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12:54 AM
Q: What's with the uptick in blatantly off-topic posts lately?

Sonic the Wizard WerehogGenerally, we tend to get around a few blatantly off-topic questions here on this site because...reasons. However, yesterday and today (UTC), I noticed that the number of off-topic questions had increased from normal levels; yesterday, I spent more than half of my daily close vote allowance voti...

Obligatory screenshot
Took 2 minutes
Today's news somehow reminded me of Sam the Brand...
@samthebrand, Washington, DC
Product person, data explorer, recovering writer. Currently @slader. Ex @stackoverflow.
5.4k tweets, 641 followers, following 566 users
The "@slader" part is mysterious, considering it points at twitter.com/Slader
Something's wrong with @ɪBᴜɢ's chat profile...I think it's not syncing correctly due to non-standard characters.
It's supposed to resync every hour, but it's been many hours since their username change.
2 hours later…
2:35 AM
65 messages moved to Chimney
actually, its literally what some people wished SE was ;)
2:58 AM
Hm, a bunch of uploaded homework for the popular math books.
Nothing particularly novel. (I mostly write my own homework problems.)
Great... panic morning since Google removed the app...
Inbox app?
yeah, that too...
@GetAnswerWizard Google removed the SE app?
3:26 AM
@SonictheWizardWerehog oh, unrelated to SE :)
2 hours later…
5:34 AM
You could hear a pin drop in here
5:49 AM
^all (cc @Bart @Shadow @rene)
A sign many users are truly lost: I've noticed many askers of blatantly off-topic posts that get deleted simply vote to undelete their posts
All kaboomed.
@JourneymanGeek No, you missed the first one
6:04 AM
So I did
I blame caching lack of sleep
@JourneymanGeek Isn't it 2 PM there?
did a night shift
need to catch a few hours of zed
6:24 AM
Hm, missed them. noooo!
@JourneymanGeek - Is your diamond deletion vote binding now?
Okay, I'm in a train that is chasing the train I need to get on at the next stop
6:40 AM
@rene 🎶 queues bond music
That is appropriate. I get on the roof to shoot a line across so I can zipline to the other train., I have to be careful as this track is electrified so if I touch the ooverhed wire I &^%^$#
@rene mine is half a train too short. Judgmental jealous looking people all over .
I think I'd prefer ziplining ;)
@Tinkeringbell yeah, that was the reason I skipped a train. I simply couldn't get on
@rene ah. I think so far we're still picking up everyone. Mandatory ' please take an intercity at Amersfoort If you have to go to Utrecht' incoming now...
I know it seems kinda mundane, but I really enjoy taking the trains in Holland
We don't have anything like that here on the west coast at all.
We have one piddly train which is always late and only stops once every 20 miles.
6:55 AM
@TravisJ mundane? More like crazy :P
@TravisJ trains here are always late too (okay, most of the time). Stats just don't show it because everything under X minutes and trains not going at all don't count
hah, yeah, your version of late is like, a minute. I am talking consistently an hour late here
Late is late. Though an hour late makes me money, a minute doesn't :P
@Tinkeringbell yeah. I ran across the platform and managed to get a seat. And I';m in the right train now ... I think ....
I didn't remember it being all that crazy, although I didn't have to commute with the train during rush hour, and since I can't read dutch all I had was a single path to follow that was pre determined.
@rene Yay! Good luck with the rest of the journey then!
6:58 AM
@rene I see your zipline was successful
It will get better from here on
@TravisJ rush hour is particularly bad. But even outside that, trains often fail to be on time or theyre dirty or the wifi isn't working or there's a drunk person or.... There's always something!
@TravisJ I admit it isn't too bad but we have so planned the capacity just over its limits that when one train gets delayed it is has ripple effect that takes hours to resolve.
I recently tried a little bit of apex legends.. there is a character in there who uses a zipline and has all sorts of weird little quips. "Let's ride the zipline, friends". Heh, could just imagine a whole group of people ziplining between trains.
7:01 AM
I feel like all rush hour has that ripple effect to it when something doesn't go quite right
@rene Yeah. When I took this one daily, there was one stop where they had to load a wheelchair and its user, and then another stop before Utrecht where they had to unload said wheelchair.... Which caused a standard 10 minute delay and a missed connection :/
@Tinkeringbell Dirty? No wifi? Drunk people? Sounds like a typical dive bar :D
All your train is missing is karaoke
@TravisJ please no. Those elderly people talking your ears off are bad enough
lol well they gotta tell someone all their stories and opinions
What is a dive bar? A bar for scuba divers?
7:03 AM
@TravisJ opinions mostly, yeah...
@rene A small local bar that usually only has a handful of people in it and the bartender glares at you
@TravisJ Sounds like a stamkroeg...
Yeah, I think that is appropriate
One more stop and I can get out of this sardine can!
Okay, so I have been building this thing for a long time, and am going to attempt the first user creation... so, fingers crossed
7:05 AM
@Tinkeringbell hey! I like to chat, okay?
Hmm... was WorldBuilding.SE the first site where a mod removed a question from HNQ? :)
@TravisJ will that be the user with id=1?
@rene Just keep your opinions to yourself! Oh, and don't litter the train by leaving your Algemeen Dagblad lying around after getting off!
@TravisJ Good luck!
(moot point though, since it was closed directly after the removal)
7:07 AM
@rene Yes. Although, this is still in dev, so the whole db is going to get wiped out at some point
@GetAnswerWizard you can query sede for that
@TravisJ just to show your nerdiness I would invite Jeff to be the first user
lol that would be an honor
haha It failed silently. I didn't disable a hardcoded security feature. Okay, round 2 coming up.
Yup. Round 2 didn't quite go well either. I switched to a direct post from ajax and it didn't retain two important pieces of data. Trivial stuff. Third time is the charm I hear ;)
go for it
Just fix it after you're live
you need to test your devops process as well ...
7:31 AM
\o/ yay
worked, user #1
@SonictheWizardWerehog not lost, desperate. I bet most of those are well aware they're in the wrong place, but just question banned on the correct site.
@JourneymanGeek zed? Isn't he dead?
Let's write a new Algeria!
Write new Algeria

