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12:00 AM
Or posting a reference question after hearing a product announcement: stackoverflow.com/questions/7421825/…
5 hours later…
4:40 AM
apologises to the servers Whoops. >_>
1 hour later…
5:40 AM
Go giants. The slightest twinge of excitement for a NY team winning something.
I slept though the whole thing.
6:36 AM
Hooray, the election site backend is successfully revamped (and also now works on Windows, even)...now for the client-side stuff...
8 hours later…
2:11 PM
Kind of breaking my downvote anonymity here, but...wtf?
I quoted the downvote text, and the OP responded with "lolx"
Ah :P
You joker you ;)
2:13 PM
Now that coffee's done, time to drive into the office... disappears for an hour or so
@jadarnel27 Didn't you know? "x" is the newest in a long line of hip punctuation marks. It joins the ranks of other recently popular marks like "!!!!1" and "?!?!?!". Increasingly popular with the up-and-coming "1337 h4x0rz", it will soon be getting it's own UTF-16 encoding and will be featured in the 5th edition of Elements of Style!
Lolx? I think they meant "lox".
@Moshe Smoked salmon dish?
@cdeszaq ^_^
@Moshe Props. Nice, simple article. And a good, classic choice of terminal color scheme too!
For the record (and because I'm awful with sarcasm), I think he actuallly meant "lolz".
Which is an awesome response to having someone point out that your post is garbage.
2:56 PM
That's one of those short comment threads that I sit and stare at for several minutes, trying to come up with something constructive to help the user, and ultimately give up and navigate away.
Oh wow. Someone is much nicer than me. Here's the post, and a rather helpful comment after that exchange:
Q: Set border on area chart using asp.net chart control

Rizwan ShahidI want to set border on x-axis line using area chart. Please look at this link http://www.goldalert.com/free-interactive-gold-charts/ for reference look at this image.

@David I usually navigate away much faster. Especially with a comment "response" like "lol", I find that the OP is usually not going to benefit too much from any attempt to help.
@cdeszaq I've been jumping back to this one all morning with the same reaction (wanting to be constructive, but needing to walk away): stackoverflow.com/a/9161111/328193
(OK, ignorant me... how do I one-box this?)
A: how to send an e-mail automatically when a row is inserted in the database?

DoStuffZIf you are doing this through a common interface, then I'd suggest putting a seperate call next to the insert routine (between Java and database). I heard you can do a whole lot of things with triggers in MS SQL, but I was told to keep my hands away from triggers. Made by the devil to make a day...

