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2:19 AM
pretty awesome ad. Also I'm a sucker for animation
that feeling when you're scripting actions intended to trigger deletion of accounts created to script actions intended to trigger deletion
3:02 AM
-85, -64, -5 (all user was removed)
on the same site?
oh, I had a -5 on my main.
its just a number
and on a site I'm apparently still #1 user?
No different sites.
Deletion requests were script-assisted too, though rate limiting kept getting in the way.
@Rob Sorting by active exhibits a certain pattern: quantumcomputing.meta.stackexchange.com/questions?sort=active
I just lost -1259 rep on Outdoors.SE
3:10 AM
Do you remember the last time you saw them? Where were they then?
I wonder who it was who had their account deleted.
It's so odd (and quite frustrating) that they nuke reputation even if a user was deleted for reasons other than vote fraud. It's being penalized for no reason.
Outdoors.se is missing at least 3300 rep that an awful lot of votes to invalidate
How do I tell how much rep Security.SE and Crypto.SE lost?
There are few enough users on the latter that I can probably pinpoint who had their account deleted if I can determine approximately how active they were.
Go to users week and then to the far bottom. security.stackexchange.com/… THose will be the users most affected
3:25 AM
@forest with that kinda rep - someone made of meat probably oversaw it
So? That doesn't imply that it was vote fraud, just that a human checked.
@VoteDukakis Shog did manage to get his 2¢ in, as did a suspended user who's post leads to the former Moderator's opinion about qualifications. --- Responding to chat requirements and multiple comments really spoiled (drove me away) from that site. --- I recruited over a dozen highly qualified professionals during the early days of beta, there's no concern that there's no one qualified; only
That would be a lot of vote fraud 3300 rep is a minium of 330 votes which would be over a week of hitting the max vote count
that one must invest far more time (though that may have well changed) than any other site (and I'm on many other sites where both what one says might be questioned, and the discourse is more pleasant).
@CharlieBrumbaugh or over a longer period of time.
3:29 AM
Looks like Bamboo wins.
It's all fun and games until someone finds more fun and games elsewhere.
I wonder what would happen if I deleted my account. Obviously I'm not involved in vote fraud, but I've voted for quite a lot of people. That would be a lot of lost rep.
@forest probably would be reviewed by a CM and the rep kept
3:37 AM
Is there a cutoff value where a certain amount of rep is "too much" to lose?
And if so, why?
Yes, but I have no idea what the cut off value is
the why should be in meta ;p
I wonder if it's a fixed value or if it's judged on a case by case basis.
as I have no intention of ragequitting SE, I've not looked it up
@forest probably there's a threshold + judgyness
since account deletion can be automated
Q: Don't throw away all votes when a user is deleted

Mad ScientistCurrently, when a moderator deletes a user all of the user's votes are removed along with the user themselves. I was pretty surprised at this behaviour when I first heard about it, and I don't think it is a good idea to throw away all of the votes just because the user is deleted. Votes are lock...

Hm, so in this case, since a lot of rep was lost, it probably was fraud?
3:40 AM
@forest seems plausable
Could also be an account merge I guess.
But that's a lot of rep to double vote for.
and would be voting fraud too ;p
No matter how much I like hate a post, I'm not going to upvote downvote it twice
I've upvoted and downvoted posts twice, but only legally.
Due to a silly bug where your vote status is reset during migration.
oh part of the issue is the "socks don't interact" rule
Yeah socks can't vote for themselves or the same person twice.
I voted for my sock by accident once but didn't realize it was my post lol
Couldn't undo the vote because of the 5 minute lock.
3:42 AM
even aibobot's probably a bit of a grey area on chat ;p
s/sock/old account whose email addr I lost/
To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if the reason this is done is simply because it would take paying a developer to change the current code.
They pay the developer(s) anyway ;p
But every 30 minutes of a dev improving the user experience is 30 minutes not spent advertising Teams and Enterprise and removing themes from sites.
Time is money. :P
3:58 AM
Those four people in VD's comment seem unrelated in many ways, including location; two are moderators, the only thing in common seems to be that they have enough rep that the loss of a 1000 will be a small dip overall. Rather than "fraud" it could be 'unsolicited excessive upvoting' which upon delation of the charitor sucks back all the praise given; essentially it's a 'delayed downvote attack'.
That's evil.
There's no way to "undo" do it but to accept that you lose, or let them keep the votes; which hurts everyone else.
Had they spent all their time downvoting the people upon delation of the account the votes would be restored, this (that) way the attack can proceed longer (unchallenged) and upon restoration of civility the loss remains. The "loss" is zero, but I bet it doesn't feel that way. Disclaimer: I lost 10 reputation for user deletion earlier today (in the event someone deems that relevant).
Q: 'User was removed' with significant amount of votes withdrawn. Was it a fraud?

