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(also, it's misleadingly named; the element with itemprop=upvoteCount actually reports up/down total)
google probably has special handling for SO results in their search code
If someone wrote a script to upvote all questions in danger of being deleted by Roomba, would that be okay? (you'd even only need the association bonus for that, so no involvement in the stacks necessary)
don't do that
> Small life update: I'm leaving Stack Overflow. It's been the most exciting and amazing 3.5 years in my career. I've had the honor to meet some extraordinary people there. And gosh, I've learnt soooo much from them! -- Paweł Ludwiczak at 6:58 AM - 2 Apr 2019
that's... still abuse
2:03 PM
@AnneDaunted Of course not, because some questions do need to be roomba'd
(Paweł is a designer who created a bunch of custom site designs...)
Then why are the answers about automated voting concerning themselves with downvoting only?
@Tinkeringbell why not? One example is to be able to signal a wrong closure, e.g. closed question with 100 upvotes is likely to get better chance of being reopened than a closed question with -100
@Tinkeringbell @JourneymanGeek what if you don't agree with the closure? also, in rare circumstances, they might actually be useful
@AnneDaunted 'cause that's the current issue, and it's a giant pain in the butt to talk about hypotheticals and real stuff at the same time
2:05 PM
@AnneDaunted mine dosen't really
@Undo How do we know it's hypothetical? Just because no one complains about upvotes? Also, that's what the OP asked - they didn't restrict it to downvotes.
remember, the network is over a decade old and we're just now having this problem. Building a Comprehensive Code of Automated Voting doesn't strike me as urgent enough to stray from the concrete.
It's okay to post an answer that addresses one side of the problem.
@JourneymanGeek That's why I didn't write all, but there are even suggestions to change Roomba to counter downvotes.
I think the underlying problem is... Roomba and the not-so-transparent audit.
2:07 PM
@GetAnswerWizard I guess what I'd wonder is how you'd scalably deal with the roomba deleting things.
Another queue?
wouldn't be much load on non-SO sites to hand off Roomba duties to mods
I'm of the opinion we should just throw the book at people who do that, and let it over wth ;p
@JourneymanGeek Can you define 'that' here?
@Undo well, automated voting fraud in this case.
@JourneymanGeek Being restricted to "voting without human eyeballs involved at any step"?
2:09 PM
or that's how I see it
I'd agree with that.
@Undo also voting based off criteria other than ... well subjective quality of the post itself.
and that dosen't include "Its downvoted and close to deletion"
IMO, it's really a judgement call that mods have to make depending on the exact circumstances at hand. If it's abuse, put a stop to it. What's abuse is really in the end a judgement call.
@JourneymanGeek Like pity upvotes, upvotes to counter downvotes etc.?
@AnneDaunted Lets say someone decided to upvote every single question that's downvoted.
That's going to be a problem.
2:10 PM
Well, it's impossible to evaluate what "good roomba" or "bad roomba" cases when voting is also subjective
individual pity upvotes are unlikely to be a problem
@GetAnswerWizard roomba don't care ;p
@JourneymanGeek What's a pity downvote?
@AnneDaunted me being distracted apparently
"Aww, you have so much upvotes... here, let me downvote you"
@JourneymanGeek Okay, now here's the interesting case (which I've actually seen). What if I build a tool, for myself, to surface questions based on whatever heuristic for me to vote on as a human?
2:11 PM
@Undo that's basically a custom filter
Valid subjective opinions on each one, but biased sample
you're still reading it and deciding.
But lets say the tool surfaced a bunch of kali linux questions.
and you downvoted them all...
it would be worth investigating them
@JourneymanGeek Why? Targeted voting is directed at users, not tags
What kind of outcome might you get from that investigation?
@AnneDaunted I don't see there being a difference
2:13 PM
As in, what action might come out of it?
@Undo it depends!
If I only know, say, Java and only downvote bad Java questions, am I a serial downvoter?
@Undo presumably if there's a clear pattern of ... strangeness...
words would be had?
Sure, everything does. I'm just looking for what action I might take if I was investigating something like that
@AnneDaunted Its still an anamoly
however that's spelled
@Undo I think it comes into the realm of "Thank goodness I don't need to touch that"
2:14 PM
@JourneymanGeek So if I disagreed with that mod's Journeyman Geek's action and decided to have a look at your profile and go on a downvoting spree - you still don't see the difference?
you'd need to see individual votes, see a bigger pattrn...
