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2:45 AM
@Daniil you need to have two two keep a room unfrozen no?
4 hours later…
6:50 AM
@ArtOfCode isn't that against the fundamental rule that AI should do no harm? I'm happy to make exceptions ... ;)
@rene Now it needs 1 mor
Gone :)
Do we have an 'my account was deleted, help' faq?
7:11 AM
It doesn't seem like we do.
Hmm. Perhaps also not worth the effort :/
The suspension FAQ does mention the 14-day automatic suspension levied on having an account deleted for specific reasons, so you can use that FAQ for that.
@Tinkeringbell typically we don't generally want them coming back :D
Yeah, I know...
4 hours later…
11:25 AM
Was there a recent UI change specifically on the review page?
Especially the buttons in the top-right corner (the oval circle) and the view your complete review history...
maybe. anything not working?
Everything seems to work fine apart from shouldn't there be a blank line under view all review queues because there is a new line under Return to the Drones and Model Aircraft Stack Exchange Homepage?
That has been like that for at least 6 to 8 weeks
11:31 AM
Really? I didn't notice...
@YaakovEllis Was this change recent?
I haven't been on the actual review page for a while. When did the "Tools" link disappear?
@Daniil there have been recent refactorings of button styles, moving things from old css to stacks. But nothing that should have touched things more than that.
Also when are the review changes happening: meta.stackexchange.com/q/346902/707129 ?
@Mithical Um... Not sure. There is still a link on the main review page:
11:35 AM
oh it's all the way over there
Even without the flex-basis:50% there is no space between those lines of text. It looks marginally better, so meh.
Why is there a ghost picture at the top of the imgur page?
Picture taken at a super-slow recording of my screen when opening the review image above, the ghost then disappears...
11:42 AM
in SO Close Vote Reviewers on Stack Overflow Chat, 6 mins ago, by Dharman
It looks like I can get a silver badge for review if I only review -2372 more
I have that as well on MSE
I already have the reviewer badge on the LQ queue, still need -183 more to get it ...
From SFF
@Mithical From where?
this is mine one MSE: i.sstatic.net/UXwc3.png
feel free to use my screenshot in a bug report, anybody
11:50 AM
The mod advanced review stats overflow the page:
haven't they always done that
(Names redacted and numbers randomised)
@Mithical Have they? I'm not sure... Just something I noticed
@Mithical I would but I can't repro :) (since I haven't earnt the badge anywhere)
11:58 AM
Why don't we have a feed of MSE questions here?
why would we?
To not have to refresh meta every 20 minutes :)
@Daniil already underway
I have the active tab open, I see a notification when a Q/A gets active
@YaakovEllis Great, so will it be SO only for now or across SE?
12:01 PM
@Mithical I've done that
@Daniil wherever possible the changes will apply to the whole network. SO has some special cases related to its own review queue scenarios and volume that sometimes necessitate custom attention. But the overall changes are intended for everywhere.
So is there a launch date for the new changes?
@Daniil nope
at least nothing that I can commit to publicly
but we'll try to get out individual sections if they can be released on their own, when they are ready
@rene (thumbs up)
@Daniil welcome to mod tools, half of them break things
12:08 PM
@ArtOfCode Is there an instruction manual?
hell no
@ArtOfCode I figured
@Spevacus funny story there....
In the past, the tag synonym tool was rather... Ragged.
12:24 PM
I feel the story stops there :P
@Spevacus We just push all the buttons, then hope nothing goes wrong XD
I was hoping there was more :(
@Tinkeringbell Hahaha, I haven't seen anything broken yet. I saw a botched migration or two, though. The system doesn't seem to like them too much, especially when performed by a CM to toss it to another Meta site.
We usually fix stuff quickly, and then pray no one actually does see it :P
How often do things break, speaking broadly?
Hmm. To be honest, I can't really remember the last time ;) So either I haven't done enough modding lately, or it's not actually that bad ;)
It's mostly broken tools in the sense that you need to know a bit to use them effectively...
12:38 PM
Nah, we like explaining over and over better than maintaining a manual :P
I suppose that approach is a bunch more personal.
It is an Inter Personal Skill ...
Nah. No skills needed.