Andre SilvaLast time this was discussed here was in Change vote dropping criteria when a user account is deleted. Thought the case had been resolved, because since then, I had not observed a 'user was removed' with significant* amount of votes withdrawn after deletion, until few minutes ago. Was this case...

I found more information from the data.se it looks like one user who was created back in 2015 was doing a lot of upvoting, we had noticed because a lot of old questions were getting upvoted and I thought it was just someone wanting an electorate badge.
Rob Jeffries -1040 on Astronomy, just for the sake of completeness re: 4-digit losses.
4:12 AM
Data.se hasn't rolled over yet, so if you look at the profiles of the top votes and then see who isn't there anymore its possible to find the user
Is this all from the same person?
It explains the Outdoors.se losses
Crypto looks the same, low rep user with name userXXXX 3000 votes
What is the XXXX (I don't want to waste time looking myself).
4:28 AM
That guy is 2300 away from 10K and protests that he lost 90 rep unfairly while working on getting to 10K. I think the expression "gimme a break" is outdated and overused so I won't be saying it, nor can I say something negative about someone whom makes such a complaint; so I'll do my own whining: I don't have enough rep to downvote that question'.
I have >40k and I'm pissed about losing 90. :P
How truly awful for you, we offer our condolences.
I am truly the most disadvantaged person in all of the network.
Shhh, we'll be inviting that person whom complains excessively about being suspended to tell of his tragedy and suffering.
It's a human rights issue, it is!
4:35 AM
It's anti-dulce de leche
-245 and -350. Oh well, that's (a virtual) life
Of course that user...
(not surprising :)
@forest It's worse for me, I did some more checking and discovered that I lost twice as much as I thought. Geez!
@Rob it does hurt a bit
but 90 rep is a good day or two
Yup, lost 20 rep.
@forest they have people whose only job is advertising... amazingly...
4:43 AM
You make 90+ for an answer.
4:58 AM
That user had 50+K before deletion.
@Rob erm, that user is still around, on this chat on another username as @VoteDukakis ;p
So If you REALLY want to ask if its them, go ahead
5:26 AM
In unrelated news....
> Update (May 23, 2019): The affected 184 public network users have been notified via email.
Mary Ferguson on May 17, 2019

Terminating the unauthorized access to the system

Conducting an extensive and detailed audit of all logs and databases that we maintain, allowing us to trace the steps and actions that were taken

Remediating the original issues that allowed the unauthorized access and escalation, as well as any other potential vectors that we have found during the investigation

Issuing a public statement proactively

Engaging a third party forensics and incident response firm to assist us with both remediation and learnings …

If you were affected by the hacking security incident, you should have been notified
Apparently I am not important enough ;p
I didn't get the email... Yay? :'(
And the edit doesn't bump the RSS feed >_>
I came across it looking for something else ;p
6:05 AM
Why cross out hacking? That's what it was.
@Rob Well at least I made like 500 from two HNQs in the last few days.
But I like complaining!
I like complaining about users who like to complain
6:21 AM
@forest humour value mainly
6:54 AM
How aMuzing.
7:51 AM
Ugh, the answer I flagged as being a nearly identical repost of a heavily downvoted answer didn't get deleted. A mod said it was ok to do this to "counter runaway downvotes". I thought this was quite clearly not acceptable. This pisses me off.
Especially when only once sentence is changed in the entire answer.
Q: Massive user removal in one night?

Graviton I woke up this morning to find that I suffered massive drop in points across network because of lots of users were removed . What happened to those users? Was there a database cleanup?

Oooh gossip
I lost 0. Maybe
I lost almost 200.
Total across sites, at least.
Oh, I lost 15. Just checked.
3 upvotes in 3 sites
Heh, then I got an upvote on this. meta.stackexchange.com/questions/295002/…
Good business I'd say
Interesting to note, though mundane info for CM Holmes, is I've been impacted negligibly and my highest rep sites have nothing to do with programming.
Huh, so apparently the thing about users with high rep not having their votes invalidated was a lie/mistake, according to some of the recent answers.
So SO is the place to look for origin of evil.
@forest No, I remember it happened at least twice before on sites I was on.
Granted, the last vivid example was late 2015.
8:03 AM
A: Massive user removal in one night?

