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12:07 AM
@DavidPostill he isn't even registered!
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2:37 AM
votes to reopen would be appreciated meta.stackexchange.com/questions/354715/…
That's a very different question than your initial revisions...
@William I think asking a new question would have been a better choice in this case.
Ay, thank you!
3:04 AM
erf. Using a sock is a pain :D
@William - Aibobot is my alternate account and I answered your other question with that (Cause I was at work, and it was too long to write on my phone....)
Is there any level of activity on windows phone ? Are there active mods?
Trying to expand the scope of the site might be a viable option if you can get folks chiming in/supporting bringing in other platforms
alternately, as folks suggested - is retrocomputing ok with a merger? I do realise "retro" is a bit of a blurry line...
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6:23 AM
@Ollie congrats for the ! That's pretty rare. Can still take few months (or even more than 9 years) but there is real chance it will be actually done. :)
@JourneymanGeek only if it's dirty. :D
@William added my vote.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask lol, wanted to update a post, and staying to the letter of the rules I decided to log into aibo on a incognito browser instance :D
@JourneymanGeek why? As mod or high rep user you won't get any rep or other benefit from editing posts. Can't see any issue with editing your sock's posts. :)
It's like commenting.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask well - by right, you don't interact with your own posts
I wouldn't comment either if I could avoid it
6:28 AM
I see it as "don't interact in a way that gives you anything". Common sense.
well a critical part of the alt account is to be completely aboveboard :D
Might be mistaken and I don't set the rules, but that's my view.
I don't use sock so often so it's less of a problem, but might use it e.g. for commenting on own post to test a bug with notifications.
I won't upvote the comments of course.
When my sock starts commenting on my posts it always ends in an argument that I lose.
2 hours later…
8:28 AM
@rene I took a moment to doubt if you were taking about an actual sock and then i remembered that it's the term to refer for an alt account :o
still relatable though
@NordineLotfi well I do have actual socks. @rene saw them all. ;)
Let's see if I can find it...
I once thought of having two separate accounts, one where i could ask only questions, and another where i could only answer...

Didn't go along with it when i saw the rules on alt account though
No rules set in stone except "don't vote/flag/etc each other".
Those will lead to instant suspension, if detected.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask yeah, i see what you mean
But commenting, answering without voting etc, should be fine.
Now let's look for my socks...
lol rene bookmarked it.

Shadow new socks

Sep 21 '16 at 10:38, 54 seconds total – 3 messages, 1 user, 0 stars

Bookmarked Nov 8 '16 at 19:21 by rene

8:32 AM
anyway, is there any SE/SO where i could ask the yet to unveil secret of most of the time: why do socks disappear???
or more precisely, where
I'm very serious, it seems like there some strange things at work here
Let's see.... 3-4 pairs have died since I posted this, and I got 6-8 (literally ;)) new pairs.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask So, not a total loss :DD
So it also meant I had to move them into their own drawer, with no underwear.
we need updated proof pictures
I usually lose 2-4 socks or so, don't know where they go though...
8:35 AM
@rene lol
You stalker. :D
@NordTheLoftyWizard in which time period??
@NordTheLoftyWizard awesome!!
solker sounds better
(i think?)
Less clear.
that's a good question
I wish i knew, as i don't take note on when the sock are lost
8:36 AM
Well, I somehow never lose socks. They just tear at some point, or become loose.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask yeah, not really seeing the socks in the pun
@ShadowWizardWearingMask mine rarely tear, but there always one or two simply gone
@NordTheLoftyWizard sure, Science Fiction/Fantasy SE site. ;)
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Nice, time to get some interesting reaction (hopefully)
though i wouldn't be surprise if someone already asked this
@NordTheLoftyWizard lol I was kidding... it's only for existing books/movies/TV shows. :)
So first you have to write a book e.g. "Where Socks Go When the Night Falls?" then you can discuss it on the site. :P
...I was about to hit the review question button though o-o
even written a decent post too
8:44 AM
hehe, sorry! blush
nah, it's fine :3
You could get some funny comments, but it will get closed.
yeah, probably downvoted/deleted too :/
8:47 AM
On a serious (?) note, you can ask on Life Hacks SE site how to avoid losing your socks. :)
TIL someone there advice me to put a tracking device in each of them...
there actually some waterproof one, might try this if I'm curious :o
e.g. I asked there how to avoid losing phone and got good answers. ;)
@NordTheLoftyWizard I think someone did some fancy math on this...
@JourneymanGeek are you serious? :o pls show me
@NordTheLoftyWizard can't remember where I saw it :D
8:52 AM
@NordTheLoftyWizard that's not a bad, idea, might get such answer on LH. :)
Q: How to avoid losing keys/phone/wallet?

