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2:42 AM
So I've been messing around with the SE API today, and one thing I noticed is that the key that's used when running a query (here for example) is exposed when using firebug or chrome debugger or similar. I guess that isn't that big of deal then considering restrictions are based on IPs and not keys, right?
If you're curious, the key I'm seeing starts with U4DMV...
2:59 AM
Is there a reason that I'm seeing @Rebecca's icon instead of my own small gravatar?
1 hour later…
4:14 AM
@MarvinPinto Copying somebody else's public/client key would just result in you sharing a request limit, which seems pointless/not dangerous. The key used for authorizing apps is distinct and secret; exposing that would be a bad idea.
5:33 AM
Comment permalinks now available on meta, check it out.
srsly? |:
goes off to fix the userscript before people complain
<a href="http://meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/83721/do-we-need-a-reject-and-improve-button#comment205145_83721">
  <span class="comment-date" dir="ltr">
    <a class="comment-link" href="#comment205145_83721">
      <span title="2011-03-18 12:41:00Z">Mar 18 '11 at 12:41</span>
Lovely. :P
gee, if only my userscript auto-updated when you make this change
SOMEONE could have warned me. coughs ;)
Yeah, I got that working then realized my implementation was stupid and went to sob in a corner. :(
@TimStone hang on, I'll get some cheese outta the fridge for ya.
balpha's suggestion from a while back is the least error-prone given the lack of trustworthy state the userscript has, but it requires the person updating the script to follow a convention, which seems problematic.
I also enjoy crackers with my cheese and whine, if you've got any.
5:49 AM
D:\U\T\Personal\D\s-e\stack-scripts\prod> get merge mine/master
'get' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.
Hmm, clearly I need to think of new features to add before there's nothing left in the script. |:
But first I need to...you know, finish everything else I've been trying to finish.
@TimStone haha
6:06 AM
Hmm, now to remember what I was doing before this...
Hahah @Cleanupcareerdevelopment :P
The face on Newt Gingrich in that banner is great.
6:49 AM
@TimStone Yeah, I saw it on YouTube and thought it was hilarious.
I was considering using it in a bounty message instead (probably on meta, I'm not sure I'd have dared on SO), but thought that it was more likely to be interpreted as me actually trying to advertise than if I used the memeified Jimbo banner.
8:52 AM
@Moshe uh what?
1 hour later…
9:59 AM
Q: Direct Link to a Comment

ahsteeleThe increase in the character limit of comments has led them to become as important as the questions and answers that spawn them. On several occasions (especially on meta) I've found reason to want to link to a comment directly. I'd imagine something as simple as making the date / time stamp an a...

might wanna remove status-declined from that :)
10:19 AM
A: Help us clean up the Android tag

The Unicorn WhispererLong Term Solution I wish I could fix that problem as well but it isn't that easy. There are three major problems that contribute to the situation: Android is a relatively new and hyped technology, which means that it attracts a lot of attention from all kinds of developer levels. The languag...

1 hour later…
11:26 AM
@balpha - see?
iOS 5.0.1 on iPhone 4.
It happens on the main screen as well.
sure you haven't installed an "I am Rebecca" app?
Are you sure you are not Rebecca?
12:17 PM
Man, Ideone is awesome!
@TheUnicornWhisperer it would be nice if they offered gcc trunk, clang trunk and comeau on the C++ compilers list
Mhmm, I'd also enjoy a better editor but that might be just me.
I only ever paste from my preferred editor into that box, so it never bothered me much :)
1:01 PM
Q: Is there an "I am Rebecca" app?

MosheMy gravatar seems to have been replaced by Rebecca's, but only on the mobile site. Is there an "I am Rebecca" app? Did I install it? Oh, I'm running iOS 5.0.1 on an iPhone 4.