Proposed Q&A site for idea box for the new Algerian republic

Currently in definition.

@TravisJ why not? MSE diamond is the same as any diamond. ;)
@ShadowWizard Was curious
@GetAnswerWizard two followers??? wth lol
@TravisJ that's Jeff.... what did he do? ;)
Jeff is #1 on all sites, right? Same as Community who is always -1
oh only on the trilogy sites.
User #1 on arqade is deleted. #2 is...
Geoff Dalgas ♦, Corvallis, OR
101 8
Oh wait, any chance Jeff deleted his account there?? checking
Nope, he's #12
7:47 AM
Shog9? JeffAtwood12?
Shog is wayyyyy below, #8004
@ShadowWizard - Nothing. I just turned something on. Now its at #2 :P
User Destructor 9000?! runs away before it reach me
8:03 AM
@TravisJ congrats!
@ShadowWizard probably the ruler to be and their partner
The ruler and their socks (yeah, literally socks)
8:40 AM
@GetAnswerWizard So it should have been 3 followers, unless he lost one of the socks?
It sucks to lose a sock.
1 hour later…
9:41 AM
@TravisJ Yup, and its an essential part of the "job"
2 hours later…
11:15 AM
four lurkers detected
@ShadowWizard No such command 'lurk'.
@SmokeDetector I know
daily ping for @M.A.R The Chemical Wizard so he won't feel neglected
I wonder, as the first Wizard, can I Summon all other wizards? :D
Apparently not :P
Tinkering The Bell Wizard?
No, I'll never join the wizard ranks. Just give up on that idea ;)
11:37 AM
I should rename myself to Magisch the Prickly Wizard
or would that be spineless :D
'The Magisch Wizard' :P
You should become "The Tinkering Parrot Wizard"
9 mins ago, by Tinkeringbell
No, I'll never join the wizard ranks. Just give up on that idea ;)
I'm already a wizard. There's no need to change.
Huh, everyone must have mithed that
11:42 AM
Hahaha I found it through the flags on main :) How quick was I? :P
bout 6 minutes
@Tinkeringbell cries
@Magisch good enough. You have my Blessing. :D
@Mithrandir you can be Daily Picture Wizard then. :P
Bike is broken + bad weather, no pictures handy :(
I really need to buy a new bike, but... that is simply not an option at the moment.
Ask SE for a new swag contest, with bike as the prize. :P
Money? What's that? *looks around* I don't know what that means...
11:57 AM
It's like "honey", just with "M".
But if you happen to see some, don't try to eat it.
Or put in tea.
> How to show a big nested JSON on UI
Almost flagged as offensive ^
12:21 PM
@rene FYI the HNQ feed appears to have been down for the past 24 hours. Currently the entire lackadaisical-appeal.glitch.me domain they're based on is down but glitch.me is fine.
Oh hey, the project's now "waking up". The domain was completely dead half an hour ago.
I wonder if that means the HNQ bots alone don't keep it active!?
Ok it's gone back again to just not responding with anything to the "waiting for..." step.
What's that?
FWIW the last message in the HNQ room was "23 hours 31 minutes ago".
@ShadowWizard It is a set of feeds that republishes HNQ content: meta.stackexchange.com/a/323710/152515
This has enabled a few sites to set up in-chat feeds for their own HNQ to keep an eye on what's making it onto the list.
It's not 100% accurate, but it's better than nothing.
(much, much better. it's pretty good.)
Oh, nice.
1 hour later…
1:35 PM
Hey @Shadow make that an actual answer for rep? :P
Tried to gather more info from SEDE, but got nothing. Weird.
Done anyway. More rep for bounties! :D
@GetAnswerWizard No such command 'coffeatea'.
2:11 PM
Ooo... rainy...