xtyconI constantly lose my keys, phone and wallet. I tend to leave them inside the car, house, bathroom, public places, etc. It costs me a lot of valuable time plus increases my stress levels. Any tips on keeping my valuables in check? I have tried carrying around a fanny pack, checking my pockets whe...

@Nord ^
@ShadowWizardWearingMask yeah, problem is when you need to wear them, and you're in a rush...then it'll feel like stepping on a lego brick :/
@JourneymanGeek journey cm overlord when?
@mag hm
I might sit this round out
@NordTheLoftyWizard depends where you put the device. Surely these days there are super small devices you can attach to the top of the sock. :)
I'm looking at the job requirements and one of them kinda rules out basically every mod
8:55 AM
the accepted answer though: putting your socks on a leash O-O
I guess it would be fine since i don't technically have a pet
@ShadowWizardWearingMask yeah, for sure
Yeah it was posted years ago. :)
@JourneymanGeek which one?
> 3-5 years in a similar community facing role within an organization with millions of users
I'm still thinking about it - trying to get my cover letter cleaned up, getting my resume a little more focused for the role but...
you could argue being a mod meets that
@mag SU has slightly under a million registered users
8:57 AM
SU + Meta
anyone who's been a mod on MSO during 2019 has stood a trial by fire that dwarfs a normal CM role
@mag so - yeah. its still on the table, but I'm taking my time to try to get it right
I've applied twice already, I don't think I have that many times left
+1 for the patience
If it were me, i would probably stop at the first/second attempt and try something else
@NordTheLoftyWizard I like this place, and I've been running communities on and off for the last 15 or so years...
oh yeah, any place i could ask questions related to jobs? (like technical question on employment, resume/cover letter etc)
9:01 AM
@NordTheLoftyWizard workplace.se
@JourneymanGeek Thanks
@NordTheLoftyWizard and well
I believe in the community - and the folks here. I might not always believe the company, but its a good way to get voices in that advocate for yanno....
all of us
@JourneymanGeek yeah, i totally get what you mean :D
could be a good opportunity for you, and us too
at the same time - there's more than one role up
so sitting it out, and trying later might be a stratergy
I don't really know.
@JourneymanGeek Hey wait, the next presidential debate is two weeks away
I'd totally watch "Journey v. Trump".
Like, he'll go on a big rant about how Singaporese immigrants cause lots of problems and Journey'd say only one word: "Actually"
9:14 AM
@M.A.R. I would end up biting him and it would be in bad taste
Ugh, dental hygiene is important. I would not stand for this chat advocating otherwise
@M.A.R. there won't be. The one yesterday was so horrible they're going to abort all others.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask What, really?
When two figures that don't fit to be president even a tiny bit try to have a "debate", the only outcome is chaos.
If they were on the street, without suits, we would be watching fist fight, for sure.
Which would be better. :D
Would have been awesome to watch with Trump's funny cute lil hands
9:24 AM
> President Donald Trump and his challenger Joe Biden have fiercely clashed in one of the most chaotic and bitter White House debates in years.
Well it's the first of the three
Lol, Biden told Trump to shut up? I'm almost tempted to watch
9:38 AM
@NordTheLoftyWizard I usually don't apply twice to a position either
that being said I've never sent a CV and haven't at least gotten an interview
the places where I didn't get an offer after that was a mutual thing, where I wouldn't have wanted to work anyways
9:49 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask I'm pleasantly surprised by Biden. He seems to have the exact right strategy for dealing with trump
sounds nice :)
I usually get an interview 1 time every 5 time i apply somewhere (very rough estimate), though i did had an offer or two before (but they required me to move very far from where i was, and considering the pay, it wasn't really worth it...)
@mag meant 1 out of 5* but you get the idea
@mag on the contrary. Fighting with Trump with his own strategy (fake news, disrespect others in order to get respect for yourself, etc.) is doomed, as he's master of this.
I was just slightly terrified by the debate.
That... wasn't what I wanted to see when I first woke up in the morning.
every countries politics looks the same nowadays
@mag I didn't sent a lot, maybe 20, got about 5 interviews, and got the job in the one place where I mentioned my SO activity in the interview. ;)
10:04 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Does SO rep also add to the pay....
@QueenieGoldstein leaders fight among themselves, not caring a bit for their people? Yup.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask lol...7 bills passed in a day without opposition...xD