1:01 PM
Don't underestimate or under value yourself. That is not needed, at all.
Repeating things really isn't a skill though...
@Tinkeringbell Technically, if you're a parrot...
Then you're made for it and it still isn't a skill ;)
@ArtOfCode We are making some internal instruction manuals now though :D
kinda sorta, aye
1:20 PM
@Art I've been inviting you for a private chat. Could you have a look please?
2:18 PM
Glad to see your daily lifesign again :)
@Rob the first is nice, thanks!
@user400654 do you post it when you actually go there?
i won't speculate on the meaning of said toilet emoji appearances
New idea! Write a script that detects when you enter a toilet room, then auto post a message here. :P
@user400654 meaning is explained nicely here.
> Google, Microsoft, and Twitter’s designs left the seat up.
Probably done by males ^^
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance the nerve of those people
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance Unpopular opinion: toilet seats are overrated.
@Tinkeringbell you mean you don't always use them?? (i.e. not always sitting on the seat?)
I won't speculate on the meaning of that statement :P
Well, it means one can, in theory.... hover.
Which, I admit, is done more often than people talk about because of how dirty some seats are ;)
2:28 PM
I had my share, yeah... but it's not comfortable.
During army I was in places with toilets that simply had no seats. o_O
I've been on digsites where there was no toilet (most often temporarily).
No seats was actually pretty common I think, if there was a portable toilet... it just had a seat shaped hole
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance y'all didn't have field toilets and "field" toilets?
@JourneymanGeek you mean portable toilets with the blue chemicals? No, that was very rare.
2:32 PM
field toilets - nice deep hole to do your duty in. "Field" toilets. You dig your own hole, cover it in powder and bury it.
@JourneymanGeek well, my case is different. During actual field training when away from camp, we just had no toilets. During the night parking, we were ordered to go a bit to any direction we want, do what we need to do behind a bush, and get back to the parking point.
No digging of any holes.
All the above is about the times in camp, which always had toilets - of some sort. ;)
I have also dug a hole with an earth auger
which is my third favourite impractical to own tool
@JourneymanGeek you're nice to nature.... we just didn't put much effort into this.
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance also we had ONE island to train on
Anyway.... my body adjusted just fine to those field trainings: usually I passed the whole time without the need for toilets, sometimes even a full week. :)
(pee doesn't count, of course.)
@JourneymanGeek island?? Now I lost you.... :(
2:39 PM
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance singapore has a island specifically for basic and field training
ugh... need to go for shopping.... cya!
@JourneymanGeek oh, didn't know. We have a big-ish desert area.
Pulau Tekong, also known colloquially as Tekong, is the second-largest of Singapore's outlying islands, with an area of 24.43 km2 (6,037 acres). The island is still expanding due to land reclamation works on its southern and northwestern coasts which will eventually subsume many of its surrounding small islets, including the 89-hectare (220-acre) Pulau Tekong Kechil. Transport to the island is by SAF Changi Ferry Terminal. Pulau Tekong is found off Singapore's northeastern coast, east of Pulau Ubin. The Pulau Tekong Reservoir is also on the island. == Etymology == Pulau Tekong appears in the...
Wow @Daniil congrats for modship!
@JourneymanGeek I wouldn't guess in a million years that's the name of a place
It sounds like some Eastern philosopher
3:26 PM
@M.A.R. Thanks
Q: Why am I banned from chat?

Tobi This was my last encounter before I received this global ban from the chat From my understanding, javascript chat did not want me in there, so they banned me across the whole website. I would understand them kicking/banning me from that particular chat, but the global ban makes no sense. Very h...

Chat drama is the best drama nom nom nom
@M.A.R. It turned out to be even more delicious than I had imagined
@M.A.R. it is a repeat
Yeeeep, that's quite the post over on Meta.SO.
@rene There's rarely ever any more enjoyable content on the internet than a failed troll.
3:35 PM
And I had already seen that meta.SO post before (because of course) but I'd forgotten the username
3:50 PM
@rene loop?
heh, tobiq
4:02 PM
strange suggested edit: meta.stackexchange.com/posts/348938/revisions that got accepted by the OP.