@AnneDaunted nope
@AnneDaunted targeted voting is... well, targeted. Whether it's a particular user, a particular tag, or even all newest questions (I have seen the last one)
Lets say someone decided to ask a few dozen questions on some obscure bit of tech no one uses.
So every voting is targeted because I target questions and answers?
@AnneDaunted At that point of broadness...
lets just suspend everyone.
2:16 PM
hear hear
practically I'm talking about bigger patterns.
Suspicious pattern.
I often vote on s - will you suspend me now for targeted voting? I mean that's clearly targeting a tag
So - one of our more interesting users tended to ask questions about various obscure bits of tech no one really uses. I wouldn't/shouldn't downvote cause its that user or its some tech no one uses.
@AnneDaunted eh. I can't see what you vote for ;p
Now, if we do want to get hypothetical, here's a fun one to test the boundaries: Let's build a tool to surface questions from women/minorities/<traditionally-under-represented-group> to benevolent welcoming upvote-happy people.
That seems like a decent goal, but it'd technically be targeting under many interpretations
2:18 PM
@Undo and somewhat offensive.
But well, if all of those Java questions are objectively bad and it got automatically downvoted, then mission f-ing accomplished?
I'm a minority ;p
I'm pretty sure ethnic indians are the majority on SO
@Undo I'd consider that racist because it assumes those people are unable to get attention to their posts on their own, and unethical ...
Googling "April is * awareness month" brings up Autism, STD, Math, Alcohol, Tsunami, Sexual Assault, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Stress, Water, Distracted Driving, Oral Cancer... It's hard to be aware of so many things at once. And mostly bad things at that.
2:19 PM
Or answers, and I'm talking about you, VLQ answers that get automatically downvoted when edited!
@Magisch citation needed
also pulls out the cylon card
@ShadowWizard If something gets 100 upvoted after being closed, surely someone would also have powers to vote to reopen or post a meta?
I mean pulls out the ceylonese card
Water is the worst thing on Earth, and fully responsible for all death on it
@Tinkeringbell If it did, and didn't come out on meta, I'd... be suspecious.
@JohnDvorak oxygen man oxygen.
You breath too much, then you die
2:20 PM
Is it an oxygen awareness month though?
happens all the time on SO with duplicates that are worded better for search than their targets
Hah, I'm now aware that I need to breath oxygen
manual-breathing-and-tongue-position awareness month
@Undo Then either you need to merge stuff, or edit the original.
@Undo shouldn't the dupe be the master then?
2:22 PM
You are now aware of The Game. And you've just lost.
But dupes are exempt from Roomba deletion, and do they ever get a 'closed' status like regular on-hold stuff?
Maybe, but it's a crapload of work for questionable gain
If that's the case, then the next question is: why don't we merge all exact dupes...
@GetAnswerWizard cause mergers are a pain when you get it wrong, and its a crapload of work for questionable gain....
merging is a terrifying thing fraught with peril and angry CMs
2:24 PM
Not really angry
but yes, its terrifying
It only makes sense if the duplicate has useful answers
as angry as CMs ever get. Which is like a low simmer of irritation, 'cause they're all basically saints.
@GetAnswerWizard Apparently, some people need to be aware of that in order to breathe...
> People generally require tracheostomy and lifetime mechanical ventilation on a ventilator in order to survive.
For some value of "survive".
2:27 PM
> acquired later in life.
err.... okay...
@Tinkeringbell well that's extreme example but yeah....
@AskQuestionWizard oh jeez :/ The myriad of Googleable things if you ever felt you had it worse than other people . . .
But highly upvoted, closed questions are far from the danger of roomba... we have seen the other side of the case where users are complaining if downvoting a highly upvoted closed questions mean anything...
@GetAnswerWizard I'm guessing its probably a pretty small minutia as well
2:45 PM
@ShadowWizard I still don't see any compelling arguments to allow voting on actually closed stuff. :P
I still have to read Undo's link though
@Tinkeringbell do you have any opinion on the importance of the score of closed questions?
@Tinkeringbell It seems they can fall into the category (9). FWIW, when you search for "closed:yes", you will be shown duplicates, too, so you need "duplicate:no" to filter them out.
3:00 PM
@GetAnswerWizard Doesn't matter to me. I think it matters more if a question has a chance of reopening or historical significance. For the first, there's edits and reopen votes, for the second, there's a lock. Why not delete anything closed that hasn't been edited for a long time, no reopen votes and no historical significance?
The lock also prevents voting. Why not prevent voting to begin with?