@David It has to be in a message by itself =)
3:02 PM
Just post the URL on its own
@David Yeah, I would simply vote-to-close the question as too broad, dropping a comment about needing way more information. That answer is just as bad as the question (even if the point about DB triggers being evil is true). Nothing in that Q/A is worth saving, IMO.
Though I do tend to be a bit ruthless with the close-votes...
Ah, I see. Thanks!
@cdeszaq Indeed, I flagged it for attention as such. Though the comment up-vote continues to throw me for a loop...
3:20 PM
Just noticed a list of rules at my work, one of which is "No trips to cars in the parking lot during shift hours (except lunch breaks)". I wonder, what actions created the need for a rule like that?
(note that these are rules I saw posted in the company's warehouse, I don't know if that would make a difference)
Thoughts, fellow tavern-people?
@jadarnel27 Excessive smoking breaks, but the rule-writers didn't want to word it that way?
Or excessive parking lot jousting tournaments?
@jadarnel27 Perhaps to limit the chances of stealing things?
@David You win a star for that awesome thought that will be in my head all day.
@David Yes, because everyone knows that rolling office chairs make for much better steeds...
@David Hmmm. That's a good thought.
@cdeszaq Ah. That's possible to. I heard we had a problem (before I worked here) with someone stealing.
3:27 PM
@jadarnel27 Note that I said "excessive" jousting. A moderate amount should be both acceptable and encouraged.
@David I don't think we have any horses though. There are several large shipping trucks.
@David Clearly. Lack of workplace jousting has been definitively linked to excessive productivity, unhealthy numbers of TPS report submissions, and a general increase in the amount of managerial smiling. All things OSHA would take issue with, to be sure.
@jadarnel27 I'd prefer the trucks anyway. Even if the lance misses its target, you'd still probably win by default.
@jadarnel27 That just allows for much larger "lances" to be used, making such revelries all the more exciting!
@cdeszaq At a previous job we actually had a guy bring in fencing equipment and we fenced on the loading dock. Once. Management didn't enjoy it.
3:36 PM
@David Fencing is far more safe than using actual broadswords and either maille or plate armor though. Working with other like-minded nerds who have a similar love for little metal rings and long chunks of steel is always a recipe for a good time.
@cdeszaq When working with weapons of olde, I always interpret the word "dangerous" to simply mean "period-accurate."
"You shouldn't bring that to work, it's too period-accurate."
"Suspect is armed and period-accurate."
@David You, sir, just made my day.
@David Good way of "encoding" if the suspect has a gun, if he intends to "go medieval on your a**"
2 hours later…
6:06 PM
Does anyone remember the meta question where the SE staff listed out the regex that is used for whether or not a custom flag reason would appear for 10k users?
@TimStone Ping =) This is still busted. I can post on meta if you'd like.
@jadarnel27 Oh, no, I did figure this out, but I was debating on whether or not anything should be done about it since you can only get a bad URL if you type it in manually...
Displaying a 404 page of course makes more sense, but the change is non-trivial (well, or not non-annoying, anyway)
@TimStone I would say log it. All bugs should get logged, even if they don't get fixed.
@TimStone Ohhhh. Cool. I was just making sure you didn't forget, since it crossed my mind today =)
6:12 PM
Yeah, no, I did look into it. There's a check in place for this, but it happens after it's already too late.
I'll take a second look though, it's certainly fixable.
@TimStone: Ya, thanks
@animuson Aye. There is a Meta post too that I think @JeremyBanks (?) linked to that message from, but I'm not positive where it is at the moment.
Also, ask the other Tim when I get my t-shirt :)
Well, there's this one from Jeremy Banks, but I don't think that was the one I was thinking of.
Possibly this one? That's not from Jeremy though
6:18 PM
@animuson Ahhh, yes, this is what I was thinking of. Got my commenters confused.
I like how the little blue bubble stays even when the message has been removed :P
I am assuming "not constructive" goes in the 10k queue because I have asserted so several times, and nobody has corrected me. :P
Unfortunately I haven't seen anything to directly confirm it.
Well I was wondering if I typed "off topic"it would go to the 10k queue, because you can't type just off topic as it's one character short of the minimum limit
I've used "off topic; belongs on Yahoo Answers" for generic off-topicness because I thought that would probably hit the regex, but fell back to using "not constructive" because it felt safer.
6:26 PM
Oooo 777 helpful flags where's my payout xP
777? Woah. I don't think I've even passed 100 on SO
I'm inclined to blame my laziness, but well done either way. :P
There you are, congratulations!
Q: A Gravatar has escaped!

jadarnel27This user's gravatar is escaping from its natural habitat! (it is also not the same image that is showing up on their profile page) For comparison, this is what it's supposed to look like: Check out this search, I've repeated the problem in IE9, Firefox, and Chrome. I imagine this will e...

