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I was just having a look at this question just asked here. While the question is a good fit here, it seems like the author may be looking for specific advice for that answer rather than just general advice for the network. I'd like to post a comment asking which type of advice they want, but wanted to see if my phrasing was good enough. Draft comment:
> Welcome to Meta Stack Exchange! This site is the main meta for the overall network of Stack Exchange sites, so our goal here is to provide general advice on how to resolve issues like these on all sites. On the other hand, there are separate meta sites for each site in the network, which can help you in resolving matters specific to that site (e.g. about the one answer you're asking about).
> This question is a good fit here, but the advice you'll hear here will be general advice rather than specific advice for the answer. Wanted to confirm that that's what you're looking for.
(had to split into two messages due to length limit)
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog "Spammer? I 'ardly knew er!"
3:12 AM
^ yep, the same cross-site troll I reported
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2 hours later…
7:29 AM
@Rob FYI your reject reason here: the editor was adding the site to the list of sites that do not support YouTube embedding, not to the list of sites that do support it.
8:00 AM
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog I don't even get the point of having a list of not-supported sites. Isn't it clear that there are sites that support it. Everything not on that list doesn't...
@Luuklag I added an HTML comment to explain the purpose of that section
That makes sense, but then again there really isn't that much value in it.
In short, it's only for communities that explicitly don't have it enabled, i.e. there was a discussion with a consensus of not enabling it, or a declined feature request for doing so.
8:58 AM
@Luuklag, it says: "Comment: Adding es.so to the list as per recently stated on the per site meta.". and "### Sites which have requested YouTube embedding". --- They did not request it, they don't have it, and it doesn't appear to work. Source: Google Translation. --- Had it appeared that they had "requested" it the edit wouldn't have been rejected.
9:14 AM
@Rob cc @SonictheK-DayHedgehog
Blocked for life, please don't relay anything.
I thought you meant to reply to Sonic, as they started about the edit rejection
@Rob Yeah, I do see that the edit summary was confusing, and that the default Markdown view didn't make it clear which section it was being added to. The Markdown view is shown by default on suggested edits which change links, but I also recommend checking the rendered output view on such edits (generally to see if the formatting is correct).
Viewing the rendered output here would have made it clear that it was being added to the "not supported" section, not the "requested support" section.
@Νеvеrꭑoꭇе Technically speaking, I'm not employed in any (volunteer) position, just an "independent contractor" so to speak
Really we should focus on getting YouTube embedding on the one site where it really matters: the revision history on MSO.
Not everyone liked that post.
9:26 AM
I like the post that was recently migrated to MSO more. Grab some popcorn whilst you still can. meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/403129/…
That has still less down votes then mine ...
@rene Satire is a subtle art. Not everyone gives it due appreciation ;-)
@rene Some people... I like it!
@RyanM I keep practicing then ... a lot ....
9:46 AM
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog wow that's insane. Your parents didn't blame you?
What did you do the whole time then?
@Shadow10YearsWizard No, it wasn't my fault
@Shadow10YearsWizard Watched movies on the entertainment screen. The thing is, Lufthansa didn't have seatback screens on a large part of their long-haul fleet at the time, and we lucked out and got a plane which did. (They were very late to that game, compared to other airlines like BA)
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog sure, but some parents blame the kids anyway, out of self anger.
@Luuklag ow
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog luck indeed. :)
No phone or portable game console back then?
That ended up more dramatic than I expected...
9:52 AM
@Shadow10YearsWizard They were too tired, having come in from another long-haul flight from Mumbai and held up in immigration for not having the right visa
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog ouch. So they slept during the flight?
It was the same time this happened
Nov 20 '18 at 11:40, by Sonic the Anonymous Hedgehog
@Shadow The biggest security incident we've ever gone through is when we were booked to fly Mumbai-Munich-Frankfurt-Los Angeles. My parents didn't have the right visa to enter the Schengen area to catch our domestic leg, so we were of course refused entry and had to stay in a "cell" for a couple of hours, until we eventually got the immigration officer to let us speak with an airline agent.
@Shadow10YearsWizard Yes
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog oh, wow, forgot about this. Not pleasant experience.
@SonictheK-DayHedgehog nice job of the person scheduling that!
@JourneymanGeek hahaha
@JourneymanGeek what did?
9:53 AM
@Shadow10YearsWizard IT DID!
The post @Luuklag was talking about
This user typing a giant tirade, while he is basically the one to blame
I was amazed it got so many upvotes
That was in 2010. We flew them again in 2012 and didn't get a single plane with IFE. Swore we'd never fly them again. But we did, on my last trip just last year, after a massive fleet refresh resulted in (improved) IFE screens on the entire fleet
@JourneymanGeek oh.... IT!