Sonic the Inclusive HedgehogThe votes may have been reversed because the user was determined to have been engaging in voting fraud. According to the latest documentation on how the decision is made to preserve votes for deleted users, reputation is not checked when the system decides to field a voluntary deletion request t...

Well, that's Sonic, not Shog
IIRC it's just a really rare thing to do, and happened with overwhelming request of communities on their own meta. But again, that was before
It's probably a headache to deal with the code.
@forest And that answer just says the rep was gone because it was probably fake? It doesn't seem to strengthen your point
8:22 AM
@forest we have had the talk about accusing people of lying many times
No one said it never happens
it was said that those have manual reviews and decisions made based on the votes
8:39 AM
@forest I speculate that there are too many speculations on that answer...
OTOH, you can upvote for 1k+ times even with having only 15 rep.
Also, there's pretty incomplete information
Whether 15 rep is "users with high-rep" or not is left for reader's exercise
even us mods don't actually have a direct way to check what happened - by design
Q: Was Stack Exchange hacked, AGAIN?

Evan CarrollLook at what the latest round of hackers have done. Can anyone confirm that this was a hack, and if so -- how much of my personal information did they get?

Damn hackers, removing all our rep!
@EvanCarroll: "Hacked" is such a negative term. We prefer "security incident". — Jon Ericson ♦ 5 hours ago
8:46 AM
Damn trolls, removing all our time!
@Loong But... did they hack time?
no, it was a temporal incident.
Last time they did it... to the '90s
I hope we'll find out why some people lost thousands of rep.
Unless it was genuinely vote fraud, that seems way... over the top.
Though I guess since we know the user ID, it'd be possible to check the archives and see who it was. That might give a hint as to why a high-rep user's votes weren't kept.
8:51 AM
... were we victim to a time heist?
very possible
Time is money, so a time heist is not to be ruled out!
Alright, we blame time heist then...
9:20 AM
@forest Well, that's Ivan for you. How considerate to change his avatar to "NO IRAN WAR" and how interesting that it's one of the few that aren't blocked
What's wrong with him using that as an avatar?
Nothing. I'm Iranian.
@Margarine if its a problem...
@Margarine maybe they didn't block it on purpose
I am in the mood for some conspiracy theories. Keep them coming
Also maybe some conspiracy itself.
Conspiring to stab @Journey in the heart if he ever burns King's Landing
9/11 was a conspiracy. A couple people conspired to attack some towers.
9:24 AM
@Margarine I'm a dog, not a b.... or a dragon
Not a baby? But you're baby face!
Pinching Journey's cheek
@Margarine iran is run by an AI (or maybe an AI-yathulla) that recognised what it said and unblocked it
Pretty sure most of them can't tell the difference between "NO IRAN WAR" and "NO, IRAN WAR"
9:27 AM
I feel like I'm on IRC now. :P
I always read that as "see my yankee"
Q: Is there a limit for "user was deleted" being propagated as reputation being removed?

AlexeiToday I saw the following: Clearly the removed user has voted a tremendous number of times on politics and it is plausible that this is related to voting irregularity. However, I remember that somewhere I have read that for some specific cases (users with lot of activity / votes), their remov...