I probably need to read up on why Roomba works the way it works ;)
I guess we can start from here...
Q: Turbocharging the Roomba: solutions for premature deletion

Shog9A couple weeks ago, I asked for help: How can we stop premature deletion? And I got some fantastic responses. A big thanks to everyone who participated in that discussion - you're the reason I don't completely hate Meta Stack Overflow. The big takeaways from that discussion were: Show users t...

Sure, once I'm home and on a PC ;)
3:49 PM
Speaking of voting: is the current Emojidome bout the final round of it all?
The round of 32 bracket indicates so...
So it's space vs hedgehog (?) in the final.
@AskQuestionWizard I was just looking at that.
It looks like it. I think it would be aptly fitting if Spaaaaacceeee won the entire thing.
Does multiple clicking of vote button count multiple times?
writing a script to click SPAAACE 10 times per second
3:54 PM
@AskQuestionWizard There's no earthly way of knowing which direction we are going or which ways the votes are flowing but the danger must be growing for the voters keep on voting and not a speck of light is showing.
Is this the correct finalists? 🌃 vs 🦔
I believe so
@Magisch Hi
🦄 vs 🐔
4:00 PM
@TylerCarter How are you liking the tavern in 2019?
@GetAnswerWizard Should have posted separately so we can vote by starring.
< 1 minute left in the final!!!
space wins
4:06 PM
... will the comic remain with ? vs ? from now on? :(
FR: add replays, like ESPN Classic games.
Oh well, at least we have the transcript. The conclusion of penguin vs owl bout was "I think the bird has it"... :D
inb4 penguins are technically a kind of a mushroom.
4:21 PM
> As of April 2, all April Fools bugs have been resolved.
@Magisch Its good. I like that there is still activity. It's been so long, I know we had a ton of ridiculous conversations back then
@TylerCarter Ooh, do we get chocolate?
@Mithrandir Wrong, sir, wrong! Under Section Thirty-Seven B of the contract signed by you it states quite clearly that all offers shall become null and void if--and you can read it for yourself in this photostatic copy: "I, the undersigned, shall forfeit all rights, privileges, and licenses herein and herein contained, et cetera, et cetera . . . memo bis punitor delicatum!" It's all there, black and white, clear as crystal! You get nothing! You lose! Good day, sir!
4:37 PM
@TylerCarter So, what made you recall us? (Also, hope you don't mind us asking so many questions :)
@TylerCarter :(
@SonictheWizardWerehog Got out of college and started a programming job, which involved me coming back into StackOverflow, etc. I figure since now I'm at a desk constantly I might as well be a part of a programming community.
@Tyler for pre . . . CEO
I was originally involved in StackOverflow when I was 16-18, now I'm 25 and am back to programming
Ah, yes, you left this site just before the MSO-MSE split.
4:42 PM
@SonictheWizardWerehog More like a meiosis
Eh, nah, mitosis
Didn't meta.SE get most of the fluff?
Wasn't it all fluff?
... great title text
4:47 PM
@TylerCarter you still retained your RO tag
@Magisch RO?
room owner
name in italics
Ah, yes. I was a bit surprised that I was still an owner of the most popular room on Chat Meta
"balpha has removed jcolebrand" was a joke, quickly reversed
4:49 PM
Serious Human was a sock added temporarily for the sake of screenshots.
Its just crazy to me that 7 years later its all still going.
Also, jcolebrand was later reinstated after being removed.
With almost the same voracity.
The network grew up a bit though
Yeah, I've heard.
4:51 PM
Define 'grew up' :P
MSE and MSO split, SE now houses some 174 sites, SO grew in popularity, all that
It's now no longer really a startup
@Magisch 174
Though more if you include per-site metas
pardon inaccurate guesses :p
@Magisch Oh that kind of grown up. Grown bigger ;)
"getting older is mandatory, growing up is optional"
4:52 PM
there's now also a parrot
A discriminatory parrot, though
tsk tsk tsk
Discriminatory with regards to questions, that is
and green parrots
Someone said green...
4:55 PM
Ugly. :P
Neither red nor green...but my color :)
Didn't the whole green thing start with someone trying to find me a mate? 😛 swipes to decilne the blue one
@Tinkeringbell How about both red and green?
@SonictheWizardWerehog Nah.
4:57 PM
If not neither
Oh nope, seems to have started with this gif
Today is/was the last Google+ day...
