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12:26 AM
@Shog9 Drupal Answers' elections are really open. :-)
Wonders why the autocomplete doesn't autocomplete "Shog9."
He hasn't been here for a while now?
@YiJiangsProble_ I think he was here the past week: It was him to told me about the moderators' elections.
Now I wonder if my idea of time is a bit off.
Yes, it was January 3.
I was undecided between "Shog9" and "NineShogsShogging."
Is the autocomplete autocompleted when it autocompletes itself?
(This is a way to stop your hiccup: Say "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck would chuck wood?" 10 times. I keep biting my tongue; therefore, I am not sure it's really effective.)
2 hours later…
2:14 AM
My sentiments exactly.
I'm glad you feel that way.
I'm also glad my focus was on this and not source code when my daughter decided to mash my keyboard without me noticing.
Kevin is that a kermit pic?
@mootinator Heh, that would have made for an interesting bug report.
(It's Robin)
2:25 AM
I was not even aware
So can you kick some DBA users around until they answer my stupid question?
link me
Q: How Can I Correctly Pass a Table to a Stored Procedure in Oracle in SQL Plus?

mootinatorBeing new to Oracle, I'm almost certain I'm missing something simple here. This is what I'm trying to run: declare type string_table IS TABLE OF VARCHAR2(512); outuser nvarchar2(512); outrole nvarchar2(512); result number(38); usernames string_table; rolenames string_table; begin usernames(1) ...

so nudged
I presume this useless looking page was equally useless?
I wrote it off as useless looking.
But I suppose it couldn't hurt to look closer.
2:39 AM
It might give you some bonus while you wait
3:06 AM
Any mods here who can give me some advice?
It usually works better to start out with the problem
However, since I was tardy in response, I'll go ahead and go fishing as well
@RebeccaChernoff - Hi Rebecca, are you still online?
@TimStone - Hi Tim, are you online?
3:26 AM
@jcolebrand Ugh I know what the problem is.
@mootinator what's that?
@xiaohouzi79 am I alone?
No I'm here
You sir, apparently, do not understand that I too am a moderator, and TimStone is not
@jcolebrand Similar types aren't compatible in Oracle.
Excuse my ignorance....
On the Chinese site
We currently don't have any mods
and I think I am the only one who can approve edits
So, I have to figure out how/where that procedure defines it's actual TYPE and use that instead of string_table without having access to the procedre.
@xiaohouzi79 Have you proposed a post on meta.chinese.se to have some pro-tem moderators?
In the past couple of days one of the nicer folks on the site edited someone elses question and the only thing they did was remove a bullet point
Yes, it is there
@xiaohouzi79 and you're curious if you should approve the edit?
3:29 AM
the mod post I mean, just hasn't been actioned yet
No........ continue my story.........
Ok, so I approved it because the bullet point was poor formatting
But the asker used comments to 'have a go' at the person who did an edit suggesting they were time wasting etc. etc. with some additional finger pointing
Earlier today I noticed an edit from the offended party of an answer that the editor did which was a pretty poor edit, but still slightly improved the formatting and slightly improved the grammart
Did you flag those comments?
You should have already flagged them before you came here
They weren't so nasty. Just not helpful. But I agree with you now
continue please
Now I have come back from lunch there are 15 edits.
and then I have some questions after you continue to your completion
3:32 AM
All from the 'offended' person and only for the posts that were done by the helpful person
They are "good" edits, but only slightly so. But the number of edits I would view as a personal attack. It's jerkish behaviour
to put it nicely
Is it the nature of the site that most of these posts or edits are done in a traditional Chinese style?
Or is the style mostly western?
The reason for my asking is this:
In the West we are told of a highly stylized and highly ritualistic East, especially in Chinese. In the West we are told that the Chinese are highly skilled in maneuverings, especially with words, and I'm curious if the "good" edits are really an attempt to bring that same ritual of attack and parry with words to a technical site. Since I can't judge the first question, I can't even begin to judge the second one.
It's in English and both of the people involved are non-background Chinese speakers
there you go
I just wanted to make sure there wasn't a cultural issue looming.
Nup, I'm sure I would have picked that if it was and taken a different approach
In that case, you have three options: Draw them both into chat and chastise them, establishing yourself as a higher personage (you already said you are probably the only one that can monitor edits); leave them alone until someone else comes along; approve them if they are substantially beneficial edits or refuse them if they are not substantially beneficial
I would opt for the third one, with an encouragement on meta that those who are frustrated over edit rejections come to chat to discuss it more openly and quickly, instead of taking a long time for responses
But we do ask that in chat English be the preferred language, if only for purposes of moderation. Until we get several moderators who can moderate in the native tongue.
If you need someone else to confirm these suggestions of mine, or to refute my suggestions, I can probably summon someone from the Stack Exchange Employees
3:39 AM
Ok. I think that sounds fine.
We do use English (mostly) for our chats because it is a predominantly non-background speakers site
Well we had quite a stir on chat.so because people were chatting in whatever language they cared for
Next question, in regards to the pro-tem moderators, how should we get that post actioned?
Can you link me to it?
Q: Moderator Nominations

NullUserException If your meta site does not have a post to nominate Moderators, start one now! Pro Tem appointments will begin about two weeks after the site is created. The more guidance we receive, the more informed our choice. Moderator Pro Tempore Each nomination should be a separate answer. Link the na...

