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12:06 AM
:O!!!! I can't see my profile??
If I keep clicking this link over and over and over, does it actually log the error every single time I click it?
I can view other people's profiles, but not mine. :(
12:34 AM
EEEK! Stack Overflow discriminates against narcissists!!!
12:57 AM
Q: Are you a human being?

Tony TanzilloThe fact that you are asking me this question when I am LOGGED IN using my Google account is a very, very disturbing thing. It suggests that your site and servers are a security nightmare, and that no one should entrust you with their personal information.

this is ridiculous
I swear I move this paperweight to the right side of my desk every day! How does it keep ending up on the left side of my desk!?
maybe it's looking for paper to weigh down?
Well, all my sticky notes are on the right side of my desk as well. :P
and the spare paper is in a drawer to the right of my desk...
All I have on the left side is a hole puncher, some hand sanitizer, a flashlight, and Vaseline
and my keys
i was really dying to know the layout of your entire desk, thank you XD
I know, I can continue if you wish :P haha
is an organization freak
1:06 AM
that recalc message is still up?
Ya, apparently they're not going with the smart message "We issued a global recalc, you lost/gained x reputation"
you guys still think favorites are a practical feature?
I've found them useful in some cases
although I usually forget to actually favorite things then spend 10 minutes trying to find it again when I need it
the amount of favorites is always fractional to the amount of views and, although unrelated, upvotes
i think it's a worthless feature
well, not exactly worthless, but just impractical
people aren't even notified of new answers to favorited questions
I think it's overused/not used properly
I favorite very few questions
What's the point of having "favorites" if you have to literally search through your favorites to find what you're looking for...
1:16 AM
time for a meta post
even though people will be all over my case about removing an age-old feature
Er, well yeah, there's not really any reason to remove it...
It's also going to get a makeover at some point, maybe...
why not remove a feature that's barely used? :P
A: Mark questions to receive notifications and updates?

Jeff AtwoodThis is implemented -- if you favorite a question, you opt in to updates on that question and they will show in your /recent/ and light up the envelope, just as if you own the question. Update: the feature has been pulled temporarily and is not currently available; see comments below.

temporarily pulled since jan 3
Why remove it when it's not causing any harm, even if it's barely used?
that's like keeping a rubber ball with a hole in it even though it doesn't hurt anyone but is still used by a few kids
That's...a very obscure analogy, but alright.
1:28 AM
That's like throwing the baby out with the bathwater.
The fact that you think the feature is underused isn't really a justification for removing it, especially as the post you linked to mentions, it was pulled temporarily while a more useful alternative could be determined.
i think that keeping a feature around for very few users is a bit absurd :P
That's like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
"Let's annoy the people that do use it by removing it for no other reason than the fact that other people don't use it."
1:31 AM
that's a perfectly valid reason, i think
@mootinator no drains?
It's not, because no one gains from that situation. O_o
Google should get rid of "I'm Feeling Lucky". Most people just do a regular search.
1. Remove feature
2. ???
3. Don't profit
They should also get rid of advanced search, because you have to google advanced search to find it.
average views (taken from 9 questions of varying vote counts) are 40,867,185.89
...how did that happen
got it
average views (taken from 9 questions of varying vote counts) are 89,448.89
average amount of favorite (taken from these same questions) are 644.12
that's 0.7% of viewers using the favorites feature
@mootinator quora.com/…
1:40 AM
Anyone here care to discuss the right way to divvy up potential profits from a game?
I've got myself, doing iOS dev. A friend doing Android, an artist, and a composer.
If you're like me you never finish the project and thus there are not profits to divvy up.
Heh, I'm suspecting that, but I'm hoping that's not the case.
Oooo do it like those guys on World's Dumbest. They robbed like $50,000 from a bank and the second guy confessed that he was hired by the main guy for $50. The commentary was "Hey, I'm cuttin' you in at point oh oh oh one percent."
are views unique to members?
if i view a question once, that's it?
@animuson Heh, seriously folks.
1:45 AM
Admittedly I didn't expect that anyone had 5977 favourites.
Is there a <!-- language --> comment you can use to not highlight the code? Just leave it as black text?
Kind of like for output and stuff, which isn't really code but looks nicer formatted that way...
I'm not sure, any reason not to just wrap it in a <pre><code> then?
Does Markdown not prettify those?
To the sandbox!!!
I don't believe they are, no.
@animuson none
1:53 AM
Ah, I was wondering if that would work, but hadn't seen it anywhere.
pretty sure it's in the mso post
Let's pretend I wasn't just looking at that post and didn't completely glance over the first item on the list. |:
It says null. But none is working too. Maybe anything that's not defined just reverts to null?
A: Syntax highlighting language hints

