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12:54 AM
in JavaScript on Stack Overflow Chat, 31 secs ago, by GGG
someone should put in an SO chat request to do the markdown right in the github things
5 hours later…
5:53 AM
@Shog9: Hmmm, it doesn't appear to have listed my last two tag wiki edits in my reputation history.
I only see the two edits I made to the css-floating tag wiki listed for yesterday. :(
How much reputation does the reputation audit say you've earned from suggested edits?
earned 40 reputation from suggested edits
Yet I've had 22 approved
Triggering a rep recalc didn't fix it :(
Ooooo @balpha has shown up to fix my problems :)
@animuson seems otherwise
anyone catch the oscars?
There must be a SE staff party going on in the corner. They're ignoring us!
Well, it is rather absurdly early for them (according to my standard for times that are suitable to be awake at, anyway). Coffee and what not. ;)
6:03 AM
♫ dooooon't stop belieeeeeevin' ♫
Ah, I found a pedantic bug...
wonder if there are any other people my age on SO...
Why, how old are you?
6:05 AM
I knew someone who was that young, haven't talked to him in a while.
seems legit
Q: Remove from results button?

GGGI'm sure everyone has noticed Google's relatively recent "remove from search results" feature, which allows you to hide results from useless domains. . I wonder if it would be useful to have a similar feature, either to remove a single question from all search results, or to remove all qu...

I don't know if it would be very useful in SO context. SO != Google
Especially not the part about it being "useful." What you find not useful could be a gold mine to someone else.
it's individual, amirite?
unless i'm reading something wrong
The last paragraph, talking about moderation of the "bad" questions.
6:18 AM
Q: Reputation history tooltip for suggested edits has pulled an rchern (it's backwards)

Tim StoneSince we're nearing the end of the month and I need to fill up my pedantic bug quota, I noticed while taking a look at someone's reputation history that the tooltip for suggested edit approval reputation bonuses was coming at the event from the wrong end: The user didn't receive reputation bec...

Pardon me while I go to retreat to a secure bunker.
A: Remove from results button?

PurmouThis idea shows some promise but is ultimately useless in SE's model, I think. I'm under the impression (and this is my personal belief, as well) that all questions deserve equal attention only until after they've been determined to be duplicates or unfit per SE's standards and common practices....

@TimStone: Heyyyy you stole that image from my profile! I remember that because I was all confused why it did that...
I did, I did. :P
Why it did the grouping, or?
It grouped them because they were the same tag wiki, but I would have expected it to link to each separate suggested edit.
Ah, yeah.
6:30 AM
I'm more interested in why the two most recent ones didn't get attributed to me whatsoever. xP
Yeah, I was trying to come up with a plausible explanation, but no guesses yet.
It could have something to do with the serial upvote thing.
From earlier, I lost 80 rep because someone upvoted 16 of my questions.
Aye, but the ones you didn't get credit for are from the technical day after, right?
Approved 2012-02-26 22:58:20Z
Still that day, almost the new day.
Ah, for some reason I thought the serial up votes had fallen on the 25th. Then yes, that's most likely.
(suggested edit bonuses are subject to the reputation cap, if I recall correctly)
6:37 AM
Yes, but the upvote that I got +0 for changed to +10
and I wasn't at the cap after the 80 got revoked
And even if they did cap, it should still list them both in my history as +0 like anything else
You and your logic!
Logic saves the world!
or possibly destroys it, we're still unsure...
But the suggested edit reputation entries have been a bit buggy in the past, so it wouldn't surprise me if something was off there.
How come on a downvote it just says "post was downvoted" rather than "question/answer was downvoted" similar to the upvote messages
Heh, I was wondering that too.
6:41 AM
Let's make a mass list of tiny little things and post them all as one big question and see what the staff say about it :o
hey, @animuson, you remember my idea from yesterday?
The question data thing?
Yeah, how's that going?
haven't started yet
i'll get some info together myself but i'd like some help, are you up for it?
6:44 AM
Just random questions?
yes, from all over the spectrum
good questions, bad questions
(i also need tags)
and you don't need a post body, just titles and tags
Ok :) Don't need a short description thing?
Or are you just gonna do the title and tags
i'm simulating the home page
so title and tags
i suppose i need a question body
Oh, I never use the homepage
I bookmark /questions
for the hover tooltip...
oh...that's interesting...
well then
you know what would be good?
getting real questions
6:47 AM
haha ya
That way you can include the users, maybe change their names, but keepthe reputation and stuff
does accept rate show on /questions?
No, just their gravatar, name, reputation, and badges
skeet answers so many questions
yet i've never once seen his name on the home page
I think you should do this in a couple phases. One phase should be questions which have no answers yet, one phase only questions which have no accepted answer, and one that mixes them all in
i was also going to do per-question ones
like, have badly written questions with downvotes and see how they respond
6:50 AM
Usually when I see downvotes I go in to see if it needs closed
then have some damn good questions with upvotes and a user with a high accept rate
then, of course, mix of both
then about answers, etc.
The only other problem you're going to have is the tags themselves
Users naturally gravitate towards tags they're more interested in
Are you going to limit which tags are used on each page?
i suppose
i was going to classify them under broad tags and specific tags
i was hoping that would be the way they looked at it
@TimStone: Should I just post a bug report with all the information in one place?
@animuson why not a single question where users post reports of that kind as answers
and they get pruned every so often when they've been fixed
7:01 AM
Well, if they fix the issue then they wouldn't need the too
@animuson Seems reasonable to me. It does seem like something's wrong, but if not at least you'll hopefully get an authoritative explanation.
sup <_<
wattup @GGG
I didn't know there were taverns on the meta
yeah, hemingway's here a lot. if we're lucky we'll see carroll
7:07 AM
aw why don't these work with the SO chats :(
ah well lemme know when these are hooked up to SO =p
chats... integrated
too many chats
later :)
oh, i see
Q: Two recent suggested edits were not attributed to me in my reputation history