@rene Attempt to answer with an edit. No wonder that the OP accepted.
yeah, it seems so.
I rolled back
Maybe we should point out that the dupe notice has a link to a question with an answer?
I am waiting for the OP to completely meltdown soon ;-)
4:15 PM
Okay, fun's over.
it certainly is
And guys, as much fun as it may seem... please don't bait people into having meltdowns... I hate suspending people.
fair point and noted.
5:11 PM
@Mark Kirby I am in psychoterapy suffering it, I don't need your help, but helps. Medical advices says we don't give personal diagnosys, but the wild world web is free, it has been launched in Switzeerland. — user20559 4 mins ago
@RobertColumbia Actually I was about to report it to SD
@M.A.R. I just did, but thanks.
You're . . . welcome
5:29 PM
Oof, two reports.
Any reason why this suggested edit was rejected?
@Spevacus Oh, hi. How's your day goin'? :-)
I'm doing well, how's yours?
5:36 PM
Mine is fine as well.
@FakeMod I was one of the Rejectors of that edit, for a few reasons. 1. That moderator is still a moderator (I'm not sure if that's just a fluke on the CM side, but...) 2. That moderator wanted to be removed entirely, not just suspend their activity, and 3. The related post doesn't appear to cite the Monica situation nor the CM-departure situation for a reason why they hung up their diamond.
I didn't think it was related to the main post, is all.
@Spevacus Ah, alright. I totally missed that. IIRC, his (dmckee's) name was present on the list some days (or weeks?) ago. I was surprised to see it vanish so I thought of editing it back, but yeah, the rejection makes sense now. Thanks! :-)
@FakeMod Not a problem! Don't stop suggesting edits, though, there's plenty of content that needs fixed up. :)
Just make sure they're substantial edits. Tinier ones tend to get rejected on principle.
@Spevacus On Meta, I am just a watcher and a voter. I haven't yet actively participated much, though I might consider doing so in the near future.
6:24 PM
@M.A.R. you have bad experiences? Or can't you stand competition?
<( ‵□′)>───🚽
@rene I um there was mumble mumble and the mumble
Q: Does sending an email have a carbon footprint of 0.3g to 50g CO2e?

a3nmThe carbon footprint, in carbon dioxide equivalent, of sending an email message, has been estimated at 0.3 gCO2e for a spam email, 4 gCO2e for a "proper email", and 50 gCO2e for an "email with long and tiresome attachment that you have to read". These figures have been repeated in the media many ...

My carbon footprint is often usually all over the keyboard.
6:43 PM
@rene we need your chimney to dump trash
29 messages moved to Trashcan
2 hours ago, by Magisch
@Magisch Hey, those things have copyright you know.
This is me looking at rain
Or maybe I'm having an existential crisis, hmm
Can someone tell Mark today is the international troll day so he maybe should do something he would enjoy instead of watching the main tab?
6:51 PM
Isn't every day international troll day on the internet?
Well they've settled in here for today
it is a yearly repeating event with the duration of a year.
And everyone's enthusiastic about it
I ordered party hats and everything
Have they arrived yet?
Shipping could be trolling us.
6:56 PM
That's part of the fun
That's entirely likely. I got 365 fedoras delivered instead.
7:26 PM
@M.A.R. Might do that, but not before (at least) trying...
@Tinkeringbell Are you German? :-)
7:38 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Hi!
It has been a while...
Yes, I am here daily though.
How are you dear?
Busy, busy, busy... I haven't been here for some time... just jumped in for few minutes before I get off line...
Besides being busy, all is good... a bit crazy though...
How are things going for you?
Well, I was working from home the last weeks, now holidays. Still staying at home.
Stay corona free :)
You too :)
7:43 PM
That will not be hard... I barely leave the house...
I was always working from home, so not much has changed there.
Me also, and if so only with gloves and mask.
We only have about 30 active cases in Croatia, and last 10 days we had 0-1 new cases per day... it is pretty safe to go around even without masks
@Fake Mod @gerrit is the best mod you will ever see
I was really astonished how good this works out from home. All meetings just via zoom, or skype chats.
my kids moved to online school and college way back in March... works more than fine...