Q: Why is my question off-topic? [dupIicate]

user45266 ⠀⠀⠀￰⠀⠀⠀I have an old puzzle I half-remember. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀It was a great puzzle, and I remember the solution. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀I could not for the life of me remember how the solution worked. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀I must have been forgetting part of the question... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Well, here's my attempt at posting the riddle. ...

Is it even allowed to bypass the prohibition against including "[on hold]", "[closed]", or "[duplicate]" in the title?
Web Applications site has 543 questions about it... which is a lot more, relative to site size, than SO has.
evidence seems to indicate that it is
5:10 PM
In the same sense as it's allowed to have emoji in titles.
If it bugs people, someone will remove it.
@SonictheWizardWerehog It's Puzzling. It's fine. I've posted a question there that the body was entirely blank :)
uh... goo.gl being dead sounds super bad actually
> Links that have already been created will continue to function, but statistics won’t be visible anymore and users won’t be able to create new links either.
ok, that's ... not reassuring, but I feel a lot better now about blocking those links
wait, didn't they use those for maps by default?
They still do. But it's goo.gl/maps/....
Photos switched to photos.app.goo.gl format at some point.
mobile maps app does maps.app.goo.gl now, which is exactly the same length as maps.google.com...
slow clap
AFAIR, it's just that goo.gl shortener is not available for users now
Google also uses g.co for some internal links
That said... I bypassed the goo.gl block on this question using ZWS :/
there's a limit to how far I'm willing to go to prevent folks from shooting themselves in the foot, and that limit is demarcated by a bunch of unicode
1 hour later…
6:32 PM
hey @Undo I've read that thing you linked on Google search results... next question: Why do we want people to be able to find closed questions in search results? :P
Because some of them are useful?
So, they have historical significance or something for a site.
You can drop a lock on that, preventing votes.
I'm trying to reason out that once a post is no longer on-hold but closed, just not being able to vote (and thus trigger roomba or whatever) isn't going to be bad :P
It would solve a few pet peeves of users getting reputation for asking questions (or answering them) that aren't fit for the site (though I agree that doesn't entirely match up with any scope changes, but at that point you probably only want to keep the ones with historical significance)
It would prevent people using votes as moderation tools (like having something deleted by roomba)
Not in the case that's under discussion on Meta
If roomba no longer looked at votes/score because that's no longer an indication of an 'active' post... (Why are votes indicative of activity to begin with?) it can delete more stuff...
6:41 PM
The discussion is about downvoting score:0 answers:0 questions that are not closed, triggering the 30-day roomba.
Why did I miss that :/
@Tinkeringbell Closed posts with zero score and no positively-scored answers are deleted by RemoveAbandonedClosed which is daily
Still though. Roomba apparently looks at score to determine if a question is active or abandoned...
That seems weird.
My guess is that when forming the Roomba criteria, Jeff Atwood just ran some basic queries to determine when a question is likely abandoned, and the criteria he came up with made sense given the data at the time.
@SonictheWizardWerehog Closed posts with negative scores, negative scoring answers and no activity for years can still linger though, if the answer is accepted... at least that's what I understand from roomba
6:46 PM
eh, it looks at score to determine if it is useful
not whether or not it's abandoned
I can understand not wanting to delete an unanswered, well-received question. But that's about where things stop for me...
@Tinkeringbell Yep, and the SOCVR project actively encourages deleting them, especially if the answer is self-accepted; though they discourage downvoting and instead encourage delvoting
@KevinB Eh, I guess... ever seen how much 'useful' stuff is upvoted on IPS?
useful but abandoned questions or questions with useful answers are left alone
no, i won't visit ips
@KevinB Well, voting on IPS does not represent usefullness a lot, I can tell you that much ;)
6:47 PM
Also, for controversial questions (e.g. +50/-51): the author can stand to lose quite a bit of rep from Roomba deletion, since it doesn't qualify for rep retention (as it has a score of less than 3)
doesn't it retain the rep anyway due to the age?
@KevinB Nope, it has to have +3 to retain the rep (in addition to being at least 60 days old, with time spent previously deleted subtracted)
so what if some rep is lost
Also, I'm not even sure how to measure useful. I can ask a perfectly useful programming question on another site than SO. It might be closed as off-topic, but for the sake of pedantry let's say I self-answer, it only gets closed and I accept the answer.

Now people will find a very useful programming question on gardening, that roomba never deletes because 'it's useful'.
I'd also like to raise another issue with the Roomba: I think RemoveDeadQuestions should be curtailed on meta sites, due to the propensity of downvotes being used for disagreement. Sometimes those result in valid discussions in comments, and prevent re-requests from being closed as duplicates.