animusonThe same day, before suggesting the edits, I had noticed that I had been serial upvoted on 16 of my questions, giving me 80 reputation which, by confirming in the chat room, I knew would be removed whenever the serial cycle ran through. I continued to suggest an edit to the body and excerpt of t...

aw man, styles busted
aaaaaaaaand nevermind
7:23 AM
Hmm, loading the new activity from the live updates causes the question hyperlinks to not work...
@TimStone: you want to help out with my project too?
Oh, I'm afraid not, I'm already a bit overbooked as it is.
for sure
Whyyyy am I so wide awake. O.O
Anyone here have 5+ votes in the tag?
7:43 AM
Just 1 vote, heh.
@animuson not a single one
Why don't the meta question lists have the little triangle sticking out the side of the box like on the main site?
@TimStone: Let's add that to our list of nitpicking!
7:58 AM
Q: Footer seperator has different color on Stack Overflow and Meta

Yi Jiang's Proble_Stack Overflow and Meta's footer seems to be identical, except that the colors of the separators seem to be different. This is obviously a huge oversight that should be corrected immediately, even worse than the Venn diagram bug and the giant 'S' Jeff-comes-to-your-house-and-bash-you-over-the-hea...

earlier today
i posted a bug
about an inconsistency with the starring system
some fools downvoted it
:o Tim has a 100% accept rate? Makes me think of what the other Tim said.
8:18 AM
I have some questions about Unsung Hero
1. 25% of total # of answers? or ACCEPTED answers?
2. do my own accepted answers count into the 10 / %?
Q: List of all badges with full descriptions

Popular Demand What are badge name's requirements? Why didn't I get badge name? Which badges can I earn multiple times? Jump to: Regular badges A-L and M-Z Tag badges Badge families Area 51 badges Note: Some badges are awarded based on score. The term score means the total number of upvotes minus the t...

someone upvote me on something (you can undo it in a moment too)
@animuson wow that's helpful, thanks
i'm testing a userscript
8:35 AM
stackoverflow.com/a/9449923/246246 <-- Now, was that really necessary?
No, not particularly
@animuson bahaha
truly inspirational stuff
8:58 AM
Someone's going through adding <!-- language: lang-lisp --> to a bunch of questions, but I'm not really seeing any difference in the text that's display with and without it...
Nevermind, SO was just taking forever to load the preview -.-
There are no pending suggested edits to review! - Mwuahahaha
When did this paid programming crap start? Get off my TV!!!
2 hours later…
11:00 AM
Anyone here?
11:17 AM
@Moshe I am
12:02 PM
^ accidental typing, apparently.
Can anyone explain to me why this question got downvoted? I dont see what is wrong with it and all i have been given is a link to an faq page.

