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7:23 PM
Is inline tag editing broken for anyone else? I can't submit the tags I added.
@rene Where?
on MSE
I seem to be missing an button?
... uh... the submit button seems to have disappeared.
... looking into it.
Okay, so it is not me ;)
(not me, obviously... but someone...)
7:26 PM
@rene The devs responsible are working on it.
Okay, thanks
I suggest their penance should be a day in the suggested edit queue. ;-)
Suggested edits are usually some of the more interesting review tasks - assuming you do it well. :D
I still need 40 of those on MSE and it is hard enough to be on time to handle some. If I have to compete with SE staff I have no chance ... they can fix other bugs if they want but please leave the suggested edit reviews for me ...
7:32 PM
MSE is a bit short handed on suggested edits, anyway... so many great people putting in the work who already have the rep. :D
Yes, I expected an SO CVQ like experience. Utterly disappointed.
@Tinkeringbell My response to you is
Rest Parameter

Import Over Require

Array Element Find
Sunlight kills it, keep it away from water and never feed it after midnight!
@Tinkeringbell Pretty sure trollinus is amphibian species
7:47 PM
I don't know. Doesn't look very amphibious to me...
4 hours later…
11:24 PM
Q: Can the Community Team lift a post ban?

Robert ColumbiaOn Meta Stack Overflow, a user reported that they had been Question Banned on Stack Overflow as a result of apparently abusive voting activity. A moderator replied with the following comment: I am contacting the team to get your ban lifted. The person who keeps downvoting you has been warned....

That's an interesting way to make the vote totals get updated...
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