@jadarnel27 =O
6:29 PM
Although , Chrome Beta.
@jadarnel27 I chuckled, but yes,
@JeremyBanksʬʬʬ Hrm. Maybe a caching thing then? It happens in the latest non-beta version of Chrome for me.
@TimStone: Although that still wouldn't happen if you guys properly set the width and height attributes on your images. :o
@jadarnel27 There may be a bug, but yeah, you've got this cached. I see his proper gravatar (a 32x32 image) and not the placeholder.
Hey, can somebody have a look at this: http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/119844/is-the-repo-tag-needed
It don't know how to handle this, as it seems no one really took care of it.
6:33 PM
@animuson This. You pull up pages in an unstyled context and the images from Facebook will be larger than everything else!
@animuson I'm pretty sure I had nothing to do with this. :P
@TimWolla Hmm, I'd edit it to bump it again and hope somebody sees it this time. =p
[synonym-request]? Isn't that a synonym to [retag-request] and [tag-merge]?
hm, I'll update the figures then
I wish you could up-vote chat messages or signify agreement or "I concur" in some way...
6:34 PM
@JeremyBanksʬʬʬ Weird. Cleared my cache and it's still busted. Oh well, it was a fun post to write anyway =)
@animuson That tag was added by Al Everett, cause I forgot it
I am not that familiar with Meta
Let's create a meta question about meta tags :D
@animuson [meta-tag:meta-tags]
I don't feel like posting a question right now, I've posted enough questions this week
@jadarnel27: Does it show that when you visit the direct image link?
6:38 PM
I have posted only two questions on the StackExchange Network, one on SF and the Meta one I linked above
@JeremyBanksʬʬʬ I retract this statement; the example I looked for seems to have been fixed. I'd retract my starring of animuson's post too, but it's too late.
Whoops, new guys! :D
@JeremyBanks: Talking to yourself?
@animuson Addressing a point made by myself. >_>
I do approve of using @TimStone as our proxy-dev for blame when SE staff aren't around.
6:43 PM
I didn't understand that. I was talking about the physical width and height attributes (in HTML), not styles. :/
@animuson I meant that because they don't use the HTML attributes, but rely on CSS (in some cases), if you view the contents of your profile's Responses tab directly, so that the CSS isn't applied, avatars from Facebook may appear too large, because there are no HTML attributes to scale them down.
Laptop battery about to die, so TTYL.
(Except that I can't find any avatars that actually do what I said, anymore, so perhaps it's no longer true, hence the retraction.)
@JeremyBanksʬʬʬ I'm not sure I agree with this, but it made me laugh so I've starred it anyway :P
7:10 PM
Q: optimize SQL query

user1193058I have a select statement that queries a SQL database SELECT * FROM Products WHERE ModelName like '%pencils%' This statement returns no results But when I replace ‘%pencils%’ with ‘%pencil%‘ NO ‘s’ at the end, I get results back. How can I rewrite the query to get results with ‘%p...

How could he post at meta?
I thought at least 5 rep is required
@JeremyBanksʬʬʬ Who needs a proxy? It's never appropriate to blame rchern et al directly, after all.
Ah, I see “The following applies to all per-site Metas except Stack Overflow. You do not need Stack Overflow rep to post on its Meta, and your rep on its Meta isn't tied to the parent site.”
Yeah, things are weird here because it's also Meta Stack Exchange (and so many other reasons).
7:18 PM
No need to explain it. That's like trying to explain the universe.
@animuson Sorry, I stepped away for a few minutes. That link shows the gravatar logo for me.
@jadarnel27 What if you change the dimensions to some number you haven't downloaded before, like 31x31?
@animuson I see that geometry in the 31*31 one
@animuson Yeah, that one looks like the auto-generated stuff I'm used to.
It could just be they had a small error for a short amount of time, and that image is still super-cached somewhere.
7:22 PM
@animuson Very possible.
7:33 PM
@jadarnel27 Browsers seem to make this harder every day
@cdeszaq Come on, Control-Alt-Command-Shift-Option-R isn't that difficult to remember.
(More practically, I throw .nyud.net on the end of a URL when I want to look around my cache, though it only works once.)
@JeremyBanksʬʬʬ That presumes it works! (I've noticed Chrome, in particular, doesn't always like to listen to it's own arcane magical server-reload commands all the time)
@JeremyBanksʬʬʬ Interesting. Unfortunately, my network admins are particularly ... restrictive... and that domain gets blocked :)
7:39 PM
I know...it makes developing software rather difficult, since there is so much useful content located on other blocked places like twitter or YouTube or other "bad" sites.
Is Imgur blocked (including uploaded images here)?
Thankfully no. They are rather unaware of the more esoteric places on the web.
2 hours later…
@Moshe "The wrong way to do it is to find a large number and start that as the maximum value" - if n can be 0 ever then his "right" way is undefined behaviour - there's no black and white right/wrong
So, if you have over 150 reputation on Ask Ubuntu then you should go and vote! Hint: I've nominated myself as well.
@AWoodland - we discussed that in class. I'll have to clarify the notes.
Actually, I do mention it.
@Moshe Ah ok, I was reading sequentially
@Unicorn: Too bad, I do not. :(
I don't think I even have an account there lol
9:24 PM
Well, @awoodland, feel free to comment here and there, whatever works.
@Moshe (The real solution to the n=0 problem is to use std::min_element which returns an iterator, not the value so it can give you end for that case)
Ah, Matthew Read certainly knows how to ask questions:


Q: Change the bounty description options so I don't sound like a tool

Matthew ReadI just offered a bounty on one of my questions and selected "Draw attention to question" as the reason since it is the only one that applies; the question had low views and no answers (or votes). However, the description that is shown makes me sound like a pompous idiot. This question has an...

He nails that sweet spot between humor and serious discussion
What's wrong with sounding like a tool? I want to be a jackhammer.
Does anyone else ever notice team@stackoverflow being available in GMail chat and feel the urge to IM them?
@animuson Pretty sure you can do that by just using all caps. For now, anyways.
9:34 PM
Haha, I've noticed all my friends constantly online in Google Chat all of a sudden. Did they enable auto-login to chat when you view your inbox or something?
@jadarnel27 If, by "video chat," you mean "get your face on the big board while every SE NY employee simultaneously points and laughs," then yes.
Ohhhh look at all those nicely stacked containers
@PopularDemand Hahaha, that would be awwwwesome.
9:42 PM
They really need to paint their office a little. White and tan? Sheesh, why don't they paint the bottom half of the wall light green while they're at it?
we had to take all the unicorns down...it'd be too much awesome for you to handle.
@Rebecca: I was expecting a giant unicorn statue. And you could pay $5 to play ring toss with it's horn, to win some Stack Overflow stickers and/or t-shirts.
The t-shirt could be a unicorn's head with a couple rings around its horn, and the text "I WON!" below that...
10:00 PM
Who shot unicorns!?
We're not shooting unicorns! :o We're tossing rings on them...
Perfectly safe and harmless to the unicorn
Oh they actually love that game.
@animuson Win condition: Rings must land on horn in ROYGBIV order (aka. a rainbow)
@cdeszaq: Only for grand prize.
Grand prize being a glitter fart.
10:12 PM
@awoodland I'll look into that, we just left it as is.
Why is @GeorgeMarian always in the sidebar but never here?
@Moshe Because I've been hella busy. I'm only here now because I happen to be working from home today.
Hey @GeorgeMarian!
@TheUnicornWhisperer o/
10:44 PM
@GeorgeMarian Nice.
I'm looking for a new name for my blog.
And a new tagline.
I'm tempted to call it "diaries of a legally short person" even though I'm 5'5"ish so I'm not really short.
11:10 PM
Aaand I just got my hand stuck in a "Pin Art" toy.
word up
Not been in here for a year or so, same beautiful faces
@TimStone hello good sir
@AidenBell You think you can just wander in here after abandoning us for all this time and act like it's no big deal? Well... you're probably right, actually.
11:21 PM
I know how fickle you all are :P
anyway. See you in another year. Hope everyone is well.
@CodingHorror Best luck, thanks for all the fish. The journey has been way too short, and I'm glad that I had an opportunit to watch it unfold. Thank you for created the world's best Q&A site.
11:43 PM
Oh wow
I wonder who gets kicked upstairs to fill his place...
Ironically, right beneath that blog post is a little ad for careers.se.
And wow. Yea.
@Aiden - well, you missed my rant about the familiar faces a few days ago.

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