@QueenieGoldstein I didn't have much back then, it was many years ago... not sure I even hit 10k. But I did have some "decent" (i.e. with positive score) answers, which was enough. :D
Ohhh nice, I got 4 years...I can make it to 100ks lol
10:06 AM
but where's your github?
Don't have one. blush
All the workplaces I was part of (three, not that much :)) don't have open source repositories, so didn't have to commit anything publicly. And never got my head into committing stuff on my own just for fun. The few components I wrote from scratch were for work, so couldn't have them open source anyway.
Well, if you're ever interested in getting involved with it, I know a few repos... :eyes:
10:22 AM
hmm... spam takes longer than usual to get nuked. That's the second spam post that last over 4 minutes in the last hour.
Usually it's nuked in less than a minute.
Maybe auto flag bots are off?
didn't have a high enough weight
@Mithical so it's a bug, there's also link at end of the post, which is just wrapped as a paragraph.
Some wrong regex in Smokey?
Smokey smoked too much? :/
in all seriousness though, does Smokey just use plain regex with a db of known pattern for spam, or some weird trained AI?
I recall i may have asked this once but I'm not really sure
meh, 6 minutes is still good enough, and x100 times better than most sites being spammed. :)
@ShadowWizardWearingMask yeah, for sure
at least it's not my emails ;)
@NordTheLoftyWizard It's regexes all the way down
regexes long enough to stretch to the moon and back
Somehow I don't get spam to my email. knock on wood
And I have that email for.... oh my... lots of years.
10:44 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask usually, even if you don't post it anywhere, some spammers have a script that just randomize or generate existing email, then spam it
different kinds of regexes too. Blacklisted Keywords, Blacklisted Websites, custom regexes, special rules based on known patterns of abuse, all that
so you might just be lucky :o
@mag interesting
@NordTheLoftyWizard there is list of "blocked words", but other factors like post ending with a link.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask I see...it's on github/gitlab/git* right? :D
10:45 AM
@NordTheLoftyWizard so they didn't reach me. ;)
@NordTheLoftyWizard charcoal-se.org/smokey
@mag Thanks :)
@NordTheLoftyWizard yeah it's all there, Smokey is open book source.
If you feel like doing it you can even visit charcoal HQ and acquire privileges to give smokey feedback yourself
there's also a permission level for people to make new spamchecks via commands, and to approve certain PRs
Yeah Sonic often do it, and it creates PR's automagically.
Sep 26 at 6:10, by SmokeDetector
@SonictheMaskedWerehog You don't have blacklist manager privileges, but I've created PR#4936 for you.
hmm... isn't the word "blacklist" blacklisted on SE? ^
Bad Smokey.
10:50 AM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask It's SmokeDetector's fault.
for once it work right
and then you can do !!/approve <number> to approve the PR
if you have the perms for it
the list of people that can do that are 3rd category down here charcoal-se.org/people "Spam Checks Maintainers"
not sure if it's complete
11:03 AM
@JNat cross site spammer for your gentle care. Thanks! :)
11:45 AM
@mag It's not automatically updated nor maintained accurately.
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1:13 PM
@Mithical the Trump/Biden debate?
@Mithical That was one of the wildest things I think I've ever seen. It was the softest of softball questions and he still was completely incapable of disavowing hatred like that.
1:35 PM
Pure curiosity:
Why are all (most of) the users with "Trump", "stand by", or "hates" in their names suspended?
I think what is written juxtaposes each other: for and against - both candidates have a political history, and a political record (of doing or not doing). Voting outcome will be determined, most likely, by who has (and will continue) to provide measurable incremental improvements.
-- Like most elections: Pick your poison.
@Ollie because they're fire starters.
So better distinguish obvious fire before it starts...
Didn't see for myself though, also might be just socks of suspended accounts, suspended automatically. :)
If you want to keep the fire from spreading, why suspend instead of delete?
(if you're suspended, and try to create new account using same credentials, the account will be created, and automatically suspended.)
1:44 PM
@Ollie delete will just make the offender create another account.
And another.... etc.
In the past major spammers were merged into one account, which was suspended for like 100 years.
Maybe @Journeyman took part in that too, not sure. :)
Just put them all in one pot and turn up the heat.
That was like putting them in a shuttle and sending to the outer space. :P
Until they create another account.
1:46 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask naw, we can't merge or give 100 year suspensions
I do one year ones IF I know a spammer is recreating
Unleash the hounds upon them, to quote @Spevacus
Found it:
Q: How does the Deposit-User work?