Jeff AtwoodNote that this question is a bit obsolete, because we now infer prettify language type based on the tags. See more: Changes to syntax highlighting This is now implemented. In addition to tag inference (a recent change), you can manually specify the language as a hint to Google Code Prettify. T...

A: Interface options for specifying language prettify

Jeff AtwoodThis is now implemented. See: http://stackoverflow.com/editing-help#syntax-highlighting In addition to tag inference (a recent change), you can manually specify the language as a hint to Google Code Prettify. The spec is: <!-- language: lang-or-tag-here --> code goes here <!-- ...

1:56 AM
Q: Is the favorite questions system impractical?

PurmouI wasn't surprised to find that the most upvoted question on Stack Overflow had only 5,452 favorites. "Big number," one might think. Think again. This number is fractional to the amount of views the question has gotten, which is 475,893. That means that of the 475,893 unique users that visited ...

(under supported languages)
so i'll be right back, gonna prepare some food
Oh, I was looking at this other post:
Q: Changes to syntax highlighting

Jeff AtwoodWe're changing the way syntax highlighting is done on the Stack Exchange engine. As you probably know, we use Google Code Prettify for automatic syntax highlighting. Since the beginning, we've had kind of a boolean setting per website: code blocks are always automatically highlighted (Stack O...

The change was so epic and piecemeal that it confusingly spanned multiple posts. :P
2:42 AM
quickly un-publishes his blog.
But how will you be famous now?
I'm more interested in notorious.
I don't actually see the point of publishing my thoughts on almost anything.
so i'm going to be giving a ted talk in May
@Purmou Nice, on?
2:47 AM
do you think it would be appropriate/allowed for me to mention stack exchange?
technology as a medium for education for youth
Why would it not be appropriate/allowed?
idunno...maybe someone on the administrative side would rather I not mention it by name? i'd rather be safe than sorry
"Stack Exchange is literally the devil." might not be appreciated, but it's also inaccurate.
no, i would probably praise it
2:49 AM
SE actually might not fit then entirely, because of minimum age. In terms of HS or University students it's a great fit. The Student Ambassador program is a good example.
obviously i'm not allowed to sell products or advertise in the talk, but i'm going to mention it because it's a strong supporter of my point that technology is vital for the way youth learn
@Purmou Going to do a devil's advocate section?
and the vast majority of the people are high school students so it fits
"Professor, I'm learning physics by playing Angry Birds."
2:51 AM
Is that not a good way to learn Physics? :x
@animuson I dunno, animal abuse and all that.
the ice doesn't break until like three hits
ice/glass whatever, they're all fragile
@Purmou Depends on the bird.
It's not animal abuse when those birds were specifically designed for those purposes... We're fulfilling their destiny!
2:52 AM
@mootinator: would it be worth a meta post to ask about it, you think?
Go for it.
Incidentally, how does one get to give a TED talk?
It won't hurt.
i'm helping plan the event--it's being coordinated by three schools in southern california, and i'm a student at one of the schools
At least no more than a few downvotes for asking a stupid question XD
how's it stupid? :P
2:53 AM
@Purmou Nice
it may qualify for being posted on ted.com
I want to speak.
@Purmou I was trolling.
would they be worried about copyright, etc.? :P
2:53 AM
@mootinator it's hard to tell emotion over the internet :P
I signed up to stackoverflow because of a barcamp talk.
I'm sure they'd love to have more sarcastic bastards like me hanging around.
anyways, i gotta head out
No you don't
2:55 AM
That's just your imagination
@animuson watch me
@Purmou: NOOOOOO! You're too young to walk into the light!!! Wait, he is too young, right?
1 hour later…
4:14 AM
Cutting features that don't make sense.
4:25 AM
Q: Catch touch events anywhere onscreen in certain views?