7:46 PM
1 message moved to Trashcan
le sigh
Cheers, Mithical. Or Art, whichever one of you kicked 'em
not a place to talk about anything like that
just stop
@ResistanceIsFutile Wow! It's many more here. Rosenjeim is a so called "hot spot".
7:47 PM
We got lucky, I guess...
Wait untli the tourists come for summer holidays :-D
i live in one of 7 counties in this state that are considered "hotspots" for the state
but if you go around town... you wouldn't know there was any kind of pandemic goin on
It is hard to say why... there is plenty of people that work in Germany, Austria, Italy... many came back home, some infected... but they didn't spread it a lot...
You rarely do until it happens to you.
@πάνταῥεῖ it will be corona party
7:50 PM
i mean't more alon'g the lines of it seems like noones taking precautions
OK, I see you've taken over @Journey for the apostrophe parade thing
I went out two weeks ago and I saw crowded streets downtown with 1 out of 10 people with a mask
No wonder cases surged here again
Every skipped apostrophe in a JMG post makes me want to upvote it more, to be honest.
All part of his master plan to seem more innocuous
Uh oh, the police are here.
Maybe kicks turn on some red lights over there?
7:54 PM
Could be. That user was posting some pretty serious nonsense.
Dunno, I think they were a valid contributor once? Or maybe I think this because they came to meta with a valid meta rant
Possibly a compromised account, even? Oh well, I'm not really worried about it, 'lest they show up again.
Well, got to go... @πάνταῥεῖ see you around and stay out of trouble ;)
@FakeMod Nee ;)
7:57 PM
Much worse :p
@ResistanceIsFutile Cya! Nice to talk to you. Good night.
Well, resistance has been anything but futile
Great curator and Delphi expert
Great Delphi and curator expert
@Universal_learner Huh? (Context please)
8:02 PM
@FakeMod Don't feed the troll please
@FakeMod You won't get it soon :) But saying someone is awesome doesn't need context :)
You can ignore messages by that user, they're pretty nonsensical.
Oh, those are caged... poor trolls!
It's a metaphor for quarantine
8:04 PM
Ah, in that case... glad to see you take such care of our trolls :)
@Mith is the most awesome owner you can get!
Gets banned
Good, good, keep the train going!
in other news my upload speed is horrible so that took forever
To the cage with them! 2000 years!
8:07 PM
Best I can do is 365 days, you'll need a CM for that.
Yeah okay technically. But you know how that worked out practically :P
!remindme 364d Re-suspend MAR
@Spevacus Hey, I thought you were an ally
My betrayal is nigh.
8:08 PM
Cornered, he draws a deep breath and unsheathes the katana
Uh oh.
Second thought, that whole betrayal thing... Not looking quite so great anymore.
Epic sad Hans Zimmer music
Audience crying
You were supposed to bring balance to the Tavern!
I hedge youuuuuuuu
Also, ew. I'm not a wooden doll.
You gotta at least give me The Last Samurai
*pats @M.A.R. on the head*
8:12 PM
@Mithical No, don't try to stop me! This must be done!
Is image upload broken for anyone else?
Trying it now.
hmm wmd.en.js?v=ad7be89b32b9:1 Uncaught Error: Markdown renderer is not initialized
Tried to in a new Ask a Question page. No dice, no error message.
that is what I have in the console.
@Spevacus please report as bug on MSE if you want. I'm already rep-capped ...
8:13 PM
I'll do my best!
It's... a bird?
Oh, on main?
@M.A.R. yes, also on MSO
@Catija Adamantine
Close enough
8:16 PM
Uploader seems to work fine on TWP... so... maybe related to the CommonMark migration>
Hey cat
long time no see
Oh... I think it just started working again @rene
@Magisch Oh? I see you all the time. You were just on Twitter :P
@Catija oh
8:17 PM
Nah... it's... intermittent. I just tried again on MSE and I'm still getting nada.
@Spevacus not for me, but you might have the lucky server
Maybe it's a refresh thing?
then you've seen my catcus avatar:D
I'm debating posting something with the qualifier of "intermittent"
Not sure how helpful that would really be.
@Magisch The Cat-cus? :D
Yes! I love it!