3 hours later…
1 hour later…
3:44 PM
@SamWarren I'm not sure what there is to add to what Chris and Lix already said in the comments.
What / who are you quoting in your SO profile, @PopularDemand? (the part-time job thing)
Good question, @jadarnel27.
That is a terrible answer, @PopularDemand.
Then downvote it. Oh wait, you can't!
Chat for the win.
I'm writing an answer on SO right now but I will look it up for you after I'm done.
It's not anyone famous, and it's not anyone I know personally.
@PopularDemand Blast!
@PopularDemand Thanks =) No rush or anything. I am just mildly curious.
Argh, I can't figure out how to word this answer. I'm basically trying to explain to someone that digital photographs are made up of tiny blocks of uniform color.
Compare to the real world, where you can have things that are, you know, curved.
@PopularDemand A surprisingly difficult concept to explain to someone that's not familiar with it.
Howdy @amanaP!
@jadarnel27 Whats up? wanna join the meta meta convo? meta.stackoverflow.com/posts/123641/revisions
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Ha. I think that's been discussed before, though.
4:16 PM
@jadarnel27 ahhh but when?
@am - what happened to that post about misunderstanding a question? :(
@jadarnel27 (btw i meant the convo in the edits (hidden comments)
Was it so brutally off-topic it was deleted??
@Lix twas deleted (I cant see by who bc im not 10K+ on meta)
Shame - poor dude - now im SURE he has been scared off :P
4:17 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Oh, haha. I see that now =)
@Lix haha too bad. U joining the meta meta convo on my Q? :-P
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I'll see if I can find it.
@am - well OBVIOUSLY @bobby was correct to make that edit
@Lix which edit?
4:21 PM
I think maybe I joined too late :P
Right - problem sorted :P
@am - you learn something new every day :P
@Lix hehe see what I did to the question now :-P
@am - now THAT is meta ;) har har :P
@am - its hilarious thou because I still need my edits to be approved here ;)
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I posted an answer =)
4:28 PM
@jadarnel27 to my meta meta meta question?
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I...uh...don't think so.
Hmmm is there a Meta Meta site?
The main point is that it's abuse. There are consequences for it, and if it happens a whole lot, they will eventually block it with code.
@am - what was in the meta meta meta meta post that I commented on from that deleted post? :P Only now I realize that I didn't see the content at all :P
@jadarnel27 Well... it's done. Feel free to go look at my answer and be confused.
4:44 PM
@PopularDemand That's as good of an explanation as I've seen. Nice!
@PopularDemand COOOOKIES!
Q: Websockets?? Blasphemy!

amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM AI just saw this answer here: We are testing web sockets on meta I know that SE has prided themselves on just using polling techniques for chat: Why is the Stack Exchange chat room using simple polling instead of other Comet techniques? Why the sudden change?

Ah, thank you! I revised it several times and wasn't sure how helpful it was.
@PopularDemand I think I need a subscription to see that article =)
Once it stopped harassing me about "enabling cookies", whatever that means.
Really? It loaded here on my work computer without any issues, and I'm sure I've never been there before, let alone subscribed.
I'll find another copy.
That is strange...hm.
4:52 PM
Wow. I just discovered that a scraper site copied not only my SO posts, but also my profile.
@PopularDemand lol
Actually, no, it looks too nice to be a scraper site. touchstack.com, anyone? No results on MSO.
Hi @amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA
Whatsup folks?
English class.
Tech is tech is tech is tech is tech.
Don't see what you're on about.
I don't care how it's implemented as long as its maintainable and works to fulfill requirements and expectations.
Be those requirements speed, performance, tweeting everyone's user ID every third of a second.
That was gold @Moshe. Solid gold.
@jadarnel27 Thank you.
@PopularDemand That quote is funny. Reading the actual article was kind of depressing =/
Thanks for finding it though, haha
4:58 PM
Anyone have a link to those SE data visualizations that were going around a few months ago? (@RebeccaChernoff perhaps? @balpha?)
"SE data visualizations"...gonna need you to be a bit more specific...
Those videos...
@RebeccaChernoff Can't remember exactly what it was. Videos generated based on user activity, I think.
Uhh you mean the commit graph things?
Oh, that!
@TimStone maybe.
I think so.
Hmmm how is that _not constructive?
5:03 PM
Yea, @RebeccaChernoff, I think those videos of the commit graphs.
How long were you on vacation, @amanaP?
@jadarnel27 10 days
A: Are there ways to visualize the dynamics of a Stack Exchange site?