6:51 PM
That scenario would require someone actually upvoting the answer or question
A: Turn off the roomba for child meta sites

Shog9There are a seemingly-endless number of bad ideas; we don't really need to archive them. Of course... If someone writes up a really good explanation for why an idea is bad, that can be worth keeping around. So if you see a meta question you don't want lost, write a good answer to it.

accepting it isn't enough to stop the roomba
It is
Also, valid bug reports can get downvoted. I've had a few minor bug reports (some with IE11) that the community has downvoted (because they're minor and/or related to IE11) despite them being valid bug reports, and you know the usual 6-8 week cycle of fixing those bugs; those downvotes cause such valid bug reports to be automatically deleted.
it shouldn't be
6:53 PM
If my valid bug report ends up receiving opinionated downvotes and ends up automatically deleted, what can I do to make sure that the bug is reported, so that it might eventually be fixed?
Why do you assume your bug report is important enough that it should remain around?
if people deem it to be "not useful" why should it not be deleted?
@KevinB Because it's a valid bug that anyone can reproduce. The SE team has specifically stated that they prefer people report trivial issues because they're "super easy and trivial to fix".
it's "valid" in your opinion
If meta isn't the right place for such a report, where should I report it?
you think it's a bug
and that it's a problem or should be fixed
6:57 PM
In fact, I once flagged one of my questions for undeletion, and the mod handling the flag also upvoted the post to prevent it from being deleted.
doesn't really change the facts
Question is, how do I report those bugs?
If bug reports are posted as questions/answers, they'll be voted on and should follow the same process as any other question/answer
How can I get the SE team to possibly fix them anyway?
if they want bug reports to not go through that process, they should create a separate process.
6:58 PM
(if not post on meta)
@KevinB Tim Post says they're working on one.
and until then, we have questions and answers that are subject to roomba
A: Why does Meta Stack Exchange have reputation?

Tim PostThe idea of negative reputation is certainly not intended to be a barrier to any earnest attempt to participate, even if that attempt is to propose an idea that's very likely to be unpopular. I wouldn't call it an oversight either, because we're aware of the problems users encounter when learning...

@KevinB It's worth also noting that RemoveAbandonedQuestions is disabled on meta sites entirely.
@SonictheWizardWerehog I see what they're saying. Reputation of MSE sounds awful. Let's get rid of all the reputation. Just transfer everyone's rep to me and we'll be good.
@SonictheWizardWerehog that isn't really up to you
@KevinB Hence the word, "possibly"
7:03 PM
just follow whatever process is in place. A post being downvoted doesn't magically make it disappear from the list of posts that have that tag
when a new, possibly better system is in place, use it
I'm sure they're aware that posts can be downvoted for weird reasons on meta
I guess my only option to keep the post up is to run a script to self-delete the question right before the Roomba script runs, then undelete it right after.
4 messages moved to Chimney
@SonictheWizardWerehog Self-answer is easier.
What post in particular are you worried about?
the only negatively scored bug reports you have have accepted answers
@KevinB None at the moment.
7:10 PM
so it's not a problem then
@AskQuestionWizard What to put in the self-answer?
Also, the reputation hit is doubled.
(unless I mark the answer CW)
CW answer: This appears to be a bug, and it should be fixed.
Let the haters hate.
@AskQuestionWizard That's likely to be deleted by delvoters or a mod, in which case the effort is futile.
Or get picked up as a low-quality post and deleted from review (sure, I can reverse the deletion, but it'll get autoflagged for a mod to review)
there are currently 4 bug reports with negative scores
that aren't answered
only 1 is in danger of deletion
and it's a bug report that will likely never be acted upon
I'm actually kinda surprised the mobile app hasn't been entirely discontinued already
7:26 PM
The what?
I wonder about bug report though. I thought they have something out there, like a real bug reporting and management system. Thus, even if the post is deleted on meta, it's still there on their side.
Otherwise, I'll be really surprised and will say that the current system is really broken
The current system is really broken and I am not surprised.
The current system is surprising and I am not broke.
I may not be broke, but I sure am broken.
7:45 PM
hiyas before i offer my first ever edit suggestion i felt like checking here for a quick bit of guidance.. stackoverflow.com/questions/55447680/… ~ would just moving their comment into their question be a terrible idea?