3 weeks launched, that post up for a week ... hmmm
I'll ask a SE Employee to step over and have a look and leave some commentary
3:44 AM
No problems, thanks for your help
There have been a couple of small issues on the site, would be good if we had some mods.
Well keep flagging stuff like you had a mod
and if it gets really bad, come here and scream for help
@xiaohouzi79 Also, for what it's worth, the word from on high is "it's being handled" so ... that to me is code for "we're going to make something happen there soon"
but since they don't tell me anymore than they tell you ;-)
4:00 AM
@jcolebrand - Thanks for that
@xiaohouzi79 aye
Is there anything like flag weight for edits
Documented for the next fool on the internet who stumbles across this silliness.
A: How Can I Correctly Pass a Table to a Stored Procedure in Oracle in SQL Plus?

mootinatorI discovered that collections must have the same data type for an assignment to work. Having the same element type is not enough. Armed with this information, I set out to figure out what type I needed to use: SQL> select OBJECT_NAME, OWNER from SYS.ALL_OBJECTS where UPPER(OBJECT_TYPE) = ' P...

After going through that persons edits there were 8/16 that were too minor, like adding a single comma or backslash
@xiaohouzi79 then you're right to block them/deny them
@xiaohouzi79 there is, yes
4:05 AM
@jcolebrand - is there a meta post (MSO) that describes it, I did a quick scan?
Is this correct from March this year:
Q: Is there such a thing as Edit Weight?

Stuart PeggIf not, is there a large enough quantity of edits to warrant such a thing? Not a feature request as such, just a product of curiosity.

Yes, that's what I meant.
it's not a single score, but the system will block routinely bad editors
Q: Is there some form of blocking in place for rejected suggested edits by anonymous users?

Mark TrappWhen a registered user gets enough suggested edits rejected, they're blocked from suggesting edits for a number of days. I've always assumed it was a user-level block, but what about anonymous suggested edits? Can anonymous users suggest edits with impunity, or is there a lower-level block (like...

additionally, they gain rep from approved edits
Ok, got it. Thanks again.
good find Jeremy
4:06 AM
@JeremyBanks - Thanks
4 hours later…
8:14 AM
could anyone help me with vb code
2 hours later…
10:32 AM
Any mods online that can give me a hand?
3 hours later…
1:44 PM
hey @balpha - thanks for the shower of badges
only 47? disappoint
it's 48, actually
but then again, that's a jackpot :P
for me anyway
Wait, did two people mistake me for Tim Post in one night? :P
1:58 PM
That sounds uncomfortable.
2:09 PM
What happens to images that are not references in any SO post any more? I've been uploading, correcting, and re-uploading many PNG images recently. I wonder if this is considered bad behaviour (because I'm filling up SO's image storage space)
@Szabolcs well.. you could try to keep it as low as possible
Which of course I do,
but I was wondering if there's anything to worry about at all?
I wouldn't worry about it
@Szabolcs I think that all the storage is on imgur, not stackexchange.
Huh, I just got 8 badges? How did that happen?
Oh, interesting. Multiple times
A: Booster badge should be golden or easier to achieve

balphaThis is actually already in the works. The Announcer / Booster / Publicist triad will behave like other similar badge groups afterwards, e.g. Nice Answer / Good Answer / Great Answer or Notable Question / Famous Question. In particular: The timeframe will not matter anymore. You still get the F...