Rebecca ChernoffSince Gource is by default for commit logs, I ran Gource on the SO log, but even with playing around with the options, I can't get it to give me something decently short. Rather than do the entire commit history, here's a 2-minute clip of the last month: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zt7ItrdXb...

(sorry, it took a while to find because I couldn't remember where it was)
5:22 PM
Vote for reopen?
Q: I should NOT be able to do this!

amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM ASee my answer here: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/a/123638/155556 (now only 10K+ viewable (since the OP was deleted)) I was able to make my answer "" (yes that was on purpose) In the end you can read the edits to the answer and get the point, but why should I be able to do that? I assume statu...

@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Wow, no love on that question, huh?
@David We gotta change the definition of "constructive" on meta.
I definitely agree that it shouldn't be allowed. Maybe edit the question to be a little less emotional/confrontational and present a cogent argument on why it shouldn't be allowed? (Being able to get around the quality filter is a good one.)
Q: Is the "not constructive" close reason appropriate for meta?

AakashMThe text of the "not constructive" close reason reads: This question is not a good fit to our Q&A format. We expect answers to generally involve facts, references, or specific expertise; this question will likely solicit opinion, debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion. But d...

@David but I want to be able to do this...
5:27 PM
Q: Should HTML comments be stripped when validating answer length?

Ben SThis answer used an HTML comment to subvert the "Your answer is too short" error. Should HTML comments not be counted as part of the length of an answer? (Similar to how spaces aren't counted.)

(the general case)
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Oh, please, post a feature-request. That could be your third question in 2 hours.
@jadarnel27 I added a bounty :-P
Love the new websockets, I feel more like on Twitter now
@Martin Conversely, I hate the new Twitter. When I click the link to load new posts, it's not particularly evident where "old" and "new" separate. When there are dozens of new tweets, I just have to kind of guess where I left off.
@David Hmm, that's true.
@David I like the UI but I hate how it acts. When you click a link, there's a blank screen and you have to wait till ajax polling finishes ...
5:32 PM
@Martin Otherwise it's a fairly clean design and I enjoy it. It took a little time to get used to the left-right swap of content and "widget boxes" but that's no longer noticeable. But dropping that one useful feature hurts the whole user experience for me.
@Martin Interesting, I hadn't noticed. What kind of link? An external link from within a tweet, a username, etc.?
@David Go to your profile and refresh the page. Your profile blinks, blank page (semi-blank) appears and you can't do anything
Twitter is taking EVERYTHING from their own API, right?
The external links open fine in a new tab for me, no changes noticeable there. But now that you mention it, there is a bit of an ajax delay between clicking on an internal link (a user name for example) and when the content gets displayed.
@Martin You're right. I can see where that would be annoying when navigating within Twitter (which I almost never do anyway). Some kind of indication that content is loading would be nice.
@TimStone pfft, why did you bump my crappy gource video? >_<
Exactly. Sometimes you're waiting for nothing - no errors, no content at all.
Dare I test it for graceful degradation...
5:38 PM
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA I don't think that question you linked to is the best choice for your bounty notice.
@RebeccaChernoff The screenshot was brokeded!
it's such a crappy video though (;
@RebeccaChernoff Oh wow, that is even more confusing with the winking smiley.
@RebeccaChernoff There's pretty colours and motion, what's not to like?
And now it's time to go to lunch...
5:43 PM
Hi @RebeccaChernoff ^_^
Hows it goin?
Anyone vote to reopen?
---> :-)
Aaaaand its back :-) Thanks @RobertHarvey :-)
6:03 PM
Q: Touch Stack - smartphone optimised Stack Exchange

Thomas McDonald Screenshots About Touch Stack is a basic smartphone optimised Stack Exchange client, which currently supports the browsing of questions & users. A fully featured client is planned, see the roadmap below for the next immediate features. License MIT license, go crazy Access htt...