@balpha ---^
1:42 PM
o/ @MarvinPinto.
1:58 PM
@Moshe wtf did you do lol
@TheUnicornWhisperer Hey how goes it?
@RebeccaChernoff I'd lock your doors. :P
@TimStone Why sock-puppets don't attack you or something. :D
Like I said, the fix is simple, just an account merge. :P
Hahah, sounds like some sort of low-budget horror film
"Attack of the Sock Puppets, PART IV"
2:00 PM
@MarvinPinto Good good. Have you already read my answer to the Android tag cleanup question from Bill?
@TheUnicornWhisperer Just read it - sounds about right
Funny you mention API, I'm writing up a meta question as we speak (minor bug/feature request)
About the API?
Yeah the SE API
Isn't stackapps.com the more appropriate place?
But wouldn't a "site usability" issue be appropriate for meta? (I'm really not sure)
as in the API "browser" they built
2:07 PM
Oh, not sure about that.
StackApps is the right place for that
Okay stackapps it is :)
Wait, do you mean the form where you can enter parameters for a query and run it directly in the browser?
Oh yea, indeed, what Ben said. :)
2:08 PM
The gist of it is that I'm trying to build a custom filter (using the form) and it's not doing what it should
Because my cache would never be stale.
runs and hides
@TheUnicornWhisperer Btw, the API is brilliant for what we need to do. The criteria we can drill down to (when choosing questions to deal with) is quite impressive.
Sounds good.
Oh wow, I could hit the rep cap on Meta!
@TheUnicornWhisperer Showoff!
2:36 PM
> This may be one of the rare times where "oy" doesn't feel strong enough to fit... – Rebecca Chernoff 32m ago
2:54 PM
Done. I hope this makes sense :)
Q: Update the default filter editor to use the API key

Marvin PintoWhen I run a sample query using the SE API browser (is that right term?), say against /questions for example (here), I'll always see something to the effect of: ... "quota_remaining": 9424, "quota_max": 10000, "has_more": true } Which tells me it's using a key and is not restricted by th...

Man! I like that alert dialog shadow. I really tried to grab it.
You know the funny thing, for a while there I thought it was imgur automatically doing that for me, but it turns out that happens when you take a screenshot on the mac
The drop shadow that is
3:07 PM
@TimStone @RebeccaChernoff this may very well screw with your user script:
A: Chat: timestamp div incorrectly taking mouse focus

balpha Easy fix; changing it to 0 or removing it completely (setting it to auto) resolves the issue. Well, wouldn't it be great if everything was so easy. But the z-index actually has a purpose, believe it or not. And there's not really a nice way to make the time stamp not catch the hovering, sin...

Hello everyone
Hey @balpha, we were just discussing this in Root Access - is there any chance we'll be able to one-box direct links to comments eventually ?
now that comment links are kinda a first class citizen, that's not unlikely
Awesome, that'd be good.
@balpha What do you mean by "first class citizen?"
3:13 PM
until yesterday, getting the link to a particular comment wasn't so easy
unless you used a usercript, which almost everybody did
me included :)
Indeed, I noted the changes today. I didn't know of such a script :P
Although this probably should be updated
Q: Direct Link to a Comment

ahsteeleThe increase in the character limit of comments has led them to become as important as the questions and answers that spawn them. On several occasions (especially on meta) I've found reason to want to link to a comment directly. I'd imagine something as simple as making the date / time stamp an a...