I frequently feel the urge to downvote / upvote content on other sites now, and feel disappointed when I cannot do so.
Oh...and RAWR.
2:44 PM
<3s to balpha for the gift of unexpected badges.
Networks golds went from 10 to 16; I look so much more cool.
Haha, that is fantastic.
@JeremyBanks Didja see @Sathya? He got 48 badges from this =)
1 hour ago, by Sathya
user image
Ah, I'm repeating the conversation that just happened. :P
2:52 PM
I'm living vicariously through all of you (I never share, so I didn't get any badges today), so keep it up ;-)
@balpha I think the update gave me a badge for previous visits through /a/ links. Are these supported now? (They previously weren't but there's been some confusion.)
they weren't (so that was correct), but they are now
Fantastic, thanks.
3:10 PM
@jadarnel27 Indeed, but it's a separate imgur installation: stack.imgur.com
2 hours later…
4:53 PM
Would this question be on topic at Programmers.SE? Does anyone else thinks it's "Not Contructive" / "Not a Real Question" on SO? Maybe I'm crazy.
5:27 PM
@jadarnel27 Makes a heck of a lot more sense on SO as updated, I think.
@mootinator Sure does (now)! Thanks for your input. It looks alot better now.
1 hour later…
6:55 PM
@jcolebrand Interesting. So chat must all be conducted in English on Stack Overflow, as well?
7:22 PM
@Chris Quel dommage!
Voulez vous parler avec moi ce soir?
There are languages other than English in Canada?
Quebecers don't speak real French.
@Chris it's not a mandate, but it's encouraged.
They speak better French.
Working on mah gamification for iPhonification. Yeah!
Darn map loading messing with itself...
7:29 PM
Sure, sure.
It can be spoken using less energy, more slurred.
More efficient, perhaps.
I once spoke French on Google+ during the summer, somebody popped into a hangout and asked if anyone spoke French.
Well they have to be more efficient; it takes twice as many words to say the same thing as English (judging solely from Canadian packaging, that is)
@mootinator That's what we're told in iOS land when dealing with localization. English takes up about half the space in UI that other languages do.
Don't think that came from Apple, but I've read it somewhere.
7:31 PM
Hah, nice.
@mootinator Good point. :P
Also, the other day I put iTunes on shuffle and lo and behold, Joel Spolsky, speaking in French.
jo-El spol-Skee?
Lol, I was laughing really really hard.
Was fun to wake up to.
@Moshe the information density for most spoken languages is really close to each other, as a function of syllable size over speed. That's all IIRC. The article made the rounds near September/October I believe
7:34 PM
@Moshe Other European languages, perhaps
anyways, I'm gone agian
@jcolebrand Interesting article!
@Moshe Laughing because his accent is bad?
@Chris Nah, I wouldn't know. I just thought it would be awesome to have an hour long podcast in French.
@Moshe Agreed.
7:45 PM
Oh, btw, balpha, it's not snowman season anymore. It's after new years.
@Moshe Still winter though =)
@jadarnel27 In the Northern Hemisphere, at least :)
@Chris I fail at internationalization in coding and chat now. Thanks alot!
Or localization. Or globalization. Or replace all the "z"'s with "s"'s if you're in Europe...=)
8:14 PM
Or L10N
Or I18N
8:27 PM
Haha, indeed.
Or S11E
8:55 PM
anyone know of the next big programmers type conference in the US? I am looking for an excuse to get away someplace warm. (Not that climate change isn
t making CO warm)
9:22 PM
Enough with the climate change rote.
9:39 PM
10:31 PM
I'm not too bothered, personally, but I worry that allowing unlimited Publicist badges are going to deflate the value of gold in Stack Overflow.
I've already got another one. Once people realize there'll probably be a flood of submissions to proggit until their users are fed up of Stack Overflow posts. :P
Greetings to A Man.
any Doctor Who fans out here?
I realize I copied your question, unknowingly.
10:46 PM
@JeremyBanks ?
Q: Bounty tab in profile has oddly-behaving sort/filter options

Jeremy BanksIf you're viewing an unfiltered bounty listing in someone's profile[jeff] the header N bounties isn't capitalized, though every other profile section header is. I think the actual problem is that the unfiltered bounty listing isn't supposed to be displayed. Once you select a filter (active, of...

Q: Curiouser and Curiouser on the New Profile Page Bounty Tab

amanaP lanaC A nalP A naM AI KNOW I have one active bounty (let us just start off with that). When I 1st go to my profile page and click on bounties it looks like this, showing all the bounties I have ever offered: Ok that is fine. Now onto clicking on active bounties: FINE But now when I reload the profile page an...

WTH.... the mods never came to my Q
can u flag?
im flagging as well
I voted to close as a duplicate of mine, because it was resolved there. :P
I wasn't sure what to do.
10:48 PM
I also voted to close, but for what it's worth it looks like I had up voted you when you posted it. :P
@amanaPlanaCAnalPAnaMA Hello! Long time no see.
@jadarnel27 :-P
@TimStone VTC the duplicate!
an old Q cannot be a duplicate lol
They should be merged lol
I'm pretty sure there's precedent for older questions being closed as duplicates of new ones, but I don't know an example off the top of my head.
@JeremyBanks Do not believe so lol
@JeremyBanks There is (or at least I'm making one up right now), since your question has the actual answer on it.
10:51 PM
Q: Opinions on closing an older question as a duplicate of a newer question

Michael MrozekWhat's everyone's opinion on closing an older question as a duplicate of a newer one, if the newer one is clearly the better resource? I'm looking at a special case right now, where the two were posted by the same person; the newer was migrated to SU before a commenter pointed out it was a repost...

@JeremyBanks also gets points for making me laugh a little, since I was amused by Jeff's -123456789 bounties.
11:47 PM
I keep being flagged as a bot by the anti spam bot
I hate captchas
How do I avoid the bot detection
Are you frequently moving in very deliberate motions that are accompanied by "beep bop beep"?
Hmm, but more seriously, are you editing things extremely frequently? At your reputation level, you shouldn't be able to trigger it very easily..
I dont know
I just answer questions

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