Wow this sh*t's serious.
Yeah, thousands and thousands of rep was lost.
And Politics? Hmm, how could a user have voted so much on so many sites legitimately?
9:30 AM
Well obviously every single person who they voted on is part of a fraud ring.
@forest not necessarily
They not only need to be expertish in lots and lots of topics, they need to have something like 48 hours in their day.
@forest Nice, I'm perfectly clean then :D
I somehow feel left out :(
could be a non trivial part of their votes were fraudulent
@Tinkeringbell I'm not D:
I'm 15 rep dirty
@JourneymanGeek A-ha!
9:32 AM
I lost aboooot 230
mainly on SU
I guess if you want to screw people over when deleting your account, you can commit vote fraud once or twice so that all your rep is invalidated.
Well this is what I'm talking about. It seems to be like they mysteriously, anonymously read posts on what, 10 sites, everyday for a couple of years at least.
That, or they were covering up something, throwing votes at random people.
Stealing Occam's beauty products
I've never used aftershave. It looks like cream on coffee that has been left still for too long.
@forest Well, if it was a script doing it or a monkey randomly pushing buttons you have no choice but to pretend those votes didn't happen.
That's a hard choice because you didn't know they were initially, and you have to assume it now
@JourneymanGeek :(
@forest Who says that's what happened? We don't know, we'll likely never find out and now we should all go outside, celebrate the weekend and make up our lost rep on Monday ;)
@Tinkeringbell its a trivial amount of reputation compared to some
besides, I don't play for the high score ;p
@JourneymanGeek Yeah, those are some numbers to wake up to!
9:37 AM
It's easy for me to say though. My biggest hit ever from a user removal on a single site was 80 or something
lemme put it this way
No no no don't put it there! Ugh.
Well, that was more sensual than I intended. Awkward.
I don't really check my rep often ;p
@Margarine said the actress to the bishop...
9:39 AM
@JourneymanGeek I win.
May 15 at 15:42, by Margarine
@JourneymanGeek What are you? 70?
9:51 AM
Censor servers are off for maintenance. I can momentarily see images now
@Tinkeringbell I don't even know how much rep I have on my sites anymore. I would like the prize sent to my mailbox, thank you.
10:06 AM
@Margarine in dog years? REALLY OLD
Basically Noah.
Oh I missed you Vishakaran
Where have you been
3 hours later…
12:47 PM
dae just read through the chat history and read all the smokedetector reports
some of them are actually interesting
one was about wheat
2 hours later…
2:31 PM
Q: Badge for reaching the cap for reputation earned from suggested edits

StormblessedAround a month ago, I reached the reputation cap of 1000 for suggested edits on Science Fiction and Fantasy. It would be very nice to have a gold or silver badge to brag about this.

What sort of spam answer did I get here?
I have a question about post links
I asked a question on Politics, with the ID 41708
I was curious, so I went to the post with ID 41707
It redirects to 41706? Why?
@Stormblessed 41707 is the ID for the answer to the question 41706
the format of the URL is explicitly questions/[question_id]/title_slug/[answer_id]#[answer_id]
@Stormblessed https://politics.stackexchange.com/a/41707/
@Margarine you can use /q/41707 too... but it will be automatically corrected...
@NoDistractionWizard What did the one with "posts" look like?
posts requires an endpoint, like revisions or timeline...
2:46 PM
Maybe. Shrug
You need double backslashes
Stupid markdown. Who uses bold anyway.
I just rerealized I can use bold and italics in chat. OMG
It's SE-flavored shrug, "The Srug"™
This is so awesome. Makes me sound right 50% more in arguments in chat
WhoAaAaA... you're 50% righter!
2:52 PM
ヽ( ˘ω˘ )ゝ
no hieroglyph allowed!
𓀬 𓀭
@Rob Is the first one the ancient variation of toilet?
3:25 PM
We call it a plate, and don't mix-up the two.
3:39 PM
@Margarine You don't use bold for everything and incorrectly highlight ran---dom--- stuff?!
4:02 PM
Wellll…recently I made humanised versions of SE and SO and now I cant stop drawing them help and im only saying this to stop laughing at myself for a mistake I made while drawing
wait what are we talking about
4:15 PM
@Olivia Give it time
@Eleeza Drawing them? o.O
Exchange, to be precise. I accidentally put two dots on the blank face and added a really lopsided mouth and proceeded to laugh for 15 minutes
Well, it's a good thing to be able to entertain yourself so easily :)
This is weird, user replies to themself making a counterpoint; perhaps they meant for their sockpuppet to write the comment. 🤯🤪
4:32 PM
@Rob Use vs. mention, dude
@Marg There's no reason for them to reply to themself, شخص
@Rob Double quotes
They're quoting a comment from that Columbia Rob.
5:18 PM
> Thing I expected to do and did: mediate disagreements between people who all want the same thing but don't trust each other.
Thing I never expected but still did: analyze the sources of and motivations for beheading pics.
Thing I expected but never did: crush my enemies. -- [Shog9 at 7:33 PM - 24 May 2019](https://twitter.com/shog9/status/1132112333092769792)
Apparently user profiles do not have a CM-only "crush" button.
Beheading pics are still not as bad as beheading vids, in terms of associated sleep loss.
Wonder who's Shog9's enemie's... 🤔
People who misplace apostrophes.
5:41 PM
@b3m2a1 Somehow missed that ping, sorry! At this point, we're in a state of flux. Right now we're trying to stabilize that before we start thinking about that. There are some thoughts on letting sites do some customizations on their own but this is generally thinking about sites without designs at all, not sites with designs. — Catija ♦ 14 hours ago
6:02 PM
Sounds like a reversal.
This life is like a Reversi
They see me cruising, I'm fishin, ...
6:51 PM
Noun: fraud (countable and uncountable, plural frauds)
  1. (law) The crime of stealing or otherwise illegally obtaining money by use of deception tactics.
  2. Any act of deception carried out for the purpose of unfair, undeserved and/or unlawful gain.
  3. (Can we date this quote?) Alexander Pope
  4. If success a lover's toil attends, / Few ask, if fraud or force attained his ends.
  5. The assumption of a false identity to such deceptive end.
(4 more not shown…)
Verb: fraud...
If there is no gain, is it a fraud?
8:34 PM
That's an incorrect definition. See: [Fraud Law and Legal Definition](https://definitions.uslegal.com/f/fraud/): ... Sometimes, it must be shown that the plaintiff's reliance was justifiable, and that upon reasonable inquiry would not have discovered the truth of the matter. For injury or damage to be the result of fraud, it must be shown that, except for the fraud, the injury or damage would not have occurred.