5 hours ago, by awoodland
might wanna remove status-declined from that :)
Ahh, hes right ahead of me then :P
wow, I just got an actual downvote accompanying a "-1 not enough jQuery" comment. That I call consequent.
That's ridiculous
3:24 PM
it's on meta
there's no such thing as "ridiculous" here :)
Anything is possible when you're on Meta
@balpha Haha, I suppose that's true.
so, what are some reasons?
@Moshe Oh dear.
Well, Im out of class for the next week, woo
3:33 PM
Intro to art.
4:12 PM
@balpha Now you're taking away features from the chat script too?! Have you no shame? ;)
@balpha I think we've been doing something a bit different there for a while, so it looks OK (is the change deployed yet?). Thanks for the heads-up, though!
@TimStone no, I had to leave that at the door when starting to work for Jeff
@TimStone yeah, it's deployed
Priceless. :D
OK, then it seems to have not interrupted anything :)
@Moshe Professor: You paid $500+ to have this discussion. Sucker.
1 hour later…
5:22 PM
hmm the second year undergrads are doing their "group project" this week - I walked past the workstation room booked for it and about 40% of the monitors had Stack Overflow showing
I couldn't tell if they're asking or reading though
My English class this semsester is themed around Digital Technology.
2 down one to go.
For today.
@awoodland Reminds me of my computer science class I just had.. everyone who was doing Visual Basic and C# spent a lot of time on Stack Overflow too :p
Was always funny when they'd go on Super User and I could see my name or avatar from across the room
5:39 PM
Aaand here's a quick summary of the speech we got on the first day of my UNIX programming class back in the day:
@mootinator hey is that the guy off the compilers book?
@awoodland Compilers book?
@mootinator "the dragon book" on compilers has a knight on the cover. The second edition knight looked a lot like that
Oh, lol.
It's the Monty Python Knight and Gandalf having a none shall pass standoff.
This prof supposedly had an over 50% failure rate he was quite proud of.
Although it should have been an "If you've been faking your way through compsci I won't let you pass this class." speech, since it was really quite easy to anyone who wasn't.
2 hours later…
8:01 PM
Do API 1.1 calls return info on deleted questions?
Nope (example)
@TimStone Ah, thanks! I just got the "Pundit" badge on SO, but the API is only showing me 9 comments with a score of 5 or more. One of my comments must be on a deleted question then.
Which I guess makes me wonder...is it intentional that comments on deleted questions count towards the Pundit badge? Hmmm...
@jadarnel27 To Data Explorer!
@jadarnel27 @jadarnel27 It's more likely that you were awarded the badge and then the question in question got deleted. Once a badge is given, it isn't taken away.
@cdeszaq It would have to have been deleted pretty quickly. I got the badge today =)
8:09 PM
@jadarnel27: I think for the purposes of calculating badges it doesn't matter if the question is later deleted. Badges are never revoked, for example. So the mere action of having a comment be upvoted a fifth time counts it toward the badge progress, regardless of what happens to that content after that fact.
@jadarnel27 @jadarnel27 Good point. Possible it's a bug.
@TimStone @TimStone Unfortunately, the DataExplorer data is rather old (more than a month)
@David Hmmm...that seems very possible. Good point!
I may be wrong, but I think the counts toward a badge are independent of the content itself. So the act of hitting that 5th up-vote has to happen 10 times, as opposed to needing 10 5-voted comments at a given moment.
@cdeszaq When you reply to a post it automatically puts "@displayname" in there for you. You don't need to type it again =)
Yeah, I had not thought about it being implemented that way. That could be it @David.
@jadarnel27 Heh, my bad...long time listener, first time caller
8:14 PM
This also is in reference to confusion that's come up for badges like Epic. One can hit the rep cap a couple times on really good content, then later the content is migrated, then later a re-calc brings the rep back down, and then still later the user qualifies for Epic not because they currently have 50 days in their history where the graph is at or above 200, but because they physically hit the 200 mark 50 times.
Huh. That makes sense. I was thinking about asking on meta, but I'd hate to be beating a dead horse (so to speak).
8:45 PM
can feeds get banned? Somebody on chat.SO flagged one as spam!
so flags against them count for nothing either way?
the post will still get deleted if enough users flagged
but the feeds user won't care
that makes sense. I was hoping for a juicy bug report there :p
@David At the risk of being downvoted into oblivion, I have asked about this (just because I'm curious): meta.stackoverflow.com/questions/120748/…
8:59 PM
@jadarnel27 Quick delete delete delete.
SEDE is only updated monthly.
@mootinator ohgodwhatdoIdo
I'd answer that, but I want to see what happens.
I actually ran an API query, which is supposed to be real-time (as opposed to the SEDE).
9:01 PM
Look who's the one not paying any attention now.
Back to my regular "doing work".
I wonder how efficient billing based on number of pages of functional requirements would be.
@mootinator oh god no
I can see the really really awful postage stamp sized specs right now
unintelligible, very cheap.
@awoodland Of course you'd have to specify a font size and margins for the contract and bill for but not implment unintelligible garbage.
That goes without saying.
paying word skip redundant
(when you're paying by word it's tempting to skip the "redundant" ones)
9:10 PM
That'll be $100.
Stop trying to game the system jerk.
It's a fine for wasting my time =)
my point is: create a system and someone will try and find ways to game it if they think they stand to benefit from it
The very reason fixed bid projects often suck completely.
Everyone tries to game those to death with scope creep.
@mootinator the only thing that sucks more is being compelled to accept the one from the lowest bidder
Heh =)
hit the rep cap on Meta today
9:14 PM
@TheUnicornWhisperer Grats =)
Hi guys, quick question on the per-site Meta tag wikis. Aren't they supposed to be pulled from MSO?
@mootinator The most important part is that ops is only missing a tire and a knot and they'd have what the customer wanted. Moral of the story: LISTEN TO YOUR OPERATIONS PEOPLE!
10:04 PM
So we're using vim and ssh this semester.
that ought to be an emoticon for something
perhaps that "what the hell is this mode I just accidentally entered?" face
That's the look someone seeing Vim for the first time gives.
Hehe :)
"This editor has modes?"
@mootinator It also comes in pints!
10:19 PM
Hmm my current bounty has so far succeeded in gathering more upvotes for the answer I that made me want more details and attracted one new answer that tells me less than the existing answers managed
That sounds somewhat typical.
Nobody ever reads the bounty reason, they just upvote what seems like the best answer if a good one exists.
I forgot how much vi I already knew.
10:39 PM
@moot may I reuse that line?
@mootinator I don't even think the highest voted one is the best answer in that instance, just the oldest although I'm not exactly unbiased on that Q

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