitlinIt may be a bit too early to decide this yet as we haven't fully hashed out our scope, however I wanted to get people started thinking about this. I probably won't accept an answer for at least two weeks to give everyone a chance to weigh in. From The 7 Essential Questions of Every Beta, one thi...

> The Cognitive Science StackExchange is a place for scientific discussion of the mind
I like that one
So what is cognitive science?
I am using voice dictation like a beast.
@Moshe Cognitive Science is actually a specific field:
Cognitive science is the interdisciplinary scientific study of the mind and its processes. It examines what cognition is, what it does and how it works. It includes research on intelligence and behavior, especially focusing on how information is represented, processed, and transformed (in faculties such as perception, language, memory, reasoning, and emotion) within nervous systems (human or other animal) and machines (e.g. computers). Cognitive science consists of multiple research disciplines, including psychology, artificial intelligence, philosophy, neuroscience, linguistics, anthro...
It's much easier than just typing while sitting here sideways on a bed of my friends house. I just asked like two or three questions on Apple . stock exchange without typing more than five words.
But CogSci.SE is for Cognitive Sciences, Psychology, and Psychiatry questions
@Moshe I love dictation, I use that on my Android phone to answer support tickets
So cognitive science is things like why the start button is in the corner of the screen?
Of course my friend hates it because it's weird when I'm talking to an iPad.
10:54 PM
@Moshe The CogSci.SE site is still finding it's way and deciding what is on- and off-topic, but yes, that might be on topic if phrased right
Hi I'm talking to my iPad"
it might be migrated to US.SE though
@Moshe better examples of what Cog Sci covers would be:
Q: Is there evidence that listening to music can aid/hinder concentration or performance?

Josh GitlinI, like many computer programmers, love to listen to music while I work. I have always believed that music helps me stay focused and motivated, and improves my performance on many types of tasks, espescially "busywork". However my company's CEO disagrees with me, and believes that music is a dist...

Q: How is it that taking a break from a problem sometimes allows you to figure out the answer?

Josh GitlinAs a computer programmer, I have noticed an interesting phenomenon: If I am stuck on a particular problem in my work, often if I stop thinking about the problem and do something else, the answer will suddenly come to me. Is there a name for this phenomenon? How does this work? Has any research b...

Q: Does writing something down help memorize it?

LaurentThis is a question inspired by this recent question on the Chinese Language & Usage website. Someone asked why they needed to learn how to write Chinese characters, since today we mostly use computers or text messages to do so. Several users replied that writing Chinese characters help remem...

Actually, I know a bunch of of Jewish psychology majors, it's really funny. They probably all love this site.
Q: Is leg jiggling a focus aid?

Schroedingers CatThis is slightly left-field, but I am interested in the Cognitive Science implications of this question: Many people, myself included, are "leg jigglers", meaning we often sit jiggling or bouncing a leg -- usually to the irritation of those around us. The evidence that I have seen is that: it ...

@Moshe Please do send them links. I was joking about the vote-trade thing but I was serious when I said this site needs more members
Sure, email me. I would love to pass it around. And seriously votes are always welcome.
I'm totally a leg jiggler.
10:59 PM
Same here
That's why I love this site, I find the workings of the human mind fascinating
One of these days I am going to ask how @RebeccaChernoff works. But we need a lot more members for me to get a decent answer... in fact I think it's still a mystery to Science!
@TheUnhandledException Give me a second and let me find my keys to the bunker. You may need them.
@TimStone lmao I am sure I will
@TimStone I would link to the video of Colbert selling his deluxe Bunker, but I can't easily find it so meh
Call Dave battery life phenomenal. Except dictation fail.
Meant to say, all day
This guy is an a hole. gizmodo.com.au/2012/03/…
11:28 PM
And I was quoted on yahoo answers.
And on some random blog.
The Internet is a funny place.
So I'm going through referrer logs on my blog because I'm that conceited and because I've got that kind of time. I find that I'm being quoted on yahoo answers and some random middle school class's blog.
11:52 PM
Q: How did judaism.stackexchange.com get a disclaimer on the sidebar?

The Unhandled ExceptionWhen I go to judaism.stackexchange.com I see the following on the right side nav: Like Wikipedia, this site makes no guarantee of validity, and does not offer professional (particularly rabbinic) advice. Treat information you find here as if it came from a crowd of your friends. How did t...


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