MosheI have a menu which I'd like to have automatically hide if it's inactive after a certain amount of time. This menu is composed of a hierarchy of UIViewControllers, which present various different views. I'm thinking along the lines of running a timer, which invalidates and starts over whenever t...

5:20 AM
yo yo yo
5 hours later…
10:47 AM
@Purmou -27 right nwo, hmm... I see around 100 views, so more than a quarter of the people that saw that video downvoted it
@TimStone Were there less than 6k posts in that list wyen you posted it? Because I' seeing waaay more tha that now
11:39 AM
If I delete a post of mine, will it disappear for good eventually?
11:59 AM
@YiJiangsProble_ I still only see < 6k, but maybe your count includes deleted posts?
Hi @Tim
@Szabolcs No, unless there's some intervention on the part of the Stack Exchange dev team, your post will never disappear permanently from the site.
@balpha For what it's worth, I believed you ;)
Good. I wrote a log answer to a question that I misunderstood. So if I delete it now, but at some later point there'll come a question where I can re-use it, it'll still be there.
@Tim Finally we have this post, but no response yet. Maybe they're delaying it because of the recent changes and the soon to come new beta theme?
Yeah, I think they're a bit busy at the moment. I'm sure that Grace Note will make sure it gets taken care of for you guys in due time, though. :)
Then there's still the issue of the MathJax bug, hmm. Hopefully I can finish up some work to take another look at what might be an acceptable way to fix that.
Yesterday I noticed we got upgraded to MathJax 2 beta.
The problem is still there though.
12:11 PM
Yeah, the issue arises from Stack Exchange-specific code, unfortunately. Basically it's trying to prevent the other functionality from interfering with MathJax, but it doesn't realise that it's interfering with other functionality because what it's dealing with is not MathJax.
But it hasn't caused any trouble since that old post.
Though I'm still a little perplexed why it shows up in the server-rendered version of that post...
Well, at least it's not causing too much trouble, then :)
1 hour later…
1:41 PM
@YiJiangsProble hm?
2:04 PM
Hi all ^_^
2:19 PM
Q: Your New Beta Theme

Robert CartainoYour site looks a bit different today. The design changes are a "sneak peek" at the new Stack Exchange Beta theme. Yes, we are getting rid of the 'Sketchy' look and replacing it with a more-polished and finished design for sites in beta. We chose Judaism SE to premiere this new theme because we ...

Still don't like it that much....
2:41 PM
anyone here?
2:52 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA nope
@David ok just checking.
Q: Define "Duplicate" in the context of meta

amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM AThe following question was closed as a duplicate by a mod: How come the "Learning to write a compiler" question was deleted? The following comments followed: @casperOne -- How is this a duplicate at all?? – amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM A 12 mins ago @amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Did ...

Love it how i got -1 already ^_^
You people
Dec 12 '11 at 20:59, by balpha
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I wish you'd stop creating a meta post for every byte that gets transferred over the internet.
18 stars
just sayin'
@balpha lol oy
I am not trying to
I am very confused at the way some mods deal with things on SO...
@balpha ^^^ :-( What can i do?
@TimStone Ah, that must be it
I see 6440 favs
3:03 PM
I know that the query I ran that found that user suggested they had a bit over 6,000 at the time, so I assume some have been deleted in the interim.
That's insane. How does that even remain manageable, given that you can't search in that list? |:
It probably isn't? I mean, I, uh...
@jadarnel27 changed my OP a bit
@casperOne -- if you are listening -- no hard feelings ^_^
Funny how someone's thinking of introducing something from SE over to reddit
3:08 PM
@YiJiangsProble_ ?
I censored the image on my OP...
3:21 PM
A: Where did a few reputation points come from?

mmyersIn this case, Jon Skeet is right. There's also another way for a low-rep user to get two extra points, though: if you're at 1 point and someone downvotes you then takes it back, the system refunds you two points even though you didn't lose them in the first place. I've demonstrated the latter c...