@Luuklag well people love the underdog
@JourneymanGeek It's called victimhood culture ;)
Very interesting concept...
10:07 AM
@JourneymanGeek who's under you?
looks up
Hopefully the floor
for if there is nothing beneath me, it might be a very long fall.
@Luuklag No worries, actions have no consequences.
I wish this could always be the case @Rob
11:02 AM
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12:59 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard It's Mark's fault.
1:12 PM
@rene one more needed now
Still needs one more....
!!/cast delete vote
@Shadow10YearsWizard No such command 'cast'.
@rene The tables have been turned ;)
2:02 PM
| A Table | B Table |
| ------- | ------- |
| Don't   | Turn    |
| Your    | @M.A.R. |
putting @M.A.R. inside a Table
2:13 PM
First winter bash 2020 bug has been reported. :P
@Shadow10YearsWizard link or it didn't happen
Here fours nothing...
Q: For what it's worth, Four is missing transparency

Shadow 10 Years WizardIn Winterbash 2020 countdown page (which is awesome, by the way!), I couldn't help spotting this: All digits except four has transparency in their internal parts. Poor four doesn't have. Can it please join its sibling digits?

Previous time I found a bug in the countdown page, it wasn't very popular, got downvoted. lol
Let me see if still exists...
@Shadow10YearsWizard only the tavern effect has played in right now ;)
lol thanks for fixing my tipoz. :D
@Shadow10YearsWizard Ehhh... I think if I look closely, those lines are thick enough that the transparency can't be there XD
2:18 PM
ohh... it wasn't a bug. And long ago, thought it was last year. lol
Q: Yellow background for Stack Exchange icon in Winter Bash 2017 logo is too distracting

Shadow 10 Years WizardThe logo of Winter Bash 2017 looks like this: I find the yellow background very distracting, and I even clicked it expecting a menu or at least some link. But it's just part of the logo. Can this please be changed same way it always was, transparent and less intrusive? e.g. previous year thi...

@Tinkeringbell thickness doesn't matter.... :D
Just saying... don't think it's a bug, instead, you're asking for a feature: thinner lines :P
why does this question keeps getting edited, can't it roomba in peace? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/356817/…
@Tinkeringbell edited. ;)
@Luuklag meh, it's a valid request. OP trying their best, which is nice.
@Shadow10YearsWizard Well I dislike their acquisative tone.
@Luuklag might explain the score, yeah. Still, not a reason to delete. :)
2:29 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard True, but perhaps to close, although there isn't really a good close reason, and OP is digging themselves a deeper hole with every edit.
Reached 500K people on MSE today, whoop whoop
@Luuklag it's total, not daily. lol
Might be nice feature request to ask for a daily "people reached" stat, but alas.... views aren't logged with a date so it's impossible to make.
@Shadow10YearsWizard I know ;)
Saw, voted, commented. ;)
2:44 PM
cool, cool :)
Didn't occur to me to even check the HTML source of the .svg, lol
I don't really work with .svg, not familiar with them very much.
Neither do I, but that's usually my go to method with bugreports like this
inspect what there is to inspect
In past countdowns, the SVG was inline, using canvas.
3:28 PM
Anyone here that dares to guess how the system behaves for answer banned users?
it needs a test on the internal QA instance. Too risky to try on your own ...
@rene might be worth flagging it for a status-review tag then?
Hmm, maybe. I guess @nicael could probably tell us ...
If only he was around...
opaque background ... and twice as big
still... cursed
Gergely Orosz on November 25, 2020
Based on reviewing hundreds of resumes per year and researching a book, here are the seven pieces of advice for engineers on writing a resume that represents you as fairly as possible.
4:14 PM
@SmokeDetector Mark's Monolith, has a nice ring to it.
4:49 PM
@Tinkeringbell @JourneymanGeek some flags for you
sorry John ...
@rene handled
5:10 PM
Aww, missed him! Stupid late dinners... Hope he comes back soon and I can handle it again :)
be careful what you wish for
Oh, I know.
I didn't specifically address this one to anyone or anything, so it should be fine.
5:25 PM
I can't seem to get away from studying. :(
I've got to study for a first aid course now, and soon I have a course for my army position
And D'Arvit, I left my notebook at home. Urgh.
5:49 PM
@Tink Account's still alive on these ones: meta.stackexchange.com/a/357112/622284
@Spevacus Yummy, dessert ;)
@Mithical Ugh, that sucks...