Haha I like it how my question might be closed as a dupe now (even though it most definitely isn't :-P)
@PopularDemand np. I thought I had seen that somewhere.
6:35 PM
Good morrow, peoples of the Tavern!
@animuson to u as well ^_^
I'm still missing 4 reputation on SO sobs
7:36 PM
Client wants source code. I covered this in the contract. does dance :-)
A global recalc is being performed! OMGOSH MAN YOUR STATIONS RED ALERT
So this is the helm of the recalc :P
Ughhh that feeling of getting sooooo irritated that your program isn't working only to find out that it's not updating because it's the wrong file. facepalm
@animuson or that you forgot that entry in your hosts file
7:48 PM
@animuson I hate that feeling.
I hate the feeling of a rep-calc
Meh, I recalc my rep on a consistent basis so it's already accurate
Aye, same for me.
well I have been doing the same since I found the page too :P
Its still a big red button feeling though :)
after I lost 301 in one foul swoop I had to come here to be comforted
@Moshe Nifty that you were mentioned on the Balsamiq blog, by the way. Good job getting the ball rolling on that.
7:56 PM
Oh and they're advertising that question with my +36 answer, MORE UPVOTES WOOO
@an - WIN
Apparently, nobody has told @animuson how worthless MSO rep is.
I know, right :P
It's still fun to get though!
@Pop - tell that to Pekka ;)
@PopularDemand My super meddling powers are inclined to disagree with this statement. :P
7:59 PM
@Lix @PekkasReputationBordello FYI, MSO rep is worthless.
in Town Hall Discussion, Feb 14 at 23:15, by Tim Stone
MSO diamonds are the best diamonds, like MSO reps. Unless we're also talking about Gaming, in which case Gaming wins.
Whell I pose the question - What rep is worth something?
It's quoted from a trustworthy source, it must be true.
SO and SF, I'd say.
"Toying with members. We all do it. Some do it slow, some do it fast." - Marc Gravell
8:01 PM
Playing with your member? That's a very awkward title...
I think you mean hilarious and double-entendre ridden.
Ok folks - I'm going to go recalculate my reputation. CYA
I'd like to file a bug report with Marc's blog... His right sidebar is clearly off by 1 pixel. This must be fixed!
@Lix Why?
8:06 PM
Just like how the search box isn't in the same place on Meta and Stack Overflow, argh.
@Shog9 - Its a figure of speech :P I'm leaving the house - my recalc will be done by all the capable hands we have here on deck ;)
@animuson Which spot is off by 1 pixel?
You don't see it?
There's big red circles around the 4 spots where it's shifted to the left.
@animuson Haha, I see the circles =) I just don't see what's wrong. Shifted to the left in reference to what?
is not intentionally being dense, perhaps just born that way
Let me zoom it in for you.
You'll have to click the image to go to the full-size
8:15 PM
@animuson OH
Tres odd.
Jesus, how do people notice stuff like that? =)
Gah! How did I lose 9 rep? Injustice!
Am I early?
Usually when I recalc my rep I end up gaining some amount
The rep history currently on meta does include links to deleted questions, just not in their deletion event.
8:22 PM
Probably be considered a bug, though...
COOL It even lists out your "undownvote"s
@animuson Yes. Yes it does.
@Jeremey: Oh are those all the ones you did to me?
8:27 PM
@animuson >_>"
What is the use of the tag?
@animuson - I would assume things that relate to all SE sites?
That was a link to an SO tag.
if you are talking meta...
8:33 PM
Global variables ah duh. So I can remove that from this question -.-
Looks like a pretty useless SO tag.
I think the tag is grossly overused / vague.
Yes, definitely.
How about then?
Really? A question about on StackOverflow?! Unusual!
17,000 questions vs 200 questions?
8:39 PM
Can anyone think of a better title for
Q: Need an explanation for the output

MadyWhy are "Hi1" and "Hi3" displayed twice by the following code? static int a=1; public static void main(String[] args) { if (a==2) { System.out.println(args[0]); a = 3;} if (a==1) { main(); } System.out.println("Hi1"); System.out.println(new PlayingWithMain().m...

I'd retag things like that more often if it didn't bump all the posts to the homepage. Kind of a huge deterrent to even bother...
@animuson Well, most people's minds can be tricked into thinking web-development narrows it down to something more than "belongs on stackoverflow"
@mootinator Haha, yes - this one is awful too.
@PopularDemand "I don't understand Java. Plzsendtehexplanation?"
^-----That guy is crazy
8:42 PM
Bleh. I spent all that time writing a detailed answer and the title is still so non-inviting.
Not understanding a call to main returns like any call to anything else FTW.
Ha, this was an interesting suggested edit.
8:59 PM
Awesome question title:
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