Time Traveling BobbyOn SU there's the Deposit User which is suspended for quite some time. And I also know that it is used for spammers, but how does it work? Does the account of the spammer get 'linked' to Deposit? Do the answers get moved there?

@JourneymanGeek mods could merge in the past.
What's the difference between hyperlinks and permalinks?
Hyperlinks are hyper and permalinks are perma. ;D
But downward.
Hyper? Do they leap and scream with anticipation if you hover your cursor over them?
2:00 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask fixing merges are an epic pain
@Ollie To actually answer your question: A hyperlink is just a link that takes you to the linked URL. A permalink is a hyperlink that's intended to never change and be as immune as possible to link rot.
@Ollie - answering dupes ....
I do it cause it helps people right now, without worrying too much about reputation
Gotta trust people have their reasons and know what they are doing
Depending on the situation, a gentler, personal touch in the form of a pointed answer is helpful I think, when it comes to Meta.
2:10 PM
@JourneymanGeek yeah that's why the power was taken away...
2:26 PM
@Spevacus more or less 😁
2:45 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask That and it's twin should be historically locked, as they're 10 years old and don't reflect current practice.
3:04 PM
@Rob the twin is tricky - I'd suggest commenting there
the other one, sure flag it and we'll lock
3:36 PM
Funny to see that mis-posted (10K only): meta.stackexchange.com/a/354791/158100 it kind of made sense, up to some point ....
Hah! Looks like it found its home a minute or two later.
@Rob no, I don't agree. It's wrong to put historical lock on every old question. It should be used rarely. And the twin is just an outdated answer, there are thousands of these too, and they can't be locked with historical lock anyway. If the answer is also misleading and can't be edited to be in better shape, it can be flagged for deletion.
@Spevacus Yeah, I expected it needed to go there ;)
Breaking News: Chris Wallace is now running in the Portuguese Stack Overflow moderator election!
3:47 PM
Just joking around. The answer rene was speaking about mentions last night's presidential debate moderator, Chris Wallace.
4:10 PM
Jon Chan on September 30, 2020
In response to COVID-19 and its impact on SYEP, over 50 nonprofits and technology companies came together to design the Summer Bridge 2020 plan to continue the program. As one of Summer Bridge’s partners, Stack Overflow designed a workplace challenge to give students a taste of what it’s like to work in the tech industry and to give us a chance to learn more about how students engaged with our developer community.
@ShadowWizardWearingMask @aibobot It meets the guidelines for Historical Locking, while it could be deleted it's not necessarily a bad solution or a poor practice to bundle the accounts (particularly when the usernames seem auto-generated and consecutive; the name having no value). The FAQ seems clear enough, but if that's where the problem lies that's easier to fix.
@Rob I'm saying flag it so we can review
but for the outdated answer, commenting seems fine
if Ivo was still active - I'd ask him to fix but well, he's been busy with real life
5:03 PM
Ivo was on SO yesterday and at SU 2 days ago; so somewhat active. I'll be able to look at this later, as I'm in the middle of work.
1 hour later…
6:13 PM
It seems more a matter of Oak adding their comment into their question (changing and clarifying it) before I would ask for action on the post; and since it's their own comment they know their own business. --- The other is already actioned upon, and doesn't need further action; not dying for my intervention.
-- So I'm leaving this at my observation with the aforementioned disclaimers.
7:05 PM
@ShadowWizardWearingMask Interestingly, I was the one who brought attention to it in 2014 and caused the team to nuke it
2 hours later…
8:43 PM
Is there a limit to how long edit comments can be?
Wild guess: 500
Educated guess: there is
Not judging by the size of the comment in the link in my previous comment: chat.meta.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/8575095#8575095
Edit comments are [supposed to be] small, like just "Fixed grammar", or "Updated resources" etc. etc., if there is a comment at all. A limit would prevent comments like that.