What do you need to know about first aid? I know some, maybe I can teach :P
CPR, how to deal with electrocution, dunno what else... it's a 40+ page document and I have a week (most of which I will be on base)
Okay. Well, for CPR all you need to remember is to clean the dummy VERY properly (covid, after all)... and this song: youtube.com/watch?v=I_izvAbhExY :P
5:55 PM
For electrocution: Make sure the victim is disconnected from the power source first.
Then check pulse, breathing, consciousness, and call an ambulance/start CPR :P
(As you may have noticed... I didn't pay attention very well. :P )
(scribbles notes on a notebook I don't have)
Don't worry, it's all in the transcript.
@Tinkeringbell It's ABC in order, Airway, Breathing, Circulation.
ABC and its variations are initialism mnemonics for essential steps used by both medical professionals and lay persons (such as first aiders) when dealing with a patient. In its original form it stands for Airway, Breathing, and Circulation. The protocol was originally developed as a memory aid for rescuers performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the most widely known use of the initialism is in the care of the unconscious or unresponsive patient, although it is also used as a reminder of the priorities for assessment and treatment of patients in many acute medical and trauma situations,...
I thought airway was deprecated?
6:01 PM
I mean, if the tongue is stuck in the neck and you breathe into the mouth, that only makes the situation worse.
Military first aid a few weeks ago taught SABC
Safe spot?
shoot first?
Safety - move to a safe spot, call the professionals, address any excessive bleeding
makes sense.
6:02 PM
Could also add 'check if head is still attached to body', if separated by more than 30 centimeters, you can skip SABC ;)
It's a joke they taught my grandpa in military service ;)
It says in this document that if it's not attached, you can skip CPR, so yeah...
:D Funny that they didn't change the rules in all those years ;)
@Mithical Yeah, safety always first, then ABC
6:22 PM
Is this question Closed? Appears to be in the History, and I cannot see the Answer box, but it's not visibly marked as Closed. I'm low-rep there. The "Highly Active Question" banner appears at the bottom... interpersonal.stackexchange.com/questions/23474/…
history says it's open
It's open, it's protected
latest item in the history shows "review | close" but maybe that review didn't succeed? Anyway my question is: why is the Highly Active banner at the bottom rather than top?
Because you are low rep, and would expect an answer box in that place
But because you're low rep, you get no answer box
The review was 3x leave open
as was the earlier one
6:28 PM
huh, ok. Just squaring with the Question here: meta.stackexchange.com/a/340845/281934
didn't realize the notice is at the bottom for low-rep, top for high-rep
6:46 PM
Heh, got a personal visit from that troll.... should I feel honored? lol
@pkamb yup. It's in the relevant place.
@Mithical yeah... you also learned to make חוסם עורקים?
I was in a course like 20 times, remember nothing of this. :/
Wait why you all talked about such things? scrolling up
@JohnDvorak bigger is better, when it comes to toilets.... :D
@Shadow10YearsWizard yep
This is for a sports coach certification course though, so a bit more in depth than the military one
Yeah, nice.
@Mithical haha here at home I always learned you need to be able to walk between head and torso to not do CPR. That's also the only way non-doctors can declare someone deceased
Anyone elses chat look weird? i.sstatic.net/CCxnk.png
@Luuklag here nobody is allowed to declare someone as deceased unless they're actual doctors.
@Luuklag some images failed to load, so you see the alternative text, which ruin the design...
Works fine here, so likely slow connection?
7:03 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard probably recovering from sleepmode did no good
Q: Chat profile avatars width wrong with alt text

LoveAndCoding As you can see above, Ben doesn't have a profile picture. This is expected for me, as his picture is being blocked by Ghostery for me. I have gravatar whitelisted but not other sites, and his happens to be pulled from another site. The space where his image would be, however, is not properly a...

@Luuklag yeah, same here.... had to restart twice today to make the computer behave.
Doctor: What happened?
Bystander: We were looking up medical advice online.
Doctor: [Pulls blanket over face]
Doctor: Time of death, half hour ago.
@Shadow10YearsWizard already upvoted that
@Shadow10YearsWizard I'm running an excel simulation, can't restart for about a day or so....
Dang, I'm getting slow. Took me whole 8 seconds to cast a close vote. :(
8 mins you mean
7:06 PM
Here. ;)
8 mins here
And all/many Google avatars are broken due to bad parameter...
@Shadow10YearsWizard yeah, but never noticed many google users in chat
Proposed title: The existence of these tags come at a high [cost] and reduce my [efficiency] and [productivity] — Luuklag 4 mins ago
Doubtfull to make the edit to Glorfindel's post
@Luuklag oh, only new.