@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA The reddit comment I linked to
@PopularDemand That's gold for the first line alone. :D
The first line is in fact the only reason I linked it.
I was also mildly amused by the "maybe it was only a visualization bug on your side" comment. That, and the fact that the screenshot is hosted at a site called "imagebanana.com"
@YiJiangsProble_ ahhh
3:29 PM
Truly, it is unfortunate for those other things you mention that the first line was present, hogging all the attention.
3:43 PM
[insert joke about ThinkDifferent and Purmou here]
See your avatars.
it's watchmen
OH, there'a s user with that name
i thought you meant the apple slogan
so how's everyone doing this fine morning?
or whatever it may be in your time zone
3:49 PM
'Tis morning here in Charlotte. How are you doing, @Purmou?
The Apple slogan contains a space.
Looks like an interesting setup for large widescreen displays, not only for working with that sort of small screens.
@YiJiangsProble_ What I get out of that screenshot is that someone has a lunch date with Sarah Aimes.
Which is odd, because she would appear to be an infant.
I really do have better things to do than stalk people from a screenshot.
4:01 PM
@mootinator Actions speak louder than words
It's just too easy.
Although, if I ever have an infant, I will definitely want them to learn instant messaging. That seems really convenient.
Yeah, my daughter talks a lot. One day she might even do it in English.
We'll work on the IMing thing.
4:19 PM
Q: Change wording of "Exact Duplicate"?

CoffeeRainI like the UI of SO and the cleanness of it, but one thing that bugs me is the wording of the notification that something is a duplicate. I have had many questions closed because they are duplicates, but often, they aren't a true duplicate or an exact duplicate. I'm not complaining about the loo...

I love the way this dude ends the question =) That's just awesome.
puts "Anyways, whatever..." into his email signature block

Thanks for your feedback, I'll keep you posted on our progress.

Anyways, whatever...

Josh Darnell
Button Pusher
Some Company, Inc.
4:42 PM
@jadarnel27 - I think that if his post was less useful that line wouldn't have meant that much :P
would have been read with a different tone :)
@Lix Definitely. The post makes alot of sense. Ending with that just feels hilariously ironic. But I have an odd sense of humor.
@ja - yep it does make sense. and we all know about your odd sense of humor ;)
Hey look, @Jeremy Bieber is here!
5:12 PM
what's with this edit being approved by only one user? stackoverflow.com/suggested-edits/9128
it shows as by community, it's not been improved, it's not been approved by the post owner
and it looks wrong as well
(pages @TimStone)
(didn't rollback yet because I suspect it might hide the weirdness)
@awoodland Did you think it has to do with it being an anoymouns edit? I don't know how common those are.
@jadarnel27 I think community owns anonymous edits
but that doesn't explain the single review thing
did reviews only take one reviewer previously or something?
Nice catch.
@TimStone Do you think that my bug-report from this morning does not make sense? I may have obscured my point too much in the process of trying to be funny.
I was thinking of just removing all the fluff and adding the clarifications from the comments into the post, which would probably be more useful.
@TimStone (this of course is no longer the case, but was true at the time that suggested edit was approved)
@jadarnel27 I think it's clear enough, I hadn't given much thought to the fact that up votes you cast don't show up anywhere, so I'm not sure how I feel about the question down votes appearing.
@TimStone I honestly hadn't either until Cody Gray's comment forced me to think about it.
I guess it would make sense to either show all the votes, or just show answer downvotes. It seems kind of inconsistent as-is.
is too lazy to make a "Show All the votes!" meme picture
5:44 PM
there's still something weird going on because e.g. stackoverflow.com/suggested-edits/9127 shows "hi" being added but there's no "hi" to be seen anywhere in any of: stackoverflow.com/posts/5105731/revisions
A: Should 'Hi', 'thanks,' taglines, and salutations be removed from posts?

Jeff AtwoodWe now automatically remove salutations from posts as they are entered. I got really tired of performing this edit over and over, so anything matching the form of … ^ # begins at start of body \s* # possible spaces ( hii?(?![a-z])| # any of these greeting...