The comment is exactly 300 characters long; updating wild guess to that value; increasing confidence in wild guess to 95%
And most of those three hundred was a load of &*$%@.
Perhaps a feature-request for a limit?
There most likely is, otherwise the database would have collapsed by now. It may be reasonable to ask to reduce it, but I'm not confident in it being a beneficial change.
TIL that Stack Exchange won't advertise its blog post to me once, but literally dozens of times most likely. Would they please not?
8:58 PM
Are SO notification banners only used for major announcements?
The last podcast was advertised through it. The highlighter change wasn't.
You mean:
Hell that was fast!
Much faster than a few days ago.
Also, grammar note: talk to - they're the the other side of your conversation; talk with - they are on your side.
@JohnDvorak Which comment?
I'm referring to the adnouncement
9:05 PM
Dismissed for the fourth time
The banner?
Just X it. It didn't come back for me.
I X'd it for the fourth time. On four different sites.
9:12 PM
Isn't that how the banners are supposed to work?
If so, it needs to be fixed
I've just loaded 4 different random sites and I don't see any banner at all :)
If it catches up in a few minutes, it's ... better than it laying dormant forever.
@JohnDvorak Per Adam's answer, it should be gone network-wide. Are you blocking third-party cookies etc.?
9:16 PM
I am.
And it's still gone...
Unless Firefox does it by default, that is
I'm using Chrome.
I'll try it in 'Fox now.
Nope. Didn't even see it.
Oh wait...
Saw it.
@DavidPostill Are you using Chrome?
@Ollie nope win7, latest stable ff
The browser, I mean.
The bane of the banless banner.
9:29 PM
Ehhh, not really. See Glorfindel's userscript here.
9:59 PM
@Ollie Most anonymous edits with that long of an edit reason are really low quality, yeah. I sometimes heavily explain a particular edit I'm making if it has the potential to modify the meaning of a post, or explaining to a user why I've chosen "Reject and Edit". The edit summary in this case is my justification for such a change. I also try to be pretty descriptive in my tag wiki edits, see this one: meta.stackexchange.com/review/suggested-edits/71749
Side note: I rejected that suggested edit you posted on the grounds of the edit summary being abusive (didn't feed the troll, though, chose the "spam or vandalism" reason) - Those kind of changes should definitely be done on a logged-in account, and should also... y'know... not vent about their suspension.
Huh. That user is suspended already...
One of the users I didn't see was suspended.
I went ahead and flagged for their name to be anonymized. We'll see what comes of that.
@Spevacus I have no idea if that's reflected in edit history
I'll be going now
10:12 PM
@Spevacus uh. Bit of a story there
@JourneymanGeek Oh, I meant the author of a particular post that's suspended network-wide. Their username is relatively abusive. The edit Ollie brought up was an anonymous edit suggestion.
But not for here
Yeah, that's fine.
He kinda does have a point about it being nice if employees would pick it up though
Absolutely agree with that.
Actually... a better idea could've been to accept the edit and flag for that edit summary to be cleaned out.
The edit itself seemed fairly acceptable. Surface level observation on that ,though.
10:16 PM
Ya. He has been doing those a while. Gotta admire the dedication
I appreciate that bit at least ;D
Ah, he's suggested another.
Maybe improve and accept?
Yeah, would you mind working mod-magic to fix the summary?
I'm on my phone 😁
Hammered it through. I'll throw up a flag ;D
10:22 PM
And not much I can do with edit reasons/history
Is that a CM ability, then? I remember having one of my edit summaries be edited before (justifiably so)
Might be
I will check later
Thank you :)
11:11 PM
@JourneymanGeek Ah, found it. ;D
11:35 PM
I will try that when I get home
But is that for edits that actually happened or...
@JourneymanGeek Ones that already happened, yeah. I wouldn't imagine you could modified rejected edit summaries since they were never really applied.
If you wanted to preserve the links in his first edit, you could just override and approve that one and just modify the summary.
11:48 PM

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