@ocæon that question is very broad, the comment is not helping in that regard. It needs a lot more editing to make it a useful question for many visitors to come
eep ~ rene, i think they intend to do more than just locate documentation, their comment would have inspired better comments if it was part of their question
I'd suggest editing the answer though... upper case letters at the beginning of sentences, alot -> a lot, and so on.
Because if you don't, someone else will use your post to earn 125 rep via suggested edits, and do evil stuff.
@ocæon if that is what they intended then you read way more in that comment then I do.
7:52 PM
I don't see what value that comment would bring to the question
they were looking for something that doesn't really exist
Then again, I expect the specs to reveal where and how audio is encoded in the bytes that make-up an MP4 file.
So a link to a question that links to the specs should at least put them on the right track to corrupt their file.
lol, the specs are no help to me in that regard, i gave up on the very same long ago,
yeah.. alright, i'll shove an edit their way to spur them on at least
thanks all
I added to other links in the comments
I'm a nice flower
8:10 PM
even more thanks!
8:26 PM
@GetAnswerWizard No way to tell if it was actually logged. (At least not yet, per Tim Post.)
@rene Catija once said that SE will only consider animals for the role of MSE mod. Do you think they'll maybe consider plants too?
@KevinB There are few because they get deleted
@SonictheWizardWerehog they'll grow over it
8:43 PM
Could it be that googleapis.com is blocked where you are? — rene 9 mins ago
Yep, definitely probably the reason
9:31 PM
Floern is the second SO user (not counting Community) to reach 100K helpful flags.
by hand?
if it's just automated... that's not really impressive
Comment flags are easy to automate, posts less so.
So getting 200 helpful per day is not easy.
but they have no 'not a bot' badge so there's no way to be sure! hehe
I mean, good on them for making a bot capable of doing that, but, meh, it's just a matter of time once you get it going.
it's not like they actually went out and found 100k posts/comments themselves that were worth flagging over a period of time
ever since that started being automated i found that metric to become less meaningful
9:42 PM
Not like the artisanal flags of yore, sure.
What is "yore" anyway.
9:59 PM
@AskQuestionWizard sorry, but your question would be better suited to english.stackexchange.com and may be closed as off topic
in other words i could only find etymonline.com/word/yore which says it's "of years" via 'old english'
Before you ask about Catija's homepage bump: that was a rollback on a deleted answer, which the author had self-vandalized.
assumed as much
similar to why it was bumped by an edit from "david" while there was no post by david remaining on the quesiton
10:38 PM
I have seen "modified" due to deleted posts too much on regular basis... and also direct link to deleted posts because I was too late...
would be fine if i could see them, but alas, i don't have the rep yet
11:41 PM
@g3rv4 used to have a diamond on SO but does not have it anymore. But still an employee, apparently. Don't scare us like this...
@AskQuestionWizard Probably a procedural removal since their position doesn't require moderator privileges
I do mess with Texas. That’s why I’m no longer a mod on our sites! I can go back to using them, I never thought the diamond could be that heavy. https://twitter.com/nick_craver/status/1113172282057330696
Kept the diamond on Meta Stack Exchange (which makes sense) and Open Source (which doesn't really)
I asked for it :)
having the diamond made me not participate at all in some places (like... I want to vote for close, not close a question)
and since I moved from Jobs to Enterprise, I no longer need the diamond employee bits in SO
unfortunately, as soon as I join a new site, I'm automatically made mod
@g3rv4 Out of curiosity, when you edit a post on a site where you have <2k rep, does your staff bit allow you to bindingly edit the post?
11:51 PM
nope, it doesn't
@g3rv4 Does it allow you to edit tags?
yes, I can edit tags but not the body / title / etc (that goes through review)
I'm still mod in a couple sites but I don't intend to participate there (and if I was, I'd probably ask folks to remove the diamond there)
@g3rv4 Keep it on MSE. It's very confusing when a user without a moderator diamond isn't recognized as a staff member.
@g3rv4 Okay, makes sense! Looks like they reinstated the old "retag" privilege as a part of staff rights (there was an issue a while back where non-mod staff members had to suggest edits to add mod-only tags, but that was supposedly fixed; I was wondering exactly how).
hmm... I may be wrong then... I didn't retag anything on SOes, I'm talking about how I recall things worked for me 1.5 years ago
so if you have reasons to believe I'm wrong, I'm most probably wrong
@SonictheWizardWerehog yup yup, that's the idea (it's helpful for translating help center articles)
@g3rv4 Between the time of this suggested edit proposal and this binding edit, both by non-mod employees at the time, and both modifying status tags, something changed.
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