@TimStone but that makes the suggested edit look like it was added?
Yeah, it wasn't removed from the suggested edit text, but it was removed from the revisions.
So the diff thinks it was added in the suggested edit because of this discrepancy, but you can see in the actual revision it's no longer there.
Or, at least I suspect it's something along those lines.
ah so that salutation got removed automatically, retrospectively then, not just when it was submitted
Yeah, in addition to stripping them out on submission, Jeff also clobbered the existing instances in the database.
Which happened after the suggested edit was approved.
Now, the real kicker is exactly how that would have happened, because if that's correct then my theory of this issue is invalidated.
Which is to say that the replace happened without rebuilding the post source.
6:03 PM
Q: Review tools: how to configure preferences permanently?

kleopatraWhile I can configure the preferences like (for instance) disable random showing of posts to review sort by newest first (java tag) on opening the review page(s), those preferences are lost on re-opening (but a bit sporadic, occasionally not - didn't find anything obvious when or not it is h...

^ Let's finally get this fixed!
6:21 PM
From: specials@officedepot.com Subject: Platinum Members: FREE Tub of Twizzlers With Purchase
Actual e-mail I just received. Is it just me, or is that a ridiculous "incentive"?
Ewwww I hate Twizzlers!
I got a bag of jellybeans for staying at a Holiday Inn Express recently. I wouldn't say that swayed my decision to stay there at all.
@Popular, it's obviously been sponsored by the Dentists Association of North America.
Dentists, like Apple, are trying to break into the corporate market.
@PopularDemand It's a terrible incentive because when they come in the tub they're individually wrapped.
That, or they're sticky.
6:30 PM
Wait, are you saying you're supposed to take that crunchy outer shell off before you eat them?
I'm going to have to break out an old avatar methinks.
Bring PHOTO IDENTIFICATION with you to the test OR you will NOT be PERMITTED to TAKE the written EXAM.
Ok, keep TALKING in RANDOM uppercased LETTERS please.
lol, sounds like some BOILERPLATE TEXT I've read SOMEWHERE before.
@animuson Just be glad they used makeAllLettersOfSomeWordsMajuscule() and not makeSomeLettersMajusculeAtRandom().
6:47 PM
7:22 PM
hi all, could someone explain to me how to review a question
is this the right place to ask someone to explain to me how to review a question?
@PinoSan What do you mean? You want to know how to use the /review page?
I'm new to stackoverflow
I used only for posting questions
In the top of my welcome page I have the button "review" but I don't know what it means
Q: How does the /review page work?

Popular DemandHow do the /review pages (for example, http://stackoverflow.com/review) work? What actually happens when you click "flag for removal"? Is there a limit to the number of questions that can be reviewed? Related: How to review? Can we agree on a review 'policy'? Return to FAQ index

thanks for the pointer
Hey @MichaelMrozek (since you're in here). What's up with your website?
7:30 PM
@jadarnel27 Er. What about it?
@MichaelMrozek When I click on the link in your profile, it just says "etudes-2" on a blank page. I was just curious =)
Ah. Yeah, there's nothing there; that's just the name of the computer it's running on
so.mrozekma.com is way more exciting
Images and everything
Yes, that is pretty awesome content.
phew... its all over.....
What's all over? Did you spill ketchup on yourself?
7:41 PM
Q: Please make deleted answer on reputation page linkified!

amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM AI had just deleted this answer. So my reputation page now reflects that. But For some reason the row that tells me of the deletion does not have a link to my deleted answer. Can we please make it so that text is linkified as well?

@animuson - banner is gone :P
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA You're lucky I can't close as a duplicate of an answer. :P
A: Upcoming Reputation History Changes

animusonAll sounds nice, but you're still missing a point that I think should be addressed. Currently, when things get deleted, they just disappear from your history. That's not very helpful, especially concerning reputation. When my reputation randomly drops by 40, it would be nice to be able to see tha...

(see comments)
7:44 PM
@TimStone so you want to make me as a duplicate of a comment? :-P
Well, your answer is in there. :P
@TimStone Yes, but clearly a bit was transferred over the internet which didn't have its own meta post.
@mootinator :-P oy
A: Update Stack Exchange's address

amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM AThey are one and the same address! Just two different names :-P That's NYC for ya!

@PopularDemand Well, the number on the building is 55...
@TimStone lol NYC had many names for some buildings
@balpha you like removing don't you?....
7:58 PM
what's to discuss?
it's a (known) bug
It's also a sci-fi specific report (well, I assume, I didn't check the preview elsewhere), but luckily for you he overlooked that. :P
@balpha twas not known to me. and isnt everything on meta basically a discussion anyway?
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