8:18 PM
yes, the catcus :D
@Mithical So... no workie?
it was drawn by @valistarri
Is it creating the URL from imgur and just failing to create the markdown?
good description, yeah
Before it started working again, it created nothing at all. No markdown text whatsoever.
8:19 PM
Did the CommonMark change go through on M&TV today?
@Catija No idea... nothing is showing up in the textbox and I don't know how to check if the image was created
@Spevacus That's what I'm getting on MSE.
Yeah. Strange.
I'll drop a Q on it, for posterity's sake.
@Catija it is creating the image, I get a success on the POST, with the imgur url
just the render fails
OK. So.. if it's MSE, MSO and M&TV... that's... someone check Physics?
8:21 PM
this is what I just uploaded: i.sstatic.net/xrV1l.png
Ok... so... it sounds like it's about CommonMark?
The three sites it fails on consistently are the ones with the new render?
looks like it, yes
OK. I'll... see who I can get to look at it.
it does work on SO proper
8:23 PM
Yeah, but we haven't migrated SO.
Dropped a post on it.
Yaakov flies in with cape in 3, 2, 1
it's 11:24, he's probably not working... or at least shouldn't be
@Catija yeah, just to double check, Teams is fine as well.
8:25 PM
Thanks :)
This is why we test on meta. :P
Though... I wonder that it didn't show up yesterday... I've seen MSO posts with images, so something changed recently.
So, it's not completely broken... It's only broken if you add an image before adding any other text to the post...
oh ...
... weird
I guess the markdown renderer only initializes when there's text in the box already?
Even clicking into the editor isn't enough... you have to actually type something... but if you delete everything you typed, you can still upload just fine.
@Mithical Yeah, that seems to be correct.
8:40 PM
yeah, ok, now it works. With some text first.
That, I guess, is what makes it "intermittent"... so... @Spevacus if you want to update your question, feel free :D
Driving home, give me juuust a bit
Red lights be damned
You're not supposed to drive and chat, not even when there's a red light. Suspension incoming!
Made it!
There we are.
@Tinkeringbell It's a pretty short drive, the two red lights are what make it annoying, though.
I swear they're out to get me.
9:00 PM
@Spevacus Are you one of those people that consistently drive too fast from one green light to another, so instead you'll encounter red ones? :P
@Tinkeringbell My favorite are the people who speed towards a light that just turned red.
Like, what's the rush buddy?
Happy new June 5th!
BTW shouldn't the tag renamed to ?
(well, at least here... ;))
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance What happened to the old June 5th?!
9:02 PM
@Tinkeringbell Maaaaaybe? :)
@Rubiksmoose burned by a speeding sun ☀
@πάνταῥεῖ Well... I'd actually say no? A lot of the questions will apply to our old markdown but won't apply in CommonMark... unless y'all are going to go and edit all of the old answers that are now incorrect.
@ShadowKeepsSocialDistance RIP
@πάνταῥεῖ what Cat said
Ah, the wonders of a curated Q&A site...
9:03 PM
@Catija Yeah... I'll definitely get right on doing that lol
@Tinkeringbell possible only with a sports car... Or a jet...
@Catija OK, then it makes probably sense to introduce a new tag for questions related to , no?
Can it just be ?
Of course
@Rubiksmoose that's why we have speed cameras here in many traffic light junctions, to squeeze money from those people.
This is one of those times I really wish capital letters could be in tags.
Even if they succeed in passing while it's not red, they'll be busted for the speed.
@Catija poking the correct people can achieve that.
@Rubiksmoose We need to rush in case it's a measles epidemic
You can never be certain.
... That reminds me... There was some thought of ... Apparently documentation had this way of making tags pretty?
9:09 PM
An SO only thing.
I know, I was kidding
It does sound like it's from 15 years ago though. 2020 has been a decade.
9:23 PM
@Rubiksmoose Oh my goodness yeah. I love it when people speed to cut me off or to pass me just to sit right next to me/in front of me at a red light for awhile.
Pretty weird flex if you ask me.
Jump-in-line simulation
i just match their speed
9:58 PM
@Spevacus It breaks for the link tool, too.
pepperridge farm remembers SO docs
It might break for the code snippet tool too but I have no clue how it works so someone who does will have to try it.
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