@Luuklag better not touch @Glor's titles, he can hit hard.
@Res are you still futile?
7:16 PM
@ResistanceIsFutile So why are you still resisting if you think all is lost? :D
What's going on with so many suddenly joining? lol
@ResistanceIsFutile oh
@Shadow10YearsBlizzard I brought them here. Duh.
ETA when you won't be futile anymore? @Resi
^^^ That there is a new question should show almost instantly, and that one's not difficult to determine that it's OT; so 8 seconds is a significant delay. Source: meta.stackexchange.com/q/125677/282094
@Ollie so @g3r and @Res are your socks?! :D
7:18 PM
@Shadow10YearsWizard No, those are still in my Bogs.
His socks is blue.
Jeez... a ten-year blizzard.
@Rob exactly! Glad someone here see my point.
*grammar correction alert*
@Rob Are.
@Ollie buggy
7:19 PM
Is, when referring to a person.
@Shadow10YearsWizard *throws a blue monkey on @ShadowWizard*
If one person act as sock... two persons still count as two.
Not socks...
@Ollie are blue monkey :D
@Blob No.
7:20 PM
@shadow I just published a new book, so I ma taking five minutes off
sending the blue monkey from @Ollie back
For the guys in here: one of those popular soccer players is apparently dead.... Maradonna I think he was called.
Too late. The gift has been given, it can't be given back @Shadow.
@Tinkeringbell yeah, it's everywhere. :/
@Tinkeringbell the obesity got him?
7:21 PM
@Ollie It is in my nature ;P
and nothing is ever completely lost... we are still here...
is it actually statistically shown that there's correlation between gender and interest in watching sport?
Who, what. They died from playing with @Ollie's socks?
@Rob You handed them down to me, it's your monkey-infested fault.
At least I don't watch soccer.
@Luuklag no clue, I'm not going to wade through 20 news articles finding out.
@Shadow10YearsWizard well it wasn't here yet
7:23 PM
@JohnDvorak if you ask my husband, no there is no correlation... he could not care less
@Tinkeringbell All I know of him was he was a large guy these days
@ResistanceIsFutile I'll happily support that conclusion
I know something about addiction and his weight, yeah.
So, there's 2 or three ...
I've only been once to a football match, and it was more of a social gesture than interest in football.
@Tinkeringbell mind purging some comments here? meta.stackexchange.com/questions/357120/…
7:24 PM
🤯 - done
@JohnDvorak I liked watching football, the dwarf/gnome divisions are fun... But as my brother got older, the games got longer and more boring to watch
gotta make time for the ad breaks
@Luuklag nope, but it'll have to wait a few minutes I'd rather be on my pc for that
Superbowl intermission is what's worth watching.
@user400654 that's not fo... oh. Americans have stolen the term for ball rugby.
Still... I thought the sport played inbetween superbowl ads was baseball?
7:32 PM
That's humorous, but actually the intermission costs almost a million a minute and lasts almost 15 minutes: Intermission Video - If it was on TV I guess it's safe for work; at least where I've worked ...
@Luuklag Got rid of some, kinda want to drop a lock there but...
@Tinkeringbell whatever you see fit, Kind of sad to see a kid in such distress
I gues that's what you get when you skip the T&C's and just check the box
Can sede do a search on user ID?
@Luuklag I'm not even as sure it really is an underage user XD I've asked.
@Luuklag already offered
7:42 PM
How does this guy still have no IP ban: askubuntu.com/users/1151662/wesley-atwood
@rene Yeah just noticed your comment
I was thinking in the right direction ;)
@Luuklag tor probably
@rene yeah probably. Perhaps SE should employ logic like. Post by Wesley Atwood, wait 5 mins, nuke account
You have to plainly say that your parents are monitoring the usage of the account, that's what young people I know say; it really doesn't look like it based on what I see, but that's what the profile's tag line says - and I suppose XYZ site randomly checks on accounts from time to time. --- Not that any such thing happens here ...
you need someone with access to the ha-proxy to block-ip ranges there.
Y'all... really just leave that user alone. Their account was deleted because of sockpuppeting, not age.
7:47 PM
Will the real Wesley Atwood please stand up.
@Catija okay cool. I don't think anyone was doing anything other then genuinly trying to help this person. But looks like they dug themselves a deeper hole now, admitting their under-age in the comments
Yeah, it's good that you're trying to help - that's kind of y'all. :)
Digging mode
@Catija Will there be an official comment or answer on that post, so that I can lock the comments on that question? :)
I wasn't planning to.