have the brexit ever fought the borg
Or if they did, who would win?
(I know it's old... but what is new today?)
Article 13, I guess.
Sounds like a good time to revisit the third-rail license-for-SO-code issue.
We'll license the code with License Overflow v2 instead with the limitation of "no copy-pasting".
2:27 PM
My best idea is to have some kind of GitHub integration where a poster can seamlessly contribute the code from their post to a Stack Overflow GitHub repo with a permissive license. (The post itself stays CC licensed.)
I don't like the solutions that do nothing except adding some words to ToS.
As for Article 13... I'd like to imagine that it will cause Instagram to shut down, like GDPR did to Klout.
If it takes FB and YT too, all the better.
As long as FB still provides their Facebook Login, I'm okay with that.
@doppelgreener looking into it
2:54 PM
@doppelgreener there is bug in the container that runs there but it beyond my control
Thanks for looking into it @rene. Do we have any good idea of when it might be back up and running?
3:51 PM
@AskQuestionWizard es.SO election's fixed
So many elections to select and elect...
I've changed the question title from "doesn't seem to answer satisfactorily" to "don't match the typical pattern of good answers". Is that better?
It's funny when a seemingly helpful question pops up in your google search ... in it's deleted.
seraching for the 'cached' link...
@GetAnswerWizard That's indeed the solution! Unfortunately, the OP deleted their question before they got an answer.
4:47 PM
@doppelgreener it should be back online now
@doppelgreener I hate to tell this but it might be that the feeds bot gave up on those feeds. Let's monitor if it starts to pickup again
it did request one site so far: site cstheory.stackexchange.com
it requested 5 other sites and one overall
@doppelgreener lackadaisical-appeal.glitch.me is working again and feeds are coming in. For future reference: here is the issue I reported: support.glitch.com/t/…
5:20 PM
@rene Hooray! Thank you. :)
5:56 PM
@rene - Still on the train? :)
@TravisJ no, I got off, to a meeting, got back on a train and did the James Bond thing again because it worked so well... I'm at home now. I'll have another go tomorrow
6:27 PM
@ShadowWizard Out of context, this suggests that you became F after 30.
6:40 PM
@AskQuestionWizard Thanks for this...
1 hour later…
7:47 PM
Looks like a bad question, but considering the history of that poster... could be spam
OTOH the OP participates on other sites, and in other ways.
Conclusion: a sufficiently bad question is indistinguishable from spam.
Also, Smokey's spam detection accuracy is way down from historic average. Compare what it used to be:
and what it is now.
No longer looks like an elephant eaten by a snake.
8:14 PM
saddened by the fact that a Russian reversal wouldn't work in this case
8:26 PM
Iteration would work: a snake that ate an elephant that ate a snake that...
Just count heads after the big bulge?
though this looks more like a pigmy dromedary.
3 hours later…
11:40 PM
Recently I saw someone I can't find now say they weren't a real programmer because they only did bash scripts and I just want to say you're nuts, munging text with shell scripts is black magic and you're clearly a wizard
Supporting the wizard theme.
Anyone remembers an old bug report when SE broke support for a vim-like navigation addon?

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