To constitute fraud the misrepresentation or omission must be made knowingly and intentionally, not as a result of mistake or accident, or in negligent disregard of its truth or fal
8:46 PM
Hm. There's legal language and normal English; I assume SE help pages to be written in the latter.
@VoteDukakis An explanation was offered in chat:
in The Classical Channel on The Stack Exchange Network Chat, yesterday, by Sanchayan Dutta
Hi, I believe I owe a public apology for all those who voted for me. My moderator status was recently revoked because of my not-so-nice activities on a previously deleted(/suspended) account which was now discovered by the CMs. This incident was a few years back and I didn't think it'd affect me in the future (I was wrong); I was young and foolish then but I do hope I'm a better person now.
"A few years back"... what's the SE statute of limitations, while we are being lawyers here.
Either way, QC is back to 2 mods.
8:50 PM
@TravisJ I do a bit of "meta merge" client-side, by tracking the comments on two metas at once
Oh, here I thought it was about the recent voting reversal and I was thinking how it can possibly be related
Maybe I should add some indicator of which meta each comment is from, but meh.
@Margarine No, not related. The most pressing issue concerning the rep loss is that icons get truncated sometimes. The horror.
@VoteDukakis I did explain that and we discussed that the other day. The 'Be Nice' policy means explain things nicely - perhaps I was too aciculate (only scratched the surface).
^^ Rich people problems.
1 hour later…
10:09 PM
@VoteDukakis still better than misplacing brackets in production...
@JourneymanGeek more interesting when it shows -20000
10:34 PM
Did that ever happen? IOW what's the record for reputation loss?
I guess the great AU "correction" of June 2016 may still hold the record.
Fabby had net -17818. I don't see any 20K+ single-day losses, though.
Ah, the original loss of cl-netbox was greater; guess further re-recalculations reduced it.
10:42 PM
Jun 7 '16 at 9:47, by Quill
> -22225 reputation
Sep 27 '17 at 18:31, by Shog9
A little over a year ago, I tested a new system on Ask Ubuntu. The accuracy was much improved, but the user experience left much to be desired. After a year of additional testing, tweaking and soul-searching, I’m preparing to run a similar test on Stack Overflow.
Preparations will take the usual 6-8.
That message was posted during a Town Hall (remember those?)

Town Hall Chat #8 - 27 September 2017

Sep 27 '17 at 18:30, 31 minutes total – 151 messages, 19 users, 45 stars

Bookmarked Sep 27 '17 at 19:02 by hairboat

Could also work as a podcast topic.
11:01 PM
@Tinkeringbell I win.
@Mithrandir Nooooo! I want to win. ;)
You just have to pick up another 7k rep without checking that tab... shouldn't be too hard... :P
11:18 PM
@Mithrandir too late. I checked today XD
11:46 PM
Did anyone uncover whomever deleted his/her account and deanon it publicly?
or do we have to be ops to get the privilege of solving the great mystery of 5/2019

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