7:51 PM
Wohooo my excel passed the half-way mark on the simulation. #partymode
@Catija Okay, I'll write something up then :)
@Tinkeringbell Is there any need. Only thing he could do is use the contact link, which is already in an answer....
apparently I'm not going to write something up.
@Luuklag Well, right now it has two answers telling him he was deleted for being underage, while that's not true.
So, I doubt he's going to get his posts back. like you just edited into your answer.
Good thing I just put @rene's comment in my answer
Well I put an IF there @Tinkeringbell
It doesn't really matter. Seems Catija is handling it anyways, despite not planning too. Thank you! :)
7:56 PM
Nice work @Catija
Btw, for future reference. If a user gets deleted for being too young, can you still send them an email to explain the deletion?
Part of the deletion process is that they are sent an email, so someone whose account gets deleted - and it'll be an entire account, not a site profile - will get an email explaining it.
Okay, good to know. So if anyone posts such a question again the comment you put on this Q is basically the only applicable answer
How can this comment still be around when the question is closed as dupe of that link
Yeah, it applies whether they were deleted for being underage or suspended as a sock puppet... I mean, if their main account was a sock, it should have gotten suspended with the sockpuppeting reason but it might not if it was already suspended... but they should be aware of why their account was deleted.
okay, thx for that explanation :)
I hope that when I come back in the morning my excel succesfully completed the simulation..
3393/6405... So will take about 8 hours more...
8:04 PM
Michael has half a dozen sites, rather than question deletion (as happened on MSE) shouldn't the account be 2 year suspended + deleted for being underage; regardless of socks?
@Rob feels like adding injury to insult to me, but you might technically be right
or insult to injury, I don't know
It's not that we dislike them, or young people in general, it's just that SE doesn't want to pay a fine.
Yeah I know, and understand, but I also sympathise with those users to an extent
8:08 PM
@Rob That's not what we do, anyway. We're not allowed to retain the data of underage users, so suspending isn't enough - even normal account deletions aren't enough, we have a special route for deleting underage users that send them an email and removes all of their PII.
OK, that's why you do the heavy lifting.
8:22 PM
@Rob always love these images
@Catija It seems that that route would also delete any info that would allow the system to reinstate suspensions on recreated accounts, right? (As that requires email or IP addresses to be stored)
... there's no "reinstating suspensions" on deleted accounts - only profiles. Accounts are almost never deleted.
... but they are for underage users.
The terminology gets thrown about lazily a lot but I try to use it correctly... a site profile is a single site's "account"... an "account" is the hub account for the network that "owns" the profiles. If a mod or user deletes a profile, the account is untouched. When a user recreates that profile on the site, the info about the suspension is retained in the network account and plopped back on the new profile. But that still requires them to be the same account.
If an account is deleted, which is generally only for underage users, then all of the suspension history is gone, so there's no way to reinstate anything.
Yeah, I understand that aspect of the system (but got confused with the terms). The same thing also allows users to retain their association bonus even after removing their profiles on all sites. It also gets confusing that stackexchange.com profiles are just representations of the network account, not the network account itself, and it's possible to have a physical profile there
If all site profiles are removed, the stackexchange.com profile will go 404 within 24 hours (so long as the user hasn't explicitly signed in there and thus created a physical profile there), but that may be confusing to users because they think their entire account was removed when it wasn't.
:8637404 f
@Catija Are accounts also deleted if the user requests deletion through the GDPR form instead of the normal account deletion form?
8:34 PM
Probably? But the CMs don't get those requests.
8:58 PM
The way accounts/profiles work is not something any regular user could ever understand. I'm quite sure I don't understand it
There's so much weird stuff there due to the way it is internally structured. And it gets only worse with Teams involved, which is one thing I'll never understand. All the privacy and security issues by having Teams directly connected to an SO account, instead of simply treating it as an entirely separate site internally.
9:27 PM
can't you just create a new acct
@user400654 that assumes that you already know how this works (which no new user would, and most experienced SO users neither). And it requires you to keep two separate browser sessions for Teams and SO, and that part is far beyond what most people do
only access teams account from work laptop and only access public account from other devices?
Actual (real) deletion requires doing it correctly. Being told by a help file or label on a button that everything is OK isn't how things work. Incorrect Deletion verus Correct Deletion.
@JohnDvorak the thing I find just baffling is that if you sign up to a Team while logged in it will simply connect your account to the Team without asking. That also adds your company email as a login, so anyone with access to that can take over your account
9:50 PM
10:29 PM
@Catija When cross-site spammers are nuked by a CM (such that their network profile shows a "Not found" page), is that also account deletion, or something else?
@RyanM it is... but I think JNat is the one who does them for the most part.

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